Nov. 15th, 2011

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Yay~! My car is fixed and Mom and Ditz are making sure I'm using itXD. I'm either giving Ditz rides to work and school or running errands for Mom. I don't mind though~.
I settled a lot of the problems I was having with Ditz cause I final sat down with her and talked with her about it. So yay for that. I don't if I can do that with Kathy^^;. I did tell Ditz that I would like to sit down with both of them to try and talk and figure out what the hell is going on with the two cause I'm confused about all this. Ditz is also confused which confuses me in turn and it's just a mess atm. I do wounder why it seem like Kathy's at the core of all the confusion. Kathy will complain about something Ditz did but Ditz will tell me she hasn't done that in weeks/months cause her and Kathy talked about it. It's weird and puzzling.
My cats are being a little more clingy as of late. Darling doesn't leave my side when I'm laying down and Hatsu is now stalking me within my own roomXD. Darling doesn't leave my room as much and rarely goes upstairs. Pretty sure it's cause she's getting older and just doesn't feel like it as much. Why leave my room when she doesn't need too?
I was amused when I went over to a friend of my Mom's house and started playing with their cat, Buddy (who looks like a bigger, male version of Darling. They would have the cutest kitties if Darling could have kittens^^). I was petting him and start doing some of the things I do to Darling and Hatsu to get them to play and it worked. He started playing with me, which surprised his owners cause they haven't seen him play like that in years apparently@_@.
I've been following a series, Sket Dance, that I'm kinda of wondering why I'm still following it. Every time a new episode comes out, I watch it, then question why I watch the show...still. I think part of me is just being stubborn honestly^^;. It's not horrible, just a lot of crack and gags. I'm enjoying Un-Go. Not my favorite mystery anime but I adore some of the characters~. Inga is lovely, whatever he/she is~.


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