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So, last week I got a little stress cause a few thing shit me at once on top of everything else that's been going this month. I'm not going to get into a lot of it, just glad it's kinda over (dealing with aftermath and all that junk still). I'm just going to be glad for this month to end-_-'. I did have to drop all my classes for fall though, which sucks but I should be able to finish my degree in the fall. I hope. Time to start job hunting.
Went out with K and met her sister~. In-spite of some of the things K's told me, her sister is really nice~. It was fun talking to her. She's a big RPer and likes creating her own characters~! Jackass was over most of the weekend which makes me nervous but there's nothing I do but hope and continue to push into my Mom's head that she really doesn't want him back. But since he's been coming around more Gingers getting use to him again and gets pouty or whiny when he leaves, which can be a little annoying (since she's a Beagle and all).
I've been sneezing like crazy lately! I didn't have allergies before. Closest was an eye allergy which I didn't know what that cause was.
Been watching anime and catching up with my reading (finally). Though at one point I got distracted by Netflix and the fact they have Power Rangers for instant watch. I couldn't the call of reliving my child by watching some of the old seasons (only good seasons are 1-6!). I swear my inner child has too much strength and influence sometimesXD. Gosick is ending this week and OMG I wanna see what happens after last week but I don't want it to end!
I fear this Friday, it's going to be hot and my friends are dragging me outdoors. I don't like extreme weather be it hot or cold;_;. -is being whiny-
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Psychology was canceled yesterday, which means we're going to be just that little bit more behind^^'.  Oh well, though wish I would've known before hand cause would have skipped since Math is easy this semester and it was a work day in my Art class (and I have the programs we're using at home and I'd just rather work at home). Doesn't help I little to no motivation for my classes this semester except for Psy-_-.
Terry's apparently coming over tomorrow to put in the new ceiling fan Mom got last weekend. Wondering how things are going to go. Mom reassures me she's not going to let him come back but we'll see cause she's said that before.
Getting a new stove tomorrow~! Mom's looking forward to cooking in itXD. I want Sunday to come cause I'm looking forward to my 3DS I have Scribblenauts for it too, Katsu~. Oddly enough, the 3D part is the part that I'm least interested in~. Also, like the 7 year old I am, I'm looking forward to Tangled being released on DVD cause I wanna buy it^^.
After getting hit with random inspiration, I bought and started reading Howl's Moving Castle. A book I totally meant to read in high schoolXD.
Watching Beck and while I love watching things subbed I can't resist watching this one dubbed cause I love hearing Greg Ayres sing~. Started xxxHolic as well~. Not to shockingly, I adored Yuko (liked like in Tsubasa as well, so~).
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Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day~. So, Happy belated Valentines DayXD!

I went out to dinner with my mom Sunday, since we do like doing something like that together around V-day. I got a giant stuffed frog, since it's tradition for her to give me a stuffed animal on V-day (also on Easter~). He's so soft and cuddly. I like using him to lend on while watching TV/movie/anime whatever~. I also got a small little teddy bear from weird girl~. She seemed surprised when proclaimed my love of stuffies and that I sleep with one~. I feel no shame in admitting that to people. They are cute, cuddly and I will never out grow them! I also got some dove chocolate truffles in the shape of little hearts. I like V-day cause one hopeless romantic and two, the cynical people and their anti-V-Day rants. Thier ranting amuses and fascinates me~. The cynical side of me loves itXD.
So...bored...in...math. I know what the about triangles and parallelograms are. I learned that A LONG TIME AGO. I spent all of math on my iPod touch. My last teacher wasn't lying when she said this class was going to easier. Oh, well, and easy math is a good thing though~.
My Right Stuf order came in earlier this week~. The Tsubasa art book was so pretty~. I love Clamp's art style. I didn't except to fall in love with Tsubasa like this to be honest. I just started it out of curiosity~. Both of my doujinshi have come in and the Tsubasa one is adorable~. It has little Fai twinsXD. The Haseo/Azure Kite(?) art is better then I though it was going to be~. I have little idea of the plot but it's pretty~. I might figure more of it out after looking at it a million times (that's what usually what happens with doujinshis like thatXD).
The weather has been so nice out~. Which make me happy but scared cause just know we are going to get one more blast of freezing cold before the nice weather stays;_;.
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Last week fo classes next week then finals, so I'm going to be busy. I'm so ready for Math and Business to be over with-_-. Going to miss going to my Philosophy class though~. Kind of 'meh' on Geology, like the class but the length and the time it's at (at the end of a long day) kills me.
Philosophy class yesterday was interesting, the only part I mental went "Noooo." at was the part of death. I'm fine with talking about death in general (horror lover here~) but talking and thinking about my own personal death makes sad, uneasy, and childishly go "Lalala, can't here you~!". It's stupid and I know it but I don't like idea of growing old and facing my own mortality. I know many people have a problem with and it's not unusually but I didn't think I'd have such a childish reaction to it. I mean we talked about the same thing in the earlier on in the course but I'd get okay with the more I/we talker about it. Nope, that didn't happen.  -sigh- I guess this will just a lot of time to for me to get comfortable with.
Went and got serve's games with a gift card last weekend~. Game stop was having buy 2 used get one free so I did~. I got Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Hero 3 (PSP), Final Fantasy Tactics(PSP), and Digimon World 4 (PS2). As much as I don't follow Naruto (both manga and anime) I'm surprisingly addicted to the games^^'. FFT was kinda of a whim and I have yet to get Digimon game~.
I had money on my PayPal so guess what i bough...again. Doujinshi (shocker). BUT I didn't DGM or KH~! I got two, one Megaman, a very cutesy Enzan x Netto, and one .hack//G.U., an all character.
I've been whining at people recently abut wanting suggestion on new bands to listen to but haven't really gotten anything that really catches me. I've been getting more Sick Puppies and Poets of the Fall music~. I ended up going back to a band I haven't listened to for awhile, L'Arc-en-Ciel. I had them on my iTunes on my Desktop (which is dead atm). With the exception of DGM OST's, Ra, and Disturbed, I just started over with the iTunes on this computer. I forgot how much I liked them~.
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Snagged this from [livejournal.com profile] silvrguillotine /[livejournal.com profile] crazedinsaneone ~.

The little kid in me is bouncing~ )
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Okay, so first of all


Yay~. I love this day~. I'll never grow out itXP. Mom had the fog machine going and omg, she was acting worse then a kid at ChristmasXD. We bought too much candyXD (Mom's fault). I'm not complaining though~. Had some cute little ones come to the house. I dressed up a undead-ish Mafia Gangster (love the hat~). People loved the house, which I'm going to have to print out pictures for my Mom's work after posting this~. Many little kids said I sounded like a which when I laugh (which amused me and made me laugh moreXD). A few people (both kids and parents) where afraid to come up to the house cause of the masked, stuffed guy we have by the porch. Mainly cause they thought it might be a real person~. Over all I had a fun day.
My weekend over all was pretty good (I didn't let mom's drinking bother me, which helped~). Loving Tsubasa~. I added a few new animes to my instant queue on Netflixs: XXXholic, Mushi-Shi, Claymore, and Burst Angel (most out of curiosity~).
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-waves- Hello~! I'm loving my philosophy class~! The teacher is insanely awesome~. He'll talk about anything and will ask you anything. So conversations get odd but amusing~. I'm  very much enjoying it~! Can't say the same about my business class. It's mainly cause the teacher can't keep control over the conversation so it jumps all over the place. Haft the time I'm not sure what we are talking about. It's not that I'm dumb when it comes to this but I'm confused on what subject we are talking about cause of the jumping-_-. She needs to learn how to reel in the students and keep things on subject. It's mainly just a few students, but it's annoying me cause it's causing to wanna space out.
I'm oddly enough, enjoying my math class. The teacher is great and she keeps me interested, which is amazing, cause I hate math~. Going to some see some sites for Geology tomorrow~. Should be fun~.

~I'm obssesive, I know~ )

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Disney is evil. They do it to drive people innsane! )


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