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Yo~! Been awhile^^! So, things have happened.
My room got a little renovated. We torn up the carpet and painted the floor. I got a new bed (it's Memory foam and I LOVE it). We had to get rid of the carpet cause it would come up when I vacuumed it (and so I couldn't vacuum it). I like it alot and so does Walker and Rin. They hang in my room a lot now. Darling stays upstairs (I don't blame her, she's around 14-15 years old now). Hatsu hangs around her, which it sweet. The boys love it cause now they don't get chased away from my room.
Mom's been kinda of a pain on the weekends but not going to go into details (but yeah, I still don't like it when she has days off, which is a horrible thing to sa..err...type). Lover boy still doesn't have a job and it's driving Mom and I crazy. I've been looking for one. I had an interview today for one, I'm not sure how I did^^;. I think I did good on everything but faulted when she asked me about fashion (cause I wasn't expecting it, though in hindsight I should have...).
I backed into a car the was parked behind our driveway across the street. I hate when people park there to be honest, our street isn't that wide and we have a tree at the end of our driveway Luckily i didn't do too much damage but still. I admit fault but now our insurance is going to up. -sigh-
I started writing again. I forgot how much it helps me and how much I love it. Thing is, I don't know the character I'm writing! He just pop up out of nowhere. I think I need to to go over the characters I have and rework them a little bit, same with the worlds I have. Plus, a lot of of my stuff from high school and college are still in notebooks and  I want to type up the info for them.
I've been watching stuff. I didn't watch a lot of summer season shows, I did watch Rokka and Junjo Romantica S3 through. I loved Rokka and I want more! They can't leave it like that! Junjo is more of the same from that series, though I do love Ijuuin~. I also watched the movie K: Missing Kings and personally, I loved it~ (and I was right, you need to watch it before watching season 2). This season I'm watching season 2 of Haikyu!, K: Return of the Kings, Seraph of the End, and Noragami. Much love for all of them~! I'm also watching Starmyu and Atttack on Junior High. AoJH is really funny. I wasn't excepting to like it this much. Starmyu is pretty and I love the music. It's similar to Uta no Prince-sama but less sparkly and little more serious notes.
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So Color Management seems like it going to be kinda of fun this semester. I'm looking forward to the projects in, unlike Adv. Ill cause those projects are going to suuuuck.
It seems like my creative side is getting charged bit by bit cause I'm getting inspiration and motivation back. That makes me happy cause I've been missing it~!
On an ironic not though, I have been getting easily bored lately and I'm not sure why, Undecided? Would type but my word programs suck and I haaate Notepad and WordPad isn't much better cause I'm finicky-_-'. Oh well~.
I did toss myself into fandom mode recently (I need to not do that) and now I want more DGM and keep wishing for the zombie ark to just suddenly be animated~.
My sleep schedule seems to be shifting though~. Which is good cause the way it was before didn't work with my class schedule.
Hatsu is being clingy again and shockingly enough has been sleeping in bed with me^^. Which is soo cute~.
Ok, I'm done rambling pointlessly~.

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!
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I'm figuring I should post since it's well into the new year and I should~! I'm happy about something...my iPod LIVES! I kind-of dropped it in water...then when I tried grabbing it, it slipped out of my hand. So it was in the water for a good 25-30 seconds (amusingly enough it was still playing...^^'). It yelled...something at me -doesn't remember what it said...- And that night and the next day it wouldn't turn on, so I was like CRAP! NOOOO! A new one will cost tooo much...and I like my iPod...-sniffles- But then I decided to connected it to my computer with hope of reviving it...and it WORKED! Not sure if there is any pernment side effects but I do know had to charge and is working fine now (which is, honestly, all I care about^^'). On another note, I wanna hurt Ms. Perry and Ms. Spears for there songs "Hot n' Cold' and ' Womanizer'...cause they keep playing in my head and I. HATE. SPEARS. (though I really need to stop putting on VH1 at night when they are playing random MV...-). I've been thinking about writing something (cause I haven't been writing for awhile...) but I don't what to write...fanfiction (if so...what fandom~DGM most likely though)...or original (it very on my mood though~). Though fandom does remind me~. Cause of a friend of mine, Rath, I've been hooked into a new series: Kyo Kara Maoh. I already know the pairing I like (and that it's not hers without even asking~. Cause I'm for cute things while she's not so much~). Wolfram and Yuri~. So cute -adores Wolfram- Yay for Bitchy Pretty Boys~!
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Okay so I should probably put this account to use^^! So I'm going to post a story I wrote in my creative writing class cause it's kind of odd and I feel like it. The name of it (at least for now) is Feeding of Life...mainly cause I couldn't think of anything else...



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