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Alright, I know I haven't made the post on AI but I've been so busy@_@. Then when I get time, I get distracted (-coughKH:3Dcough-). It might not be happening but I'll still try for itXD. At the very least I'll post on what I got and who I glomped/hugged but I can't do that till I get my pictures for Ditz. I can't get those till I can see her and our schedules aren't matching up currently. -sigh-  I'm not worry about not getting them cause I know I will it's just and matter of finding time to snatch her laptop.
Rin got neutered today. -bashed head on wall- This kitten is a little pain! He's suppose to be relaxing, not jumping, running, or climbing. He's not allow to eat too much either. So what does he do soon as he gets home? Tries to jump on things, wants to play and meows about being hungry. The only way we've been able to keep him still is by laying with him (but even that we have to fight him on for a bit "Stay kitten!"). This is going to be an interesting week cause I'm suppose to keep him from jumping and all that...
I'm currently wondering how the hell I'm going to do that...
I've been loving the weather recently because RAIN! Oh how I've missed thee~! Though It's a bittersweet love cause I'm afraid of it getting me sick.
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