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So I went to the eye doctor over the weekend. I found out that the prescription for my right eye was too strong. So she lowered that and I also adjusted some of the things I've been doing concerning my eyes  such as reducing brightness on electronics, limiting my reading (which is semi-failing), slowing down when doing things, and looking into rearranging my room a little. I haven't been getting lightheaded as much, which is good. I'm looking into setting up a physical examine though.
Why is it that cats look to get cling when is gets hot? I love my little furballs but when I'm heat and sweaty, their fur sticks to me.
It looks like the three shows that are airing this season that I'm going to be finishing are (aka that I kept up with) UtaPri 2000%, Devil Survivor 2, and Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. UtaPri is just fun and I'm a little hooked on the music~. DS2 screams out the gamer in me and i really like the way the plot went, though I still watch the last episodes (I think it's over now). GVP really got me with the recent episodes because of the development in Ledo~. Arata the Legend was already getting to poke holes in it then I found out about the reason that Masato bullies and mada Arata's was really lame. Majestic Prince just lost my interest and Valvrave the Liberator I fell behind on. I might try watch the rest of VtL later though cause i still find it interesting I just fell behind on it.
I've been loving on my PS3 so much and I have game ADD, cause I can't stay focused on one game. Though I haven't been gaming as much I'd like cause of my head.
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I'm tired. Life can go away now-_-.
I tend not to put the major things that happen in my real life on here cause it's not really in my nature (I mainly whine about stupid stuff on here, like anime I can't watch or games I can't playXD). I will say that I did reach a breaking point recently. Things have eased up a little since (I know I'll never get what I really want). Still busy and tired.
I haven't been keeping up with most of the anime I want to (I catch it here and there). Mainly trying to at least keep up with 2, Uta no Prince-sama 2000% (aka UtaPri) and Devil Survivor 2: The animation. I want to watch Attack on Titian but I can't play catch-up atm. I still find UtaPri pretty and fun. I love the music in the show (hot bishes and great music, it's not really hard to see why I like it so muchXD). I'm still kinda of judging DS2. I like it so far but I'm wary of serious like this. They can easily turn into a great disappointment in a flash. So far I've been looking forward it it (the down side is it make me wanna play the damn games-_-#).
Darling and Hatsu were so cute the other night~. Hatsu was laying in one of my baskets and darling jumped in and started cleaning Hatsu and being all sweet~. Hatsu seemed a little confused at first but then just let Darling do what she wanted~. In other kitty news, Rin fell out on of our window this morning (the screen must of been lose and he lean on it and fell out). He didn't get hurt but he stand  below the window (since it was my Mom's room window) and meowed and cried till he got attention. He was shaking and wide-eyed when was fetched. poor thing hates that outside and now he's in our basement's storage room (I think cause outside can't get him thereXD).
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A few things to post this time. First of all, K is pissed about Obama winning. Ironically, everyone one else I know that I've talked to voted for him^^;. She's going to be fun that next few days (I feel for anyone who brings it up with her). Also, the younger brother of a friend of mine is in one of her classes. I think I feel a little bad for him but I do find it funny thoughXD.
I read the end of Grand Guignol Orchestra and really Kaori? You make me sad. The story itself had a overall happy ending buuuut the extra story she had in this volume, that took up more then haft of the volume, didn't. WHY? She put in the author note regarding the end of GGO that she's wanting to write happier endings, which makes me happy but doesn't the sad ending to other story counter it? I still really like it though~. I love her series no matter what unfortunately.
Mom and I watched Cabin in the Woods and I really loved it~. I heard really good things about it before hand and now I see why. The twist at the end was so cool.
^Read that word up there...now skip over this if you wish not to read this~ )
The Reborn! manga has ended, which makes me so sad:_;. I still need to read the last few chapters but dammit. I just go into this fandom about a year ago (maybe less). Don't end on me;_;. I do really like the mangaka's, Akira Amano, art style so hopefully she/he (not sure) start a new series soon~. Luckily the fandom is still going pretty well right now but this just means it's going to slow down. Look like I might have to go on another fandom hunt...-cries-
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This week sucked cause our landlord is an idiot-_-. Seriously, it shouldn't have been that hard to fix a furnace! This is the third time in the last few week (two in the last week) that's he's trying fixing. The first times he's tried and it didn't was because he's a frickin' cheapskate! He even baffled the heater guy he hired to repair it at point because he spent 7 fickin' hours screwing with the furnace! All he was suppose to do was clean a coil! THAT'S IT! It do NOT take 7 hour to do that! The heater guy had to come back the next day because the landlord screwed it up and the fan wouldn't shut off. Honestly, I hate dealing with our landlord as well because, on top of him making sense maybe haft the time, he tends to interrogate me about every aspect of my life. It's none of his damn business! Then he'll go a criticize things to my Mom. For example, before I got my PA job he wouldn't stop nagging about me getting a job. YOU GET YOUR DAMN RENT! SHUT UP! -rage- Mom was just as stressed this week because of this. -sigh-
On a plus side, I started and finished a series this week thanks to my Clamp obsession~. The series Kobato got added to CrunchyRoll~. OMG, it made me tear up a few times but it was so cute and sweet~! The main pairing is so adorable! I just finished watching is and I'm still smiling~. it's put me in a good mood luckily~!
On the flip side I'm on the last volume of Grand Guignol Orchestra but I'm afraid of it because I fear finishing Kaori Yuki's series, as much as I love her. Lol^^;.
On a side note, I am so hoping the rain is done with because my allergies have been loving on me again because of it.
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I've been feeling so "bla" as of late. I'm sure I'll snap of it soon-ish but still, it's it's making me a little snap-ish. At least mental so, I try not voice a lot of my thoughts when I feel like this^^;.
I have been annoyed by Ginger lately but her being so insanely clingy does not help. I know it's not her fault or anything and I still love her. She's just been so whiny and needy as of late and we aren't sure why. Oh well. She clings to Mom more then me anyways.
Ditz has been staying over at her Mom's more then here lately. She's trying get everything adjusted so she can stay there. Which is a good thing for her~.
I have little to no Christmas or Holiday spirit this year. I think part of it is Halloween kinda sucked cause of the road work and things didn't work at all the way we wanted. Then Thanksgiving kinda killed any spirit that might have risen. I also think a little bit of it is because of the stores, TV, and various people kind of shove it down my throat before Halloween. I hate that-_-. -shrugs- Oh well. It's not like I'm going "Rawr, holidays end now!", it's more like the holidays can come or go to me. I don't plan bah humbuging or anything like that~. If the need arises, I can fake itXP.
Also, the weather needs to make up it's damn mind. If you're going to be cold, stay cold! I hate up and down shit-_-#.
Minor note: I wanna see the new Sherlock Holmes movie that's coming out tomorrow and I will get my hands on the D.Gray-Man artbook, Noche, that came out this week. -flails-
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They are still working on our road and it's somehow has gotten more torn up. Till the road less rough and crappy, I can't get my car fixed. Which means I'm stuck at home everyday except Friday. I'm getting little stir crazy. I love my room and time to myself but apparently I do have limits.
My arm is still feeling messed up and if I move it certain ways it does the pulling feeling. It hurt for that moment but become a dull throb. It's a little annoying.
Ditz and K are still clashing a bit but aside from listening to them complain I'm really not too involved. I give Ditz advice on how to deal with it and K bitches about most everything. Sadly, I kinda have been tuning K out a little bit recently. It's always something with her. -sigh-
Ever since my sleep schedule got thrown off that one week I've been having hell trying to re-establish it. Usually this is no problem for me. I can switch my sleep schedule in a snap but I think being here so much is screwing with me. Hopefully I'll be able to fix my car soon (I have the money, I just need to road to be better).
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Ugh...it took the Landlord 6 days to fix the furnace and for 3 of those we are not what the hell he and the guy he hired to the job did. We were also wondering why he though he need to help fix it when HIRED someone. Between them and the insane work being done to our street still my sleep got seriously messed up. I'm a night owl (or vampire as many  people I know call me). I I tend to sleep most of the morning away and that when they working. -whining-
I went out with K Friday and it was great until I started crashing. When I got my entire body was aching for some reason and I kept getting lightheaded BUT I couldn't sleep. Mom gave two PM's Saturday morning to help me sleep. I don't like medicine but I was desperate. Unfortunately, right when they were kicking in, the landlord came over. I couldn't move but he was keeping me awake. That kept happening most of the day. I'd start falling asleep or would be sleeping for about an hour or so then something or someone would wake me up. On top of that the jackass was over this weekend, which means him and Mom (mainly him) started arguing that night. -sigh- Needless to say, I wasn't doing much Sunday since I spent most of Saturday in bed and yet I felt like I got little to no sleep. I finally got catch up on my sleep a little but yesterday but mainly today. I still keep feeling lightheaded though, which worries me cause it's just spells. I'm almost constantly feeling lightheaded. I've been trying different things to help it. It's not as bad at the moment but still like "Stop it. Please." On top of everything my arm been bothering me and hurting like crazy. Dammit.-_-
Ditz been out more then in the last week or so. Which doesn't bother me as long as I have a idea where she is, which is usually her Mom's or J-dear's. Her and K are clashing horribly. They see each other too much (they have 2 classes together). K is too strong personality wise for Ditz. I try to keep the peace but their little I can do when they are in class^^:. I told Ditz not to take any classes with K next semester.
I'll be going to see Jeff Dunham tomorrow with my Mom~. It should be fun as long my head doesn't bother me too much~.
I can't the Blue Exorcist anime is over. I hoping it would be longer. Now I'm going to have to collect the manga...which trying to avoid^^'. I didn't mind the end though. It could easily be continued but It doesn't look like it's going to be, sadly.


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