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Irl, Things have been busy getting Ditz settled in cause it looks like she's going to be staying with us for awhile since she it is offically kicked out of her house. We're going to have to figure out a place for some of her stuff when she gets it. Some of it is coming here and some of it is going to be stored at J-dear's house (permission pending). Mom and I don't mind and she knows to give me my space at times. Hopefully things will go well and get better for her.
I mangaged to grab a bookshelf at Borders that I liked~. Yay~. Now  I need to figure out where to put it. Luckily it's not too big, so I'm sure I'll find somewhere with Ditz's help^^.
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Big change happened since the last post~. Ditz is staying with us now. She's been having some problems with her family. Mom and I offered to let her stay here. I won't go into her problems cause it's not my place to post them here, just that I don't agree with what her family is doing. her staying here doesn't bother us, since this isn't the first time we've let some stay with us cause they were having problems. We are nice people, I swear~! This is, however, the first time one of my friends have stayed with us. It's going be a little werid for me since I grew up as an only child. I'm not use to sharing my room~. It'll be a new experince for me and I'm not worried about it~. I'm happy I can help her out.
This is going to thorw my kitties off quite a bit though. Hatsu I'm not too worried about but Darling might get a little pissy-_-'. Ginger loves her so that's no problem there~.
Bought more books at Borders Friday. Buying what I can while I can~. One of the books I got seems really interesting. it's called Mechanique. I also snached the last copy of a book K ended up being interested in. I'm not being mean, what happens is she'll see a book that looks interesting to her (judging by cover) but won't read the back or look into it. I'll see the same book and pick it up and check it out. I then tell her about it and she whines that she thought it looked interesting. I then toment her on not it picking up and tell her too bad (okay so the last part is little meanXD).
I WANT ONE OF THEIR BOOKSHEVES! But I need the money for it. Last weekend they we're for $50 but I can't without Mom with me (for various reasons^^;). Hopefully they do that again!
I'm catching up on reading and various things. Which is good because my stack of books to read keeps growing every Friday~. -shakes fist- Damn you Syfi and horror sections.
Their was probably other things I wanted to put in this post but I don't remember them atm~. Oh well~.


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