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Currently, I'm very upset but I'm not going to go into. I'm just going to go over my week.
I had a eye appointment earlier this week. I went somewhere new for various reasons. Apparently I have Astigmatism but my my nearsightedness is worse and over powers it. -blink- Great. They also dilated my eyes. which gave me a headache after they did all their testing and shining light in my eyes. My right eye has gotten a lot worse. I'm trying out two different powers for my right eye, at the moment it's the lower power I'm trying (cause the high one gives me a pretty bad headache).
Hung out with K and Ditz. K took us out to eat. I've gone out to eat with Ditz a few times and my god she picky when she eats out@_@. We still had fun though.
I'm gonna go now cause I'm shaking and I'm going to distract myself.
On a side note: I got the new Poets of the Fall album Temple of Thought~. I love it^^!
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Last week went pretty good. Cooked out with K and Ditz on Friday and went to a very lame festival with Michic the next day.
But that's not the reason for this journal. My Mom's car got stolen. Which sucks but also confuses us. It's a 1988 Buick, with a pretty bad tire, dent in the passenger door (which make opening it kinda of hard st times), locks that don't work, windows that don't work, bad rotter, messed up stereo, and the list of problems goes on. Whoever stole it must have been desperate cause they didn't touch anything else, not even my car or the stuff in the backyard (though we aren't complaining, again, just confused). Mom was upset today and she'll morn the loss of her car for a few days. She wanted to get a new car but next year after saving up for it. Luckily I'm out of classes at the moment so she can still use my car for work.
Not as panicked or worried at the moment as I think I should be^^;.
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ARGH. I had plans with my Mom today. Same plans we had last weekend that got cancel because of her drinking. It happened again this weekend. At least last weekend she got somethings done and only got buzzed. She just got drunk this time and was pretty buzzed by the time I woke up. I'm pretty upset this time. This is the second time these plans have been canceled-_-#. -sighs- I though i was the child here...
In other news, Michic says she'll be coming back up here in December and so far she says she's going to be saying up here. She can't take his family anymore and emo-boy has yet to get a job (shocking-_-). I'm looking forward to seeing Rion and her~.
In Philosophy Thursday I swear half the class wanted to start crying and the other half wanted to get up and starting beating this one guy in class. We talking evil and "Is God evil?" and the such. Well, one girl told the class about having this rare (for her age, 22) cancer since it was relating to the current conversation. She said when she was told she had cancer, that's when she stopped believing in God. other guy in the, who also had cancer, agreed with her. This other guy, a very religious guy, was arguing with the girl, saying it's a test and all. The thing the pissed people in the class was when he compared getting beaten up to having a life altering, deadly sickness. After class, quite a few people from class gather outside to talk. One girl was saying how she wanted to start crying after all the things she heard in class that day, while another was going on about she wanted to kick the religious guy's ass. It was interesting.
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Ignore me, I'm whining )

Also, yay! I've been stamped as Allen Walker at [livejournal.com profile] rateme_exorcist . Not surprised but still, yay~!

Edit 2: ;_; I want this so bad. Trying to save up money for it before it expires or gets bought. Why is KH doujinshi so expensive?
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This week is finals and guess what? I'm sick. Again. it's bad enough this happened at midterms but now during finals? WHY? -glares at weather- I blame you for this! Your up-and-down temperatures and weather patterns did this to me! The upside is I'm not bed-ridden sick atm, just sore-throat-stuffy-head-running-nose-coughing-till-I-throw-up sick. This is doing nothing to help me with my projects. The second haft of this semester has sucked. Was going to post Yullen FST tomorrow but I'm doubting that now. Most likely wont be till this weekend now. I'd put more but I'm tired...
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Ugh, if something's not going wrong today then I'm making some stupid mistake and just doing something stupid. I seriously could not win today. Mom wanted pizza but apparently there is like 1 pizza place open before 3 on the weekend and it was on ther other side of town. The car is messing up (again). My brain took a vacation cause I keep asking/making obvious and/or stupid questions/statements. Life's irritating me in the comfort of my own home. -flails- Stop it please! I hope tomorrow is better. -sighs-

Edit 1/24:
Not nice ranting )
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Ugh...I hate retarded drunks><! Okay so, Terry came over last night drunk off his ass and my mom and I just keep telling him to leave. "Leave! You DON'T LIVE HERE! Go!" (<me) I got fed up with it in 5minutes and told him to leave or I'm calling the cops on him(again). I don't why he does it but he just encourages me to. "Go ahead! I dare you!" So I did. They took him to some other dude house and told him if he came back he was going to jail. So that was over and I went to bed at some point. This morning I woke up and left for school and realized the car wasn't driving right. I get out and THAT JACKASS SLICED OUR BACK DRIVER'S SIDE TIRE! I missed my damn classes because of it! UGH! Lucky I wasn't to far from the house (about ten blocks or so). I had projects I needed to get done in class today too!

I would've posted this earlier but one of my eyes was messed up so I couldn't wear my contacts (it's doing a little better but it still hurts a little when i blink^^'). Today was kind of fail sadly...-sigh-

I'm not sure if should jump into DGMDr tonight or not...today has not been going well...and my eye is still bugging me a bit but I was planning on posting to day! UGH....-pouts-

EDIT: I almost forgot! I talking my mom to get surgery done on her mouth tomorrow. I have to drive cause she's going to be pumped full of drugs when she's done^^'. She told me earlier she's getting really nervous^^.


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