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Didn't go away this last week until Friday. Friday didn't start well though since Mom and I got into a fight (over her drinking...). She went to work and called K and Ditz , who came over calmed me down (I was really upset). Mom called at 5 from work and we made-up. I will say one thing, we tend not to stay fighting too long, we maybe be still annoyed afterwards but we tend to go back to normal.
Ditz and K gave me and early b-day gift~. It's single cup loose tea make things from the tea store at the mall (I love that store~). I also got a little loose tea to use with it but I need moreXD.
Mom and I went over to see a friend of her's from work today. It was fun. I found Mom amusing though~. She kept playing with the little girl there, who just thought it was great~. She took a great liking to my Mom. Mom even let the little girl paint her nails (and somehow part of her leg got paint too). I got to a six foot Red Tail Boa and it was so pretty~! The cat they had was such a sweetie^^. He was like a bigger, male version of my Darling, they looked so alike~! his name was Buddy. The people let their cat outside (as do the people across from them), so when we came out to leave, I had two cats laying on my car. I ended having to pick up Buddy to get him offXD. Luckily my sunroof wasn't open or her would've hopped in~.
Also, been following what's going on with Borders for a awhile. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst;_;. I love Borders too. I've been going there for so long so losing them would suck so much.
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