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Last week was a bad week. Got some really bad news but we are dealing with it. Things are looking better for us now and were come to  accept what happened. I'm not going to go into detail on what happened but it's going to set us back a year or so. -sigh- Oh well. We can just do what we can.
On the plus side, my car (which previously thought dead) is getting fixed and wasn't as bad as we thought it was. Also, Ditz found a car, so i'm done giving her rides.
I read the third volume of KIELI, most of it in one night. The end wasn't sad but it does indicate the beginning of the next volume will be a little sad. Did find out the origins of the people of this planet. The begining feel of this volume was homey (which does makes the end a little disheartening). I'm seriously hooked on  this series, it why I wanted to read it through the library first. If I do end up wanting to buy it, then i can take my time. When I get hooked on reading something, I don't have the patience to wait^^',
Bunch of new anime anccenments have made me so happy. Not suprised but looking forward ot season 2 of Free!. Also, happy about season 2 of Psycho-Pass. Happy but also very wary about the announcement of Kuroshitsuji new anime, Book of Circus and OVA Book of Murder. I want to see the Joker animated but the previous anime was so bad that is makes me a little scared for this. -begs- Please stay to the manga. The movie sequel to K will be premiering this year as well.
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Okay, so I haven't been posting, I know. I've been a busy with Mom and funerals and the holidays (which I'm trying to avoid cause I just don't care this year). Life's been so-so, kinda of a week by week thing. Mom has been trying but things going on haven't been helping. A old and dear friend of hers died suddenly last week too and we went to the funeral Saturday. I'm not the best person to go to funerals with cause I really can't talk (or I have to limit my talking). This because I tend to make jokes or out of place observations. For example, at this one I noted that funeral seem to better for reunions then reunions are. I'm not trying to be cold, or mean, or insensitive, it's just how I deal with that kind of thing (I'd rather light the mood I guess?). But I'm respectful and keep most of my comments to myself.
I still can't wait for this year to be over with (and then I'll be done with the holidays too, yay). Hoping next year goes better.
I started reading a novel series called Kieli. There are 9 volumes total and I'm currently borrowing the first one from the library. I'm making top priority when reading atm cause it's on an inter-lbrary loan from so I don't know if I can renew it or not. I wanna try to finish before it's due just in case I can't. I read the manga that's based off of it and I really like that. Sadly it was only two volumes long, so it made wanna read the novel~.
I'm going to try and post on here more often then I have been I've just been busy or distracted or not caring.
Also, I would like to note: IT'S FUCKING COLD!  I can do snow and rain and chilly weather but I hate bitter cold weather like this. Even more so when i have to running in it. For other people. Ugh.
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Not too much has been going on. Back too being busy~. I did get to see Katsu-chan and we went to see the fireworks. They were really cool, got to love the sparkly onesXD. The fireworks have turned into a bigger deal since the last time I went to see them with vender and foods stands. 
Also, ~Happy Belated Fourth of July to everyone in the USA~
I've been getting distracted by many things when it come to anime but I have started reading new book called Gear of Wonderland~. It's a steampunk fantasy. I find to be a fun read so far (though I'm only 2 chapters in). I'm still a little gaga over my KindleXD. I can't just stop playing with it, even if I'm not really doing anything productive~.
I did see Michic last week, mainly cause her Mom bought ticket for a water park and bought one for me when she did. I went more for her then I did Michic. It was fairly fun. Rion's getting used to me (Just like he's getting to use to Michic's Mom. They shelter that kid and doesn't do well with new people).
It's been insanely hot lately and the heat seems to be getting to people. It also makes my tired and laggy. I can't wait for it to this weather to break. It's suppose to on Saturday, thankful.
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Hello, hello~! I have been pretty busy this last week~. I went to my graduation ceremony~. There was only two people in ceremony graduating with my degree. This one girl I talked to throughout most of it and me. We kept joking around and comenting on the signers at the ceremony were more entertaining then the people actually talkingXD. The one on the right was great cause kept making faces and weird gestures at times (her and the other singer rarely matched oddly enough~).
I got more money then I thought I would. I also got homemade cookies~! Yay COOKIES! They are also one of my favorite cookies, Mexican Wedding Cake~.
I put KH3D: The Collectors Edition on hold (fully paid for) and bought S1 of Code Geass so far~.
I Mom bought my Kindle Fire on Thursday. I didn't get to open it until Sunday but I LOVE IT~! -pets Kindle- So pretty. I finally play catch up with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! easier (instead of only being able to read it on my computer~). Also, I think I'm close to forgiving Amazon~.
Downside, my car got a flat tire when I was on my way to hang out with Michic. Which isn't too bad since didn't haft to pay to get it towed home (I love my insurance~).
So, all in all, I've been in a great mood~.
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Big change happened since the last post~. Ditz is staying with us now. She's been having some problems with her family. Mom and I offered to let her stay here. I won't go into her problems cause it's not my place to post them here, just that I don't agree with what her family is doing. her staying here doesn't bother us, since this isn't the first time we've let some stay with us cause they were having problems. We are nice people, I swear~! This is, however, the first time one of my friends have stayed with us. It's going be a little werid for me since I grew up as an only child. I'm not use to sharing my room~. It'll be a new experince for me and I'm not worried about it~. I'm happy I can help her out.
This is going to thorw my kitties off quite a bit though. Hatsu I'm not too worried about but Darling might get a little pissy-_-'. Ginger loves her so that's no problem there~.
Bought more books at Borders Friday. Buying what I can while I can~. One of the books I got seems really interesting. it's called Mechanique. I also snached the last copy of a book K ended up being interested in. I'm not being mean, what happens is she'll see a book that looks interesting to her (judging by cover) but won't read the back or look into it. I'll see the same book and pick it up and check it out. I then tell her about it and she whines that she thought it looked interesting. I then toment her on not it picking up and tell her too bad (okay so the last part is little meanXD).
I WANT ONE OF THEIR BOOKSHEVES! But I need the money for it. Last weekend they we're for $50 but I can't without Mom with me (for various reasons^^;). Hopefully they do that again!
I'm catching up on reading and various things. Which is good because my stack of books to read keeps growing every Friday~. -shakes fist- Damn you Syfi and horror sections.
Their was probably other things I wanted to put in this post but I don't remember them atm~. Oh well~.
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Lala~. Haven't post for a bit^^. Not to much going on.
Talked to Michic today. Surprise, she's miserable. Emo-boy isn't helping with Rion and they've been fighting. It seems her focus is mainly on emo-boy and not on her 1 year-old, helpless child. That is bad sign (and I made sure to tell her such) and it does worry me. She did get herself into this by leaving, again. Now she's all alone since she has no friends or family down with him. I can only listen to her up here.
I didn't think it was possible but Hatsu has gotten more clingy. It's cute and frustrating at the same time. I love my baby but it's hard going to sleep with some her little antics for my attention^^;.
I got two new books the other day courtesy of K cause I was debating over which one to get. I couldn't afford both (even with them on sale). After a bit she grabbed both from me and bought them for me. I did protest but she didn't listen me^^;. One of the books is called 'Dead Iron: The Age of Steam' because Steampunk is lovely. A friend of mine is part of the reason this story caught my interest as well~.
Started following another new anime: The Mystic Archives of Dantalian. Supernarutal anime that revovles around books~. It has a simularity to Gosick (like main female lead). Favorite episode so far is the one that like Steven King's Misery with a twist~.
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Psychology was canceled yesterday, which means we're going to be just that little bit more behind^^'.  Oh well, though wish I would've known before hand cause would have skipped since Math is easy this semester and it was a work day in my Art class (and I have the programs we're using at home and I'd just rather work at home). Doesn't help I little to no motivation for my classes this semester except for Psy-_-.
Terry's apparently coming over tomorrow to put in the new ceiling fan Mom got last weekend. Wondering how things are going to go. Mom reassures me she's not going to let him come back but we'll see cause she's said that before.
Getting a new stove tomorrow~! Mom's looking forward to cooking in itXD. I want Sunday to come cause I'm looking forward to my 3DS I have Scribblenauts for it too, Katsu~. Oddly enough, the 3D part is the part that I'm least interested in~. Also, like the 7 year old I am, I'm looking forward to Tangled being released on DVD cause I wanna buy it^^.
After getting hit with random inspiration, I bought and started reading Howl's Moving Castle. A book I totally meant to read in high schoolXD.
Watching Beck and while I love watching things subbed I can't resist watching this one dubbed cause I love hearing Greg Ayres sing~. Started xxxHolic as well~. Not to shockingly, I adored Yuko (liked like in Tsubasa as well, so~).
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My b-day is coming up but I've notice I'm pretty much like, "Eh, so?".  I am looking forward to seeing a friend of mine though~.
I've been doing quite a bit of reading this week, more then I have in awhile at least. Started on two series I've been nagged at for awhile to startXP. Much love for Pandora Hearts~! I can see why you were nagging about it Katsu~! I also started Kuroshitsuji~. Which was kinda funny cause Michc and emo-boy mainly emo-boy kept calling me this week (don't contact me for over a month straight but now you won't leave alone-_-). Emo-boy asked me about Kuroshitsuji. "Is is yaoi?". I blinked and went "Umm...It's like Godchild in that it isn't quite but can be easily."
I've become more determined to finish/catch up with my current series. I wanna cry a little though cause I'll never be able to finish Kamui and E's (since they were released by broccoli books and BB died). E's, I'll be okay with since I saw all the anime, and even if that's not how the manga goes exactly, I still have an ending for the series. Kamui on the other hand, left off on a horrible point;_;. And I'll never find scanlations for it cause it's not that well known. I'm still hoping (but that hope is dying/almost dead) that Tokyo Pop finishes Satisfaction Guaranteed at some point. Though I have seen some scanlation for it but they are early chapters...-sigh- I'm working on finishing Whistle! since that's finished releasing here (have 20 out of 24 so I'm close~). Since no store (that I can find) carries it in-store anymore and only online, that's how I have to buy it (same goes for Tactics. I only need the lasted volume of Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning, no surprise since that series comes in second to D.Gray-Man in favorite manga series. Ah, Yen Press is going to be releasing Uraboku~! I'm loving Yen Press cause they release a lot of my series atm (Spiral, Uraboku, Pandore Hearts, Kuroshitsuji~)~. They also release another series I've read a few volumes of before but I don't own. I kind of wanna read it again and I wouldn't mind collecting it but I'm not sure. It's has 12 out 13 volumes released already though. The series is Angel Diary and I'm playing with the idea at this point~.
Anime has been invading my dreams lately, which isn't too shocking but it's a little weird it's doing pairings I've never thought about before.
I've also been reading my World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse From Antiquity to Our Time as well as Lord Of The Dead. I love the poetry book~! I haven't gotten too far in vampire one yet so don't have much of a opinion on it yet.
Also, I was stamped as having equipment type innocence at [livejournal.com profile] rateme_exorcist . Which makes happy cause it has Kanda on the stamp so I have Allen and Kanda for my stamps (which in my mind goes "Yullen!"). I'm also very aware of how sad that is^^'.


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