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First of all, never thought I'd be able to write another reaction to this series~. The series has begone re-serialization (so I was wrong before). Major yay~!

Okay, so before I start this I wanna say, I'm positive I need to re-read like the five volumes of D.Gray-Man. I know I've forgotten certain details. But man this chapter just had me staring it for a minute or so going, "What?".
Aww, I kinda of feel bad for little Road. She's a floating head-ish.
I also laughed at Wisely losing the EarlXD. Tyki's reaction was funny too~!
Tongue guy still freaks me out and they can communicate through the tongue? The eyeballs were bad enough but they can talk? Yep, still squick.
Seeing the Earl jump out of his fat-suit thing amused a little and I can't explain why. It just did.
Does anyone ever dead or destroyed in this series?
The Earl reminds me of a very confused and angry child. "I hate you but I want you with me! I don't understand!"
I think Nea just called the Earl a villianXP.
The Earl used to be hot~! I love that hair, so long a flowy.
Wait, what? The Earl is Mana? I'm not so much shocked as I am confused but maybe I'm forgetting things? Also, the spitting into two babies thing keeps generating jokes and stupid scenes in my head. I know it's all serious but the rediculously happy look on Allen/Nea face doesn't help~.

Overall I'm just happy to have DGM back and hoping future chapters explains things~.

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