Jun. 16th, 2009

ryuujidiceboy: (Lavi-Do Not Want)
Ugh...sicky germs are NINJAS! Since randomly getting drained Friday night, to sleeping almost all Saturday, to dealing with very upset stomach (and a problem involing my stomach that I'd rather not type) Sunday night and most of Monday, to a touchy stomach and tiredness (not eating much will do that) today. My weekend SUCKED-_-. I though I was safe...just have to deal my summer related issues. -sighs- Also I deciced to stay in my mom's room upstairs (for mutiple reasons and mother slept else were) Sunday night. One reason is cause Darlings can be very...persistant at night and can get on my nevres (when tossing a turning a cat that wants to LAY on you in not helpful). But alsa that reason ended up being null an dvoid cause Darling's a stalker ninja kitty. See, the vent in my mom's room is connected to the bathroom vent. Darling (after firguring out where I was and tried whining and clawing at the door) deiceded to make her way in through there. Stubborn cat  is stubborn.
In other news, last I heard from Miichic, her parents are driving down to get her Thrusday morining so she should be here about Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Oh also, it looks like we might have to take Hatsu to the vet again. She some odd...wounds?...by one of her eyes. That cat is a pain-_-' (I still love her though).
I'd type more but energy is now very low...and I'm a little nauseous...


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