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Lala, I need to try posting moreXD. So things have been a little busy for me lately. I've been on a serious job hunting (because my current job is being taken from me soon;_;). I did have an interview this week and they seemed to really like me. The job similar to my current job. They wanted to me to do a 24 shift 3 days in row kinda of thing but I can't do that, for many reason (Mom being a big one). But they still have hourly, so hopefully I'll get it~. They said it's not very stable though so I'm still looking for another job. I've been job hunting with K (cause she needs one a well). She went and interviewed at the same place I did earlier this week but she didn't get it. Which made me feel bad cause her Mom was the one to introduce me to the job (she works there herself).
Michic is, once again not surprisingly, an idiot. She's gone back down to live with emo-boy's parents again. -sigh- I just don't care anymore. She did say goodbye to me this time before she left (smart move cause I still haven't fully forgiven her for last time). But honestly, she knows she has it better up here and yet she still goes back down there. I've given up when it comes to her but I still feel for Rion. Poor thing has to choice in this and that just sucks for him.
With job hunting, Mom, my current job, and various other things coming up I've been busy.
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This week wasn't too bad. Took my final this week. I think I did pretty good on it^^! She said it wasn't too much of our grade so I'm not that worried~.
I talked to both K and Ditz this week. I told them that I'm not getting involved in their arguments and fights anymore. I said I'd listen to them but I'm not going to interfere (K understood this point a little more then Ditz).
Guess who's coming back and bring her two year old and emo-boy with her? I'm happy I'll get to see her again but I'm still bitter from not hearing from her at all for three months. I'm also fearing the drama she'll bring with her;_;. My people are draining my poor gas enough as it is...
I wasn't as busy this week as I have been, so I got some time to myself.
I'm graduating this next Friday~. Yay~! -flips off everyone who told her she wouldn't even make it out of High School- Take that! -dances-

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Lala~. Haven't post for a bit^^. Not to much going on.
Talked to Michic today. Surprise, she's miserable. Emo-boy isn't helping with Rion and they've been fighting. It seems her focus is mainly on emo-boy and not on her 1 year-old, helpless child. That is bad sign (and I made sure to tell her such) and it does worry me. She did get herself into this by leaving, again. Now she's all alone since she has no friends or family down with him. I can only listen to her up here.
I didn't think it was possible but Hatsu has gotten more clingy. It's cute and frustrating at the same time. I love my baby but it's hard going to sleep with some her little antics for my attention^^;.
I got two new books the other day courtesy of K cause I was debating over which one to get. I couldn't afford both (even with them on sale). After a bit she grabbed both from me and bought them for me. I did protest but she didn't listen me^^;. One of the books is called 'Dead Iron: The Age of Steam' because Steampunk is lovely. A friend of mine is part of the reason this story caught my interest as well~.
Started following another new anime: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian. Supernarutal anime that revovles around books~. It has a simularity to Gosick (like main female lead). Favorite episode so far is the one that like Steven King's Misery with a twist~.
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Nothing much happened at school last weekend but Friday was fun~. K decided it was a girls night-out (since the last few weeks we've had guys hanging with us as well). I was so proud of Ditz cause she, as we asked her to, stayed off her cell. Trust me when I say, that's amazing for her~. I hung out with them in their art class while they finish their project. I didn't take long before I was being used to help people in the class out. I was so happy when I found out that this one girl in the class is a major D.Gray-Man fan~! She's even up to the latest chapter and we ended up geeking out about DGM most of the time we thereXD. Her boyfriend was making a ceramic Timcanpy. It's not even fired yet but it looks so cool~. I need to get Ditz to send me the pic she took of it. I told her to get me pic's of it when it's finished as well. The only thing is that he didn't have a tail. The DGM girl and I decided Tim ate his own tailXP.
Saturday was all good then Michic called at about 10. I admit that she can test my patinces at times but still. She's my friend and she has been for years. I love her and I am protective of my friends. If emo-boy cared about her or his child even a bit, he wouldn't any of the crap he does. He bitches about how Michic took his son away from him but he's done nothing to prove he's whiling to take responsibility and BE A FATHER. I told Michic she never wants to let me talk to him cause he thinks he's emo and depressed now, just let me tear into him>:P. She knows very well my feelings on him.
Ginger been getting into a lot of trouble lately. Mom and I think made she might be acting out of bit. Either she's lonely, missing Terry (after seeing last weekend), or something. On the opposite, I'm little on edge with the cats at times. They have both have been wanting my at the same time, and they tend not to do so well at sharing. They have been doing really good so I'm glad about that (Darling still hisses at times but that's nothing new). Lets just hope it stays that way.
Going to be busy this month with finals, events, parties, and friends, which is really weird I'm this booked^^;.
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Been awhile~. I've been having fun with my 3DS and catching up with anime and my reading~.
Michic has come back up here~. I was amazed cause didn't think she'd actually do it. Apparently the no water+no electricity+baby=bad finally reached her. I got to see Rion, who is about 7-8 months now and he's 27 pounds. He's heavy, spoiled and she needs to stop feeding every-time he cries. It's nice to see her again though. She still wont let go of emo-boy, who trying to guilt her into coming back. The only reason she got away...I mean left in the first place was cause she ambushed him with her parents. He didn't know she was leaving till she was leaving^^;. Behaving is hard when she's talking to him. I keep wanting to spam him with yaoi while she talks to him onlineXD.
Weekend was busy and I died Sunday from being around people all weekend and driving them everywhere^^'. I did meet someone new through Ditz who I geek out with about anime, fandom, and conventions~.
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ARGH. I had plans with my Mom today. Same plans we had last weekend that got cancel because of her drinking. It happened again this weekend. At least last weekend she got somethings done and only got buzzed. She just got drunk this time and was pretty buzzed by the time I woke up. I'm pretty upset this time. This is the second time these plans have been canceled-_-#. -sighs- I though i was the child here...
In other news, Michic says she'll be coming back up here in December and so far she says she's going to be saying up here. She can't take his family anymore and emo-boy has yet to get a job (shocking-_-). I'm looking forward to seeing Rion and her~.
In Philosophy Thursday I swear half the class wanted to start crying and the other half wanted to get up and starting beating this one guy in class. We talking evil and "Is God evil?" and the such. Well, one girl told the class about having this rare (for her age, 22) cancer since it was relating to the current conversation. She said when she was told she had cancer, that's when she stopped believing in God. other guy in the, who also had cancer, agreed with her. This other guy, a very religious guy, was arguing with the girl, saying it's a test and all. The thing the pissed people in the class was when he compared getting beaten up to having a life altering, deadly sickness. After class, quite a few people from class gather outside to talk. One girl was saying how she wanted to start crying after all the things she heard in class that day, while another was going on about she wanted to kick the religious guy's ass. It was interesting.
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My b-day is coming up but I've notice I'm pretty much like, "Eh, so?".  I am looking forward to seeing a friend of mine though~.
I've been doing quite a bit of reading this week, more then I have in awhile at least. Started on two series I've been nagged at for awhile to startXP. Much love for Pandora Hearts~! I can see why you were nagging about it Katsu~! I also started Kuroshitsuji~. Which was kinda funny cause Michc and emo-boy mainly emo-boy kept calling me this week (don't contact me for over a month straight but now you won't leave alone-_-). Emo-boy asked me about Kuroshitsuji. "Is is yaoi?". I blinked and went "Umm...It's like Godchild in that it isn't quite but can be easily."
I've become more determined to finish/catch up with my current series. I wanna cry a little though cause I'll never be able to finish Kamui and E's (since they were released by broccoli books and BB died). E's, I'll be okay with since I saw all the anime, and even if that's not how the manga goes exactly, I still have an ending for the series. Kamui on the other hand, left off on a horrible point;_;. And I'll never find scanlations for it cause it's not that well known. I'm still hoping (but that hope is dying/almost dead) that Tokyo Pop finishes Satisfaction Guaranteed at some point. Though I have seen some scanlation for it but they are early chapters...-sigh- I'm working on finishing Whistle! since that's finished releasing here (have 20 out of 24 so I'm close~). Since no store (that I can find) carries it in-store anymore and only online, that's how I have to buy it (same goes for Tactics. I only need the lasted volume of Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning, no surprise since that series comes in second to D.Gray-Man in favorite manga series. Ah, Yen Press is going to be releasing Uraboku~! I'm loving Yen Press cause they release a lot of my series atm (Spiral, Uraboku, Pandore Hearts, Kuroshitsuji~)~. They also release another series I've read a few volumes of before but I don't own. I kind of wanna read it again and I wouldn't mind collecting it but I'm not sure. It's has 12 out 13 volumes released already though. The series is Angel Diary and I'm playing with the idea at this point~.
Anime has been invading my dreams lately, which isn't too shocking but it's a little weird it's doing pairings I've never thought about before.
I've also been reading my World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse From Antiquity to Our Time as well as Lord Of The Dead. I love the poetry book~! I haven't gotten too far in vampire one yet so don't have much of a opinion on it yet.
Also, I was stamped as having equipment type innocence at [livejournal.com profile] rateme_exorcist . Which makes happy cause it has Kanda on the stamp so I have Allen and Kanda for my stamps (which in my mind goes "Yullen!"). I'm also very aware of how sad that is^^'.
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The heat is suuuucks. I kinda heat people with air atm;_;. Makes me so unmotivated to do anything.
Trying to find a job cause I want money, badly~. Been applying to various places and such. Hoping for the best!
So Michic's been calling me quite a bit recently. Partly cause she's do at the end of the month/being of August. She wants me to go down and visit her. I said I didn't have the money but she said that she'll ask her parents if I come down with them when they come to see her. They'll be down their for a week (which makes me kinda "Ehhh...") I know she wants their when she has her baby so I told I might. If I can stay in a hotel, no problem but if I have to stay with his family? Hell. No. One reason (the big reason) is that I know I'll kill emo-boy before the week is out (or at least try to mangle him many times). Honestly, I'm not a fan of the state she lives in (don't really wanna go back there-_-) but I want to be there for her and I know she wants me their so...-sigh- Nothing is set yet and it's mostly still up in the air. Also, if I get a job before then, then it's no can do. It wouldn't be till the end of the month anyway and parents, from what she told, are still unsure if they'll have the means to get down there. -shrugs- So, who knows what will happen~.
My b-day is coming up but I don't have much/anything planned. might try together with someone but if not, then, oh well~.
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Let see, last weekend I went out with Michic, who was visiting up here for a week. I ended up spending more time with her Mom then with her though. If she wasn't sleeping she was talking to Emo-boy on the computer. -sigh- Luckily I get along great with her parents~. Sadly I noticed her Dad treats me better then her (it's a little creepy at times, honestly). I helped her mom with her new laptop and setting up things~. It was nice seeing Michic and it would have been better if Emo-boy didn't start Emoing again and upset her. She was complaining and hung up on him that it drained a little of the joy of seeing her away. -shrugs- Oh well.
It's my Mom's 50th Monday, which means she's going to be parting most of the weekend. I'd argue with her but I don't point. She's just going to use her birthday and my 21st against me every time. So I'm just going to try and keep her spending under control and not let her drive. I know I'll get annoyed at some point but I'm to try and just let this weekend roll off my shoulders.
I cant' believe classes are so close to be over and I STILL I haven't finished a single one of the 3 major projects for Illustrator@_@. I'm so fucked...I haven't even started the last project yet-_-.
This weekend is going to be a headache, I just know it...
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So, this weekend sucked-_-. Friday every little thing that could wrong did. I can't remember everything cause it was like a lot of little things going wrong. Oddly enough I was in a good mood the entire day~. Saturday I did nothing but drive or organize things. My mom was drinking but she was in a great mood (still a slight pain in my ass even in a good mood) then I went over to Michic's and Emo-boy wouldn't get off the computer and by this time I was getting a little bit pissy. I ended up walking outside (mainly to keep from snapping at both of them). She came out and apologized (and made excuses for her and emo-boy "You know how he is". To which i thought 'So? Nag him off woman!'XP). Mom called me later asking for more money (cause she didn't get enough earlier-_-#) and when I was like..."But you've spent enough today...she got pissy and ended up hanging up on me which in-turn pissed me. So I storm out of Michic's house ended up crying, Michic calmed and distracted me. Decided to order pizza to be delivered and of course I got a moron when I called. Later mom called again and told me Darling got out (she's still not back yet either). So, I decided today I was hibernating in my room cause yeah...not happy. -sigh-
Edit: Cause I was too busy bitching, I meant to put this but we had are roof redo this week and got a new fridge Satruday (part of the reason for Mom's good mood).
Edit2: Darling's come home~! Yay~! Had to give her a bath (which for her is un-yay).

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Lalala...so as much as I'd love to have a paid account for LJ I decided to save my money. I'm going to save up for the D. Gray-Man Season 1 Part 2 box set. Since I did promise myself that once it came out in english I'd buy it after downloading the entire series. Spoliers ) Though it is soooo tempting to buy this RikuSora doujinshi. Sadly that's the cheeper of the two I want. I seriously want this one...but that's expensive...^^'. -cries-
My b-day is coming up and I STILL don't know what I want or what I should do for it...it's my 21 (not that I care about the legal to drink part). I want to get together with some of my friends like Katsu and Michic (though I'd have to get Michic away from Emo-Boy). But at the same time I think I should spend part of it with my mom. Plus I still need to make plans. Getting Katsu to MAKE plans (I love you but you suck at that), convincing Michic not to let Emo-Boy come (and dealing with Emo-boy himself), talking to my mom about what she thinks I should do (need to ask Katsu and Michic about this too), and deciding WHAT I'm going to do (cause I honestly have no clue).
Also, playing with the idea of getting a Xbox 360 but at the same time I still want a PSP so...and also think 'Do i really need another game console?'.  So...yeah...^^'.
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If Katsu-chan didn't mention it I would have so forgotten about Jasdevi! But I've been so distracted by Yullen week! I'm am so ecstatically happy about it. -bounces insanely- I'm going it to fan-over drive (Not that I'm complaining. My eyes are going to die a very happy deathXP).
Also, I started playing this game called 'Dawn of Mana' (after the original 'No! Mana! Allen! Crap!') I can't help but squeal over the cuteness of it!  Plus the nature element to it made me so fall for the game^^! -is now pondering on if she should try and find it online to buy it or not~-
Ah! My friend Michic is up from Texas with her boyfriend. Now she grew here but he didn't . I'm highly amused at the moment. They called me earlier and so I got to hear him complain about the cold^^'.  I also got to hear him him beg me to tell him what I got Michic so he could torment her with it but I was "No dude. Stop asking.'  after like the 40th time he ask-_-. Which reminds me. I got my friends Christmas gifts but I'm a little worried about them (one of the ones I'm worried about is yours Katsu-chan^^'). I hope they like them cause I like making my friends happy and I try to keep them in mind when buying them things^^.
...And now I'm sounding like a sappy dork...which I am but that's not the point right now. >>
I just hope that everything goes well.
Side note: This SO would have been up on the 21st if my computer didn't freeze so damn much while I was typing it. -growls then pouts a little- Oh well. I'm going to play with Jasdevi's hair now. Hopefully I'll liveXD!


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