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Yo~! So things have been a little interesting. Biggest news is we are currently taking care of Lover boy's nephew's dog, Korra. She's a bullmastiff. She's been here a few weeks now. Ginger has gotten use to her (at first she keep barking her head off while Korra just ignored her). Hatsu is oddly okay with her (she's about as big as the dog's head but still bats at her). Walker's gotten better with the dog and Odie okay-ish. Darling doesn't care (she didn't even know the dog was here till a few days after because she's been living in my room again). Rin is a fan and is taking the longest to adjust. We aren't taking her permanently, just until he finds a place (he's in between places atm). Mom wasn't excactly happy about this (cause Lover boy said yes before asking her but her and I both know she whould have said anyways). She's really well behaved at least.
Michic bought FFXIV for me to play (because she's been playing it). So when I get a chance to play the PS4 I've been playing it and love it as much as I thought. I'm getting close to the end of of Tales of Xillia 2 and been playing Ori and the Blind Forest on my computer (so pretty~).
I'm pretty much failling at keeping up with the anime I'm watching this season, lol. Haikyu! is the only one I'm catch up with other I'm trying to catch up on the others but I've been easily distracted and dealing with other things. Plus I've been in more of a gaming mood recently when i have free time~.
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