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Yo~! Been awhile^^! So, things have happened.
My room got a little renovated. We torn up the carpet and painted the floor. I got a new bed (it's Memory foam and I LOVE it). We had to get rid of the carpet cause it would come up when I vacuumed it (and so I couldn't vacuum it). I like it alot and so does Walker and Rin. They hang in my room a lot now. Darling stays upstairs (I don't blame her, she's around 14-15 years old now). Hatsu hangs around her, which it sweet. The boys love it cause now they don't get chased away from my room.
Mom's been kinda of a pain on the weekends but not going to go into details (but yeah, I still don't like it when she has days off, which is a horrible thing to sa..err...type). Lover boy still doesn't have a job and it's driving Mom and I crazy. I've been looking for one. I had an interview today for one, I'm not sure how I did^^;. I think I did good on everything but faulted when she asked me about fashion (cause I wasn't expecting it, though in hindsight I should have...).
I backed into a car the was parked behind our driveway across the street. I hate when people park there to be honest, our street isn't that wide and we have a tree at the end of our driveway Luckily i didn't do too much damage but still. I admit fault but now our insurance is going to up. -sigh-
I started writing again. I forgot how much it helps me and how much I love it. Thing is, I don't know the character I'm writing! He just pop up out of nowhere. I think I need to to go over the characters I have and rework them a little bit, same with the worlds I have. Plus, a lot of of my stuff from high school and college are still in notebooks and  I want to type up the info for them.
I've been watching stuff. I didn't watch a lot of summer season shows, I did watch Rokka and Junjo Romantica S3 through. I loved Rokka and I want more! They can't leave it like that! Junjo is more of the same from that series, though I do love Ijuuin~. I also watched the movie K: Missing Kings and personally, I loved it~ (and I was right, you need to watch it before watching season 2). This season I'm watching season 2 of Haikyu!, K: Return of the Kings, Seraph of the End, and Noragami. Much love for all of them~! I'm also watching Starmyu and Atttack on Junior High. AoJH is really funny. I wasn't excepting to like it this much. Starmyu is pretty and I love the music. It's similar to Uta no Prince-sama but less sparkly and little more serious notes.
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So, it's been awhile~. I didn't die, my arm got messed up so computer was a no-go for awhile. I'm not going to go into everything's that gone on. We got a new car just recently cause the other one was getting really rough and looked like the transmission was going to go out any day. The new car is another Pontiac, a Grand Prix. Funny thing we didn't want a little silver car so guess what we ended up with? Lol, yeah.
The new Kingdom Hearts trailer for KH3~! OMG, yay~! Now please announce a release date! I'm begging you! Also, the FF7 remake announcement~! Oh wow. Sony really did kill it at E3 this year~! They are going to be bring over KH Chi [x], an online game, to phones and tablets. I've been playing the demo for FF15  and I love it so much~! I'm waay more hyped for it now~.
I've started, and plan to start, quite a few new manga series, One of which is Kamisama Kiss, which I get to play catch up on. I also started a few short series (3-5 volumes). Anime wise I'm following a few different series this season. UtaPri S3, Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? (which I did not except to like as much as I do), and  Owari no Seraph are the ones I'm caught up with. Their are a few others I'm behind on though.
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So, still trying to post more often~. Recently I've been debating on whether on not to keep Hulu or go with Funimation for streaming. Plus side of Funi is NO ADS and has both sub and dub of a lot of series (which is good for when my eyes or head is bothering me and reading subs hurts). Down side of Funi is since the PS3 app was just released not long ago (like month or so I think?) there are some error in it, a little lagging and it doesn't have a queue or history yet (so having to hunt down shows and what eppie I'm on can a little bit of a annoyance, more so with longer series like Fairy Tail). Plus side of Hulu, stable PS3 app, has a queue and remember were at, anime selection from more then just Funi. Down side ADS (when paying for it-_-), less dub selection, and ADS (I have an issue with this is you couldn't tell). I'm doing a trail for Funi atm (Hulu is on hold). I can't really do both (plus doing both would all in all but redundant cause most of the shows I wanna watch on Hulu is released by Funi). So well see how it goes.
I bought Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines a few weeks ago when it was sale. I spent a go deal of the day yesterday fixing the issues I was having with getting it to play right on my computer. It's an older game and wasn't made with Steam in mind (since it was before Steam I believe). So I had to get patches for it and mess with the game start up stetting and Steam setting and all that jazz. But I got it to work right, so yay~! I played a bit of it and now I think I wanna redo the character I'm playing as so I'm most likely going to restart  but not sure.
Things haven't been too bad. I've been getting more reading done since I been driving around because it's been a lot of drive here now waiting, drive here now wait. I'm behind on my manga anyways, so this works~.
I'm going to be getting a new phone at the end of this week. Mainly because the plan I'm using now it's working for me anymore since I've been having to use it a lot more. I'm hoping to be able to keep my number but we'll see what happens.
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So, I had my hair highlighted as a gift from and friend of mine, Ditz. After asking my people I decided to get platinum blonde streaks. I really like how it turned out and everyone who's seen it so far says it looks really good on me. I does make me feel and little more girl cause I keep playing with my hair, lol~.
Michic, who I've been talking to randomly online and playing Jade with, was going to be coming back. This was because it looked like her Dad was going to be dying but it seems he's improved and now she's not going to be coming. This annoyings not because I want to see (I really don't care anymore sadly) but because she should come up here anyways and spend the time her Dad does have up here with him. I know him fairly well and he's in bad shape. They never know when he's going to go downhill and with this recent scare you'd think she want to see him. But I'm not surprised she's not coming. Oh well, there nothing I can really do.
The weather has been getting nicer, finally. I am so insanely sick of the cold, as are my animals. Ginger needs to get outside more and Rins is driving me nuts with his whining to go out onto the porch~. Plus, Mom can work outside in the yard now which gives her something to do.
I've started a few new anime this Spring season, the only anime continuing is Yowapeda.  As of this moment, I've started Captain Earth; a mecha anime, Haikyu! ; a volleyball anime, and Kamigami no Asobi; a reverse harem anime. That's the only ones at the moment but there may be more added, I'm not sure. Not sure what to think of them yet cause I've only seen one episode. CE will take a few episode for me get a good feel of it. I did compare the main character's mecha to the Megazords from Power Rangers, if says anythingXD. Haikyu! is...sporty? What can I says, it's a sports anime. -giggles- I think I'm going to enjoy KnA for the wrong reasonsXD. A human girl is suppose to teach certain Gods more about Humans cause Zeus kidnapped and  told her too.At the moment, she's not very agreeing. This anime has Greek, Norse, and Japanese Gods so far.
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I got a new laptop. Katsu and her Mom help me out a lot on picking one out. I like it for the most the part. It can play video~! My old one just gave up on video, even youtube could be a fight.
I'm stilling setting things up on it, but I can't finish doing that till I get my files from my old one. I will be getting those next weekend. Right now just trying to remember bookmarks, downloading programs I need, and figuring out fucking Windows 8 (hence the  for the most part earlier).
The plus side is the default start up screen is desktop mode, so yay on that. I don't know if it's a HP thing or not but it works for me~. Down side is finding everything. I have to hunt down settings I normal can find easily. Plus I keep bring up this side bar thing when I swipe on my trackpad from the edge of the right side. It's annoying. It's going to take time to get used to Win 8. I didn't want to get it but I couldn't pay to get it downgraded.
The more I get use to using Win 8, get my files, and set up it up the way I want it, I'll be happier. Right now my iTunes looks so sad...
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Okay, so my b-day this year kinda of sucked cause I was sick. I did mange to go to dinner but I payed for that the next 2 days by being sick as a dog. I did a get a cute little Tsuna plushi from Ditz as a b-day gift~. Oh well, my b-day wasn't the focus this year anyways. I was Ditz's and hers went the way she wanted, which makes me happy.
I've been busy, of course. Things are going on with our landlord and we not sure on a few things. Mom needs to talk to him once she gets certain info. Hopefully it's not what we think, cause then we may have to too move in the next few months and we really don't want too.
I re-arranged my room a little over the weekend. I finally mange to get my Black Cat wall scroll up that got last year at AI. I also have a new bookshelf,l to replace the one that broke and month or so back. It was free as well, so double yay~!
I've been fixed on Ni no Kuni in my spare time. I can't get enough of playing this game~. I love it^^. I also mange to get the game Journey and play that a little. It's just how I thought. A nice calm and beautiful game. It's perfect for me to play to calm myself or if I don't want anything to loud or hyper, or anything like that.
The secound season of Magi was announced for the fall season~. I like the anime, I know fans of the mange weren't too thrilled with it but I adored it but then again, I don't read the manga for it. It's too long and I don't wanna play catch-up with another series when I'm not even catch up on the ones I'm currently reading.
I'm fearing the fall season of anime cause I know of four  anime I'm going to want to watch, Magi S2, Kuroko S2, Valverave S2, and Samurai Flamenco. I always wanna watch waaay more then I have time for^^;;.
I've been also trying to slowly back-up up everything on my computer onto to external hard drive, just encase my computer gets worse (it's not that bad atm but the randomly turning off moniter things is annoying). I try to back up my computer semi-regularly but somethings slip my mind or I don't have the time to copy at that moment.
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So, Mom is doing a little better. She has an appointment next week to get her back checked out~.
I went out with Ditz and J-dear on Tuesday to a comedy night thing. J-dear and I both had very low expectations of this but it was better then I thought it would be. Their were to stand-up acts, and female and male. The female was kinda of meh but had a few funny moments. The guy wasn't too bad (not that I remember his name...Mike somethingXD). I know he's been on MTV, HBO, and Comedy Central. She wants me to go with her again next week cause one of the workers there gave free entrance passes (the show is normally $5). I think Ditz may invite this other guy we know (her more then me) for next week as well (I'll be calling Rocker-boy from now of). If J-dear is coming as well then that should be interesting...(big mess of Ditz's love life).
Wednesday I went to my former collage with K and met up with Ditz, Rocker-boy, and her Mom to see them put the play for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was fun~. Waaaay cleaner then the movie, which is too be expected since this is a school. It was also funny cause Ditz and Rocker-boy have never seen TRHPS beforeXD. But I did find out that they are going to doing Avenue Q in February~! I want to goooo (and will be dragging them with meXD)~!
Rin is still bugging Hatsu. He also has this odd habit of sitting right by the sink while I'm doing dishes. He seems to have no fear or dislike of water it seems*-*. He's gotten so big and we've barely had 3 months. Mom and I are wondering how big he's going to get~.
The new fall anime season has started and Knight in the Area and Kuroko's Basketball has ended. So, I started a few new series. One I checked out but think I might be dropping is Ixion Saga DT. The humor of this series isn't really to my taste. BTOOM and Blast of Tempest are pretty interesting so far but I'm still feeling them out. I'm really into K and Magi so far though~. Not too much to say about them since they are only about 2-3 episode into each of the series so far. Also looking into a series called Psycho-Pass because the same designer that did Katekyo Hitman Reborn does this series~. I haven't watched any of it yet though.
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Okay, I am going to post on things that happen at AI and all that buuut I need to organize thoughts and all that jazz. I've also been busy since I got back and when I'm not busy Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance has been taking up that timeXD. I'm in love with this game so far~! The dream eaters are so cute><. I love playing with mine^^! The game play has been fun and I love the flowmotion.
A few points and hightlights on AI. I adored Johnny Young Bosh (aka JYB from this point on) but seeing and meeting was so cool~. Plus I loved seeing Eyeshine perform~! The guitarist is insane~. Saturday had some drama that I'm not going to go into. I will say it was cause by split water (Not. Kidding. -sigh-). Also, zombies are lovely pets~.
I will something more detailed next week~. Must organize stuff first (and get picture from Ditz at some point).
I other news...we have a new kitten^^;. Ditz found kitten wondering in my driveway when we got back from AI. Kitten is male and looks to be around 6 months old. We tried finding the owner but can't Mom thinks he might have just been dropped off or something. So it looks like we're keeping him. -sweatdrops- We named him (and we I mean me cause I refuse to let Mom name him anything she comes up with...like Jackwagon...) Rin. Partly based off of Rin from Blue Exorcist and partly based on Rin from Inuyasha. That is cause this kitten lacks fear! Older cats hissing and growling at you? Totally wants to play and be friends~. Pokes his head into everything. This cat defines "curiosity killed the cat". But he's so cute~! I'll post picture of him later when I get images off my camera~.
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Ugh...I keep sneezing my head off and my nose wont stop running. Mild plus side, my arm hasn't been as bad the last few days. I just haven't been moving it as much. Hopefully whatever is wrong will heal up.
The worker people said they might be done with our road in a week or two (hopefully). At the moment we can't use our drive way cause it's blocked it's off. It's kinda of annoying and we are wondering what they are going to have us do when they have to do the road?
It looks like I might have plans for Halloween. Wow. Mainly cause Ditz said I'm going out with her to a party thing (said...not askedXD). Not too sure of the details but I'm going to drag more of them from her this weekend~. First year in a awhile I wont be giving out candy.
Saw the new show that premiered tonight, Grimm. From the first episode and the preview of the season it looks interesting~. Plus I love The Brother Grimm tales~. I'm going to try and follow it^^. I have been catching up on one of my favorite shows Criminal Minds (I missed the last season). I also poked my head into the fandom, mainly out of curiosity~. I might keep poking my head into too~.
I have about 65 episodes of Reborn! left too watch~. Yay~. I'm adoring this series (and mildly obsessing on finishing watching it...after which I'll be reading the manga most likely^^). I love the pairings 1827(HibariTsuna) and 6927(MukuroTsuna). ShockingXP. And been (carefully) poking my head into fandom because I can't seem to resist~.
I've been watching the new series that start on CR, Un-Go. It is kinda odd so far but it's another mystery series~! From the same makers of NO.6 (Bones), so yay~.
Still can't hang out with K and it doesn't look like I can for the next few weeks, at least. She knows what's wrong with her, though I don't remember the name of it at the moment. She can't move a lot of her facial features. I've been talking to her on the phone though. She said she was doing a bit better last time I talked to her a few days ago. Her and Ditz keep asking me to edit their papers. Which I can do, despite my typing on here (I don't edit my journal most of the time^^;). It's weird having them come to me. I think editor, I think Katsu and the red pen of doom, not me. I do make sure to point out that, yes, I love writing but I'm am no editor. Apparently, I am better then them thoughXD.
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Psychology was canceled yesterday, which means we're going to be just that little bit more behind^^'.  Oh well, though wish I would've known before hand cause would have skipped since Math is easy this semester and it was a work day in my Art class (and I have the programs we're using at home and I'd just rather work at home). Doesn't help I little to no motivation for my classes this semester except for Psy-_-.
Terry's apparently coming over tomorrow to put in the new ceiling fan Mom got last weekend. Wondering how things are going to go. Mom reassures me she's not going to let him come back but we'll see cause she's said that before.
Getting a new stove tomorrow~! Mom's looking forward to cooking in itXD. I want Sunday to come cause I'm looking forward to my 3DS I have Scribblenauts for it too, Katsu~. Oddly enough, the 3D part is the part that I'm least interested in~. Also, like the 7 year old I am, I'm looking forward to Tangled being released on DVD cause I wanna buy it^^.
After getting hit with random inspiration, I bought and started reading Howl's Moving Castle. A book I totally meant to read in high schoolXD.
Watching Beck and while I love watching things subbed I can't resist watching this one dubbed cause I love hearing Greg Ayres sing~. Started xxxHolic as well~. Not to shockingly, I adored Yuko (liked like in Tsubasa as well, so~).
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...I resent my math class now. The teacher is really nice but her teaching style sucks. I took a test the other day and I swear I spent five minutes on one question trying to figure out what she me to do. Quite a few of the questions where phrased...odd. As long as I pass, I'll be happy. If Eric wasn't in my Art class I would be so bored  realized. He wasn't there Tuesday and I spent most of the time on iPod Touch reading manga. I spend a lot of time helping him in and after class. I already how to do what we are doing^^;. Oh well~. Psychology is interesting at least and the definitely shows her passion for it. We are currently talking about the brain still. She admitted she can get carried away ralking about things in this sectionXD.
Right stuff shipped my order, YAY~. Got the KuroganeFai doujinshi today and it's cute~. It has little twin versions of FaiXD. He get attached to them and then they go bye-bye and he's sad  in which Kuro comforts him then (very short summary)~.
I'm will be buying a new cell phone this weekend. I keep forgetting to do that and it's sad when my mom is demanding I buy a electronic and I keep forgetting to do it. I'll mass texting people in my contacts my new cell number at some point this weekend~.
This week has been so cold and it sucks having a room in the basement when it's cold like this. I barely get heat to my room in the first place, match that with the fact that our heater sucks when it's bitter like this. Brr. Luckily it's suppose to warm up a bit next next. Hopefully melt some of the giant piles of snow.
Started a new series, Alice in the Country of Hearts. Alice in Wonderland things are a serious addiction for meXD.
Also, I want to go the this;_;. I'ce talk to someone who has and they'ce told me it's pretty awesome. Damn. I'm not a major FF fan but I do like FF and I love the music for it.
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I got a to take a look at the Hyundai the landlord told us about~. We wanted to laugh because it's red and it the last 4-5 vehicles we've gotten have been red or red-ish (it's not on purpose eitherXP)~. I drove it a little bit as well. It's going to take getting us to driving a small car again, I'm so used to the Buick and it's lovely power steering~. It doesn't seem to bad though. We are pretty much trusting the landlord on this, cause we are doubting he'd screw us (he's really understanding with things)~. He said he was going to have it get a tune up and oil change too~. I'm looking forward to getting a car of my own~. -dances-
So, I have over a dozen animes on my list to watch, so what do I do? Watch one not on it or even suggested to me cause it looked cute~. AND IT IS! I'm totally not regretting it~. I'm in love with it~. The series is Clannad, and I've seen it talked about online but never looked it to it or paid much attention to it. It was kinda on a whim that I watch a few eppies of it (and I've watched haft of the first series at this point~)~. It's a cute, amusing, lovely series that's made me giggle and cry~. The main character, Tomoya, tends to be blunt with people and a bite sarcastic, at the same time he's really nice and keeps trying to help people~! He's one of my favorite characters~. Honestly, I have yet to find a character I don't like in this series~. This series also reinforces my love of insane family members~. One of the female leads, Nagisa, Dad is off the wall! I definitely support taking a look into this series~!
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-dances- Yay~! Another KH game announcement~! Rumors have been going around about this but now it's offical~.
"Our E3 line-up revealed: FINAL FANTASY XIV, The 3rd Birthday (PSP), KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (PSP), KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (NDS)..." -Square Enix Twitter page
KH: Recoded is going to be the DS  version of KH: Coded that was for mobile phone in Japan~. Even though it's for the DS (which I don't have) I'm still looking forward to it cause I'm going to be getting a DS at some point anyway~. It's no wonder I'm on such a KH kick at the moment~.

Edit: OMG, I passed Adv. Illustrator? How did that happen...I love you Scott<3!
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Omg, this! I'm dying for KH:BBS! The site for BBS is looking awesome. All the news being realesed this week is making me insanely hyper for for it~! -dances- When I have the money and get to Game Stop next time, I'm definitely pre-ordering this game~! As much I keep drooling over KH: 358/2 Days for the DS, I am so glad I decided to get the PSP~! BBS is worth it! I will get a DS at one point though!
Ah, our landlord (who gos to car auctions and has connections like that) told my mom about a car for me (since he knows we are looking for one for me). It's a 2000 Hyundai Elantra (with a sunroof too) and he said I can test drive it for a week before deciding on buying it, which is cool~. Won't be doing that till about the 2nd week of July (still saving for it). I'm really happy about getting a new car (that's not as old as me).
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Alright so I totally caved in and got a paid LJ account^^'. But I couldn't resist~! So after that I decided to redesign my account a bit (and add a bunch of new icons~!). I honestly don't  feel as sadly-pathetic as I thought I would for getting this, which is yay~.
I'm working on a movie poster for one of my classes and I have no clue what to call it (not that I know what it's about aside from "It has a samurai like person"). But ideas I have for titles are 'Dark's Exaction', 'Dark Exactions', and A Toxic Darkens (they all be anagramsXP The last 1 isn't from the same 2 words as the first 2). I'l use one those, unless I (or someone else) can think of something better. My first idea for the project was doing a crashish horror~. Some of my ideas were killer ducks, killer rubber duckies, or (my personal favorite for the lol factor) KILLER PEEPS! I decied to go aganist those in the end for something prettier more serious (if I have time I might try to make the killer peeps poster for funXP).
I got two new CDs over the weekend (yay for gift cards~). Thousand Foot Krutch: Welcome to the Masquerade and Ra: Black Sun. Much love for both CD's (RA WINS).
Oh a odd note, I'm suprise how semi-addicted to LJ I am now. It kind of amuses me~.

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Hiya!! I'm new too LJ. My best friend has been nagging to to get an account on for awhile so tada! If you want to know about me just go read my bio. I'll most likely use this to either post some of my writing like my BF or rant about various things. I just got internet not long ago. I think my friends were happier then me! They've been wanting to get internet for awhile. I'll post more later I'm more interest in exploring LJ at the moment!



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