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Ah, so I haven't update in awhile. Been busy with a lot of things. Running around, friends, home life, stress. This weekdn kinda of sucked (but Sunday wasn't so bad). Friday night and All of Saturday was insane stressful. Luckily Ditz was with me the whole time so I didn't flip out or anything. She was a lot of help.
Mom has been driving me nuts along with certain other people. -sigh- I'm giving into a semi-bad habit of mine to pick myself up. Buying doujinshi. Lol. I'm buying four Reborn ones (Three 6927 and one 1827) and one Code Geass one (LuluSuza). The prices of them are really good and one of the 6927 ones is one I've been wanting and the person I'm buying them is selling it for cheaper them where I original saw it for sale~. So yay~.
I final got Corpse Party downloaded to my PSP (you don't want to what a pain that was, since my PSP doesn't like me internet security). I've been playing that on and off and I'm really liking it~. I like getting both the right and wrong endings (shockingXD). I've also been loving my PS3 (the gaming is wonderful but OMG I love the streaming oh so muchXD). Currently borrowing Dragon Age Origins and Ratchet and Clank Future J-dear.
Partly because my PS3 makes it easier to keep up with my anime on CR, I'm currently watching Uta no Prince-sama 2000%, Devil Survivor 2, Arata the Legend, Majestic Prince, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, and Valvrave the Liberator.  Unsure on weather or not to start Attack on Titan. I'm also watching The Devil is a Part-timer and Karneval on Hulu. Considering I'm watching 8 animes already I'm not sure I should add another^^;. I awlays end of up dropping anime anime or two when I get thismany on my list since I get busy but the PS3 makes it easier to watch and keep with them I noticed (considering my computer can be a bit of a pain when streaming).So far I like all of the ones I'm watching the only one I'm a little 'Eh' on is Majestic Prince but considering I'm watching three different mech animes this season I'm thinking if any get dropped it might be this one.
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Ugh...this weekend SUCKED.
I spent most of Friday comforting Ditz cause her supervise at work is kinda of bitch. I don't feel like going into why right now.
Saturday, I woke up sick so I was bed ridden all day. This up and down weather is killing me-_-.
I woke up feeling just slightly better Sunday but then allergies kicked in;_:.
I didn't eat most of the weekend and I feel better today but I'm really tired and my throat feels scratchy and dry.
Also, I seriously feel like a damn taxi service cause I've been driving people everywhere and I'm starting to get tired of it. Sometimes I wish could be a mean and horrible person because being nice SUCKS sometimes. They are these two people that I give rides too but even though they say thank you and tell me how grateful they are I'm starting to feel a little used. I'm getting a little sick of people in general right now. I've been dealing people and their problems and listening to them bitch a lot recently. I think I'm going to try my hardest to hibernate this week (which I doubt this will succeed-_-).
-sigh- I need read the latest chapter of DGM but I'll do that later...too tired to care right now.
Edit 4/10: Never-mind on the feeling better. I've thrown up twice today (and I rarely throw up), coughing violently again, and haven't slept. -headdesk- Not again. My body just feels so messed up right now. On top of that I'm an emotional mess at the same time for varies reason (Mom's not really much of a factor here this time though). I'm hating very hard on people right now-_-'.
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I hate my luck...I've been sick since Thursday night, I just hit me out of nowhere-_-. Luckily I was able to pull myself together enough Friday morning to taken my last midterm. I'm having the hardest time eating, which means I have little energy. It so sucks cause it had to hit me at the start of my spring break;_;. Even now I'm getting tired just sitting at my computer. I was doing so well this winter too...-sob- I'm starting to feel better but it's like my body is having the hardest time recovering. I usually take about a day to recover and by now I usually feel mostly better but it's just not going like that this time.
Ugh...must get off now...-staggers back to bed-k
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Ugh, if something's not going wrong today then I'm making some stupid mistake and just doing something stupid. I seriously could not win today. Mom wanted pizza but apparently there is like 1 pizza place open before 3 on the weekend and it was on ther other side of town. The car is messing up (again). My brain took a vacation cause I keep asking/making obvious and/or stupid questions/statements. Life's irritating me in the comfort of my own home. -flails- Stop it please! I hope tomorrow is better. -sighs-

Edit 1/24:
Not nice ranting )
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So, this weekend sucked-_-. Friday every little thing that could wrong did. I can't remember everything cause it was like a lot of little things going wrong. Oddly enough I was in a good mood the entire day~. Saturday I did nothing but drive or organize things. My mom was drinking but she was in a great mood (still a slight pain in my ass even in a good mood) then I went over to Michic's and Emo-boy wouldn't get off the computer and by this time I was getting a little bit pissy. I ended up walking outside (mainly to keep from snapping at both of them). She came out and apologized (and made excuses for her and emo-boy "You know how he is". To which i thought 'So? Nag him off woman!'XP). Mom called me later asking for more money (cause she didn't get enough earlier-_-#) and when I was like..."But you've spent enough today...she got pissy and ended up hanging up on me which in-turn pissed me. So I storm out of Michic's house ended up crying, Michic calmed and distracted me. Decided to order pizza to be delivered and of course I got a moron when I called. Later mom called again and told me Darling got out (she's still not back yet either). So, I decided today I was hibernating in my room cause yeah...not happy. -sigh-
Edit: Cause I was too busy bitching, I meant to put this but we had are roof redo this week and got a new fridge Satruday (part of the reason for Mom's good mood).
Edit2: Darling's come home~! Yay~! Had to give her a bath (which for her is un-yay).


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