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D,Gray-Man after two years~!

Looks like it's not going to be a continuation but I'll take anything I can get! Maybe this will help D.Gray-man get push it needs to start up again or a sign that's going to come back for real. But it's Hoshino, so I'm weary even about this.
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So, it's been awhile~. I didn't die, my arm got messed up so computer was a no-go for awhile. I'm not going to go into everything's that gone on. We got a new car just recently cause the other one was getting really rough and looked like the transmission was going to go out any day. The new car is another Pontiac, a Grand Prix. Funny thing we didn't want a little silver car so guess what we ended up with? Lol, yeah.
The new Kingdom Hearts trailer for KH3~! OMG, yay~! Now please announce a release date! I'm begging you! Also, the FF7 remake announcement~! Oh wow. Sony really did kill it at E3 this year~! They are going to be bring over KH Chi [x], an online game, to phones and tablets. I've been playing the demo for FF15  and I love it so much~! I'm waay more hyped for it now~.
I've started, and plan to start, quite a few new manga series, One of which is Kamisama Kiss, which I get to play catch up on. I also started a few short series (3-5 volumes). Anime wise I'm following a few different series this season. UtaPri S3, Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? (which I did not except to like as much as I do), and  Owari no Seraph are the ones I'm caught up with. Their are a few others I'm behind on though.
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Okay, since I wanna try posting on here (DW) more (and I need more posts on LJ to at least keep it active), I'm going to try and post more about anime, manga, gaming, etc.

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A few things to post this time. First of all, K is pissed about Obama winning. Ironically, everyone one else I know that I've talked to voted for him^^;. She's going to be fun that next few days (I feel for anyone who brings it up with her). Also, the younger brother of a friend of mine is in one of her classes. I think I feel a little bad for him but I do find it funny thoughXD.
I read the end of Grand Guignol Orchestra and really Kaori? You make me sad. The story itself had a overall happy ending buuuut the extra story she had in this volume, that took up more then haft of the volume, didn't. WHY? She put in the author note regarding the end of GGO that she's wanting to write happier endings, which makes me happy but doesn't the sad ending to other story counter it? I still really like it though~. I love her series no matter what unfortunately.
Mom and I watched Cabin in the Woods and I really loved it~. I heard really good things about it before hand and now I see why. The twist at the end was so cool.
^Read that word up there...now skip over this if you wish not to read this~ )
The Reborn! manga has ended, which makes me so sad:_;. I still need to read the last few chapters but dammit. I just go into this fandom about a year ago (maybe less). Don't end on me;_;. I do really like the mangaka's, Akira Amano, art style so hopefully she/he (not sure) start a new series soon~. Luckily the fandom is still going pretty well right now but this just means it's going to slow down. Look like I might have to go on another fandom hunt...-cries-

~DGM 214~

Jun. 8th, 2012 01:04 am
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I feel like a taxi service these daysXD. I need to learn to say no to people but I can't help it. They ask me for help and I feel bad saying no. It's not really bothering me that much either, so oh well~.
Hung out with K yesterday. Ditz left for a trip cause it's Spring Break next week~.
Nothing too much has been going on. But, I'm happy cause in the coming weeks I should be getting a new iPod touch~! I will be so happy when I do^^. I miss mine so much~.
My kitties have been in a major lovely-dovey mood and I think know why~. It's getting nicer out^^. Though it can be a frustrating when Hatsu constantly wants attention and I'm on my computer^^;. Oh well, I love my babies~.
UGH, with the recent slew of information on KH3DS, I'm partly drooling over it. I want that game damnit;_;.
Anime wise, I kinda seem to have dropped Brave 10 and Inu x Boku SS^^'. Lack of serious interest. I am loving Another though. The recent episodes have been so interesting. I did start an anime called Star Driver (it's finished at 25 episodes), mainly out of curiosity~. Lol, I find it amusing (maybe not always in a good wayXD)~. It's not bad really just...I don't know, entertaining? I'm only 4 episodes in so I can't judge it that much. So far it's about a pretty boy who boards a mecha and transforms into a prettier boy (seriously, in this form he's know as Ginga BishounenXD). It's so cliche at the moment but I find so amusingXP.
I caved a started buying a new manga series called The Record of a Fallen Vampire because it's written (not drawn) by the same person who wrote Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning. I couldn't resist it~. Luckily it's only 9 volumes long and it's completed. I'm wary on starting new on-going manga series (Damn you Tokyopop -shakes fist-).
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~Pretty much just spazzing out~ )

Didn't post my holiday weekend cause, aside from getting to see a friend I don't get see often, it kinda of sucked-_-;. For various reasons.
I'm catching with various reading and my goal this week is make good on a promise I made to [info]silvrguillotine and catch up to Pandora Hearts (and I will). I am determined!
Small little rant on YouTube and their recent change to their layout...again. I'm pretty good with changes but I liked it the way it was before. -pouts- I don't like this new version of the home page.
Friday I went to a winter festival with Ditz, her Mom and brothers, and J-dear. I petted a llama and had horrible hot chocolate, so it over all fun. 
I'm not sure how but me sleep schedule got thrown off track and for some reason I've been seriously tired;_;.
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I went on a field trip in my art class the other day. It's funny and odd how many fields trips I've been on in college, which now totals 4. Even people I've talked to says that's kind of odd, not that I'm complainingXD. It's just I think I've gone on more field trips in college then I ever did high school~. We saw a print shop and a photography studio on this one~. It was interesting and the couple that ran the photography studio were very amusing~.
Went out with friends on Friday once again. I love TGI Friday's Mudslides (way better then the one I had at Red Lobster)~. I haven't tried it yet but K and I bought  a bottle of White Russian along with a bottle of Mudslide~.
Signed up for my fall classes though not sure if one of them is going to stay. It's morning class and it does interest me but I'm talking it in the morning partly cause K says she's is taking it then. So if she's stay with it I'm guess I'm dragging my butt out of class (she's tried bribing me by offering to buy me coffee or tea in the morning of the classXD). That class would by Astronomy. The other classes I'm taking are Music Lit., Non-western Music (both non-technical classes), and Sociology~.
Got together with Michic yesterday (it was her Mom's B-day). Rion is doing better, he was very entertain at the mall~. Michic's Mom said she's doing better, which I agree with. She's been getting out the house more, which helps a lot.
Mom's vacation started yesterday and her b-day is Tuesday, which means she's going to be getting hammered. I don't mind since I'll be in classes most of the day anyways. I'm getting a little annoyed cause I woke up today she's not here and I no clue where she is. -sigh- Whatever, as long as she stays out of trouble. I don't feel worrying right now.
Tokyopop is going out business in NA and though I've been unhappy with them for years, they release Silver Diamond ;_;. That also puts the nail in the coffin for Satisfaction Guaranteed. I am little sad to see them go cause they used to be amazing and have released some of my favorite titles.

Edit: Haha, yay for this bit of news~! I've always adored Rurouni Kenshin so this is pretty lovely news^^.
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So, I finally watch How To Train Your Dragon the other day and OMG. It is sooo cute! Toothless does act like a kitty~. I also saw Tron with Ditz. It was really cool, though my mind kept wondering to Kingdom Hearts^^;. I knew it would do that though~. Before I even saw the movie I heard a lot of things about the music for the movie and I will say, I LOVED the music for it~. I want the sound track for it now^^. It's a fun movie to see and the effects and fighting scene were cool to watch. I'm glad I got to see it in theaters~.
I'm going to the Disturbed concert with Ditz~! YES! -insert happy dance here- I've been whining about going to this. I love Disturbed, so seeing them in concert makes me giddy~. Ditz was hyper happy when I asked her if she wanted to come~. it's her first concert apparently, so it will interesting.
I finish the Tsubasa anime and damnit, now I wanna read the manga. I can't seem to find the first chapters online, so I think I'm going to slowly try buying it (which means FMA is getting tossed onto the back burned again-_-'). I've been watching Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee and loving it~. The main character is such a sweet little crybabyXD. Debating on starting the manga but I'm buying various other at the same time-_-. But I have gift cards and Borders bucks so right now would be great time to get things since I have the money. I'll be going back and forth on this until I get to Borders (most likely tomorrow).
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Hey~. I hope everyone had a good Christmas~. Mine went really well this year. Yay~! I got pretty much all I asked for^^. Mom didn't drink Christmas (or today) like she promised and terry was semi-tolerable. He even got me a gift that didn't suck (like the camera that didn't work that he bought from a bar-_-'). He got me a Dragon Claw Dagger, and it looks really cool~. I also got gift cards for Best Buy, Borders, and iTunes (I love gift cards, they aren't impersonal to me, they just say "I know you like this place and I want to get something you really want so here you go^^!"). Also, Nightmare Before Christmas earmuffs and car seat cover, 20th anniversary DVDs of Oliver and Company and The Aristocats, The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Love's Baby Soft set and Rain Forest set (Loves is the only perfume I really like and will wear), a cardigan like sweater, a turtle neck sweater, and new warm pajamas (cause I've been complaining^^') which include Tinker Bell sweatsXP. But my favorite gift has been my new iPod Touch~! I'm love with it and have been almost glued to it since I've gotten it^^. I need to get use to typing on it though I'm having fun looking for apps for it (atm looking at free ones, might buy some later~).
I've been catching up on anime and manga~. Almost dine with Tsubasa and now I wanna read the manga for it~. And unless I decided on something else the next anime I'm getting from Netflix is a partly just for curiosity and something a little mindless, Air Gear. I need to work on my instant queue as well on their~.
I talked to Michic and it looks like she might be coming up here and visit after the new year to help out with her Mom. No details or dates yet though so I'm a little iffy.
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I think I bomb my Business class test^^'. I'm not too worry, as long as I pass the class. I have no motivation for that class, the teacher makes sure of that-_-. She's nice and all but I don't like the way she's teaching it (and I'm not the only one, many people I've talk to in the class agree with me). She makes it hard to study for the tests. -sigh-
Philosophy has been interesting since we are talking about the existence of God. Thursday was on the Ontological Argument (which I'm not fond of). Mr. G, who the teacher like to mess with, wasn't there so this other guy (who I talk to a lot outside of class, now to be know as Hat Guy~)  was the focus~. It was amusing~. He's Agnostic and favors the everything is from nature idea so then if their is a higher power then he/she is in everything. We both sit in the front and when we were talking after class we both agreed, the one thing that sucks about being up front is not being able to see peoples reactions. We have some very religious people in the class so that would have interesting^^.
I've been getting major deja vu back to when I know as 'The Manga Library". I have various people I'm lending out to again. What amuses me is that I keeping getting the comment "How do you keep it all straight?". Experience~. After having to keep track of who has what of my manga and anime from the 11-15 people all borrowing my things back then, you get good at it~. 
It's getting colder and Mom is starting to show signs that she might be getting sick. If she gets sick I'm screwed. I don't wanna get sick yet! Wait till after this semester! -flails-
My computer has been acting a little odd. Main thing is that, even I have update with the latest version of flash player my live messenger keeps telling me I need to update every time I sign in-_-'. I've been trying to figure out to get that to stop but no luck as of yet. -sigh- Oh well, I'll keep trying~.
I've been been trying to find a new band or artist to listen to but nothing's really struck me yet~.


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