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Alright, I know I haven't made the post on AI but I've been so busy@_@. Then when I get time, I get distracted (-coughKH:3Dcough-). It might not be happening but I'll still try for itXD. At the very least I'll post on what I got and who I glomped/hugged but I can't do that till I get my pictures for Ditz. I can't get those till I can see her and our schedules aren't matching up currently. -sigh-  I'm not worry about not getting them cause I know I will it's just and matter of finding time to snatch her laptop.
Rin got neutered today. -bashed head on wall- This kitten is a little pain! He's suppose to be relaxing, not jumping, running, or climbing. He's not allow to eat too much either. So what does he do soon as he gets home? Tries to jump on things, wants to play and meows about being hungry. The only way we've been able to keep him still is by laying with him (but even that we have to fight him on for a bit "Stay kitten!"). This is going to be an interesting week cause I'm suppose to keep him from jumping and all that...
I'm currently wondering how the hell I'm going to do that...
I've been loving the weather recently because RAIN! Oh how I've missed thee~! Though It's a bittersweet love cause I'm afraid of it getting me sick.
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Okay, I am going to post on things that happen at AI and all that buuut I need to organize thoughts and all that jazz. I've also been busy since I got back and when I'm not busy Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance has been taking up that timeXD. I'm in love with this game so far~! The dream eaters are so cute><. I love playing with mine^^! The game play has been fun and I love the flowmotion.
A few points and hightlights on AI. I adored Johnny Young Bosh (aka JYB from this point on) but seeing and meeting was so cool~. Plus I loved seeing Eyeshine perform~! The guitarist is insane~. Saturday had some drama that I'm not going to go into. I will say it was cause by split water (Not. Kidding. -sigh-). Also, zombies are lovely pets~.
I will something more detailed next week~. Must organize stuff first (and get picture from Ditz at some point).
I other news...we have a new kitten^^;. Ditz found kitten wondering in my driveway when we got back from AI. Kitten is male and looks to be around 6 months old. We tried finding the owner but can't Mom thinks he might have just been dropped off or something. So it looks like we're keeping him. -sweatdrops- We named him (and we I mean me cause I refuse to let Mom name him anything she comes up with...like Jackwagon...) Rin. Partly based off of Rin from Blue Exorcist and partly based on Rin from Inuyasha. That is cause this kitten lacks fear! Older cats hissing and growling at you? Totally wants to play and be friends~. Pokes his head into everything. This cat defines "curiosity killed the cat". But he's so cute~! I'll post picture of him later when I get images off my camera~.
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Been busy (not that it's anything new). Mom got a new car~. The dealer she got it from she's known for years (since before I was born) and she got a great deal^^. She's happy.
I'm looking forward to AI~. Finally got to finalize a few things with K Friday. I haven't seen her in about a month cause she's been either ill or busy.
One of Lover Boy's dogs, Sapphire, got really sick because of the recent heat waves. He also found out she's developed diabetes. Lucky she's doing better now. Mom and I had to watch over her while he was at work last week. To make sure she stays cool, eats, and to just keep an eye on her in general.
This week I've been able to catch up on a little reading and anime~. I'm in love with Baccano! Frist of all, I have a love of old school mafia gangsters, so I've been curious about the series. I only have four more to watch but kya~! I love the characterization and plot. It just draws me in. I do like the way it bonces around (it's not really hard for me to keep track though^^). I works for the anime and makes me even more curious to know what happened/will happen. I got the second season of Code Geass (still have money from graduation~)~! So yay on that~. I kind want Baccano now though...-sweatdrops- Hehe...
I'm going to post my rambling on the new DGM chapter in a separate post.
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Johnny Yong Bosch is going to be at AI~! -giggles madly- HELL YES! I love him~! -bounces- That alone is worth going for me~!
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I swear! Everything wants my energy! It also doesn't help that I've been wanting to write but (obviously) I can't find the time to just sit down and write...damn it all the hell...ugh..


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