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I was busy going out today~. Went out with Ditz, her Mom, and J-dear to a Harvest Festival~. It was free (yay free) and a lot of fun. Won candy from the games, which I didn't need since I have plenty~. They also had free food and rides. We all dressed up. Her as a vampire, me as a witch/sorceress, and J-dear just wore a wig and had Ditz draw on his faceXD. It was a little nippy out but we had a lot of fun messing around.
On a different note. Darling caught a mouse the other day and brought it to me. The poor thing was still alive too. I was proud of her and a bit sadden (cause poor mousey). Darling was purring like crazy. She's brought me things like a dead mouse and a dead snake but this one was alive.
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Lala~. Haven't post for a bit^^. Not to much going on.
Talked to Michic today. Surprise, she's miserable. Emo-boy isn't helping with Rion and they've been fighting. It seems her focus is mainly on emo-boy and not on her 1 year-old, helpless child. That is bad sign (and I made sure to tell her such) and it does worry me. She did get herself into this by leaving, again. Now she's all alone since she has no friends or family down with him. I can only listen to her up here.
I didn't think it was possible but Hatsu has gotten more clingy. It's cute and frustrating at the same time. I love my baby but it's hard going to sleep with some her little antics for my attention^^;.
I got two new books the other day courtesy of K cause I was debating over which one to get. I couldn't afford both (even with them on sale). After a bit she grabbed both from me and bought them for me. I did protest but she didn't listen me^^;. One of the books is called 'Dead Iron: The Age of Steam' because Steampunk is lovely. A friend of mine is part of the reason this story caught my interest as well~.
Started following another new anime: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian. Supernarutal anime that revovles around books~. It has a simularity to Gosick (like main female lead). Favorite episode so far is the one that like Steven King's Misery with a twist~.
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Since I haven't posted for bit...here I am. I currently resent the project we are doing in my desktop class. Agh, it keeps giving me headaches but luckily I should be done with it soon. I have to make a replica of product box. I had to use some low res pictures for a bit of it. Making blurry pictures look less crappy hurts my eyes...-_-'.
Hatsu's meds seem to be helping, which I'm happy about. Plus if I just make the half of pill into smaller pieces she doesn't even notice it~. She's been clinging  to me constantly lately (which is cute and sweet but a pain when I'm on my laptop trying to do something and she's in my way wanting be petted). But I'm glad she's not just sleeping and laying around all the time like before. She has energy again~!
I'm happy cause it's October which means I should be getting my PSP soon~! Yay~!
Oh, also, apparently Microsoft Word 2000 hates my computer...which means I might have to end up buying MS 2007. That makes me sad cause I don't like the layout of MS 2007;_;. But, if I can't find a solution for this MS 2000 (cause I know the program is fine it's my computer that hates it I believe) I'll be giving it to you Katsu-chan (that is if you want it^^). I found MS Works on my computer but that doesn't let me paste into it for some reason-_-'. Also, Open office does not want to install right. seriously why do word programs hate me?
Next post is most likely going to be me ranting about how much I love my psp and whatever games I'm playing on it at the time~. LolXP.
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So, this weekend sucked-_-. Friday every little thing that could wrong did. I can't remember everything cause it was like a lot of little things going wrong. Oddly enough I was in a good mood the entire day~. Saturday I did nothing but drive or organize things. My mom was drinking but she was in a great mood (still a slight pain in my ass even in a good mood) then I went over to Michic's and Emo-boy wouldn't get off the computer and by this time I was getting a little bit pissy. I ended up walking outside (mainly to keep from snapping at both of them). She came out and apologized (and made excuses for her and emo-boy "You know how he is". To which i thought 'So? Nag him off woman!'XP). Mom called me later asking for more money (cause she didn't get enough earlier-_-#) and when I was like..."But you've spent enough today...she got pissy and ended up hanging up on me which in-turn pissed me. So I storm out of Michic's house ended up crying, Michic calmed and distracted me. Decided to order pizza to be delivered and of course I got a moron when I called. Later mom called again and told me Darling got out (she's still not back yet either). So, I decided today I was hibernating in my room cause yeah...not happy. -sigh-
Edit: Cause I was too busy bitching, I meant to put this but we had are roof redo this week and got a new fridge Satruday (part of the reason for Mom's good mood).
Edit2: Darling's come home~! Yay~! Had to give her a bath (which for her is un-yay).

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12 days and Hatsu with Ginger plus LOVE is Emo DNA with a warning of Yaoi )
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Okay so I got internet now but this isn't about that. My poor cat, Hatsu, got a few wounds on her neck about two weeks ago. I wanted to take her the vet but no money=no vet. My mom and I have been trying to take care of in but her neck looks worse now. It doesn't look infected and she's not in any pain from what I can tell but it just looks bad...or odd I guess. I really wish she'd stop trying to scratch at her neck...I don't like seeing blood on  her. I'm worrying like crazy now so my mom said that she's going to call a vet in the morning. Hatsu's currently curled up sleeping not far from me right now. I hate it when anything happens to my cats! They're my babies and it just hurts my hearts to see anything happen to them.


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