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So, I really failing at updating this as of late I've notice. My bad^^'.
The weather has been getting nicer, so yay for that~. I'm so tired of the cold., I know we aren't completely done (cause they are looking at snow later this week) but at least the bitter cold seems to be over with (I hope).
I lost my job last week. Not my fault, my job just kinda of went bye bye. With all the driving I'm going to be doing and my inconsistent schedule, I really can't look for another one atm. Too busy taking care of other things^^;.
I'm gettign used to my new computer (mainly getting used to Win 8). I do like it and it's nice that I can stream on my computer again. It plays video's really well.
Went to charity event for K this weekend. Her group was hosting it for veterans. I was better then I thought it would be, I will say that. I'm also helping Ditz look for a new car, cause she's been without one for a little cause of accident she got into in December. She's getting a few different people to help her out,
I'm still not happy about Neon Alley going over to Hulu cause I'm not a fan of Hulu. Sadly, it look like I have not choice with Hulu, a lot of a anime I watch is on Hulu (and I can't find anywhere else that's legal). Oh well, nothing I can really do about it.
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So the last week or so has been interesting. Friday, A lost dog came up and scratched on our door. It was really cold out, so she was let in. She was a chocolate lab and very friendly. We looked at her tags. They were rabies tags from a different county (but were still dated this year), so we called the number and found out the dog had been sold to someone in our county but they didn't us who. We ended up calling Animal Control to come and get her cause, as much as we love animals, we couldn't take care of her. Our cats were all on edge (Rin was very displeased, I'm thinking it was how big she was that bothered him), and Ginger was all kinds of pissy and pouty. hough now there's a joke with the people I know that house is known as an animal shelterXD.
I've been fighting with my current job because they screwed up my pay (and I'm still to firgure this out, a week later) and confused about the job I applying and training for. -sigh- I've been give the run around with my current job and little answers with the other one.
I get to file my taxes next week~. I'm hope to save up enough with taxes and a little bit from one of my checks to get a PS3~. -dances- I'll be so insanely happy if I can but it all depends on what I get back for taxes (and what I get to keep).
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Okay, so it looks pretty good on a job I applied to about two weeks ago. I've done the training for it and apparently they've called my references (cause a few told me they did~). The job is taking care of seniors, aka the elderly. Hopefully it goes. It as looks like I might not lose my other job too~. So things are looking positive atm~. I'll go into more detail later when i know more with both things~.
I've also been talking to Ditz and trying to get things smoother with her. Things have been rough with her and I'm not sure if she realizes it or not. She can be a little obvious like that^^;.
I was so happy Friday~! I got to see a play my local collage was putting on~! -dances- It was done pretty well and overall I'm just happy I got to see it~! The flip side is I had the sound track, that I know by heart, stuck in my head the rest of the weekendXD. I went with K and we met Ditz there^^. K wants to try and go to more of the plays cause some up and coming ones interest us both~.
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Lala, I need to try posting moreXD. So things have been a little busy for me lately. I've been on a serious job hunting (because my current job is being taken from me soon;_;). I did have an interview this week and they seemed to really like me. The job similar to my current job. They wanted to me to do a 24 shift 3 days in row kinda of thing but I can't do that, for many reason (Mom being a big one). But they still have hourly, so hopefully I'll get it~. They said it's not very stable though so I'm still looking for another job. I've been job hunting with K (cause she needs one a well). She went and interviewed at the same place I did earlier this week but she didn't get it. Which made me feel bad cause her Mom was the one to introduce me to the job (she works there herself).
Michic is, once again not surprisingly, an idiot. She's gone back down to live with emo-boy's parents again. -sigh- I just don't care anymore. She did say goodbye to me this time before she left (smart move cause I still haven't fully forgiven her for last time). But honestly, she knows she has it better up here and yet she still goes back down there. I've given up when it comes to her but I still feel for Rion. Poor thing has to choice in this and that just sucks for him.
With job hunting, Mom, my current job, and various other things coming up I've been busy.
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I feel like a taxi service these daysXD. I need to learn to say no to people but I can't help it. They ask me for help and I feel bad saying no. It's not really bothering me that much either, so oh well~.
Hung out with K yesterday. Ditz left for a trip cause it's Spring Break next week~.
Nothing too much has been going on. But, I'm happy cause in the coming weeks I should be getting a new iPod touch~! I will be so happy when I do^^. I miss mine so much~.
My kitties have been in a major lovely-dovey mood and I think know why~. It's getting nicer out^^. Though it can be a frustrating when Hatsu constantly wants attention and I'm on my computer^^;. Oh well, I love my babies~.
UGH, with the recent slew of information on KH3DS, I'm partly drooling over it. I want that game damnit;_;.
Anime wise, I kinda seem to have dropped Brave 10 and Inu x Boku SS^^'. Lack of serious interest. I am loving Another though. The recent episodes have been so interesting. I did start an anime called Star Driver (it's finished at 25 episodes), mainly out of curiosity~. Lol, I find it amusing (maybe not always in a good wayXD)~. It's not bad really just...I don't know, entertaining? I'm only 4 episodes in so I can't judge it that much. So far it's about a pretty boy who boards a mecha and transforms into a prettier boy (seriously, in this form he's know as Ginga BishounenXD). It's so cliche at the moment but I find so amusingXP.
I caved a started buying a new manga series called The Record of a Fallen Vampire because it's written (not drawn) by the same person who wrote Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning. I couldn't resist it~. Luckily it's only 9 volumes long and it's completed. I'm wary on starting new on-going manga series (Damn you Tokyopop -shakes fist-).
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So my part time job is confirmed~! So yay on that~!
My class's first meeting is Monday. I'm fearing it a little-_-'. It's Estimating but I've seen the work they have to do in the class. This is going to suck a little bit.
My cat's have been extra lovey as of late. I'm not complain cause it's cute but it's also hard to use my computer when one of them is always trying to get my attentionXD. That and also I keeping having to figure out what they did to my computer when they walk on my keyboard^^;.
Haven't hung out with Ditz or K recently cause of them starting classes back up and I really haven't felt like going out into the snow unless I have to.
I ended driving in a snowstorm yesterday though, which makes me crazy nervous. Not sure which makes me more nervous. That or driving in the rain at night. The glare on the road be evil!
Out the this year's winter anime line-up that I've started following, I'm loving Another. It's a mystrious japanese horror type anime and I'm adoring it so far (shockingXP)~. I'm also really liking The Knight in the Area (a soccer anime). The cutest one I'm watching is also insanely short! It's called Poyopoyo and each episode is about 3 minutes but it's 3 minutes of adorableness and I loooove it.
Also, I started reading Mechanique and even though I'm not too far into it yet I'm really liking it~.  I'm really glad I bought it~.
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Yay~! I finish reborn earlier this week~! 203 eppisode...DONE^^. New goal is to catch up with the manga. I'm at 282 right now (picking up where the anime left off) and there is currently 368 and it's released weekly. This should be fun.
Also! It looks like I'll have a part time job helping someone out~. Not going to go into details. I just need to wait for it to be confirmed. So double yay~.
This year is definitely looking up so far when all things are considered.
It manged to snow here this week. It seems to have taken a lot of people by surprised, tooXD. It doesn't bother me as long as I can limit going out and driving in it~.
I didn't hang with Ditz much to day but last Friday was amusing~. Ditz and I really bonded with and amused our waiter at IHop. To the point that when he had to move areas he moved us as well by stealing our foodXD. Between him and his cousin and friends Ditz and I stay longer then we meant to~. I also heard from Michic, shockingly enough. She seems to be doing okay over all. Which I'm glad about~. I still care about her, no matter how nutso she drives me at times~.
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Classes have started up again. I'm taking MTH, Environmental Geology, Philosophy, and Intro to Business. That's right, not single computer class ;_;. Oh well, I've only had MTH so far. Wondering what that other classes are going to be like~. MTH homework is done online, which is kinda of cool. I'm going to have to get used to going to the main campus again, lol. At least I have a car this time so I don't need to depend on others for rides anymore (I will love you forever for the help back though Katsu~).
Went to a work thing with  my mom on Saturday. It was at a race track and it was fun~. A co-worker of my mine mom has a relasionship with her daughter similar to my mom and mine's. It was amusing to team up with her against our mom's~. I saw a friend of mine's mom there and talked to her for awhile. We kept quoting Jeff Dunham, "They're making another left turn!"XD. Saw an old friend of my mom from when I was younger. Apparently her life has gone into chaos, not too shocked though^^'. All in all we had fun~.
Saw a sale for doujinshi I wanted so I got it (originally 24.99 to 7.50~). Only it's another Yullen one...but it's insanely cuuuute! I had too. Don't judge meeeee.
Still looking for a job -whiine- Going to check at school sometime this week. Lets hope^^.
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The heat is suuuucks. I kinda heat people with air atm;_;. Makes me so unmotivated to do anything.
Trying to find a job cause I want money, badly~. Been applying to various places and such. Hoping for the best!
So Michic's been calling me quite a bit recently. Partly cause she's do at the end of the month/being of August. She wants me to go down and visit her. I said I didn't have the money but she said that she'll ask her parents if I come down with them when they come to see her. They'll be down their for a week (which makes me kinda "Ehhh...") I know she wants their when she has her baby so I told I might. If I can stay in a hotel, no problem but if I have to stay with his family? Hell. No. One reason (the big reason) is that I know I'll kill emo-boy before the week is out (or at least try to mangle him many times). Honestly, I'm not a fan of the state she lives in (don't really wanna go back there-_-) but I want to be there for her and I know she wants me their so...-sigh- Nothing is set yet and it's mostly still up in the air. Also, if I get a job before then, then it's no can do. It wouldn't be till the end of the month anyway and parents, from what she told, are still unsure if they'll have the means to get down there. -shrugs- So, who knows what will happen~.
My b-day is coming up but I don't have much/anything planned. might try together with someone but if not, then, oh well~.


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