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~Happy Halloween~
Have a scary good time this Halloween~!
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~Happy Halloween to All~

Even though I'm not into it this year, I do hope everyone else has a great Halloween~!
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Halloween went fine~. I gave out candy (while also, munching on it). Got more trick-or treaters than I though we'd get~. Before that started Ditz came over with Rocker-boy, t-or-t my house, and then stole my TV remote-_-. She decided to torment Rocker-boy and I with some weird music videos (I have On-Demand). After she left and the t-or-t was over I watched the final of Face Off~! Yay, the person I wanted to win won~! I'm hooked on this show (I have you and your family to thank for this Katsu!). I can't wait for the new season to start in January~! -dances-
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I was busy going out today~. Went out with Ditz, her Mom, and J-dear to a Harvest Festival~. It was free (yay free) and a lot of fun. Won candy from the games, which I didn't need since I have plenty~. They also had free food and rides. We all dressed up. Her as a vampire, me as a witch/sorceress, and J-dear just wore a wig and had Ditz draw on his faceXD. It was a little nippy out but we had a lot of fun messing around.
On a different note. Darling caught a mouse the other day and brought it to me. The poor thing was still alive too. I was proud of her and a bit sadden (cause poor mousey). Darling was purring like crazy. She's brought me things like a dead mouse and a dead snake but this one was alive.
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Okay, so first of all


Yay~. I love this day~. I'll never grow out itXP. Mom had the fog machine going and omg, she was acting worse then a kid at ChristmasXD. We bought too much candyXD (Mom's fault). I'm not complaining though~. Had some cute little ones come to the house. I dressed up a undead-ish Mafia Gangster (love the hat~). People loved the house, which I'm going to have to print out pictures for my Mom's work after posting this~. Many little kids said I sounded like a which when I laugh (which amused me and made me laugh moreXD). A few people (both kids and parents) where afraid to come up to the house cause of the masked, stuffed guy we have by the porch. Mainly cause they thought it might be a real person~. Over all I had a fun day.
My weekend over all was pretty good (I didn't let mom's drinking bother me, which helped~). Loving Tsubasa~. I added a few new animes to my instant queue on Netflixs: XXXholic, Mushi-Shi, Claymore, and Burst Angel (most out of curiosity~).
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Still keep getting the pressure in my temple but I've talked to a few people about it~. A friend recommended some headache medicine for me~. Another person i was talking said she experienced the same thing and said her doctor told her it was sinus. She recommended the sinus medicine she took, since they worked for her. So, hopefully something will help, I just need to get hold of one of the things~.
I've been poking into various DGM communities, forums, and topics, like I always do, on the current chapter and this chapter's reactions are amusing me~. Mainly cause they vary so greatly~. I can usually get a feel for the general reaction on a chapter but this time they are all over the place~.
I'm so not looking forward to next week cause I have three tests, two of them in Math...argh. Both my unit 3 test and our final. The other is in Bus so yeah, booo. I'm getting a little edgy cause of the the two math tests, which is bad cause I almost never get edgy over tests. I'm pretty easy going over them. -sigh- Hopefully I just do well on them^^'. I must paaaasss!
I'm also wondering how I got a social life, at college at least. Seriously, when i wasn't in class, I was being kidnapped by friends, friends relatives (a brother and a mother, lol), and random people~. It trough me off a little, "How do this many people like me enough to kidnap me?".
Also, yay~! Ordering more doujinshi this weekend cause I saved up enough for the 2 RikuSora and KandaAllen ones I've been wanting~. Yes, my resolve on not buying them is weak, especially when someone keeps encouraging me to buy them. you know who you are!
So, it's October, which means Halloween time~. My mom looooves Halloween so she goes all out on decorating~. She has more Halloween decorations then Christmas decorationsXD. I keep getting told to go old ganster style for Halloween this year (pin-stripe suits and all that~). Thinking I might go with that kind of theme but so far only have the hat~. Plus I have to add my old spin to it cause well, it's me~.
I got to play more of BBS today (with classes and other stuff haven't been able to play as much). OMG, little Kairi is adorable~! I wanted to hug her~.
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Yay~! I got the new Disturbed CD this weekend~! I even got the special addition, CD+DVD~. The cover is awesome. I love the CD~. Sometimes I forget how much i adore Disturbed's music.
~More BBS gushing~ )
Went out with this girl from my math class Friday (kind of a date, kind of not). Hung out at area around Borders. Stopped in the Halloween store that just opened by there. She tried on a Red riding Hood costume. It looked really cute on her. We would've done more but she had a party she had to go to that she didn't know she had to got to till that day, lol. I kept looking around at the decorations and thinking of things mom and I will need this year. We plan on getting a fog machine for the graveyard and we want to get the things we need for a bloody crime scene~. Ah, I love this season~.
I decided to save up in my PayPal to buy this RikuSora and KandaAllen doujinshi I saw (cause Katsu is eviiil and encourages me to buy them, even when I tell myself no, which obviously isn't working).I might get this other RikuSora doujinshi from the same site if I can save up enough money for all three~.


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