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Not too much has been going on. Back too being busy~. I did get to see Katsu-chan and we went to see the fireworks. They were really cool, got to love the sparkly onesXD. The fireworks have turned into a bigger deal since the last time I went to see them with vender and foods stands. 
Also, ~Happy Belated Fourth of July to everyone in the USA~
I've been getting distracted by many things when it come to anime but I have started reading new book called Gear of Wonderland~. It's a steampunk fantasy. I find to be a fun read so far (though I'm only 2 chapters in). I'm still a little gaga over my KindleXD. I can't just stop playing with it, even if I'm not really doing anything productive~.
I did see Michic last week, mainly cause her Mom bought ticket for a water park and bought one for me when she did. I went more for her then I did Michic. It was fairly fun. Rion's getting used to me (Just like he's getting to use to Michic's Mom. They shelter that kid and doesn't do well with new people).
It's been insanely hot lately and the heat seems to be getting to people. It also makes my tired and laggy. I can't wait for it to this weather to break. It's suppose to on Saturday, thankful.
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~Happy New Year~! Hopefully this year will be better^^'.

First post of the new year~!
New Years Eve was fun~. Spent it with Katsu and her family this year once again~. Stayed there most of New Years Days as well. I'm insanely happy about the holidays being over with^^! I'm going to try and start 2012 with a positive attitude and try and just let 2011 go.
If all goes right, I should get my degree this year and find a job hopefully soon. -crosses fingers- I do have a side goal of trying to meet and friend new people this year, but who knows how that will go~. I'm trying to look forward to some of the positive things that are going to be happening this year, even if they are small or material, like KH:3D, finishing a series, or even trying to work on my writing again~.

Wish me luck this year and I send good wishes out to everyone else~!
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So weekend was busy once again but fun~. Hung out with Ditz, K (new friend I mentioned in my last post), and Mr. Borders (friend of mine I meant at Borders, where he works~). We just kinda of hoped around places and scared peopleXD. Bonding with random people in other cars on the road is fun~. Saturday I hung out with Katsu and we saw Beastly~. It was really funny (even it's wasn't suppose to be~). The main character is a ninja-stalker who kidnaps and blackmails people~. We were surprised when found out Neil Patrick Harris was in it and a blind teacher. He saved the movie several times (you have to love the guy gagging while the main characters are exchanging cheesy dislodgeXD). By the time I got home, my voice was so tired from all the talking~.
Sunday mom got her new ceiling fan put in with fairly little problems (nothing ever goes smoothly for us). I looks really good in the living room. It has a shone wall look to the base. Mom seems to have found someone she can call as a handyman, so their really is NO reason for Terry to come back. Luckily we yet to hear shit from him. Yay~!
This post at ANN made me very happy~. I will be totally getting that~. I didn't think it would get an English release so yay for that~.
Side note, I change the commenting on my journal to registered users cause the recent 4 spam comments I got in a row the other day~.
Also, Katsu here is the link to the Dragon Knights doujinshi being sold by the seller I was talking about.
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Lalala...so as much as I'd love to have a paid account for LJ I decided to save my money. I'm going to save up for the D. Gray-Man Season 1 Part 2 box set. Since I did promise myself that once it came out in english I'd buy it after downloading the entire series. Spoliers ) Though it is soooo tempting to buy this RikuSora doujinshi. Sadly that's the cheeper of the two I want. I seriously want this one...but that's expensive...^^'. -cries-
My b-day is coming up and I STILL don't know what I want or what I should do for it...it's my 21 (not that I care about the legal to drink part). I want to get together with some of my friends like Katsu and Michic (though I'd have to get Michic away from Emo-Boy). But at the same time I think I should spend part of it with my mom. Plus I still need to make plans. Getting Katsu to MAKE plans (I love you but you suck at that), convincing Michic not to let Emo-Boy come (and dealing with Emo-boy himself), talking to my mom about what she thinks I should do (need to ask Katsu and Michic about this too), and deciding WHAT I'm going to do (cause I honestly have no clue).
Also, playing with the idea of getting a Xbox 360 but at the same time I still want a PSP so...and also think 'Do i really need another game console?'.  So...yeah...^^'.
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I'm doing a little better from my last post (aka less bitchy). But I think I  need to get some social interaction (KAAAAAAT I wanna see you at some point!). I've been kind of 'Blah' the last few days. Came out of my room maybe once Sunday but I was still pissy so I was working on growing mushrooms. But I did talk to a friend of mine, Michic, on the phone for a few hours. Apparently she's coming back up here to live. Her boyfriend mostly coming with her. I'm happy I'll be able to see her again (I have missed her)~. She said she should be back up here by July 4th. -claps- I'm also debting if I should try to find and collect more music by Vic Mignogna...hmm.

Edit: It looks like Michic will be coming back up this weekend. She's really happy about it~!

Edit 2: Changed layout! mainly because I wanted to change my mood theme then decided 'Well while I'm at it...~".

~DGM 184~

Apr. 10th, 2009 10:39 pm
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Also, omg two posts in one day? It's amazing. I seem to be posting a lot more on here~. Yay! I also want to say to Katsu-chan...I'm sorry...I have no idea when I'm going to jump back into DgmDr. I just haven't been in the mood. Either too busy or too spastic~. -bows- Sorry^^'.
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Okay so, I'm so going to get back to on [profile] innocent_teez's innocence...I just got busy? I speant most of the weekend with Michic. I STILL had to deal with drama!...Emo-Boy annoys me a little bit...I need to call you when you get back...I. MUST. RANT. Then I went to Chicago at 5am to drop her off for her flight at 7:08. I stayed up all night. Yay...But yeah I'll go over the detail for the innocence and get back to you soon...I swear I will Katsu! I will also finish Daisya...soon^^'?


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