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So I went to the eye doctor over the weekend. I found out that the prescription for my right eye was too strong. So she lowered that and I also adjusted some of the things I've been doing concerning my eyes  such as reducing brightness on electronics, limiting my reading (which is semi-failing), slowing down when doing things, and looking into rearranging my room a little. I haven't been getting lightheaded as much, which is good. I'm looking into setting up a physical examine though.
Why is it that cats look to get cling when is gets hot? I love my little furballs but when I'm heat and sweaty, their fur sticks to me.
It looks like the three shows that are airing this season that I'm going to be finishing are (aka that I kept up with) UtaPri 2000%, Devil Survivor 2, and Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. UtaPri is just fun and I'm a little hooked on the music~. DS2 screams out the gamer in me and i really like the way the plot went, though I still watch the last episodes (I think it's over now). GVP really got me with the recent episodes because of the development in Ledo~. Arata the Legend was already getting to poke holes in it then I found out about the reason that Masato bullies and mada Arata's was really lame. Majestic Prince just lost my interest and Valvrave the Liberator I fell behind on. I might try watch the rest of VtL later though cause i still find it interesting I just fell behind on it.
I've been loving on my PS3 so much and I have game ADD, cause I can't stay focused on one game. Though I haven't been gaming as much I'd like cause of my head.
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Not much different went on this week. Didn't have to do as much running this week so i had a little down time~.
I saw Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam today~! Once again, I loved it. I saw Dralion last year. This year their wasn't as much acrobatics but I liked the music more in Quidam. It added more tension to the acts~. I got the CD (of course) for the show^^. Mom and I are hoping we can make this a annual thing if they keep coming back around here^^.
This coming week I'm going with Ditz and some of her family to the Dells~. I show be interesting. We'll be gone for three days. Tuesday-Thursday. I'll post about it when I get back~.
On the downside I've been getting noticeable headaches recently. -sigh-
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Still keep getting the pressure in my temple but I've talked to a few people about it~. A friend recommended some headache medicine for me~. Another person i was talking said she experienced the same thing and said her doctor told her it was sinus. She recommended the sinus medicine she took, since they worked for her. So, hopefully something will help, I just need to get hold of one of the things~.
I've been poking into various DGM communities, forums, and topics, like I always do, on the current chapter and this chapter's reactions are amusing me~. Mainly cause they vary so greatly~. I can usually get a feel for the general reaction on a chapter but this time they are all over the place~.
I'm so not looking forward to next week cause I have three tests, two of them in Math...argh. Both my unit 3 test and our final. The other is in Bus so yeah, booo. I'm getting a little edgy cause of the the two math tests, which is bad cause I almost never get edgy over tests. I'm pretty easy going over them. -sigh- Hopefully I just do well on them^^'. I must paaaasss!
I'm also wondering how I got a social life, at college at least. Seriously, when i wasn't in class, I was being kidnapped by friends, friends relatives (a brother and a mother, lol), and random people~. It trough me off a little, "How do this many people like me enough to kidnap me?".
Also, yay~! Ordering more doujinshi this weekend cause I saved up enough for the 2 RikuSora and KandaAllen ones I've been wanting~. Yes, my resolve on not buying them is weak, especially when someone keeps encouraging me to buy them. you know who you are!
So, it's October, which means Halloween time~. My mom looooves Halloween so she goes all out on decorating~. She has more Halloween decorations then Christmas decorationsXD. I keep getting told to go old ganster style for Halloween this year (pin-stripe suits and all that~). Thinking I might go with that kind of theme but so far only have the hat~. Plus I have to add my old spin to it cause well, it's me~.
I got to play more of BBS today (with classes and other stuff haven't been able to play as much). OMG, little Kairi is adorable~! I wanted to hug her~.

~DGM 199~

Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:27 pm
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Okay, would love to do normal review for latest chapter but my head is bothering. Seriously, I'm getting pains in the left side of my head at random times and it's making it hard to do various things for long periods of time, computer being one of them. I keep pressing the palm of hand to my temple, which helps a bit. I've also been getting tired a lot lately. I'm not a morning person but I had the hardest time getting out of bed today and when I went to take a nap, I slept for four hours. Even then I had to drag my butt out of bed. I went to sleep cause my head hurt and I woke with it hurting still. These pains make me generally annoyed at everything so not in the best of moods atm.
So this is going to be short.

-insert fail!witty remaker here- )

Would love to put more but I need to get off now. Ugh, fuck.
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Ow...my head hurts. I tends to after Geology. i adore the class but after almost three hours of lecture at the end of a long day of classes, ow. We played with metamorphic rocks at one point today~. I love them, they are pretty and pointless~. I had fun dorking out over the different rocks with the girl next to meXD.
Had math test today and I panicked near the end cause i was running out of time;_;. Fractions are bad enough, stop adding things to them that make it worse.
Terry is back living with us-_-. Damn. Mom knows not happy about it. I get that she gets kinda of lonely and wants someone to spend time with Other then me. But still, why hiiiim.
Have more anime to watch~. Just started Nabari no Ou and I find amusing~. Girl from my math lent me the first season of Hell Girl to watch. It looks and sounds interesting (yay for horror-ish stuff~). Going to watch Gunslinger Girl after Nabari, then check out Tsubasa (just cause, no real reason). Need to catch more of Hetalia, which I find entertaining~. I'll admit it, I find the English dub amusing cause of the accents~!
I've been more tired then usual lately, but might be because I've been getting more headaches then normal lately. I get tired when I get ones that actually bother me (since most of the time I can ignore them). -sigh- Oh well.
They are still working on the road in front of my house, and they knocked into the cable line, again. Luckily this time our service didn't go out. It gets a little annoying when I'm woken up at random times in the morning cause of them. Also, they keep randomly blocking us in (please tell us when your going to do that, especially in the morning when I need to leave for school-_-). Haft of our lawn has been destroy too. They said they are going to lay down grass and stuff later but it's a disaster atm~.
Ah! I need to pick out a philosopher to write about for Philosophy class~. I was curious of any has any suggestions on one~. I mean I know quite a few of them and have been reading about them and works by them but no one is popping out at me. So, suggestions~?
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The jackass is GONE~! And there is a high chance he will not be back this time~. Yay~! -dances- I'm so happy~!
Sadly now we really have to figured out what to do with Ginger if Terry doesn't come back to get her (which I'm sure he won't). She's gotten EXTERMELY whiny and keeps waking us up at night. -sigh-
In other news, I decided to go with the title 'Dark Exactions'(anagrams ftw) for my movie poster from the ideas I had in my last post . I kind of like the way the poster turned out (though I haven't seen it printed yet).
I also entered an icon in last week's [livejournal.com profile] dgray_icontest contest. Sadly I didn't place (wasn't expecting too thoughXP) but I had fun making the icon. I might enter this week's too since it's pairing/song theme~.
~Icon~ )

Agh, I swear it has to be the computers they have there cause evey time I go home from working on those computers for gor hours, I have a horrible headache (like now-_-). I talked to this other girl in my class and she siad she had the same problem. It doesn't happen when she uses her own for hours but on those computers it's like 'Owwwww'.

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Since I haven't posted for bit...here I am. I currently resent the project we are doing in my desktop class. Agh, it keeps giving me headaches but luckily I should be done with it soon. I have to make a replica of product box. I had to use some low res pictures for a bit of it. Making blurry pictures look less crappy hurts my eyes...-_-'.
Hatsu's meds seem to be helping, which I'm happy about. Plus if I just make the half of pill into smaller pieces she doesn't even notice it~. She's been clinging  to me constantly lately (which is cute and sweet but a pain when I'm on my laptop trying to do something and she's in my way wanting be petted). But I'm glad she's not just sleeping and laying around all the time like before. She has energy again~!
I'm happy cause it's October which means I should be getting my PSP soon~! Yay~!
Oh, also, apparently Microsoft Word 2000 hates my computer...which means I might have to end up buying MS 2007. That makes me sad cause I don't like the layout of MS 2007;_;. But, if I can't find a solution for this MS 2000 (cause I know the program is fine it's my computer that hates it I believe) I'll be giving it to you Katsu-chan (that is if you want it^^). I found MS Works on my computer but that doesn't let me paste into it for some reason-_-'. Also, Open office does not want to install right. seriously why do word programs hate me?
Next post is most likely going to be me ranting about how much I love my psp and whatever games I'm playing on it at the time~. LolXP.
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-le siiiiiiiiiigh- I had to download iTunes onto my laptop. I didn't want to cause I want to limit what I put on my laptop but my old computer decided it doesn't feel like working anymore...-_-'. -stares at desktop- I still love you...so why do you hate hate meeeeeee? -sob- Also, my iTunes now tells me it downloaded itself wrong><. The hell! I don't wanna redownload you! I have my music set up already! Aghkli.

This weekend I'm trying and failing btw to either kidnap my muses and drag them back or insprire new ones to come to me cause I need them for last two-ish weeks of classes this semester. I need creativity damnit><!

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Okay so a lot has happen to me. My kitty, Hatsu, got sick but now she's better (though now Darling is getting distant...). My computer got a ton viruses but I got it fixed (though it took awhile...). My b-day is on Monday though I keep getting a bad feeling about it (like somethings going to go horribly wrong). I had a dream that my BF, Katsu-chan, backed out on me just because (though I know you wouldn't do that...I did wake up a little depressed...). Plus I got to deal with my Mom and her friend pretty damn drunk (mom-dearest started Friday night) and I got to deal with them...all...damn...day...-growls- I'm starting to fear my birthday.

Also thanks to my friend Michic I started playing Star Ocean 3 again^^'.


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