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So, our power went out on Monday due to the bad storm we were having. We got it back yesterday. Little behind on things.
We did go t the NHRA Drag Races (and by we I mean Mom, Lover-boy, and I). I ended up leaving part way through cause, as much as I like drag-racing, I couldn't take the heat and everything. Plus I was tired. So I wussed out and went and checked into our room. Mom and Lover-boy had a great time, which was the point. Plus I got some me time~. We did have a problem with the hotel, the room was not what we booked (we are still dealing with that).
I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 and I looooooooooooved it~!  I won't put any detail here cause I don't wanna spoil anyone but if you have seen it yet, SEE IT! I've also watch the entire 2 seasons that are out of the Dreamworks Dragon's series~. You should also see  that, cause it is so much fun~.
Been dealing with driving around and being busy, blah blah blah. The same as always but I'm looking forward to the summer anime season (as a little scared at the same time). I have a LOT I want to watch (and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up with it, but I'll give it my best shot~. So far I have 7-8 anime I wanna watch at the moment (Though one series I doesn't look like I'll be able to cause it's not stream in my country).

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Things have been hectic and busy for me lately. The lady I work for (who from now on will be call Kairi) had surgery and so my schedule for her change quite a bit for about a week. I was so busy between her, the running already had to do, and things going on at home.
Things had been tense between Mom and jackass for awhile (both side being at fault) and the came to a head on Sunday. When i had them starting to fight, I called Ditz and went off to meet up with her. She was working but I just hung around and got some reading done (her work didn't care I was there). Since I left not long after the fighting started, I didn't get stressed for the most part. i was feeling a little blah but that was it. That was good at least. Mom and jackass got things worked out yesterday. So well see how things go.
Ditz's B-day is this weekend and mine is a week after hers so this weekend Ditz, J-dear, J-Besty, and me are going out of town. It's her 21st so she has a few things she really wants to do. It should be an interesting weekend to say the least~.
My computer has been finicky as of late. -sigh- It is years old now and it's a pretty awesome computer. It still works fairly well but I can tell the performance in getting a little worse as time goes on. I used to be abke to stream just fine on it now, not so much (so I stopped streaming on since I got my PS3). It loads slower and the number pad on the keyboard varies on when it wants to work. But I still love my computer~.
I start watching the new anime Free! and what can I say but hot biishies swimming~. How can I not love itXD. There are few others I might get into this season but since there doesn't seem to be a bunch that are catching my eye this season. I want to catch/finish up and watch some others I fell behind on~.
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Ah, so I haven't update in awhile. Been busy with a lot of things. Running around, friends, home life, stress. This weekdn kinda of sucked (but Sunday wasn't so bad). Friday night and All of Saturday was insane stressful. Luckily Ditz was with me the whole time so I didn't flip out or anything. She was a lot of help.
Mom has been driving me nuts along with certain other people. -sigh- I'm giving into a semi-bad habit of mine to pick myself up. Buying doujinshi. Lol. I'm buying four Reborn ones (Three 6927 and one 1827) and one Code Geass one (LuluSuza). The prices of them are really good and one of the 6927 ones is one I've been wanting and the person I'm buying them is selling it for cheaper them where I original saw it for sale~. So yay~.
I final got Corpse Party downloaded to my PSP (you don't want to what a pain that was, since my PSP doesn't like me internet security). I've been playing that on and off and I'm really liking it~. I like getting both the right and wrong endings (shockingXD). I've also been loving my PS3 (the gaming is wonderful but OMG I love the streaming oh so muchXD). Currently borrowing Dragon Age Origins and Ratchet and Clank Future J-dear.
Partly because my PS3 makes it easier to keep up with my anime on CR, I'm currently watching Uta no Prince-sama 2000%, Devil Survivor 2, Arata the Legend, Majestic Prince, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, and Valvrave the Liberator.  Unsure on weather or not to start Attack on Titan. I'm also watching The Devil is a Part-timer and Karneval on Hulu. Considering I'm watching 8 animes already I'm not sure I should add another^^;. I awlays end of up dropping anime anime or two when I get thismany on my list since I get busy but the PS3 makes it easier to watch and keep with them I noticed (considering my computer can be a bit of a pain when streaming).So far I like all of the ones I'm watching the only one I'm a little 'Eh' on is Majestic Prince but considering I'm watching three different mech animes this season I'm thinking if any get dropped it might be this one.
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Lalala~! So I finally got my PS3~. I've been playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope (a game I've been dying to play since is came out~). It play CrunchyRoll so well too~! I've been playing catch-up on my anime (since the spring season is starting). It came in handy yesterday cause I felt like crap the last two days. My stomach was messed up and I had no energy. I think some it is all the running and things I've been doing catching up to me. I've doing better now luckily.
Due to certain reason, It's confirmed that I'll be doing all the driving for the next year. Fun fun. Means I'll a little busier now.
On the anime front, I'm up-to-date on Magi and I really hope they end up continue it. It so much fun to watch~. I finished Blast of Tempest and it didn't end the way I thought it would, which made my very happy (I feared the end of this series). I love Aika so much<3. She such an interesting character, too the very endXD.
I'm little sad that Funi got the streaming right to Karneval. I'm still going to watch it but I really was hoping CR would get it. Oh well. -sigh-

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Cause of few things that have come up on top of Mom's surgery, in this last week, I've been doing all the driving (and will continue to do so for awhile it looks like). I don't mind helping out but this last week has been stressful enough^^;. Mom is doing a lot better. She is getting pretty stir crazy though~. She can't go back to work till April 3, at the earliest though.
I've been helping Ditz out with somethings and we did get a chance to talk about things. I've straightened out a lot of issues I was having with her (not big things, just little things piling up). It's easier to talk to about things like this then K at times.
Luckily I'm able to keep the job I've been doing for the last year or so cause the promising one didn't pan out. it was a giant mess and I couldn't tell if i had to the job or not (I kept getting mixed answer and signals) and with everything that's happened recently i haven't had the time to deal with them.
Yay, I did get to buy my PS3, sadly I don't have it yet though. the best deal i found was only available online, which makes me sad cause I'm tired of waiting (I've been really whinny about to anyone who will listen to meXD. I do have a few games for it already though. Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Yay~!), and Naruto Shippuden Storm 2 (I may not follow the series but i have odd love for the games~). Two games I really want are out of my price range, Ni No Kuni and Naruto Ship Storm 3. -makes grabby hands- I did put in a preorder for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix~. -dances-
Rin has been driving Hatsu nuts (and in turn me). He just loves messing with her and she doesn't agree with this-_-'. I don't mind during the day but when I'm trying to sleep and I'm here them (i.e. Hatsu) going on before the crack of dawn I wanna scream. On top of my sleeping being mess-up and very little at times I tend to throws things (and by 'things' I mean my stuffed animalsXD).
Sadly, cause of how busy I am, I'm so behind on CR;_;. I will spend a catch-up day once I get my PS3 though. I'm looking forward to the Spring season though cause two anime I adore are continuing; Kuroko's Basketball and Knight in the Area~.  Also, Karneval will be starting soon (I so hope CR gets it~). I have my eye on a few others as well (says the person behind on what's she's currently watchingXD) but I wanna see who (CR, Funi, etc) gets what .


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