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So, our power went out on Monday due to the bad storm we were having. We got it back yesterday. Little behind on things.
We did go t the NHRA Drag Races (and by we I mean Mom, Lover-boy, and I). I ended up leaving part way through cause, as much as I like drag-racing, I couldn't take the heat and everything. Plus I was tired. So I wussed out and went and checked into our room. Mom and Lover-boy had a great time, which was the point. Plus I got some me time~. We did have a problem with the hotel, the room was not what we booked (we are still dealing with that).
I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 and I looooooooooooved it~!  I won't put any detail here cause I don't wanna spoil anyone but if you have seen it yet, SEE IT! I've also watch the entire 2 seasons that are out of the Dreamworks Dragon's series~. You should also see  that, cause it is so much fun~.
Been dealing with driving around and being busy, blah blah blah. The same as always but I'm looking forward to the summer anime season (as a little scared at the same time). I have a LOT I want to watch (and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up with it, but I'll give it my best shot~. So far I have 7-8 anime I wanna watch at the moment (Though one series I doesn't look like I'll be able to cause it's not stream in my country).

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A few things to post this time. First of all, K is pissed about Obama winning. Ironically, everyone one else I know that I've talked to voted for him^^;. She's going to be fun that next few days (I feel for anyone who brings it up with her). Also, the younger brother of a friend of mine is in one of her classes. I think I feel a little bad for him but I do find it funny thoughXD.
I read the end of Grand Guignol Orchestra and really Kaori? You make me sad. The story itself had a overall happy ending buuuut the extra story she had in this volume, that took up more then haft of the volume, didn't. WHY? She put in the author note regarding the end of GGO that she's wanting to write happier endings, which makes me happy but doesn't the sad ending to other story counter it? I still really like it though~. I love her series no matter what unfortunately.
Mom and I watched Cabin in the Woods and I really loved it~. I heard really good things about it before hand and now I see why. The twist at the end was so cool.
^Read that word up there...now skip over this if you wish not to read this~ )
The Reborn! manga has ended, which makes me so sad:_;. I still need to read the last few chapters but dammit. I just go into this fandom about a year ago (maybe less). Don't end on me;_;. I do really like the mangaka's, Akira Amano, art style so hopefully she/he (not sure) start a new series soon~. Luckily the fandom is still going pretty well right now but this just means it's going to slow down. Look like I might have to go on another fandom hunt...-cries-
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-dances- Sooo happy about this announcement~! Yay~! They need to release the manga and/or novels here as well (would love to see the novels come here^^)!
Hung out with a friend the other day and saw the last Harry Potter movie. Most of my friends know my main motive for seeing the movies (especially in theaters) is the effects. I'm an effects junky and I love the ones they use for these movies, the fire especially~! I really liked the barrier scene though too (both the making and destroying of it~). As for the movie itself, I was mainly amused by listening to her complain during and after the movieXD (I love you~).
On a down side, jackass is going to be staying for a short amount of time (not sure if it's a few days or a week). -pouts- He just got out of the hospital and can't go up and downstairs, which he needs to do to get to the place he lives.
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So, just spent over 24 hours with Ditz, which was interesting and fun. While hanging out yesterday we rand into this guy I know at Borders, they clicked instantly.Saw the movie Rango with her, I wasn't that big on it. It's okay but Ditz and I found it a little disappointing. We both have quite a few we want to see that are coming out though so I'll be going to the movies quite a bit with her I'm guessingXD.
I feel bad for those in Japan though I tend not to post about things like this in my journal. I usually donate and do what I can in silence (since I'm never sure what to type). I'm glad those I know online that live there are okay.
Haven't been up to much in general. Spring break is going as excepted for me, though I haven't gotten as much reading done as I wanted to so far. I need to work on homework and get it done before SundayXD. Going shopping for a new stove with Mom tommorrow since ours barely works now~.
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So, I finally watch How To Train Your Dragon the other day and OMG. It is sooo cute! Toothless does act like a kitty~. I also saw Tron with Ditz. It was really cool, though my mind kept wondering to Kingdom Hearts^^;. I knew it would do that though~. Before I even saw the movie I heard a lot of things about the music for the movie and I will say, I LOVED the music for it~. I want the sound track for it now^^. It's a fun movie to see and the effects and fighting scene were cool to watch. I'm glad I got to see it in theaters~.
I'm going to the Disturbed concert with Ditz~! YES! -insert happy dance here- I've been whining about going to this. I love Disturbed, so seeing them in concert makes me giddy~. Ditz was hyper happy when I asked her if she wanted to come~. it's her first concert apparently, so it will interesting.
I finish the Tsubasa anime and damnit, now I wanna read the manga. I can't seem to find the first chapters online, so I think I'm going to slowly try buying it (which means FMA is getting tossed onto the back burned again-_-'). I've been watching Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee and loving it~. The main character is such a sweet little crybabyXD. Debating on starting the manga but I'm buying various other at the same time-_-. But I have gift cards and Borders bucks so right now would be great time to get things since I have the money. I'll be going back and forth on this until I get to Borders (most likely tomorrow).
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It's hard to believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow (isn't till tomorrow still where I live). Things are still going amazingly well this, I keep expecting some random disaster^^'. -knocks on wood- But I'm staying positive (for the most part). I still have to get presents for friends but I tend not to buy for them until after Christmas most of the time anyways. I don't see them till New Years Eve anyways (and why do today what you can put off till tomorrow^^;)~.
I got to see Harry Potter with a friend of mine over the weekend and what I heard about it was true, it's really good (and not just because of the effects~). Not shockingly, I teared up at the end.
I should hopefully be getting a new cell phone soon~. If not before the new year then soon after. I'm definitely changing cell phone providers cause I've just had bad experiences with my current one (not that's they are bad just few picky things with me).
I'm loving this week cause it's Yullen week~! Yay~! My KandaAllen side is in heaven~. I've enjoy all the stories I've read but my favorites so far are [livejournal.com profile] a1y_puff 's Yullen week story, Days Passing By and [livejournal.com profile] pinkxpiano 's Vermilion Kaleidoscope (it made me tear up)~.
Ah, I'm also very happy cause I nabbed a doujinshi I've had my eye on from an ebay seller that was 25 dollars for less then 10 from someone  selling it LJ~. Yay~! I've a Riku focus one and I adore the artist (I have another doujinshi by them, RikuSora, first part is crack and second part is sweet~).
Since I'm most likely not going to post again till after Christmas:

Happy Holidays
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I am done with my finals~! Yay~! -dances- I think I did pretty well on most of them~. The paper I wrote, in like an hour, for philosophy, the one that was suppose to be four pages with at least 2 pages of critical review on the book we were suppose to read on our Philosopher, I got an 100%. I wanna how...I didn't read book, my paper was only 3 pages and only a paragraph of critical review. I was happy and confused.
I ended up spending most  my day today doing finals or hanging with Ditz~. We went to see the movie 'The Warriors Way' which I really liked but I think I found it more amusing then I should have just because of Ditz. We had the theater to ourselves and she had making comments sound effects~. She now wants to drag me to see more movies in the future, that should be interesting~.
So Michic isn't sure she's going to be coming back here for for Christmas or not and if she is she's not staying (shock). Part of it is her problems at home (primary with her mom's health and money). I never thought she'd be staying up here though, I am a little sad I might not be able to she her or the baby though at all this holiday.
I have a feeling I'm not to be able to hibernate as much as I planned this winter. Damn. Oh well, I'm told I need to get out more anyways~.
I need to finish Christmas shopping still, hopeful I will this weekend (at least for my mom).
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So Thanksgiving was today. Shockingly enough the entire went really well. Even with Terry hereO_O. Usually the holidays start okay but end horrid. I'm actually going into the holiday season with a more positive attitude then normal (which may or may not be a good thing).
I've been pretty tried lately, so I slept on and off today. I'm sure why I've been tired but at least this time off will late me sleep to my hearts content.
We watched Shutter Island tonight and I really liked it~. The ending was like thought it would be but at the same time not (I'd explain it but I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it). I loved the psychology in it~.
I don't have many plans this weekend (expect for hoping to go see Harry Potter with Katsu~). A friend of mine, aka Ditz (she knows I call her this~), asked met to go out shopping on Black Friday. No way. You couldn't pay me to go out into the insanity.
There's talk about Yullen week around Allen's birthday, yay~. I missed it around Kanda's birthday~. I need to stop being a wuss and participate-_-. -siigh- I like the ideas going abour in the forums on ff.net though~.
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Yay~! I got BBS today~! I looove it. The command board game is so much^^. I decided to play it Terra, Ven, Aqua (like recommended). I'm in love with the battle system~! More proof on why I love this series. -dances- The rest of my games are definitely on hold for awhileXP.
This weekend was fun~. Friday I chilled. Saturday I went to the locate festive with a friend. We used to go because we enjoy it but it's really gone down the drain in the last few years. So now we go to complain about and talk about how fun it used to beXD. And the eat junk food we can't normally~.
Sunday I spent it with my mom. Watched Saw VI (that had better last one). I will say one thing about those movies, they kill people in interesting ways. I also finally watch Ninja Assassin and I loved the fighting (plus the guy was hotXD). I found it to be a fun movie to watch~.
I didn't get the new Disturbed CD yet, since I bought BBS I'm going to wait till next weekend to get it~.
I got the KandaAllen doujinshi I ordered. It's so cute (I'm pretty sure it would be almost sicking to some people~). Can't really tell much about the plot but I do know it must take place when Kanda and Lavi are chibified. Allen keeps kyuuing over them and at one point Kanda (who though he was using the same chibi potion that was used on him) gives Allen bunny ears~.


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