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So I'm feeling better~. Yay~! Last week suuucked. I barely slept most of last week cause of my cough. Eevn when that died down for some reason I still couldn't get myself to sleep. I'm just glad I'm past it now.
Nothing to exciting happening right now. I'm on a little bit of a Code Geass kick cause of CR's recent Deal of the Day made me drool and got I want it but I have no money;_;.
Also, and this I blame on Ditz, I'm on a Vocaloid kick and I didn't have any real interest in Vocaloid before Ditz got into it and kept listening to them and talking about them. -shrugs- Oh well. More music to listen too~.
Oh a side, sometimes I hate my love of Alice in Wonderland and interest in anything related to it. I'm looking into starting a new series called Are you Alice?
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Finals this week. Yay. Luckily I'm not sick yet.  I'm done with my math final (now let hope I did well on it~).
Hung out with friends Friday. It was fun up until I got dizzy for some reason and it didn't wanna go away for the rest of the night. Apparently that was no problem cause my friends spent most of the time talking with my Mom. Seriously, she got home from work at 11:20pm. My friends didn't leave till about 3am and the spent that time talking with my Mom (while I just clung onto Ditz and tried not move my head too much). I was amazed and a little scared by that. Then when I went to leave with a K, who was dropping Ditz off at her boyfriends house and didn't wanna drive back from their alone (hence why I went even my head was bothering me). I told my Mom I wasn't taking my keys with me cause I didn't feel like going downstairs and I wasn't going to be gone long. She answer me by teasing a little but she did acknowledged I wasn't taking them. I come back and not only is she gone but SHE LOCKED THE DOOR. It was 4 in the morning and it one of colder nights. I had to break into my own house. The thing that kills me is when I called her and told I had to break in, she said I didn't tell her I wasn't taking my keys. I wanted to scream. So, instead of yelling and getting really pissed off, I went to bed.
I got to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra yesterday~. Which is a lovely little break from studying for finals~. It was amazing and totally worth the pounding headache I had afterwards (my head has not been liking me lately). The pyro in me loved the use of fire (you could also hear some of the other pyros int he audienceXD). I really hope they come again and cause I would definitely go again~. Mom finally got to see the Theater (the major one in our town got redone some years ago and my Mom had yet to see it). She loved the inside and I do agree. It is really pretty~.
Well I got project i should be working on (cause they are due tomorrow)~.
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Alright so it's been two since classes have started up back up and i have a better idea on how the classes are going to go. Psychology isn't bad and the teacher is nice. When are learning about the brain atm and I get paper on it. In math, the teacher is nice but when she explains things she gives extra information that is really unneeded. Also, I learned that one the things we spent like, haft the time learning about in my previous math class, we will not be be working with at all in this one. I wanted to scream-_-. Since we are going to be learning about how to use programs I already to use in Art, this class will be pretty easy~. I don't think I'm going to be bored cause I looks like I'll be helping out DBZ guy and the girl behind me a lot~. I don't mind, it happens a lot with me^^.
I got the Tangled soundtrack with a credits I had on Rhapsody~. I was between that and the Tron soundtrack~. I also bought the Pandora Hearts BS and the Tsubasa artbook Tuesday~! Yay~! very much looking forward to getting those. Also, saved up enough on paypal for the SilabusHaseo doujinshi I've been wanting, so I bought that too~.  I have so extra monay on paypal so I'm bidding on the KuroganeFai one I was looking at as well~.
So. a interview with Nomura revels more on KH 3D~.
"You'll be switching off between Sora and Riku as you play. However, Nomura revealed to Famitsu that the switching will be forced upon the player as they play. When walking through town and even in battle, you'll suddenly be switched to the other character."
That should be funXD. I a little amused by it~. Looking forward to this game.
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The concert was frickin' awesome~! The bands that played was (in order) In The Moment, Sevendust, Korn, and Disturbed. I did not like ITM, the music was fine, I just didn't lead vocal. Sevendust was so cool~. Both ITM and Sevendust liked telling the people on the floor run is circlesXD. It was amusing~. I liked Korn more then i though I would, I also didn't realize just how many of their songs I knew^^. DISTURBED WAS AMAZING~! They had fog rolling onto the stage when came out~, The video back image, videos, and lights were so cool! My through is a little raw from screaming so much and I partly deaf for about an hour after but SO worth it~! Ditz had a great time and was more hyper then normal the entire time. I'm so glad, I really didn't want to miss this! I'm still a little hyper from the concert but KYA! I can't help it~!
In other news, class start this week for me. I'm not sure how much I'm looking forward it. I didn't get one of the classes I need and two are short but pointless (I just need them to be full-time). The pointless ones aside, the main classes I'm taking are Psychology, General Math, and Commercial Art, all on Tuesday and Thursday (pointless classes are on Monday and Wensday). I need to check out what books I'm going to need still^^'.
Except for the episode that came out yesterday, ep.40, I'm caught up with the anime for Tegami Bachi~. I'm in love with this series~. I also watch all of Gurran Lagann this week on too~. I found it to be fun anime to watching. I loved Viral~. I'm not sure what's going to be next, either xxxholic or Gunslinger~.
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So, I finally watch How To Train Your Dragon the other day and OMG. It is sooo cute! Toothless does act like a kitty~. I also saw Tron with Ditz. It was really cool, though my mind kept wondering to Kingdom Hearts^^;. I knew it would do that though~. Before I even saw the movie I heard a lot of things about the music for the movie and I will say, I LOVED the music for it~. I want the sound track for it now^^. It's a fun movie to see and the effects and fighting scene were cool to watch. I'm glad I got to see it in theaters~.
I'm going to the Disturbed concert with Ditz~! YES! -insert happy dance here- I've been whining about going to this. I love Disturbed, so seeing them in concert makes me giddy~. Ditz was hyper happy when I asked her if she wanted to come~. it's her first concert apparently, so it will interesting.
I finish the Tsubasa anime and damnit, now I wanna read the manga. I can't seem to find the first chapters online, so I think I'm going to slowly try buying it (which means FMA is getting tossed onto the back burned again-_-'). I've been watching Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee and loving it~. The main character is such a sweet little crybabyXD. Debating on starting the manga but I'm buying various other at the same time-_-. But I have gift cards and Borders bucks so right now would be great time to get things since I have the money. I'll be going back and forth on this until I get to Borders (most likely tomorrow).
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ARGH, cold. I am not pleased weather, go away till after finals! I'm starting to feel that, I'm not sick but it can turn an minute feelings, like chills and finicky stomach. I can't miss class the rest this week either cause I test in Math and Geology-_-. Then I have finals for all my classes next week. Please, pleeease wait till next weekend to sick body, I'm begging you!
So, I skipped math today, since it was just review, to finish my book report , which I'm pretty sure was crap but I got it in and that's points so yay. So, Mr. G strikes again~. He put his foot in his mouth in both Business and Philosophy~. In Bus we were talking about financial forecasts and teacher told us woman are not as comfortable making these forecasts as men are, to which Mr. G says "It's because they can smell men's confidence." Their was was a few seconds of silence then laughter~. In Philosophy first he tried bribing me not mention the Bus class commentXD, we were talking about John Stuart Mill's Higher and Lower Pleasures, which was finny as hell cause of Mr. G's comments throughout the class. I couldn't keep track of everything he said. We've had to correct him on his own point many times, "This is what we think mean...". We also had to correct him on the fact that, yes, you can get pleasure from pain, it's called masochism. He brought the concept of absolute zero proceeded to discount the concept of absolute pain, which no one brought up, so that confused everyone. By the end of class the teacher was turning red from laughing, at one point the teacher said, "Mr.G having you in class has been painful pleasure." So very true~. I'll miss this class so muchXD.
I came across the song "Hero (Red Pill Mix)" by Superchick and I'm addicted to it. It teared up a little listening to it cause reminded me of some people I knew and past experiences.
Also, pointless info buuut...I realized I love Chai Tea~. I think I might have a had it once maany years ago before my whole "tea and water are my world~" thing. I had some today on a whim and I love it~.
Oh, I get to go shopping for my mom this weekend with terry. We're going to the mall. Lets hope both of us survive this cause this doesn't seem like it;s going to be fun^^;.
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Last week fo classes next week then finals, so I'm going to be busy. I'm so ready for Math and Business to be over with-_-. Going to miss going to my Philosophy class though~. Kind of 'meh' on Geology, like the class but the length and the time it's at (at the end of a long day) kills me.
Philosophy class yesterday was interesting, the only part I mental went "Noooo." at was the part of death. I'm fine with talking about death in general (horror lover here~) but talking and thinking about my own personal death makes sad, uneasy, and childishly go "Lalala, can't here you~!". It's stupid and I know it but I don't like idea of growing old and facing my own mortality. I know many people have a problem with and it's not unusually but I didn't think I'd have such a childish reaction to it. I mean we talked about the same thing in the earlier on in the course but I'd get okay with the more I/we talker about it. Nope, that didn't happen.  -sigh- I guess this will just a lot of time to for me to get comfortable with.
Went and got serve's games with a gift card last weekend~. Game stop was having buy 2 used get one free so I did~. I got Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Hero 3 (PSP), Final Fantasy Tactics(PSP), and Digimon World 4 (PS2). As much as I don't follow Naruto (both manga and anime) I'm surprisingly addicted to the games^^'. FFT was kinda of a whim and I have yet to get Digimon game~.
I had money on my PayPal so guess what i bough...again. Doujinshi (shocker). BUT I didn't DGM or KH~! I got two, one Megaman, a very cutesy Enzan x Netto, and one .hack//G.U., an all character.
I've been whining at people recently abut wanting suggestion on new bands to listen to but haven't really gotten anything that really catches me. I've been getting more Sick Puppies and Poets of the Fall music~. I ended up going back to a band I haven't listened to for awhile, L'Arc-en-Ciel. I had them on my iTunes on my Desktop (which is dead atm). With the exception of DGM OST's, Ra, and Disturbed, I just started over with the iTunes on this computer. I forgot how much I liked them~.
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Yay~! I got the new Disturbed CD this weekend~! I even got the special addition, CD+DVD~. The cover is awesome. I love the CD~. Sometimes I forget how much i adore Disturbed's music.
~More BBS gushing~ )
Went out with this girl from my math class Friday (kind of a date, kind of not). Hung out at area around Borders. Stopped in the Halloween store that just opened by there. She tried on a Red riding Hood costume. It looked really cute on her. We would've done more but she had a party she had to go to that she didn't know she had to got to till that day, lol. I kept looking around at the decorations and thinking of things mom and I will need this year. We plan on getting a fog machine for the graveyard and we want to get the things we need for a bloody crime scene~. Ah, I love this season~.
I decided to save up in my PayPal to buy this RikuSora and KandaAllen doujinshi I saw (cause Katsu is eviiil and encourages me to buy them, even when I tell myself no, which obviously isn't working).I might get this other RikuSora doujinshi from the same site if I can save up enough money for all three~.
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Alright so I totally caved in and got a paid LJ account^^'. But I couldn't resist~! So after that I decided to redesign my account a bit (and add a bunch of new icons~!). I honestly don't  feel as sadly-pathetic as I thought I would for getting this, which is yay~.
I'm working on a movie poster for one of my classes and I have no clue what to call it (not that I know what it's about aside from "It has a samurai like person"). But ideas I have for titles are 'Dark's Exaction', 'Dark Exactions', and A Toxic Darkens (they all be anagramsXP The last 1 isn't from the same 2 words as the first 2). I'l use one those, unless I (or someone else) can think of something better. My first idea for the project was doing a crashish horror~. Some of my ideas were killer ducks, killer rubber duckies, or (my personal favorite for the lol factor) KILLER PEEPS! I decied to go aganist those in the end for something prettier more serious (if I have time I might try to make the killer peeps poster for funXP).
I got two new CDs over the weekend (yay for gift cards~). Thousand Foot Krutch: Welcome to the Masquerade and Ra: Black Sun. Much love for both CD's (RA WINS).
Oh a odd note, I'm suprise how semi-addicted to LJ I am now. It kind of amuses me~.

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-sigh- I honestly don't know how to start this post so I'll just get to it. My mom really pissed me off last night. It would have been a fine night if it wasn't for a 'friend' of hers stopping by. Brenda. I FUCKING HATE HER! Every damn times she comes over my mom does stupid things, things she KNOWS pisses me off. And to top it off when she does them she LIES TO ME ABOUT IT. I hate that cause she knows I know she's lying but I have to fight tooth and nail to get the truth out of her and most of the times she wont confess till later-_-'. It makes me feel like they (cause anyone who does it makes me feel the same way) think I'm stupid and can't figure out what they are up to. AFGHJKlKJHGF. -growls-
On a different note, the cats are getting along again. Honestly, we were never sure what the hell was up with Hatsu. Though after Hatsu got over her thing, Darling held a grudge and kept hissing at Hatsu every time she came near her. I'm happy they're over it cause at that time (and now) they started hanging out in my room  about 20/7 -_-'. Darling hangs cause she's clingy. Hatsu hangs whenever Terry's over. She doesn't go upstairs at all she's never really liked Terry for some reason...not that I blame her. He's not likeably at all.
Also, OMG I LOVE THE NEW GREEN DAY CD AND SO MUCH YAY OVER THIS POST. Finally a clear not clipped from the anime version of Jasdevi's and Rhode's songs!
In other news, I've gone back once again to obssessly reading RikuSora I'm going run out of stories if this keep happening every few months. And the secound Yullen Week starts tomorrow~! Weee~!
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Damn it. Cartoon Network played the first eppie of Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) Saturday which amde me want to re-watch the series...so I am! I love that I own it (and It was worth the money!) but...now I have ANOTHER damn distraction (1001 and counting!)!  But also I keep compareing FMA and D. Gray-Man (DGM). I keep looking at how they are alike and different character wise, plot wise, idea wise, and just various other <strike>wise</strike> ways. I do love re-watching a series like this cause I realise all over again just why I loved it so much^^.
Speaking of DGM, I was listening to my iPod and started listening to the new 3 Door Down (3DD) CD. Then I remembered something Katsu said not long ago about how well the songs (older ones) worked with DGM. I decide "Well lets see how well the new ones work"

AMV ideas )
Design Printings )
I noticed I've been ranting about the most pointless subjects...^^'. I could rant more but I think I'll stop nowXP.
Also, the icon has no point but to be cute^^.


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