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Okay, so my b-day this year kinda of sucked cause I was sick. I did mange to go to dinner but I payed for that the next 2 days by being sick as a dog. I did a get a cute little Tsuna plushi from Ditz as a b-day gift~. Oh well, my b-day wasn't the focus this year anyways. I was Ditz's and hers went the way she wanted, which makes me happy.
I've been busy, of course. Things are going on with our landlord and we not sure on a few things. Mom needs to talk to him once she gets certain info. Hopefully it's not what we think, cause then we may have to too move in the next few months and we really don't want too.
I re-arranged my room a little over the weekend. I finally mange to get my Black Cat wall scroll up that got last year at AI. I also have a new bookshelf,l to replace the one that broke and month or so back. It was free as well, so double yay~!
I've been fixed on Ni no Kuni in my spare time. I can't get enough of playing this game~. I love it^^. I also mange to get the game Journey and play that a little. It's just how I thought. A nice calm and beautiful game. It's perfect for me to play to calm myself or if I don't want anything to loud or hyper, or anything like that.
The secound season of Magi was announced for the fall season~. I like the anime, I know fans of the mange weren't too thrilled with it but I adored it but then again, I don't read the manga for it. It's too long and I don't wanna play catch-up with another series when I'm not even catch up on the ones I'm currently reading.
I'm fearing the fall season of anime cause I know of four  anime I'm going to want to watch, Magi S2, Kuroko S2, Valverave S2, and Samurai Flamenco. I always wanna watch waaay more then I have time for^^;;.
I've been also trying to slowly back-up up everything on my computer onto to external hard drive, just encase my computer gets worse (it's not that bad atm but the randomly turning off moniter things is annoying). I try to back up my computer semi-regularly but somethings slip my mind or I don't have the time to copy at that moment.
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Things have been hectic and busy for me lately. The lady I work for (who from now on will be call Kairi) had surgery and so my schedule for her change quite a bit for about a week. I was so busy between her, the running already had to do, and things going on at home.
Things had been tense between Mom and jackass for awhile (both side being at fault) and the came to a head on Sunday. When i had them starting to fight, I called Ditz and went off to meet up with her. She was working but I just hung around and got some reading done (her work didn't care I was there). Since I left not long after the fighting started, I didn't get stressed for the most part. i was feeling a little blah but that was it. That was good at least. Mom and jackass got things worked out yesterday. So well see how things go.
Ditz's B-day is this weekend and mine is a week after hers so this weekend Ditz, J-dear, J-Besty, and me are going out of town. It's her 21st so she has a few things she really wants to do. It should be an interesting weekend to say the least~.
My computer has been finicky as of late. -sigh- It is years old now and it's a pretty awesome computer. It still works fairly well but I can tell the performance in getting a little worse as time goes on. I used to be abke to stream just fine on it now, not so much (so I stopped streaming on since I got my PS3). It loads slower and the number pad on the keyboard varies on when it wants to work. But I still love my computer~.
I start watching the new anime Free! and what can I say but hot biishies swimming~. How can I not love itXD. There are few others I might get into this season but since there doesn't seem to be a bunch that are catching my eye this season. I want to catch/finish up and watch some others I fell behind on~.
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So, I succeeded in hibernating last week^^. Yay~. I'm doing much this week. Ditz and K did come over Friday but we just hung out at my house and drank a little. K bought alcohol cause since I was depressed and stressed, she decided I needed to loosen up a little~.
The 19th (so technically yesterday) was Mommy's Birthday. he worked so this weekend she'll be celebrating her B-day. I'll be spending the morning and afternoon tomorrow with her cause she's taking the day off of work. The evening and Saturday is her's (she's working Sunday).
The Spring line-up has started and I start at one new anime. Three are continuing. The new one is called Kuroko's Basketball (dammit, another sports anime but I like it for some reason).  The three I'm continuing is You and Me (I've been looking forward to this series continuing), Poyopoyo (it's anime about a cat, how could I not continue it), and Knight in the Area (cause I'm a sucker for soccer series but I still like Whistle! better~). There are a few other I'm poking at but not sure about them at the moment. They are Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (supernatural, with maybe a little bit of mystery) and Kids on the Slope (music anime revolving around Jazz). If I don't start watching either in the next week or so I know I won't be following~.
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Well this week started off not so great since I was sick the first part of it. My emotion were going nuts as well^^'. Wensday we had a pretty bad storm which knocked out our power. At least it was back the next morning (unlike one storm we had in July and we didn't have it for 6 days). Lightning struck right by Mom's work and split a tree in haft. She ended up coming home early. Aside from the power we didn't many problems, which I was excepting.
My B-day was Thursday~. I went out with Ditz and we hung out. Went to Borders, since she hadn't been there since the liquidation started and I promised to buy her a birthday present next time we went (ironically it was on my birthday~). Friday I ended up upset at Ditz and K over a few different things but I talked it out with them~. Today I spent with my Mom, she got me Tea for the store I love at the mall, a Precious Moments Bell from Hallmark (it's so cute><), a game card for my 3DS, a really nice pen, and pretty bookmark with fake jewels on it~. We went out to eat at Olive Garden. Why is people seem to want to feed you all the time on your b-day? I'm a little sick of sweets after the last few days^^;.
I got Okamiden for the DS! Yay! I haven't started it yet cause I've been busy but I've been wanting~. -dances- I played Days most of last week while I was sick, so I got farther in that~.
I'm seriously in love with the new anime NO.6! I can't get enough of it. The characters, animation style and plot are lovely~. Also, yay about this news~. I love Gosick and I was hoping it would get licensed~.
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My b-day was pretty fun cause I got to hang out with a friend of mine. We talked most of the time (we do this everytime tooXP). She got me 'Howls Moving Castle' (cause she told me to tell her what I wanted her to buy meXD). I've been wanting to buy it but either I'm their to get something else or don't have enough~. I'm happy (and I ended re-watching it when I got home too~).
Today was a lovely day. Spent the day with my Mom (who didn't drink at all, yay~) I got a new printer/scanner, which I wasn't excepting to get~. It's an HP and it seems to work well. So far, I adore it~!
While I was out with my Mom at the mall I ran into a old friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while. She had an 13 month old boy. That totally threw me cause last I saw her she wasn't pregnant (that I knew of^^'). First Michic now her, it's weird knowing friends of mine with/soon to have kids.
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My b-day is coming up but I've notice I'm pretty much like, "Eh, so?".  I am looking forward to seeing a friend of mine though~.
I've been doing quite a bit of reading this week, more then I have in awhile at least. Started on two series I've been nagged at for awhile to startXP. Much love for Pandora Hearts~! I can see why you were nagging about it Katsu~! I also started Kuroshitsuji~. Which was kinda funny cause Michc and emo-boy mainly emo-boy kept calling me this week (don't contact me for over a month straight but now you won't leave alone-_-). Emo-boy asked me about Kuroshitsuji. "Is is yaoi?". I blinked and went "Umm...It's like Godchild in that it isn't quite but can be easily."
I've become more determined to finish/catch up with my current series. I wanna cry a little though cause I'll never be able to finish Kamui and E's (since they were released by broccoli books and BB died). E's, I'll be okay with since I saw all the anime, and even if that's not how the manga goes exactly, I still have an ending for the series. Kamui on the other hand, left off on a horrible point;_;. And I'll never find scanlations for it cause it's not that well known. I'm still hoping (but that hope is dying/almost dead) that Tokyo Pop finishes Satisfaction Guaranteed at some point. Though I have seen some scanlation for it but they are early chapters...-sigh- I'm working on finishing Whistle! since that's finished releasing here (have 20 out of 24 so I'm close~). Since no store (that I can find) carries it in-store anymore and only online, that's how I have to buy it (same goes for Tactics. I only need the lasted volume of Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning, no surprise since that series comes in second to D.Gray-Man in favorite manga series. Ah, Yen Press is going to be releasing Uraboku~! I'm loving Yen Press cause they release a lot of my series atm (Spiral, Uraboku, Pandore Hearts, Kuroshitsuji~)~. They also release another series I've read a few volumes of before but I don't own. I kind of wanna read it again and I wouldn't mind collecting it but I'm not sure. It's has 12 out 13 volumes released already though. The series is Angel Diary and I'm playing with the idea at this point~.
Anime has been invading my dreams lately, which isn't too shocking but it's a little weird it's doing pairings I've never thought about before.
I've also been reading my World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse From Antiquity to Our Time as well as Lord Of The Dead. I love the poetry book~! I haven't gotten too far in vampire one yet so don't have much of a opinion on it yet.
Also, I was stamped as having equipment type innocence at [livejournal.com profile] rateme_exorcist . Which makes happy cause it has Kanda on the stamp so I have Allen and Kanda for my stamps (which in my mind goes "Yullen!"). I'm also very aware of how sad that is^^'.
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Well, I have about two or so left of classes this semester. Still fighting with my project for Adv. Illustrator. -sigh- Mad hatter doesn't look likes it's going to get finished before the end of class but hopefully I'll be able to scrap something together before the end of class.
Last weekend wasn't as much of a headache as I thought it would be luckily~. Mom loved her gifts, A The Big 50 coffee cup, The best of The Doobie Brothers CD, Bob Seger early Years vol.1 CD, and a Bob Seger pull-over hoodie.
Not really much happening since it's near the end of classes. Not looking forward to my presentation for Bio-Lab though-_-. Luckily it's looking like I might not have to talk much, if at during it. Yay~. Public speaking fails, I talk to fast when I'm nervous or overly excited, or at least that's what I've been told. I don't noticed~.
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Let see, last weekend I went out with Michic, who was visiting up here for a week. I ended up spending more time with her Mom then with her though. If she wasn't sleeping she was talking to Emo-boy on the computer. -sigh- Luckily I get along great with her parents~. Sadly I noticed her Dad treats me better then her (it's a little creepy at times, honestly). I helped her mom with her new laptop and setting up things~. It was nice seeing Michic and it would have been better if Emo-boy didn't start Emoing again and upset her. She was complaining and hung up on him that it drained a little of the joy of seeing her away. -shrugs- Oh well.
It's my Mom's 50th Monday, which means she's going to be parting most of the weekend. I'd argue with her but I don't point. She's just going to use her birthday and my 21st against me every time. So I'm just going to try and keep her spending under control and not let her drive. I know I'll get annoyed at some point but I'm to try and just let this weekend roll off my shoulders.
I cant' believe classes are so close to be over and I STILL I haven't finished a single one of the 3 major projects for Illustrator@_@. I'm so fucked...I haven't even started the last project yet-_-.
This weekend is going to be a headache, I just know it...
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I am never...NEVER staying at the Cliff Breakers Hotel Lextington I think again. They charged us twice for the same hotel room! We've been dealing with this all week and they just figured out that they had the same reservation under two different last names. My real last name and a misspelled version which also now explains why they couldn't find my original reservation when I checked in. So they charged us twice and it's been nothing but a headache trying to fix it! They are ALL IDIOTS.
So, it was my b-day last week and yeah, I would've posted but...I be lazy/busy~. I got a lot of things: Nightmare Before Christmas Messenger Bag, "Awesome Full Time" keychain cause I am, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4 (PS2), FFVII: Crisis Core (PSP), Star Ocean: Second Evolution (PSP), Swimsuit, Accessories for a PSP (from Rath), $25 Shiny Naruto Borders Gift Card (from Michic), KandaAllen Doujinshi "You & --" (from Katsu), A Unicorn pinata with misc candy and a box of Organic Dark chocolate with Mint (from Jen), and the funny part is...I don't HAVE a PSP yet~. I wont be getting one till most likely October~. LOL.
I also went over to [livejournal.com profile] crazedinsaneone 's last week too. I was really nice seeing her again~. We ended up watching Repo: The Genetic Oprea with her~. I love watching movies with her cause she's like a living commentary for them~.
Also, I need to watch anime...cause my friends keep adding to my list~. I'm currently watching Soul Eater, Naruto Shippuden, Lucky Star, Fate Stay Night, and Ouran High School Host Club. I need to get back to watching Whistle and Kyo Kara Maoh Season 3. And my friends have added Peacemaker, Axis Power Hetalia and Kuroshitsuji. And that's just what I can remember atm, cause I'm sure their are ones I'm forgetting~.
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Yo~. So yeah, I got one of my b-day presents today~. A KandaAllen doujinshi a friend bought for me~. Though the art's not my favorite, I ADORE the storyline (from what I get of it, I can no read Japanese^^'). Speaking of doujinshi, I deciced to not buy the 'Master is Brave' RikuSora doujinshi. This is cause I decided the best way to find out info on it was to write THEM and ask about it. So I did and they told me it's about 30 pages and sent me some scans of the inside art. I deciced that it's not worth $47.00. So I decided to get another doujinshi I was looking at on the site called Monochrome. Shockingly enough it's KandaAllen (note the sarcasm~).
In news of anime, I finally start watching Soul Eater~. I'm not sure who like more Soul or Death The Kid~. It's 'Cool' vs. 'OCD'~. I'm highly amused by the by the fail-yet-not-fail assassin Black Star~. Though I couldn't help but make some comparasions to D.Gray-Man (obssessions ftw~). Amazingly, I have yet to coo over a pairing for this series (though we know that wont last~).
I have decided what I'll be doing on my b-day and after my b-day with my friends~. Shopping, dinner, cake, and whatever else on my b-day and hotel, swimming, insanity, and whatever else the Satruday after my b-day~. Hopefully things will go well~.

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Lalala...so as much as I'd love to have a paid account for LJ I decided to save my money. I'm going to save up for the D. Gray-Man Season 1 Part 2 box set. Since I did promise myself that once it came out in english I'd buy it after downloading the entire series. Spoliers ) Though it is soooo tempting to buy this RikuSora doujinshi. Sadly that's the cheeper of the two I want. I seriously want this one...but that's expensive...^^'. -cries-
My b-day is coming up and I STILL don't know what I want or what I should do for it...it's my 21 (not that I care about the legal to drink part). I want to get together with some of my friends like Katsu and Michic (though I'd have to get Michic away from Emo-Boy). But at the same time I think I should spend part of it with my mom. Plus I still need to make plans. Getting Katsu to MAKE plans (I love you but you suck at that), convincing Michic not to let Emo-Boy come (and dealing with Emo-boy himself), talking to my mom about what she thinks I should do (need to ask Katsu and Michic about this too), and deciding WHAT I'm going to do (cause I honestly have no clue).
Also, playing with the idea of getting a Xbox 360 but at the same time I still want a PSP so...and also think 'Do i really need another game console?'.  So...yeah...^^'.


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