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Okay, so things have been going surprisingly well for us as of late. -knocks on wood- 
Mom's started seeing a new guy, Mr.T as he'll be known on here as from no on (and no that's no his real name). We've known for over haft my life. He's the brother and of friend of my Mom. They get along really well and I like him. SO we are hoping the best~.
Mom's been in a relatively good mood but she's be better if the damn weather would get better. She does get cranky when's rainy and blah like it has been.
Yeah I have two novel's to read by the end of this week cause I'm an idoitXD. I requested the next volume of Kieli from the library, only I requested volume 5 when I needed 4^^;. I didn't realize this mistake till I got it. So I decided to request 4 and just read the both both of them before 5 is due. I know I can do it but I sometimes wonder if I enjoy doing this to myself, lol.
The only bad thing that's happened as of late that's worth mentioning is this branch, that's been in darner of falling for over a year now, finally fell...on my Mom's car. Luckily we aren't driving right now and she has insurance on it with no deductible. She's not happy about it but it's more like it's her car and makes her sad to see the damage. Plus side it the damage wasn't too bad and we don't have to pay anything to get it fixed.
Hatsu and Darling have been super lovey-dovey with each other as of late~. It make me smile. Darling is becoming a worse stalker  then Hatsu, She wants loving all the time, it doesn't bother unless I'm trying to do something  (she does keep getting me killed in games though).

Date: 2014-04-29 09:33 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] silvrguillotine
Maybe the universe is balancing out "new boyfriend" with "car damage," so it's a sign they'll actually stick together and be good for each other?

Speed-read! Read like the wind! (I... still haven't watched Tiger&Bunny... but I'm blaming my current not-watching on my current computer situation.)

Haha, I know about cats getting people killed in games.

Date: 2014-04-30 05:07 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] silvrguillotine
I think most people are easier to deal with when they're happy. XD Let's hope she stays this way!

We could temporarily load you up on caffeine, or have some kind of reading party? (I've got things I've been meaning to read, too, so it's not an inconvenience or anything.) But yeah, if you can't finish both, at least 5 will be around to get another time. Break down that manga backlog!

That's her secret plan! She thinks it's funny. Also, I trained her to do that. Muahaha!


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