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So the last week or so has been interesting. Friday, A lost dog came up and scratched on our door. It was really cold out, so she was let in. She was a chocolate lab and very friendly. We looked at her tags. They were rabies tags from a different county (but were still dated this year), so we called the number and found out the dog had been sold to someone in our county but they didn't us who. We ended up calling Animal Control to come and get her cause, as much as we love animals, we couldn't take care of her. Our cats were all on edge (Rin was very displeased, I'm thinking it was how big she was that bothered him), and Ginger was all kinds of pissy and pouty. hough now there's a joke with the people I know that house is known as an animal shelterXD.
I've been fighting with my current job because they screwed up my pay (and I'm still to firgure this out, a week later) and confused about the job I applying and training for. -sigh- I've been give the run around with my current job and little answers with the other one.
I get to file my taxes next week~. I'm hope to save up enough with taxes and a little bit from one of my checks to get a PS3~. -dances- I'll be so insanely happy if I can but it all depends on what I get back for taxes (and what I get to keep).
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Okay, so I haven't update in awhile^^'. Thanksgiving Day went fine. I helped Mom cook^^. The weekend after sucked though. Mom ticked me off again. -sigh- We talked after though and Mom admitted she messed up. So there's a plus. I did end up buying doujinshi though^^;. NO.6 doujinshi this time~. I'm little afraid this habit isn't going to die...
Been hanging out with Ditz, K has been busy though. K did get a new doggy though^^. She already had a cat named Smokey (though one of his nicknames is Satan). The new doggy is named Puddles~. Small little thing.
I'm hoping this Christmas goes better then last year-_-'. Last year sucked so bad. I am having a little bit of a hard time getting into the spirit this year though. I'm not all like "Boo...holidays!" but more just like "Eh....holidays.". Hopefully this will change.
Hatsu has gone back to acting like her old self~! For awhile when Rin came she was constantly hiding away to the point that even I rarely saw her. I did start worry after awhile so seeing her back to normal makes me happy~!
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Been busy (not that it's anything new). Mom got a new car~. The dealer she got it from she's known for years (since before I was born) and she got a great deal^^. She's happy.
I'm looking forward to AI~. Finally got to finalize a few things with K Friday. I haven't seen her in about a month cause she's been either ill or busy.
One of Lover Boy's dogs, Sapphire, got really sick because of the recent heat waves. He also found out she's developed diabetes. Lucky she's doing better now. Mom and I had to watch over her while he was at work last week. To make sure she stays cool, eats, and to just keep an eye on her in general.
This week I've been able to catch up on a little reading and anime~. I'm in love with Baccano! Frist of all, I have a love of old school mafia gangsters, so I've been curious about the series. I only have four more to watch but kya~! I love the characterization and plot. It just draws me in. I do like the way it bonces around (it's not really hard for me to keep track though^^). I works for the anime and makes me even more curious to know what happened/will happen. I got the second season of Code Geass (still have money from graduation~)~! So yay on that~. I kind want Baccano now though...-sweatdrops- Hehe...
I'm going to post my rambling on the new DGM chapter in a separate post.
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So, today I finally met my Mom's new boyfriend, or as I call him, Lover Boy~. I really like so far~. His personality fits so well with my Mom. He loves wolves, Indians, cars, and video games. He has a PS3 (which I wanna play). I also met his beautiful dogs~! 

Doggy Picture )

Friday I hung out with both K and Ditz but the night ended earlier then normal cause K and Ditz had to get home early. We did go to Fridays and  found a drink I love. It's called Berry Acai Sour and it's amazing~. K was driving me and on the way home we ended up listening to the Digimon soundtrackXD. Which got into the mood to wanna listen to mine now and put me into a bit of a Digimon mood^^.
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I've been feeling so "bla" as of late. I'm sure I'll snap of it soon-ish but still, it's it's making me a little snap-ish. At least mental so, I try not voice a lot of my thoughts when I feel like this^^;.
I have been annoyed by Ginger lately but her being so insanely clingy does not help. I know it's not her fault or anything and I still love her. She's just been so whiny and needy as of late and we aren't sure why. Oh well. She clings to Mom more then me anyways.
Ditz has been staying over at her Mom's more then here lately. She's trying get everything adjusted so she can stay there. Which is a good thing for her~.
I have little to no Christmas or Holiday spirit this year. I think part of it is Halloween kinda sucked cause of the road work and things didn't work at all the way we wanted. Then Thanksgiving kinda killed any spirit that might have risen. I also think a little bit of it is because of the stores, TV, and various people kind of shove it down my throat before Halloween. I hate that-_-. -shrugs- Oh well. It's not like I'm going "Rawr, holidays end now!", it's more like the holidays can come or go to me. I don't plan bah humbuging or anything like that~. If the need arises, I can fake itXP.
Also, the weather needs to make up it's damn mind. If you're going to be cold, stay cold! I hate up and down shit-_-#.
Minor note: I wanna see the new Sherlock Holmes movie that's coming out tomorrow and I will get my hands on the D.Gray-Man artbook, Noche, that came out this week. -flails-
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Agh. I've been light headed and a little dizzy all day. It's getting annoying. I'm pretty sure I know why it's happening but I can't do anything about so I've  been whining at people most of the day. Hopefully it'll stop in a few days (if it doesn't then I'll worry).
Finals are over and I did just fine~. Yay~!
Had a pretty storm here a few days ago and i had to literally drag Ginger downstairs cause she hates the stairs to the basement and refuses to go down them. She's too heavy for me to pick-up too so dragging her twas the only way. Nothing got damaged at our house luckily~. It interesting having all the animals in my room at the same time. Mainly cause the cats don't do well on sharing my room with otherXD. but they left Ginger alone^^.
Looks like I'm to be getting out of the house quite a bit this summer whether I want to or not. K and Ditz aren't going to let me hibernate this year~.
I know their was more I wanted to type but I can't seem to focus very well to day. I've been spacing out a lot today (probably cause of the light-headedness).
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The jackass is GONE~! And there is a high chance he will not be back this time~. Yay~! -dances- I'm so happy~!
Sadly now we really have to figured out what to do with Ginger if Terry doesn't come back to get her (which I'm sure he won't). She's gotten EXTERMELY whiny and keeps waking us up at night. -sigh-
In other news, I decided to go with the title 'Dark Exactions'(anagrams ftw) for my movie poster from the ideas I had in my last post . I kind of like the way the poster turned out (though I haven't seen it printed yet).
I also entered an icon in last week's [livejournal.com profile] dgray_icontest contest. Sadly I didn't place (wasn't expecting too thoughXP) but I had fun making the icon. I might enter this week's too since it's pairing/song theme~.
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Agh, I swear it has to be the computers they have there cause evey time I go home from working on those computers for gor hours, I have a horrible headache (like now-_-). I talked to this other girl in my class and she siad she had the same problem. It doesn't happen when she uses her own for hours but on those computers it's like 'Owwwww'.

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12 days and Hatsu with Ginger plus LOVE is Emo DNA with a warning of Yaoi )
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Lalala~. So I did major cleaning of my room yesterday and omg...I HAVE A ROOM IN HEREXP. I (kinda) unpacked my last 2 boxes from when we moved in (however long ago that was...) and I also decided to disconnect my desktop. I figured since it isn't starting up right anymore (aka became a useless lump of tech taking up space and gathering dust) I might as well. Plus I wanted to be able to use my desk again. Also, I should be getting another desk (cause I need more space to storage and put crap) soon. I still need to find another bookshelf (cause the one mounted on my wall is full).
We are going to be getting rid of our dog Ginger soon. Her rash/skin condiction/whatever it isn't getting any better and she's not looking as good the last few days. Plus she's been whinning more. My mom told her boyfriend Terry to figure out a place for her..."You brough her here without asking me. You can't make me do this. She's your responablitiy.". The reason for that is cause it was killing her...she's never had to get rid of an animal and not be sure on what going to happen to them (cause we are having a hard time finding a place for her). She was crying about and it was tearing her up and he was the one who got her without even consulting my mom. We just can't keep her...Hatsu is expensive enough with her going to the vet about every 3 months or so. Also, dogs are more expensive to vet take to the vet. We have enought things coming up that we need to buy. You take that in with the fact that she's not the type of dog we're looking for and well...we can't keep her. I feel bad but I knew this would happen so I kept myself from getting too attacted to her. So I don't feel as bad about it...you know aside from the "OMG she's an animal and animals should be loooved and awww poor thing!" type of feeling. I am a little worried on where he'll be taking her (luckily the jackass does like dogs so...).
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Ah. So it's official...my dog, Buddy, is gone. He ran away and he's still not come back. I'm not as sad as I would've been a few months ago. Recently he's been a lot of trouble and he's been running off a lot. I feel I should be sadder about him not being here anymore but I really don't feel much. (Is that bad?)

Next time I want a smaller dog, like two feet high, max.


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