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A few things to post this time. First of all, K is pissed about Obama winning. Ironically, everyone one else I know that I've talked to voted for him^^;. She's going to be fun that next few days (I feel for anyone who brings it up with her). Also, the younger brother of a friend of mine is in one of her classes. I think I feel a little bad for him but I do find it funny thoughXD.
I read the end of Grand Guignol Orchestra and really Kaori? You make me sad. The story itself had a overall happy ending buuuut the extra story she had in this volume, that took up more then haft of the volume, didn't. WHY? She put in the author note regarding the end of GGO that she's wanting to write happier endings, which makes me happy but doesn't the sad ending to other story counter it? I still really like it though~. I love her series no matter what unfortunately.
Mom and I watched Cabin in the Woods and I really loved it~. I heard really good things about it before hand and now I see why. The twist at the end was so cool.
^Read that word up there...now skip over this if you wish not to read this~ )
The Reborn! manga has ended, which makes me so sad:_;. I still need to read the last few chapters but dammit. I just go into this fandom about a year ago (maybe less). Don't end on me;_;. I do really like the mangaka's, Akira Amano, art style so hopefully she/he (not sure) start a new series soon~. Luckily the fandom is still going pretty well right now but this just means it's going to slow down. Look like I might have to go on another fandom hunt...-cries-
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This week sucked cause our landlord is an idiot-_-. Seriously, it shouldn't have been that hard to fix a furnace! This is the third time in the last few week (two in the last week) that's he's trying fixing. The first times he's tried and it didn't was because he's a frickin' cheapskate! He even baffled the heater guy he hired to repair it at point because he spent 7 fickin' hours screwing with the furnace! All he was suppose to do was clean a coil! THAT'S IT! It do NOT take 7 hour to do that! The heater guy had to come back the next day because the landlord screwed it up and the fan wouldn't shut off. Honestly, I hate dealing with our landlord as well because, on top of him making sense maybe haft the time, he tends to interrogate me about every aspect of my life. It's none of his damn business! Then he'll go a criticize things to my Mom. For example, before I got my PA job he wouldn't stop nagging about me getting a job. YOU GET YOUR DAMN RENT! SHUT UP! -rage- Mom was just as stressed this week because of this. -sigh-
On a plus side, I started and finished a series this week thanks to my Clamp obsession~. The series Kobato got added to CrunchyRoll~. OMG, it made me tear up a few times but it was so cute and sweet~! The main pairing is so adorable! I just finished watching is and I'm still smiling~. it's put me in a good mood luckily~!
On the flip side I'm on the last volume of Grand Guignol Orchestra but I'm afraid of it because I fear finishing Kaori Yuki's series, as much as I love her. Lol^^;.
On a side note, I am so hoping the rain is done with because my allergies have been loving on me again because of it.
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Okay, quick post, mainly cause need to get this out of my system~.

First: OMG, yay on the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance~! I'm pretty much drooling over it (and not just on how pretty is looks~). It looks and, from what I've read, sounds like so much fun to play~! I want it.

Second: I'm going to be in Yullen heaven for the next two weeks~. Much love for the Yullen Week(s) this year~.

So I'm pretty much is fandom lala land atmXD.
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So Color Management seems like it going to be kinda of fun this semester. I'm looking forward to the projects in, unlike Adv. Ill cause those projects are going to suuuuck.
It seems like my creative side is getting charged bit by bit cause I'm getting inspiration and motivation back. That makes me happy cause I've been missing it~!
On an ironic not though, I have been getting easily bored lately and I'm not sure why, Undecided? Would type but my word programs suck and I haaate Notepad and WordPad isn't much better cause I'm finicky-_-'. Oh well~.
I did toss myself into fandom mode recently (I need to not do that) and now I want more DGM and keep wishing for the zombie ark to just suddenly be animated~.
My sleep schedule seems to be shifting though~. Which is good cause the way it was before didn't work with my class schedule.
Hatsu is being clingy again and shockingly enough has been sleeping in bed with me^^. Which is soo cute~.
Ok, I'm done rambling pointlessly~.

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!
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~Ponitlessness with a hint of BL~ )
Oh! I'm feeling better if you couldn't tell~. Yay~. I'm also in a surprisingly good mood considering mom has been out drinking all day^^'. I'm thinking it's cause she hasn't come home (not too fond of dealing her drunk). She did call telling me where she's at so I'm not too worried. Plus kind of on a boy-love fan high from watching PMK~.


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