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I so was not late on reading this^^;.
So...that happened~. Wow, Hoshino just loves messing with and breaking her characters.
Also, I miss Allen, which is weird cause he's in this character but not he's not Allen. GIVE ME LAVI DAMNIT! I want my rabbit back. -pouts-
I love you Link, you're so badass, even when you messed-up~!
Not too much too say, my brain went off to poke at the Earl and 'Allen'.  I do fear for Allen in the next chapter (but that's nothing new-_-).
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First of all, never thought I'd be able to write another reaction to this series~. The series has begone re-serialization (so I was wrong before). Major yay~!

I still miss Lavi... )

Overall I'm just happy to have DGM back and hoping future chapters explains things~.

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Okay so I didn't post for the last chapter mainly cause I read it only a few days agoXD.

Lets start with 217~:

-cuddles Tim's remains- )

Now 218~:
Last 5 pages. @_@ Seriously. )

I still love D.Gray-Man, mindfucking, lack of release, and dying fandom included~.

~DGM 216~

Sep. 11th, 2012 02:00 am
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Been sick the last few days (still a little under the weather). I've been having insanely bad luck as of late. After an accident last week (that I'm not going into here happen), I broke down but got over it with the help of Mom and K. a lot of little things keep going wrong. I got a chill mat for my Laptop (cause it's been getting really hot as of late) but the one I got didn't work out so I had to return it for a new one. Just before getting sick my allergies went nuts and that led right into the sickness. UGH. Mental and physical stress galore as of late.
Still have yet to get pictures from Ditz (not her fault just horrible timing issues with us -sigh-).
New kitty Rin is a pain in the butt but he's so funny. He keeps following Hatsu around at times and it drives her nutsXD. He thinks everything is play toy (knocked Mom's curtains down last nigh, she was not happy about thatXD).  He can be an insanely cuddly kitty though~.
I need to read the lastest DGM chapter (same with PH^^;) but I've been either busy or sick. Might read it tonight if I get a chance~.

~DGM 215~

Jul. 20th, 2012 01:36 am
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First of all...
~Mildly confused. Thanks Honshino~ )

~DGM 214~

Jun. 8th, 2012 01:04 am
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~Of memories and hair~ )

~DGM 213~

Apr. 10th, 2012 03:30 pm
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Finally got to reading chapter 213 of DGM. Please keep in mind while reading this I'm feeling pretty ill and haven't slept for over 24 hours. This going to make less sense then normal (and, yes, that is possible).
Is easily distra... )

~DGM 212~

Feb. 4th, 2012 07:10 pm
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~Kanda's sensitive...really he isXD~ )

~DGM 211~

Dec. 28th, 2011 08:31 pm
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~Fangirl squeal~ )

This chapter was nice little pick me up for me~.

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Okay, quick post, mainly cause need to get this out of my system~.

First: OMG, yay on the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance~! I'm pretty much drooling over it (and not just on how pretty is looks~). It looks and, from what I've read, sounds like so much fun to play~! I want it.

Second: I'm going to be in Yullen heaven for the next two weeks~. Much love for the Yullen Week(s) this year~.

So I'm pretty much is fandom lala land atmXD.
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I've been feeling so "bla" as of late. I'm sure I'll snap of it soon-ish but still, it's it's making me a little snap-ish. At least mental so, I try not voice a lot of my thoughts when I feel like this^^;.
I have been annoyed by Ginger lately but her being so insanely clingy does not help. I know it's not her fault or anything and I still love her. She's just been so whiny and needy as of late and we aren't sure why. Oh well. She clings to Mom more then me anyways.
Ditz has been staying over at her Mom's more then here lately. She's trying get everything adjusted so she can stay there. Which is a good thing for her~.
I have little to no Christmas or Holiday spirit this year. I think part of it is Halloween kinda sucked cause of the road work and things didn't work at all the way we wanted. Then Thanksgiving kinda killed any spirit that might have risen. I also think a little bit of it is because of the stores, TV, and various people kind of shove it down my throat before Halloween. I hate that-_-. -shrugs- Oh well. It's not like I'm going "Rawr, holidays end now!", it's more like the holidays can come or go to me. I don't plan bah humbuging or anything like that~. If the need arises, I can fake itXP.
Also, the weather needs to make up it's damn mind. If you're going to be cold, stay cold! I hate up and down shit-_-#.
Minor note: I wanna see the new Sherlock Holmes movie that's coming out tomorrow and I will get my hands on the D.Gray-Man artbook, Noche, that came out this week. -flails-
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~Pretty much just spazzing out~ )

Didn't post my holiday weekend cause, aside from getting to see a friend I don't get see often, it kinda of sucked-_-;. For various reasons.
I'm catching with various reading and my goal this week is make good on a promise I made to [info]silvrguillotine and catch up to Pandora Hearts (and I will). I am determined!
Small little rant on YouTube and their recent change to their layout...again. I'm pretty good with changes but I liked it the way it was before. -pouts- I don't like this new version of the home page.
Friday I went to a winter festival with Ditz, her Mom and brothers, and J-dear. I petted a llama and had horrible hot chocolate, so it over all fun. 
I'm not sure how but me sleep schedule got thrown off track and for some reason I've been seriously tired;_;.
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I want more@_@ )

I should be hopefully getting my car fixed this week because it looks like they are pretty much done with our road! Final! After MONTHS of this~! I never thought I'd miss my car this much^^;.
K and Ditz are still kinda at odds. Ditz more so then K but at the moment it's a little confusing. I hear both sides but it's weird. I really think I need to to get together with both of then and talk. I have to wait till K's okay to get together though. -sigh- Oh well. It's not causing me any real stress~.

~DGM 208~

Oct. 5th, 2011 01:51 am
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The prettiness is distracting^^; )

I'll probably come back with better comments laterXD.
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Emotionally confusing chapter is confusing )

Irl, Things have been busy getting Ditz settled in cause it looks like she's going to be staying with us for awhile since she it is offically kicked out of her house. We're going to have to figure out a place for some of her stuff when she gets it. Some of it is coming here and some of it is going to be stored at J-dear's house (permission pending). Mom and I don't mind and she knows to give me my space at times. Hopefully things will go well and get better for her.
I mangaged to grab a bookshelf at Borders that I liked~. Yay~. Now  I need to figure out where to put it. Luckily it's not too big, so I'm sure I'll find somewhere with Ditz's help^^.

~DGM 206~

Jul. 2nd, 2011 02:58 pm
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Hoshino, you just like screwing with Allen, don't you? )
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Nothing much happened at school last weekend but Friday was fun~. K decided it was a girls night-out (since the last few weeks we've had guys hanging with us as well). I was so proud of Ditz cause she, as we asked her to, stayed off her cell. Trust me when I say, that's amazing for her~. I hung out with them in their art class while they finish their project. I didn't take long before I was being used to help people in the class out. I was so happy when I found out that this one girl in the class is a major D.Gray-Man fan~! She's even up to the latest chapter and we ended up geeking out about DGM most of the time we thereXD. Her boyfriend was making a ceramic Timcanpy. It's not even fired yet but it looks so cool~. I need to get Ditz to send me the pic she took of it. I told her to get me pic's of it when it's finished as well. The only thing is that he didn't have a tail. The DGM girl and I decided Tim ate his own tailXP.
Saturday was all good then Michic called at about 10. I admit that she can test my patinces at times but still. She's my friend and she has been for years. I love her and I am protective of my friends. If emo-boy cared about her or his child even a bit, he wouldn't any of the crap he does. He bitches about how Michic took his son away from him but he's done nothing to prove he's whiling to take responsibility and BE A FATHER. I told Michic she never wants to let me talk to him cause he thinks he's emo and depressed now, just let me tear into him>:P. She knows very well my feelings on him.
Ginger been getting into a lot of trouble lately. Mom and I think made she might be acting out of bit. Either she's lonely, missing Terry (after seeing last weekend), or something. On the opposite, I'm little on edge with the cats at times. They have both have been wanting my at the same time, and they tend not to do so well at sharing. They have been doing really good so I'm glad about that (Darling still hisses at times but that's nothing new). Lets just hope it stays that way.
Going to be busy this month with finals, events, parties, and friends, which is really weird I'm this booked^^;.

~DGM 205~

Apr. 22nd, 2011 12:24 am
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~Going solo ftw~ )
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So weekend was busy once again but fun~. Hung out with Ditz, K (new friend I mentioned in my last post), and Mr. Borders (friend of mine I meant at Borders, where he works~). We just kinda of hoped around places and scared peopleXD. Bonding with random people in other cars on the road is fun~. Saturday I hung out with Katsu and we saw Beastly~. It was really funny (even it's wasn't suppose to be~). The main character is a ninja-stalker who kidnaps and blackmails people~. We were surprised when found out Neil Patrick Harris was in it and a blind teacher. He saved the movie several times (you have to love the guy gagging while the main characters are exchanging cheesy dislodgeXD). By the time I got home, my voice was so tired from all the talking~.
Sunday mom got her new ceiling fan put in with fairly little problems (nothing ever goes smoothly for us). I looks really good in the living room. It has a shone wall look to the base. Mom seems to have found someone she can call as a handyman, so their really is NO reason for Terry to come back. Luckily we yet to hear shit from him. Yay~!
This post at ANN made me very happy~. I will be totally getting that~. I didn't think it would get an English release so yay for that~.
Side note, I change the commenting on my journal to registered users cause the recent 4 spam comments I got in a row the other day~.
Also, Katsu here is the link to the Dragon Knights doujinshi being sold by the seller I was talking about.


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