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UGH! I was bordering on sick for part of last week and then it hit me full force on Saturday. I hate when that happens cause my body will just suddenly lose all energy and I get clammy and break into a cold sweat. I know it partly happens because I don't get time to really rest (for many reasons that I've put in my journal before) so my just kinda shuts down to make me rest. After bit of running later that day I got to sleep and rest the the day. I have such a love/hate relationship with anything that makes you sleepy. I love then when I'm sick cause I can have a hard actually sleeping when I sick (either too much mucus or cough is too bad).  But I hate then cause they effect a lot stronger then they do other people and the effects seem to last longer.  I'm feeling a bit better today (and by that i mean, I have energy~). I really  don't know what I hate more being sick or the after effects of being sick.
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Okay, so it's been a little while. This weekend was the first in a while that went well the entire weekend for quite some time~.
Mom is doing better, so yay on that. We are working to get cars fixed (cause both are having issue). We are starting with mine, since I'm doing all the driving and I whine about driving Mom's (when she's the car with me is even worse cause she nags me so hard. and she knows it).
Taking things day by day and I have been hibernating whenever I get the chance. I saying I need to stop doing that and break out of it but then I can't bring myself to care^^;. I did go out for a bit with Ditz Friday and Mom I have plans for later in the month. Winter's coming and I never like going out much then anyways~.
I am afraid I might be getting sick...-knocks on wood- I hope not but the weather has been perfect for it for me. I love Fall but the one downside of it is I tend to get sick during it a lot (that and allergies trying to kill me).
Fall season of anime is starting and there is waaaay too much I wanna watch;_;. I never keep up with them all (I'll try at first though, cause I can't resist~). Looking very much forward to season 2 of Magi and Kuroko's Basketball~. The only anime I manged to completely follow over the summer season was Free! and I really liked it. I would love to see more of it (fans are hopeful for this as am I).
I've been torn between playing Kingdom Heart 1.5, Ni no Kuni, and Final Fantasy XIII as of late when I have time to play~. I can't seem to stay on just one, it really just depends on what kind of game I wanna play at the time.
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I hate my immune system;_;. Does is party with what ever virus that enters my system instead of fighting it off? I got sick again earlier this week. Not as bad as normal so I'm only counting it as a haft sick but still. -rages then pouts- Boo.
Mommy has been driving me a little nuts. She been drinking quite a bit again. -sigh- Menopause is party of reason for this but that isn't really...great excuse. But I'm little afraid to argue with her on this Menopause may be a bad reason to drink all weekend but it still scares me-_-. -is a little bit of a wuss-
Loving the new anime I've been watching called Say, I Love You because the hopeless romantic in me squeals in joy while watching itXD. I'm liking BTOOOM a lot more then originally though I would~. So yay on that~!
The woman I work for, her sister had a baby earlier this week~. A boy, 21 inches long, and 10 lb 7oz. Big baby but the mother has diabetes and it seems from what I've been told that can be part of the reason for this. I'm not a huge baby person, I coo and squeal over little kids (age 3-9) but not baby. It's more like I have to response of wanting to poke them and go "Yeah, it's a baby." ^^;. I don't know why-_-.
Ah~! I ran into a old friend of mine yesterday while meeting up with Ditz at her work. I'll be calling her Hello Kitty on here~. It seems she moved back into town about a year ago. I was really happy to see her~. She's always a lot of fun^^. I got her cell number so maybe I'll see more of her~.
Rin and Hatsu keep picking at each other, especially in the morning...when I'm trying to sleep. I've been calling Thing One and Thing Two in the mornings. Little devils (but I love them). Most of the time Darling just ignores them or glances up of they get too loud (looks mildly annoy at being disturb). Rin has the nick of Little Fucker because he causes all kinds of trouble. He's a mischievous thing and he'll run off when when go to get on him but he comes right back to you a few seconds later. -shakes head- He's not very bright but he's cute and funny.

(Also, Katsu I'll be sending that list some time tonight or tomorrow~.)

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OMG, why? I got sick...again. I got some stomach virus...so much fun. Still a little tired and my head is feeling messed up still but I'm doing better. Plus side, before getting sick I did finish KH:3D~! Kya~! So much love for the end of the game. Lea(Axel) you are amazing~! The RikuSora-ness in this game made my fangirl side down in drool~! The game overall was a lot of fun too play and the storyline was so interesting. I'm not going to put too much here right now cause my head is feeling dizzy. But flipped out s hard at the end~!
I might put up more later but...I is dizzy now.
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Been sick the last few days (still a little under the weather). I've been having insanely bad luck as of late. After an accident last week (that I'm not going into here happen), I broke down but got over it with the help of Mom and K. a lot of little things keep going wrong. I got a chill mat for my Laptop (cause it's been getting really hot as of late) but the one I got didn't work out so I had to return it for a new one. Just before getting sick my allergies went nuts and that led right into the sickness. UGH. Mental and physical stress galore as of late.
Still have yet to get pictures from Ditz (not her fault just horrible timing issues with us -sigh-).
New kitty Rin is a pain in the butt but he's so funny. He keeps following Hatsu around at times and it drives her nutsXD. He thinks everything is play toy (knocked Mom's curtains down last nigh, she was not happy about thatXD).  He can be an insanely cuddly kitty though~.
I need to read the lastest DGM chapter (same with PH^^;) but I've been either busy or sick. Might read it tonight if I get a chance~.

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UGH! I fucking hate allergies. I knew they sucked before, I was happy without them! So WHY? For over the last week I've been misrable with them. ;_; Last weekend they seriously kicked my ass. -pout- I think I found something  that works better for me though.
I'm loving KH:3D<3! I'm close to finishing it (would have finished it by now but been a busy, shock). This game is RikuSora lovelinessXD.
Ditz got her new car finally but she's been busy with work and now school so we won't be able to see each much.
Not much to put since mainly the last week I've been either busy, feeling unwell or both^^;.
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Ugh...this weekend SUCKED.
I spent most of Friday comforting Ditz cause her supervise at work is kinda of bitch. I don't feel like going into why right now.
Saturday, I woke up sick so I was bed ridden all day. This up and down weather is killing me-_-.
I woke up feeling just slightly better Sunday but then allergies kicked in;_:.
I didn't eat most of the weekend and I feel better today but I'm really tired and my throat feels scratchy and dry.
Also, I seriously feel like a damn taxi service cause I've been driving people everywhere and I'm starting to get tired of it. Sometimes I wish could be a mean and horrible person because being nice SUCKS sometimes. They are these two people that I give rides too but even though they say thank you and tell me how grateful they are I'm starting to feel a little used. I'm getting a little sick of people in general right now. I've been dealing people and their problems and listening to them bitch a lot recently. I think I'm going to try my hardest to hibernate this week (which I doubt this will succeed-_-).
-sigh- I need read the latest chapter of DGM but I'll do that later...too tired to care right now.
Edit 4/10: Never-mind on the feeling better. I've thrown up twice today (and I rarely throw up), coughing violently again, and haven't slept. -headdesk- Not again. My body just feels so messed up right now. On top of that I'm an emotional mess at the same time for varies reason (Mom's not really much of a factor here this time though). I'm hating very hard on people right now-_-'.
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So I'm feeling better~. Yay~! Last week suuucked. I barely slept most of last week cause of my cough. Eevn when that died down for some reason I still couldn't get myself to sleep. I'm just glad I'm past it now.
Nothing to exciting happening right now. I'm on a little bit of a Code Geass kick cause of CR's recent Deal of the Day made me drool and got I want it but I have no money;_;.
Also, and this I blame on Ditz, I'm on a Vocaloid kick and I didn't have any real interest in Vocaloid before Ditz got into it and kept listening to them and talking about them. -shrugs- Oh well. More music to listen too~.
Oh a side, sometimes I hate my love of Alice in Wonderland and interest in anything related to it. I'm looking into starting a new series called Are you Alice?
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Agh...I've been sick all weekend. It started off as a mild sore throat on Thursday then just got worse from there.This also means my lovely cough is back;_;. Still feeling ill but I can't sleep right now and I was bored.
On the plus side, jackass came and got his stuff Sunday~.  I didn't have my contacts in at the time he came over but Mom said he looked horrible. I've never before have taken so much joy from someone else's suffering~.
Looks like the teacher here aren't going to be striking, which means I'll still be graduating this semester (as long as I pass my class^^).
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Ugh...it took the Landlord 6 days to fix the furnace and for 3 of those we are not what the hell he and the guy he hired to the job did. We were also wondering why he though he need to help fix it when HIRED someone. Between them and the insane work being done to our street still my sleep got seriously messed up. I'm a night owl (or vampire as many  people I know call me). I I tend to sleep most of the morning away and that when they working. -whining-
I went out with K Friday and it was great until I started crashing. When I got my entire body was aching for some reason and I kept getting lightheaded BUT I couldn't sleep. Mom gave two PM's Saturday morning to help me sleep. I don't like medicine but I was desperate. Unfortunately, right when they were kicking in, the landlord came over. I couldn't move but he was keeping me awake. That kept happening most of the day. I'd start falling asleep or would be sleeping for about an hour or so then something or someone would wake me up. On top of that the jackass was over this weekend, which means him and Mom (mainly him) started arguing that night. -sigh- Needless to say, I wasn't doing much Sunday since I spent most of Saturday in bed and yet I felt like I got little to no sleep. I finally got catch up on my sleep a little but yesterday but mainly today. I still keep feeling lightheaded though, which worries me cause it's just spells. I'm almost constantly feeling lightheaded. I've been trying different things to help it. It's not as bad at the moment but still like "Stop it. Please." On top of everything my arm been bothering me and hurting like crazy. Dammit.-_-
Ditz been out more then in the last week or so. Which doesn't bother me as long as I have a idea where she is, which is usually her Mom's or J-dear's. Her and K are clashing horribly. They see each other too much (they have 2 classes together). K is too strong personality wise for Ditz. I try to keep the peace but their little I can do when they are in class^^:. I told Ditz not to take any classes with K next semester.
I'll be going to see Jeff Dunham tomorrow with my Mom~. It should be fun as long my head doesn't bother me too much~.
I can't the Blue Exorcist anime is over. I hoping it would be longer. Now I'm going to have to collect the manga...which trying to avoid^^'. I didn't mind the end though. It could easily be continued but It doesn't look like it's going to be, sadly.
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Well this week started off not so great since I was sick the first part of it. My emotion were going nuts as well^^'. Wensday we had a pretty bad storm which knocked out our power. At least it was back the next morning (unlike one storm we had in July and we didn't have it for 6 days). Lightning struck right by Mom's work and split a tree in haft. She ended up coming home early. Aside from the power we didn't many problems, which I was excepting.
My B-day was Thursday~. I went out with Ditz and we hung out. Went to Borders, since she hadn't been there since the liquidation started and I promised to buy her a birthday present next time we went (ironically it was on my birthday~). Friday I ended up upset at Ditz and K over a few different things but I talked it out with them~. Today I spent with my Mom, she got me Tea for the store I love at the mall, a Precious Moments Bell from Hallmark (it's so cute><), a game card for my 3DS, a really nice pen, and pretty bookmark with fake jewels on it~. We went out to eat at Olive Garden. Why is people seem to want to feed you all the time on your b-day? I'm a little sick of sweets after the last few days^^;.
I got Okamiden for the DS! Yay! I haven't started it yet cause I've been busy but I've been wanting~. -dances- I played Days most of last week while I was sick, so I got farther in that~.
I'm seriously in love with the new anime NO.6! I can't get enough of it. The characters, animation style and plot are lovely~. Also, yay about this news~. I love Gosick and I was hoping it would get licensed~.
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Agh. I've been light headed and a little dizzy all day. It's getting annoying. I'm pretty sure I know why it's happening but I can't do anything about so I've  been whining at people most of the day. Hopefully it'll stop in a few days (if it doesn't then I'll worry).
Finals are over and I did just fine~. Yay~!
Had a pretty storm here a few days ago and i had to literally drag Ginger downstairs cause she hates the stairs to the basement and refuses to go down them. She's too heavy for me to pick-up too so dragging her twas the only way. Nothing got damaged at our house luckily~. It interesting having all the animals in my room at the same time. Mainly cause the cats don't do well on sharing my room with otherXD. but they left Ginger alone^^.
Looks like I'm to be getting out of the house quite a bit this summer whether I want to or not. K and Ditz aren't going to let me hibernate this year~.
I know their was more I wanted to type but I can't seem to focus very well to day. I've been spacing out a lot today (probably cause of the light-headedness).
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Last week was really busy, especially Wednesday. I was woken to the phone ringing and it was just person after person after that^^'.
Mother's day was fun~. Mom and I went to brunch together then later went and saw Cirque du Soleil: Dralion. It was amazing~. I fell in love so hard with the music. We ended up buying the CD and DVD for the performance. We were in the second row on the floor, so we had pretty awesome seats.
I would type more but I'm not feeling that great atm. Head's heavy and been getting noticeable headaches on and off all day (and part of last night). All stomach been feeling weird, not really hurting but that emptying feeling you get when you haven't eaten for awhile (which makes no sense cause I've been eating). Hope I'm not getting sick...
Might add more later about the show.
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ARGH, cold. I am not pleased weather, go away till after finals! I'm starting to feel that, I'm not sick but it can turn an minute feelings, like chills and finicky stomach. I can't miss class the rest this week either cause I test in Math and Geology-_-. Then I have finals for all my classes next week. Please, pleeease wait till next weekend to sick body, I'm begging you!
So, I skipped math today, since it was just review, to finish my book report , which I'm pretty sure was crap but I got it in and that's points so yay. So, Mr. G strikes again~. He put his foot in his mouth in both Business and Philosophy~. In Bus we were talking about financial forecasts and teacher told us woman are not as comfortable making these forecasts as men are, to which Mr. G says "It's because they can smell men's confidence." Their was was a few seconds of silence then laughter~. In Philosophy first he tried bribing me not mention the Bus class commentXD, we were talking about John Stuart Mill's Higher and Lower Pleasures, which was finny as hell cause of Mr. G's comments throughout the class. I couldn't keep track of everything he said. We've had to correct him on his own point many times, "This is what we think mean...". We also had to correct him on the fact that, yes, you can get pleasure from pain, it's called masochism. He brought the concept of absolute zero proceeded to discount the concept of absolute pain, which no one brought up, so that confused everyone. By the end of class the teacher was turning red from laughing, at one point the teacher said, "Mr.G having you in class has been painful pleasure." So very true~. I'll miss this class so muchXD.
I came across the song "Hero (Red Pill Mix)" by Superchick and I'm addicted to it. It teared up a little listening to it cause reminded me of some people I knew and past experiences.
Also, pointless info buuut...I realized I love Chai Tea~. I think I might have a had it once maany years ago before my whole "tea and water are my world~" thing. I had some today on a whim and I love it~.
Oh, I get to go shopping for my mom this weekend with terry. We're going to the mall. Lets hope both of us survive this cause this doesn't seem like it;s going to be fun^^;.
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I think I bomb my Business class test^^'. I'm not too worry, as long as I pass the class. I have no motivation for that class, the teacher makes sure of that-_-. She's nice and all but I don't like the way she's teaching it (and I'm not the only one, many people I've talk to in the class agree with me). She makes it hard to study for the tests. -sigh-
Philosophy has been interesting since we are talking about the existence of God. Thursday was on the Ontological Argument (which I'm not fond of). Mr. G, who the teacher like to mess with, wasn't there so this other guy (who I talk to a lot outside of class, now to be know as Hat Guy~)  was the focus~. It was amusing~. He's Agnostic and favors the everything is from nature idea so then if their is a higher power then he/she is in everything. We both sit in the front and when we were talking after class we both agreed, the one thing that sucks about being up front is not being able to see peoples reactions. We have some very religious people in the class so that would have interesting^^.
I've been getting major deja vu back to when I know as 'The Manga Library". I have various people I'm lending out to again. What amuses me is that I keeping getting the comment "How do you keep it all straight?". Experience~. After having to keep track of who has what of my manga and anime from the 11-15 people all borrowing my things back then, you get good at it~. 
It's getting colder and Mom is starting to show signs that she might be getting sick. If she gets sick I'm screwed. I don't wanna get sick yet! Wait till after this semester! -flails-
My computer has been acting a little odd. Main thing is that, even I have update with the latest version of flash player my live messenger keeps telling me I need to update every time I sign in-_-'. I've been trying to figure out to get that to stop but no luck as of yet. -sigh- Oh well, I'll keep trying~.
I've been been trying to find a new band or artist to listen to but nothing's really struck me yet~.
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This week is finals and guess what? I'm sick. Again. it's bad enough this happened at midterms but now during finals? WHY? -glares at weather- I blame you for this! Your up-and-down temperatures and weather patterns did this to me! The upside is I'm not bed-ridden sick atm, just sore-throat-stuffy-head-running-nose-coughing-till-I-throw-up sick. This is doing nothing to help me with my projects. The second haft of this semester has sucked. Was going to post Yullen FST tomorrow but I'm doubting that now. Most likely wont be till this weekend now. I'd put more but I'm tired...
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Aggh...my head feels so damn heavy and light at the same time...and it feels like something is just zapping my energy. This keeps happening on and off and it's irritating cause it make me not wanna work on things I need to work on. I need to do an article for Bio and turn it in by midnight but at this rate I think I'm just going to eat the points. I'm doing well in that class so I'm thinking fuck it. I just don't have the energy in me right now. Classes were dragging to me today. Mainly worked on the photos I need for my last project in Color. Was going to work on other projects tonight but I doubt I'll be able to focus on them. Next week is going to be hell...I just know it...
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I hate my luck...I've been sick since Thursday night, I just hit me out of nowhere-_-. Luckily I was able to pull myself together enough Friday morning to taken my last midterm. I'm having the hardest time eating, which means I have little energy. It so sucks cause it had to hit me at the start of my spring break;_;. Even now I'm getting tired just sitting at my computer. I was doing so well this winter too...-sob- I'm starting to feel better but it's like my body is having the hardest time recovering. I usually take about a day to recover and by now I usually feel mostly better but it's just not going like that this time.
Ugh...must get off now...-staggers back to bed-k
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5 day weekend coming up, along with Thanksgiving so it only makes sense that I'm starting to feel ill...-would headesk if head wasn't already hurting- I slept most of my night away after class yesterday and today I just didn't go. I'm thinking driving while feeeling so damn tired wasn't a good idea. I've been sleeping most of the day. I don't wanna get sick cause that means I won't eat (if I do it'll be shoved down my throat) and I'll be sick for at least 4 daaaaaays. ;_; I' already not eating much (only thing I've eaten today is hashbrowns and took my liquid vitamins).
Cats have hyper lately, with Hatsu that's no suprise but Darling has been hyper (she tends to just lay around normal).
I would type more but I'm getting tired. I think read some then crash again.
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Ugh...sicky germs are NINJAS! Since randomly getting drained Friday night, to sleeping almost all Saturday, to dealing with very upset stomach (and a problem involing my stomach that I'd rather not type) Sunday night and most of Monday, to a touchy stomach and tiredness (not eating much will do that) today. My weekend SUCKED-_-. I though I was safe...just have to deal my summer related issues. -sighs- Also I deciced to stay in my mom's room upstairs (for mutiple reasons and mother slept else were) Sunday night. One reason is cause Darlings can be very...persistant at night and can get on my nevres (when tossing a turning a cat that wants to LAY on you in not helpful). But alsa that reason ended up being null an dvoid cause Darling's a stalker ninja kitty. See, the vent in my mom's room is connected to the bathroom vent. Darling (after firguring out where I was and tried whining and clawing at the door) deiceded to make her way in through there. Stubborn cat  is stubborn.
In other news, last I heard from Miichic, her parents are driving down to get her Thrusday morining so she should be here about Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Oh also, it looks like we might have to take Hatsu to the vet again. She some odd...wounds?...by one of her eyes. That cat is a pain-_-' (I still love her though).
I'd type more but energy is now very low...and I'm a little nauseous...


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