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It's been an insane few weeks. I've spent 18-19 hours total in the ER is two different hospital. Not for me but for my friend K and my Mom. For K it was about 14-15 hours for two different trips because of her back. Mom is was about 3-4 hours for a boil on her leg. This is not including the various hospital trips to see doctors the and happen and will happen. K can't driving because of her back and her family sucks . Hence why I'm driving her. mom still can't drive period. They are both still in recovery state but it's nothing too bad. I haven't had a lot of time to myself these past few weeks. But I'm glad they are okay (for the most part). I've never been to the ER so many times in one year. Three times for me, once for Mom, two for K, once for one of Lover Boy's relatives. The first time at the ER for K, they forgot about here (hence why we ended being their for 9 hours). -sighs- It's been an adventure. Mom was a fight to get her to stay (cause she just loves hospital). She snapped at me a few times, and even tried kicking me out of the room-_-', but since it's her I wasn't surprised (a little annoyed, I'll admit, but it's worth it for her health).
Sadly, I haven't gotten a chance to start on any the summer animes I wanna watch yet. I watch to see Gangsta, Junjo Romantica S3, Aoharu x Machinegun, Makuranodanshi (which I wanna watch mainly for giggles~), Rampo Kitan: Game of Laploace, and maybe poking at Prison School, Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-, and Gate. I still need to finish up some of my Spring season.
Only fall anime I've finished so far is Seraph of the End, whose season 2 comes out this fall. I liked it and I kinda know the way it migh go but I wish it would go the way I know it won't cause that would be more unexpected and interesting (a least to me). But that involves the main character betraying his side and I don't see that happening. I still really like it and plan to watch S2 (along with S2 of Haikyu!, Noragami, and K that also comes out this fall),
As for this Summer anime I wanna make one note. I wanna watch Makuranodanshi because of the summary:
If you are lonely sleeping alone at night, then this show is for you! A first-person anime, each episode features a different boyfriend who sleeps beside the viewer each week. With 12 different personalities and ranging from a stall vendor to a librarian boy, there is surely a boyfriend for every viewer!
Like I said, it's for giggles okay and maybe the pretty boys a little bit.
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So, I had my hair highlighted as a gift from and friend of mine, Ditz. After asking my people I decided to get platinum blonde streaks. I really like how it turned out and everyone who's seen it so far says it looks really good on me. I does make me feel and little more girl cause I keep playing with my hair, lol~.
Michic, who I've been talking to randomly online and playing Jade with, was going to be coming back. This was because it looked like her Dad was going to be dying but it seems he's improved and now she's not going to be coming. This annoyings not because I want to see (I really don't care anymore sadly) but because she should come up here anyways and spend the time her Dad does have up here with him. I know him fairly well and he's in bad shape. They never know when he's going to go downhill and with this recent scare you'd think she want to see him. But I'm not surprised she's not coming. Oh well, there nothing I can really do.
The weather has been getting nicer, finally. I am so insanely sick of the cold, as are my animals. Ginger needs to get outside more and Rins is driving me nuts with his whining to go out onto the porch~. Plus, Mom can work outside in the yard now which gives her something to do.
I've started a few new anime this Spring season, the only anime continuing is Yowapeda.  As of this moment, I've started Captain Earth; a mecha anime, Haikyu! ; a volleyball anime, and Kamigami no Asobi; a reverse harem anime. That's the only ones at the moment but there may be more added, I'm not sure. Not sure what to think of them yet cause I've only seen one episode. CE will take a few episode for me get a good feel of it. I did compare the main character's mecha to the Megazords from Power Rangers, if says anythingXD. Haikyu! is...sporty? What can I says, it's a sports anime. -giggles- I think I'm going to enjoy KnA for the wrong reasonsXD. A human girl is suppose to teach certain Gods more about Humans cause Zeus kidnapped and  told her too.At the moment, she's not very agreeing. This anime has Greek, Norse, and Japanese Gods so far.
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So, I really failing at updating this as of late I've notice. My bad^^'.
The weather has been getting nicer, so yay for that~. I'm so tired of the cold., I know we aren't completely done (cause they are looking at snow later this week) but at least the bitter cold seems to be over with (I hope).
I lost my job last week. Not my fault, my job just kinda of went bye bye. With all the driving I'm going to be doing and my inconsistent schedule, I really can't look for another one atm. Too busy taking care of other things^^;.
I'm gettign used to my new computer (mainly getting used to Win 8). I do like it and it's nice that I can stream on my computer again. It plays video's really well.
Went to charity event for K this weekend. Her group was hosting it for veterans. I was better then I thought it would be, I will say that. I'm also helping Ditz look for a new car, cause she's been without one for a little cause of accident she got into in December. She's getting a few different people to help her out,
I'm still not happy about Neon Alley going over to Hulu cause I'm not a fan of Hulu. Sadly, it look like I have not choice with Hulu, a lot of a anime I watch is on Hulu (and I can't find anywhere else that's legal). Oh well, nothing I can really do about it.
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-raises white flag- I give up. I surrender Ms. Mother Nature~!  I really like snow but driving in it sucks. The last few days haven't been too bad but Monday we had a big storm  here. Plus side, I didn't have to drive in this one.
I'm trying to get use to Win 8 but it's not making it easy. I really like my new laptop but I get so annoyed with Win 8.
I went out of town with K last Friday. She had an important test she had to take but the test site for it was in another town (about 3 hours from here). She didn't want to go alone, so I went with her. She wanted someone to help keep her nerves down. The test was Saturday morning but she wanted us to get there the day before since the est took place so early. The est itself was 5 hours and 40 minutes long. I just waited in this nice little waiting area that had a really nice and big bird cage. I ended up reading all volume two of Kieli and a volume of manga. With time to spare to play on her iPad. I'm loving the Kieli more and more. I found out more about Kieli's parents.
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Cause of few things that have come up on top of Mom's surgery, in this last week, I've been doing all the driving (and will continue to do so for awhile it looks like). I don't mind helping out but this last week has been stressful enough^^;. Mom is doing a lot better. She is getting pretty stir crazy though~. She can't go back to work till April 3, at the earliest though.
I've been helping Ditz out with somethings and we did get a chance to talk about things. I've straightened out a lot of issues I was having with her (not big things, just little things piling up). It's easier to talk to about things like this then K at times.
Luckily I'm able to keep the job I've been doing for the last year or so cause the promising one didn't pan out. it was a giant mess and I couldn't tell if i had to the job or not (I kept getting mixed answer and signals) and with everything that's happened recently i haven't had the time to deal with them.
Yay, I did get to buy my PS3, sadly I don't have it yet though. the best deal i found was only available online, which makes me sad cause I'm tired of waiting (I've been really whinny about to anyone who will listen to meXD. I do have a few games for it already though. Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Yay~!), and Naruto Shippuden Storm 2 (I may not follow the series but i have odd love for the games~). Two games I really want are out of my price range, Ni No Kuni and Naruto Ship Storm 3. -makes grabby hands- I did put in a preorder for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix~. -dances-
Rin has been driving Hatsu nuts (and in turn me). He just loves messing with her and she doesn't agree with this-_-'. I don't mind during the day but when I'm trying to sleep and I'm here them (i.e. Hatsu) going on before the crack of dawn I wanna scream. On top of my sleeping being mess-up and very little at times I tend to throws things (and by 'things' I mean my stuffed animalsXD).
Sadly, cause of how busy I am, I'm so behind on CR;_;. I will spend a catch-up day once I get my PS3 though. I'm looking forward to the Spring season though cause two anime I adore are continuing; Kuroko's Basketball and Knight in the Area~.  Also, Karneval will be starting soon (I so hope CR gets it~). I have my eye on a few others as well (says the person behind on what's she's currently watchingXD) but I wanna see who (CR, Funi, etc) gets what .
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So Mom had her surgery on Thursday. It went well but she did have to stay over night at the hospital. Her gallbladder was pretty inflamed and she had so oozing and bleeding the wanted to let drain. She may drive me nuts at times but I didn't like leaving her in the hospital. One, I know she really doesn't like them and two, she's my only family. I spent most of Thursday in the hospital. When I did I was pretty emotional and upset. Luckily K and Ditz had me meet up with them and they cheered me up~. Not working is driving Mom a little nuts and she's pretty bored. With Mom's surgery added to everything else I have to do, I've been insanely busy. Mom's very limited on what she can right now so I've been doing most of the running around.
After at least, what, four or more years of living here, the bathroom downstairs is going to be finished~. I'm looking forward to it too^^. It's supposed to look pretty nice (now if only I could fixed up my room~).
Mom's going to let me me keep my taxes, so yay~! I'm going to be able to get a PS3 when they come in~! -dances- I'm so happy^^. I've been dying for one for a long time. Once I get it, I will be dead to the world for a few days, I know thisXD.
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Okay, so it looks pretty good on a job I applied to about two weeks ago. I've done the training for it and apparently they've called my references (cause a few told me they did~). The job is taking care of seniors, aka the elderly. Hopefully it goes. It as looks like I might not lose my other job too~. So things are looking positive atm~. I'll go into more detail later when i know more with both things~.
I've also been talking to Ditz and trying to get things smoother with her. Things have been rough with her and I'm not sure if she realizes it or not. She can be a little obvious like that^^;.
I was so happy Friday~! I got to see a play my local collage was putting on~! -dances- It was done pretty well and overall I'm just happy I got to see it~! The flip side is I had the sound track, that I know by heart, stuck in my head the rest of the weekendXD. I went with K and we met Ditz there^^. K wants to try and go to more of the plays cause some up and coming ones interest us both~.
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Lala, I need to try posting moreXD. So things have been a little busy for me lately. I've been on a serious job hunting (because my current job is being taken from me soon;_;). I did have an interview this week and they seemed to really like me. The job similar to my current job. They wanted to me to do a 24 shift 3 days in row kinda of thing but I can't do that, for many reason (Mom being a big one). But they still have hourly, so hopefully I'll get it~. They said it's not very stable though so I'm still looking for another job. I've been job hunting with K (cause she needs one a well). She went and interviewed at the same place I did earlier this week but she didn't get it. Which made me feel bad cause her Mom was the one to introduce me to the job (she works there herself).
Michic is, once again not surprisingly, an idiot. She's gone back down to live with emo-boy's parents again. -sigh- I just don't care anymore. She did say goodbye to me this time before she left (smart move cause I still haven't fully forgiven her for last time). But honestly, she knows she has it better up here and yet she still goes back down there. I've given up when it comes to her but I still feel for Rion. Poor thing has to choice in this and that just sucks for him.
With job hunting, Mom, my current job, and various other things coming up I've been busy.
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Lalala, I've been kinda of failing at posting here the last few weeks, ne? Oh wellXD. Holidays plus being a little lazy about it is what I'm blaming~.
I got together with some old friends of mine last Friday~. One I've mentioned before, Hello Kitty, and another with the nickname of Beki. It was nice hanging out with again^^. We went and did karaoke (and by we and I mean themXD). I did do one song with Beki (to get them off my back~). I did kinda feel like I got throw back in time a bit at the same time~.
I'll be going Christmas shopping this weekend for people. I love buying for people just as much as I do getting stuff^^. I like making people happy. I'm also a big sucker for donating this time of year~. I don't donate to everything mainly animals, children (St. Jude's and the like), and reading (cause people need to read mooore dammit).
Not a ton to put on my life aside from Mom pissing me off from time to time. -sigh- But I'm getting better with the holiday thing~. Still not "Yay! Holidays!" but I'm less "Meh. Holidays." now. Helps the inside of the house is now decorated as well.
I'm officially in love with with Say, I love You. It's so lovely and I'm addicted to it^^. I'm looking forward to the anime coming out next year for the manga Karneval that I started a few weeks back~. The art is beautiful and I'm finding it very interesting so far^^!
Side whine: I miss being able to use all kinds of icons on LJ and I want more on here. -pouts- I refuse to pay LJ for pissing me off and fucking up their format that much and I don't use DW enough to justify paying for an account but still. This is just me being whinyXD. Also, YOUTUBE STOP FUCKING CHANGING YOUR GODDAMN FORMAT! You're pissing me off now. -flails- I very much dislike their new change to the home screen. I do not care what the people I superscribe to liked or commented on. I had off for a reason. Stop forcing it on me. Now I have to poke around at the setting and see if I can change it/turn it off. -is huffy-
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Okay, so I haven't update in awhile^^'. Thanksgiving Day went fine. I helped Mom cook^^. The weekend after sucked though. Mom ticked me off again. -sigh- We talked after though and Mom admitted she messed up. So there's a plus. I did end up buying doujinshi though^^;. NO.6 doujinshi this time~. I'm little afraid this habit isn't going to die...
Been hanging out with Ditz, K has been busy though. K did get a new doggy though^^. She already had a cat named Smokey (though one of his nicknames is Satan). The new doggy is named Puddles~. Small little thing.
I'm hoping this Christmas goes better then last year-_-'. Last year sucked so bad. I am having a little bit of a hard time getting into the spirit this year though. I'm not all like "Boo...holidays!" but more just like "Eh....holidays.". Hopefully this will change.
Hatsu has gone back to acting like her old self~! For awhile when Rin came she was constantly hiding away to the point that even I rarely saw her. I did start worry after awhile so seeing her back to normal makes me happy~!
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A few things to post this time. First of all, K is pissed about Obama winning. Ironically, everyone one else I know that I've talked to voted for him^^;. She's going to be fun that next few days (I feel for anyone who brings it up with her). Also, the younger brother of a friend of mine is in one of her classes. I think I feel a little bad for him but I do find it funny thoughXD.
I read the end of Grand Guignol Orchestra and really Kaori? You make me sad. The story itself had a overall happy ending buuuut the extra story she had in this volume, that took up more then haft of the volume, didn't. WHY? She put in the author note regarding the end of GGO that she's wanting to write happier endings, which makes me happy but doesn't the sad ending to other story counter it? I still really like it though~. I love her series no matter what unfortunately.
Mom and I watched Cabin in the Woods and I really loved it~. I heard really good things about it before hand and now I see why. The twist at the end was so cool.
^Read that word up there...now skip over this if you wish not to read this~ )
The Reborn! manga has ended, which makes me so sad:_;. I still need to read the last few chapters but dammit. I just go into this fandom about a year ago (maybe less). Don't end on me;_;. I do really like the mangaka's, Akira Amano, art style so hopefully she/he (not sure) start a new series soon~. Luckily the fandom is still going pretty well right now but this just means it's going to slow down. Look like I might have to go on another fandom hunt...-cries-
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So, Mom is doing a little better. She has an appointment next week to get her back checked out~.
I went out with Ditz and J-dear on Tuesday to a comedy night thing. J-dear and I both had very low expectations of this but it was better then I thought it would be. Their were to stand-up acts, and female and male. The female was kinda of meh but had a few funny moments. The guy wasn't too bad (not that I remember his name...Mike somethingXD). I know he's been on MTV, HBO, and Comedy Central. She wants me to go with her again next week cause one of the workers there gave free entrance passes (the show is normally $5). I think Ditz may invite this other guy we know (her more then me) for next week as well (I'll be calling Rocker-boy from now of). If J-dear is coming as well then that should be interesting...(big mess of Ditz's love life).
Wednesday I went to my former collage with K and met up with Ditz, Rocker-boy, and her Mom to see them put the play for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was fun~. Waaaay cleaner then the movie, which is too be expected since this is a school. It was also funny cause Ditz and Rocker-boy have never seen TRHPS beforeXD. But I did find out that they are going to doing Avenue Q in February~! I want to goooo (and will be dragging them with meXD)~!
Rin is still bugging Hatsu. He also has this odd habit of sitting right by the sink while I'm doing dishes. He seems to have no fear or dislike of water it seems*-*. He's gotten so big and we've barely had 3 months. Mom and I are wondering how big he's going to get~.
The new fall anime season has started and Knight in the Area and Kuroko's Basketball has ended. So, I started a few new series. One I checked out but think I might be dropping is Ixion Saga DT. The humor of this series isn't really to my taste. BTOOM and Blast of Tempest are pretty interesting so far but I'm still feeling them out. I'm really into K and Magi so far though~. Not too much to say about them since they are only about 2-3 episode into each of the series so far. Also looking into a series called Psycho-Pass because the same designer that did Katekyo Hitman Reborn does this series~. I haven't watched any of it yet though.
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Been busy (not that it's anything new). Mom got a new car~. The dealer she got it from she's known for years (since before I was born) and she got a great deal^^. She's happy.
I'm looking forward to AI~. Finally got to finalize a few things with K Friday. I haven't seen her in about a month cause she's been either ill or busy.
One of Lover Boy's dogs, Sapphire, got really sick because of the recent heat waves. He also found out she's developed diabetes. Lucky she's doing better now. Mom and I had to watch over her while he was at work last week. To make sure she stays cool, eats, and to just keep an eye on her in general.
This week I've been able to catch up on a little reading and anime~. I'm in love with Baccano! Frist of all, I have a love of old school mafia gangsters, so I've been curious about the series. I only have four more to watch but kya~! I love the characterization and plot. It just draws me in. I do like the way it bonces around (it's not really hard for me to keep track though^^). I works for the anime and makes me even more curious to know what happened/will happen. I got the second season of Code Geass (still have money from graduation~)~! So yay on that~. I kind want Baccano now though...-sweatdrops- Hehe...
I'm going to post my rambling on the new DGM chapter in a separate post.
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Not too much has been going on. Back too being busy~. I did get to see Katsu-chan and we went to see the fireworks. They were really cool, got to love the sparkly onesXD. The fireworks have turned into a bigger deal since the last time I went to see them with vender and foods stands. 
Also, ~Happy Belated Fourth of July to everyone in the USA~
I've been getting distracted by many things when it come to anime but I have started reading new book called Gear of Wonderland~. It's a steampunk fantasy. I find to be a fun read so far (though I'm only 2 chapters in). I'm still a little gaga over my KindleXD. I can't just stop playing with it, even if I'm not really doing anything productive~.
I did see Michic last week, mainly cause her Mom bought ticket for a water park and bought one for me when she did. I went more for her then I did Michic. It was fairly fun. Rion's getting used to me (Just like he's getting to use to Michic's Mom. They shelter that kid and doesn't do well with new people).
It's been insanely hot lately and the heat seems to be getting to people. It also makes my tired and laggy. I can't wait for it to this weather to break. It's suppose to on Saturday, thankful.
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This week wasn't too bad. Took my final this week. I think I did pretty good on it^^! She said it wasn't too much of our grade so I'm not that worried~.
I talked to both K and Ditz this week. I told them that I'm not getting involved in their arguments and fights anymore. I said I'd listen to them but I'm not going to interfere (K understood this point a little more then Ditz).
Guess who's coming back and bring her two year old and emo-boy with her? I'm happy I'll get to see her again but I'm still bitter from not hearing from her at all for three months. I'm also fearing the drama she'll bring with her;_;. My people are draining my poor gas enough as it is...
I wasn't as busy this week as I have been, so I got some time to myself.
I'm graduating this next Friday~. Yay~! -flips off everyone who told her she wouldn't even make it out of High School- Take that! -dances-

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So, I succeeded in hibernating last week^^. Yay~. I'm doing much this week. Ditz and K did come over Friday but we just hung out at my house and drank a little. K bought alcohol cause since I was depressed and stressed, she decided I needed to loosen up a little~.
The 19th (so technically yesterday) was Mommy's Birthday. he worked so this weekend she'll be celebrating her B-day. I'll be spending the morning and afternoon tomorrow with her cause she's taking the day off of work. The evening and Saturday is her's (she's working Sunday).
The Spring line-up has started and I start at one new anime. Three are continuing. The new one is called Kuroko's Basketball (dammit, another sports anime but I like it for some reason).  The three I'm continuing is You and Me (I've been looking forward to this series continuing), Poyopoyo (it's anime about a cat, how could I not continue it), and Knight in the Area (cause I'm a sucker for soccer series but I still like Whistle! better~). There are a few other I'm poking at but not sure about them at the moment. They are Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (supernatural, with maybe a little bit of mystery) and Kids on the Slope (music anime revolving around Jazz). If I don't start watching either in the next week or so I know I won't be following~.
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Currently, I'm very upset but I'm not going to go into. I'm just going to go over my week.
I had a eye appointment earlier this week. I went somewhere new for various reasons. Apparently I have Astigmatism but my my nearsightedness is worse and over powers it. -blink- Great. They also dilated my eyes. which gave me a headache after they did all their testing and shining light in my eyes. My right eye has gotten a lot worse. I'm trying out two different powers for my right eye, at the moment it's the lower power I'm trying (cause the high one gives me a pretty bad headache).
Hung out with K and Ditz. K took us out to eat. I've gone out to eat with Ditz a few times and my god she picky when she eats out@_@. We still had fun though.
I'm gonna go now cause I'm shaking and I'm going to distract myself.
On a side note: I got the new Poets of the Fall album Temple of Thought~. I love it^^!
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OMG, the last few days have fun but so tiring because the very little sleep I got. I pretty survived on sugar and caffeine. Which that itself is just weird for me~.
Thursday I got to hang out with Katsu-chan^^! I love see her, even if it kills my voice from all the talking we doXD. We also ran into [livejournal.com profile] crazedinsaneone while we were out~. It was really nice to see her again^^!
Friday I hung out with K. Shocking enough, I got to hang out at her house (which is rare). Her sister made me these delicious shortbread jelly cookies~. I was suppose to take Lover Boy to the Vet but ended up decided to go Saturday. Mom and I were not happy about that though.
Today Mom and I had go shopping early today cause of Lover Boy. Mom and I were so tired after days of little sleep (she had been having a hard time sleeping). We were in the state that we easily found things funny~.  I got my new iPod touch~. It's an 8GB. I could've got an 32GB one but I wanted money for my PayPal account for other things I wanted to buy and I'm used to having and 8GB so I'm fine with it^^. When we were done I went back to bed~.

Also, ~Happy St. Patrick's day~!

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So I'm feeling better~. Yay~! Last week suuucked. I barely slept most of last week cause of my cough. Eevn when that died down for some reason I still couldn't get myself to sleep. I'm just glad I'm past it now.
Nothing to exciting happening right now. I'm on a little bit of a Code Geass kick cause of CR's recent Deal of the Day made me drool and got I want it but I have no money;_;.
Also, and this I blame on Ditz, I'm on a Vocaloid kick and I didn't have any real interest in Vocaloid before Ditz got into it and kept listening to them and talking about them. -shrugs- Oh well. More music to listen too~.
Oh a side, sometimes I hate my love of Alice in Wonderland and interest in anything related to it. I'm looking into starting a new series called Are you Alice?
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So, today I finally met my Mom's new boyfriend, or as I call him, Lover Boy~. I really like so far~. His personality fits so well with my Mom. He loves wolves, Indians, cars, and video games. He has a PS3 (which I wanna play). I also met his beautiful dogs~! 

Doggy Picture )

Friday I hung out with both K and Ditz but the night ended earlier then normal cause K and Ditz had to get home early. We did go to Fridays and  found a drink I love. It's called Berry Acai Sour and it's amazing~. K was driving me and on the way home we ended up listening to the Digimon soundtrackXD. Which got into the mood to wanna listen to mine now and put me into a bit of a Digimon mood^^.


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