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So, my goal of posting more has kinda of been failing. My bad on that. I've been getting busy or not having the time when I am on the computer. Things haven't too bad. Mom and Lover boy have been keeping me busy (and driving me nuts). I love them both but they have annoying the crap out of me on the weekends (bars can be so boring to someone who doesn't drink). The main problems lately have been that Mom's been drinking on everyday she has off. I've stopped fighting though cause it's was stressing me into illness. Also, driving people around all the time can be more tiring then you think.
A plus that happened recently is Lover boy bought a PS4 which means we now have a PS4~! Yay~! There aren't many games out that is interesting to me (and not also for the PS3). Only one that I want (and getting) is Final Fantasy Type-0. I've been looking forward to this game for awhile, so getting a PS4 now works for meXD.
I've have been following a lot of series this season but I really do like the ones I am following. I am so hooked onto the series Cute High Earth Defense Club (a Magical boy anime~). It's so much fun~! Loved season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul and I'm loving season 2^^. Death Parade was looking forward to and it has not disappointment me at all. I'm ecstatic about Durarara!! x2 because I was so torn on watching because I love the dub so much and I wanted to watch season 2 the same way but I didn't if they were going to do that (I also didn't want to wait). They are doing a siml-dub for it~! -dances- same voice actors and all~. Sailor Moon Crystal is good over all and I still like it but the last few episodes have been a little repetitive.
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So, still trying to post more often~. Recently I've been debating on whether on not to keep Hulu or go with Funimation for streaming. Plus side of Funi is NO ADS and has both sub and dub of a lot of series (which is good for when my eyes or head is bothering me and reading subs hurts). Down side of Funi is since the PS3 app was just released not long ago (like month or so I think?) there are some error in it, a little lagging and it doesn't have a queue or history yet (so having to hunt down shows and what eppie I'm on can a little bit of a annoyance, more so with longer series like Fairy Tail). Plus side of Hulu, stable PS3 app, has a queue and remember were at, anime selection from more then just Funi. Down side ADS (when paying for it-_-), less dub selection, and ADS (I have an issue with this is you couldn't tell). I'm doing a trail for Funi atm (Hulu is on hold). I can't really do both (plus doing both would all in all but redundant cause most of the shows I wanna watch on Hulu is released by Funi). So well see how it goes.
I bought Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines a few weeks ago when it was sale. I spent a go deal of the day yesterday fixing the issues I was having with getting it to play right on my computer. It's an older game and wasn't made with Steam in mind (since it was before Steam I believe). So I had to get patches for it and mess with the game start up stetting and Steam setting and all that jazz. But I got it to work right, so yay~! I played a bit of it and now I think I wanna redo the character I'm playing as so I'm most likely going to restart  but not sure.
Things haven't been too bad. I've been getting more reading done since I been driving around because it's been a lot of drive here now waiting, drive here now wait. I'm behind on my manga anyways, so this works~.
I'm going to be getting a new phone at the end of this week. Mainly because the plan I'm using now it's working for me anymore since I've been having to use it a lot more. I'm hoping to be able to keep my number but we'll see what happens.
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-makes gabby hands- Give it to me now, I want so bad. Also, that teaser at the end! Now, I want more then ever~!
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I got a new laptop. Katsu and her Mom help me out a lot on picking one out. I like it for the most the part. It can play video~! My old one just gave up on video, even youtube could be a fight.
I'm stilling setting things up on it, but I can't finish doing that till I get my files from my old one. I will be getting those next weekend. Right now just trying to remember bookmarks, downloading programs I need, and figuring out fucking Windows 8 (hence the  for the most part earlier).
The plus side is the default start up screen is desktop mode, so yay on that. I don't know if it's a HP thing or not but it works for me~. Down side is finding everything. I have to hunt down settings I normal can find easily. Plus I keep bring up this side bar thing when I swipe on my trackpad from the edge of the right side. It's annoying. It's going to take time to get used to Win 8. I didn't want to get it but I couldn't pay to get it downgraded.
The more I get use to using Win 8, get my files, and set up it up the way I want it, I'll be happier. Right now my iTunes looks so sad...
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Lalala~! So I finally got my PS3~. I've been playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope (a game I've been dying to play since is came out~). It play CrunchyRoll so well too~! I've been playing catch-up on my anime (since the spring season is starting). It came in handy yesterday cause I felt like crap the last two days. My stomach was messed up and I had no energy. I think some it is all the running and things I've been doing catching up to me. I've doing better now luckily.
Due to certain reason, It's confirmed that I'll be doing all the driving for the next year. Fun fun. Means I'll a little busier now.
On the anime front, I'm up-to-date on Magi and I really hope they end up continue it. It so much fun to watch~. I finished Blast of Tempest and it didn't end the way I thought it would, which made my very happy (I feared the end of this series). I love Aika so much<3. She such an interesting character, too the very endXD.
I'm little sad that Funi got the streaming right to Karneval. I'm still going to watch it but I really was hoping CR would get it. Oh well. -sigh-

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Cause of few things that have come up on top of Mom's surgery, in this last week, I've been doing all the driving (and will continue to do so for awhile it looks like). I don't mind helping out but this last week has been stressful enough^^;. Mom is doing a lot better. She is getting pretty stir crazy though~. She can't go back to work till April 3, at the earliest though.
I've been helping Ditz out with somethings and we did get a chance to talk about things. I've straightened out a lot of issues I was having with her (not big things, just little things piling up). It's easier to talk to about things like this then K at times.
Luckily I'm able to keep the job I've been doing for the last year or so cause the promising one didn't pan out. it was a giant mess and I couldn't tell if i had to the job or not (I kept getting mixed answer and signals) and with everything that's happened recently i haven't had the time to deal with them.
Yay, I did get to buy my PS3, sadly I don't have it yet though. the best deal i found was only available online, which makes me sad cause I'm tired of waiting (I've been really whinny about to anyone who will listen to meXD. I do have a few games for it already though. Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Yay~!), and Naruto Shippuden Storm 2 (I may not follow the series but i have odd love for the games~). Two games I really want are out of my price range, Ni No Kuni and Naruto Ship Storm 3. -makes grabby hands- I did put in a preorder for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix~. -dances-
Rin has been driving Hatsu nuts (and in turn me). He just loves messing with her and she doesn't agree with this-_-'. I don't mind during the day but when I'm trying to sleep and I'm here them (i.e. Hatsu) going on before the crack of dawn I wanna scream. On top of my sleeping being mess-up and very little at times I tend to throws things (and by 'things' I mean my stuffed animalsXD).
Sadly, cause of how busy I am, I'm so behind on CR;_;. I will spend a catch-up day once I get my PS3 though. I'm looking forward to the Spring season though cause two anime I adore are continuing; Kuroko's Basketball and Knight in the Area~.  Also, Karneval will be starting soon (I so hope CR gets it~). I have my eye on a few others as well (says the person behind on what's she's currently watchingXD) but I wanna see who (CR, Funi, etc) gets what .
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So Mom had her surgery on Thursday. It went well but she did have to stay over night at the hospital. Her gallbladder was pretty inflamed and she had so oozing and bleeding the wanted to let drain. She may drive me nuts at times but I didn't like leaving her in the hospital. One, I know she really doesn't like them and two, she's my only family. I spent most of Thursday in the hospital. When I did I was pretty emotional and upset. Luckily K and Ditz had me meet up with them and they cheered me up~. Not working is driving Mom a little nuts and she's pretty bored. With Mom's surgery added to everything else I have to do, I've been insanely busy. Mom's very limited on what she can right now so I've been doing most of the running around.
After at least, what, four or more years of living here, the bathroom downstairs is going to be finished~. I'm looking forward to it too^^. It's supposed to look pretty nice (now if only I could fixed up my room~).
Mom's going to let me me keep my taxes, so yay~! I'm going to be able to get a PS3 when they come in~! -dances- I'm so happy^^. I've been dying for one for a long time. Once I get it, I will be dead to the world for a few days, I know thisXD.
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So the last week or so has been interesting. Friday, A lost dog came up and scratched on our door. It was really cold out, so she was let in. She was a chocolate lab and very friendly. We looked at her tags. They were rabies tags from a different county (but were still dated this year), so we called the number and found out the dog had been sold to someone in our county but they didn't us who. We ended up calling Animal Control to come and get her cause, as much as we love animals, we couldn't take care of her. Our cats were all on edge (Rin was very displeased, I'm thinking it was how big she was that bothered him), and Ginger was all kinds of pissy and pouty. hough now there's a joke with the people I know that house is known as an animal shelterXD.
I've been fighting with my current job because they screwed up my pay (and I'm still to firgure this out, a week later) and confused about the job I applying and training for. -sigh- I've been give the run around with my current job and little answers with the other one.
I get to file my taxes next week~. I'm hope to save up enough with taxes and a little bit from one of my checks to get a PS3~. -dances- I'll be so insanely happy if I can but it all depends on what I get back for taxes (and what I get to keep).
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OMG, the last few days have fun but so tiring because the very little sleep I got. I pretty survived on sugar and caffeine. Which that itself is just weird for me~.
Thursday I got to hang out with Katsu-chan^^! I love see her, even if it kills my voice from all the talking we doXD. We also ran into [livejournal.com profile] crazedinsaneone while we were out~. It was really nice to see her again^^!
Friday I hung out with K. Shocking enough, I got to hang out at her house (which is rare). Her sister made me these delicious shortbread jelly cookies~. I was suppose to take Lover Boy to the Vet but ended up decided to go Saturday. Mom and I were not happy about that though.
Today Mom and I had go shopping early today cause of Lover Boy. Mom and I were so tired after days of little sleep (she had been having a hard time sleeping). We were in the state that we easily found things funny~.  I got my new iPod touch~. It's an 8GB. I could've got an 32GB one but I wanted money for my PayPal account for other things I wanted to buy and I'm used to having and 8GB so I'm fine with it^^. When we were done I went back to bed~.

Also, ~Happy St. Patrick's day~!


Feb. 14th, 2012 03:41 pm
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I want this so much~! It's looks amazing~!
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First real DW entry~!
So Christmas itself wasn't too bad. Mom made-home ravioli (I loved the cheese and ravioli ones^^). Mom only had a little but wine over Christmas. I was kinda of expect a disaster of a Christmas this year^^'.
The day before Christmas Eve I got my iPod touch pick-pocketed from me at the mall. I kinda broke down in the middle of the mall cause a lot of things have been happening and it was a breaking point. I got it last year for Christmas. Ditz was a great help in calming me down though^^.
Now the things I got for Christmas~. I got the Final Fantasy: Advent Children Collectors Set and the new Disturbed CD: The Lost Children for Mom. The jackass gave me the best gift he's ever given me, $50XP. He sucks at gifts for me so yay~. From Ditz I got the new manga by Clamp Gate 7 and peppermint truffles for Mom and I. She said she had some else for my but didn't have it on her at the time. Kathy gave my and $25 gift card for the mall.
I'm happy about how Christmas went but I'm still bitter and upset though. -sighs- Oh well.
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Big change happened since the last post~. Ditz is staying with us now. She's been having some problems with her family. Mom and I offered to let her stay here. I won't go into her problems cause it's not my place to post them here, just that I don't agree with what her family is doing. her staying here doesn't bother us, since this isn't the first time we've let some stay with us cause they were having problems. We are nice people, I swear~! This is, however, the first time one of my friends have stayed with us. It's going be a little werid for me since I grew up as an only child. I'm not use to sharing my room~. It'll be a new experince for me and I'm not worried about it~. I'm happy I can help her out.
This is going to thorw my kitties off quite a bit though. Hatsu I'm not too worried about but Darling might get a little pissy-_-'. Ginger loves her so that's no problem there~.
Bought more books at Borders Friday. Buying what I can while I can~. One of the books I got seems really interesting. it's called Mechanique. I also snached the last copy of a book K ended up being interested in. I'm not being mean, what happens is she'll see a book that looks interesting to her (judging by cover) but won't read the back or look into it. I'll see the same book and pick it up and check it out. I then tell her about it and she whines that she thought it looked interesting. I then toment her on not it picking up and tell her too bad (okay so the last part is little meanXD).
I WANT ONE OF THEIR BOOKSHEVES! But I need the money for it. Last weekend they we're for $50 but I can't without Mom with me (for various reasons^^;). Hopefully they do that again!
I'm catching up on reading and various things. Which is good because my stack of books to read keeps growing every Friday~. -shakes fist- Damn you Syfi and horror sections.
Their was probably other things I wanted to put in this post but I don't remember them atm~. Oh well~.
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Well this week started off not so great since I was sick the first part of it. My emotion were going nuts as well^^'. Wensday we had a pretty bad storm which knocked out our power. At least it was back the next morning (unlike one storm we had in July and we didn't have it for 6 days). Lightning struck right by Mom's work and split a tree in haft. She ended up coming home early. Aside from the power we didn't many problems, which I was excepting.
My B-day was Thursday~. I went out with Ditz and we hung out. Went to Borders, since she hadn't been there since the liquidation started and I promised to buy her a birthday present next time we went (ironically it was on my birthday~). Friday I ended up upset at Ditz and K over a few different things but I talked it out with them~. Today I spent with my Mom, she got me Tea for the store I love at the mall, a Precious Moments Bell from Hallmark (it's so cute><), a game card for my 3DS, a really nice pen, and pretty bookmark with fake jewels on it~. We went out to eat at Olive Garden. Why is people seem to want to feed you all the time on your b-day? I'm a little sick of sweets after the last few days^^;.
I got Okamiden for the DS! Yay! I haven't started it yet cause I've been busy but I've been wanting~. -dances- I played Days most of last week while I was sick, so I got farther in that~.
I'm seriously in love with the new anime NO.6! I can't get enough of it. The characters, animation style and plot are lovely~. Also, yay about this news~. I love Gosick and I was hoping it would get licensed~.
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Weekend was fun~. Went out with Ditz and K on Friday, like always. When we came out of the mall my battery was dead. Fun fun. Ditz called the Sears auto place at the mall to see if they would still be open when we it got there (since it looked like we where going to have to push it). They said they'd stay open for us. Luckily we got a jump from a guy in a truck (according to use, if you need a jump, find someone in a truckXD). It was kinda of funny though. While K and Ditz were waving the guy down, K stay to the side. Ditz was walking out in front of the truck. Her reasoning was "He was going to stop one way or another." Luckily, we were in a parking lot and the guy was driving fairly slow. While we were waiting for my battery to be fixed we had fun messing around in the store and apparently amusing the staff~.
Saturday I went out with my Mom and bought a new couch. The one we have now is a disaster that jackass brought home while he was still living here. The new one will be delivered Saturday and it's so comfy^^. I also dragged Mom to the new tea place out at the mall which I'm in love with~.
Easter was good. I didn't have to go anywhere, which was lovely cause I've been going out every day for the last 7 days or so for school or friends. I'm good with people but they are tiring dude@_@. The only down part of the day was when jackass came by. I felt bad for Ginger cause she loves him and was sulking after he left. Mom babied her for the rest of the day. I didn't say anything to him aside from my initial "Hey" when he came in. Mom didn't say anything for 5 minutes or so and then said "You made your choice clear," and didn't say much of anything else. He said he'd call in a week or so before he left. Mom said she doubted it and she didn't care. It looks like this might be the end but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high yet.
I can't believe classes are going to be over for this semester soon. I am looking forward to May though. I'm going to be seeing both the Trans Siberian Orchestra and Cirque du Soleil^^.
I finished watching xxxholic. I wanna read the manga now but I'm going to have to collect it to do that and I'm not sure I wanna start collecting another series atm (I'm pretty sure I'll end up starting it anyways though...). I started watching Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. It's a fun anime to watch~. Also been watching series a Cruchyroll, like Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Blue Exorcist, SKET Dance, and Gosick. Also, my reasoning for watching Blue Exorcist has nothing to with D.Gray-Man. It just looked interesting and I liked the style of it~. So far I really like it and I adore SIH~SKET is more just for the fun of it~.
On a whiny note, my left leg has been bothering me for some odd reason. It tends to bother me a lot when I'm sitting in my computer chair (like now). No matter what position I sit in it, it bothers me.
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So weekend was busy once again but fun~. Hung out with Ditz, K (new friend I mentioned in my last post), and Mr. Borders (friend of mine I meant at Borders, where he works~). We just kinda of hoped around places and scared peopleXD. Bonding with random people in other cars on the road is fun~. Saturday I hung out with Katsu and we saw Beastly~. It was really funny (even it's wasn't suppose to be~). The main character is a ninja-stalker who kidnaps and blackmails people~. We were surprised when found out Neil Patrick Harris was in it and a blind teacher. He saved the movie several times (you have to love the guy gagging while the main characters are exchanging cheesy dislodgeXD). By the time I got home, my voice was so tired from all the talking~.
Sunday mom got her new ceiling fan put in with fairly little problems (nothing ever goes smoothly for us). I looks really good in the living room. It has a shone wall look to the base. Mom seems to have found someone she can call as a handyman, so their really is NO reason for Terry to come back. Luckily we yet to hear shit from him. Yay~!
This post at ANN made me very happy~. I will be totally getting that~. I didn't think it would get an English release so yay for that~.
Side note, I change the commenting on my journal to registered users cause the recent 4 spam comments I got in a row the other day~.
Also, Katsu here is the link to the Dragon Knights doujinshi being sold by the seller I was talking about.
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Psychology was canceled yesterday, which means we're going to be just that little bit more behind^^'.  Oh well, though wish I would've known before hand cause would have skipped since Math is easy this semester and it was a work day in my Art class (and I have the programs we're using at home and I'd just rather work at home). Doesn't help I little to no motivation for my classes this semester except for Psy-_-.
Terry's apparently coming over tomorrow to put in the new ceiling fan Mom got last weekend. Wondering how things are going to go. Mom reassures me she's not going to let him come back but we'll see cause she's said that before.
Getting a new stove tomorrow~! Mom's looking forward to cooking in itXD. I want Sunday to come cause I'm looking forward to my 3DS I have Scribblenauts for it too, Katsu~. Oddly enough, the 3D part is the part that I'm least interested in~. Also, like the 7 year old I am, I'm looking forward to Tangled being released on DVD cause I wanna buy it^^.
After getting hit with random inspiration, I bought and started reading Howl's Moving Castle. A book I totally meant to read in high schoolXD.
Watching Beck and while I love watching things subbed I can't resist watching this one dubbed cause I love hearing Greg Ayres sing~. Started xxxHolic as well~. Not to shockingly, I adored Yuko (liked like in Tsubasa as well, so~).
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Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day~. So, Happy belated Valentines DayXD!

I went out to dinner with my mom Sunday, since we do like doing something like that together around V-day. I got a giant stuffed frog, since it's tradition for her to give me a stuffed animal on V-day (also on Easter~). He's so soft and cuddly. I like using him to lend on while watching TV/movie/anime whatever~. I also got a small little teddy bear from weird girl~. She seemed surprised when proclaimed my love of stuffies and that I sleep with one~. I feel no shame in admitting that to people. They are cute, cuddly and I will never out grow them! I also got some dove chocolate truffles in the shape of little hearts. I like V-day cause one hopeless romantic and two, the cynical people and their anti-V-Day rants. Thier ranting amuses and fascinates me~. The cynical side of me loves itXD.
So...bored...in...math. I know what the about triangles and parallelograms are. I learned that A LONG TIME AGO. I spent all of math on my iPod touch. My last teacher wasn't lying when she said this class was going to easier. Oh, well, and easy math is a good thing though~.
My Right Stuf order came in earlier this week~. The Tsubasa art book was so pretty~. I love Clamp's art style. I didn't except to fall in love with Tsubasa like this to be honest. I just started it out of curiosity~. Both of my doujinshi have come in and the Tsubasa one is adorable~. It has little Fai twinsXD. The Haseo/Azure Kite(?) art is better then I though it was going to be~. I have little idea of the plot but it's pretty~. I might figure more of it out after looking at it a million times (that's what usually what happens with doujinshis like thatXD).
The weather has been so nice out~. Which make me happy but scared cause just know we are going to get one more blast of freezing cold before the nice weather stays;_;.
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...I resent my math class now. The teacher is really nice but her teaching style sucks. I took a test the other day and I swear I spent five minutes on one question trying to figure out what she me to do. Quite a few of the questions where phrased...odd. As long as I pass, I'll be happy. If Eric wasn't in my Art class I would be so bored  realized. He wasn't there Tuesday and I spent most of the time on iPod Touch reading manga. I spend a lot of time helping him in and after class. I already how to do what we are doing^^;. Oh well~. Psychology is interesting at least and the definitely shows her passion for it. We are currently talking about the brain still. She admitted she can get carried away ralking about things in this sectionXD.
Right stuff shipped my order, YAY~. Got the KuroganeFai doujinshi today and it's cute~. It has little twin versions of FaiXD. He get attached to them and then they go bye-bye and he's sad  in which Kuro comforts him then (very short summary)~.
I'm will be buying a new cell phone this weekend. I keep forgetting to do that and it's sad when my mom is demanding I buy a electronic and I keep forgetting to do it. I'll mass texting people in my contacts my new cell number at some point this weekend~.
This week has been so cold and it sucks having a room in the basement when it's cold like this. I barely get heat to my room in the first place, match that with the fact that our heater sucks when it's bitter like this. Brr. Luckily it's suppose to warm up a bit next next. Hopefully melt some of the giant piles of snow.
Started a new series, Alice in the Country of Hearts. Alice in Wonderland things are a serious addiction for meXD.
Also, I want to go the this;_;. I'ce talk to someone who has and they'ce told me it's pretty awesome. Damn. I'm not a major FF fan but I do like FF and I love the music for it.
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Hey~. I hope everyone had a good Christmas~. Mine went really well this year. Yay~! I got pretty much all I asked for^^. Mom didn't drink Christmas (or today) like she promised and terry was semi-tolerable. He even got me a gift that didn't suck (like the camera that didn't work that he bought from a bar-_-'). He got me a Dragon Claw Dagger, and it looks really cool~. I also got gift cards for Best Buy, Borders, and iTunes (I love gift cards, they aren't impersonal to me, they just say "I know you like this place and I want to get something you really want so here you go^^!"). Also, Nightmare Before Christmas earmuffs and car seat cover, 20th anniversary DVDs of Oliver and Company and The Aristocats, The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Love's Baby Soft set and Rain Forest set (Loves is the only perfume I really like and will wear), a cardigan like sweater, a turtle neck sweater, and new warm pajamas (cause I've been complaining^^') which include Tinker Bell sweatsXP. But my favorite gift has been my new iPod Touch~! I'm love with it and have been almost glued to it since I've gotten it^^. I need to get use to typing on it though I'm having fun looking for apps for it (atm looking at free ones, might buy some later~).
I've been catching up on anime and manga~. Almost dine with Tsubasa and now I wanna read the manga for it~. And unless I decided on something else the next anime I'm getting from Netflix is a partly just for curiosity and something a little mindless, Air Gear. I need to work on my instant queue as well on their~.
I talked to Michic and it looks like she might be coming up here and visit after the new year to help out with her Mom. No details or dates yet though so I'm a little iffy.
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So, I finally got to go out shopping with my Mom like we planned a few weekends ago~. We had a lot of fun, I got her to buy herself quite q bit~. My feel were killing me by the end of the day;_;. I got new boots (partly on Mom's insistence "I'm getting new boots and need new ones any anyways~). The design is nice and the sole in comfy but I'm worried how the middle is going to be cause the design makes it kinda of tight. We spent a good deal of time at the mall~. Mom saw a necklace she though looked nice at this jewelery store that was on sale~. It's a key with a heart at the handle end with a diamond in it. I bought it for her (which is funny cause she was going to buy it for meXD). The lady said my Mom and I looked so alike (which a lot of people say) and then said we looked like sisters. We both mental laughed at that cause...no. After the mall we went to Borders and I debate on getting Fullmetal Alchemist manga, even thought I only have 1 and 4^^'. I got 2 and 3 today and figure I'll slowly catch up on it. I would like the manga for it~. After going to Best Buy (where I bought another Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland~) we decided to call it quits and head to dinner cause I could barely walk without looking retardedXD. We went to Olive Garden and the waiter was a little annoying. It's nice when they check on you but he was doing it every five minutes or so-_-. I crashed for about an hour when I got home~. Weekend had been pretty great so far~.
In other things, I'm looking forward to time off of classes next week cause:
1) I need to start reading my book on my philosopher for philosophy.
2) I'm really starting to hate business class (the way the teacher runs it makes me dread the damn class). A break form it will be nice~.
I am really happy about math though~. I got a 97% on the test I was sure I was going to bomb~. -insert happy dance- Yay~.
Terry's is showing signs of messing up again. He hasn't yet but he's not looking good (like hmm, suspicious). So mom's keeping an eye out on it (as well as having me keep tabs~).
I've been looking at doujinshi again~. BUT not DGM or KH~! Haha~! I want to get some for a different series so I'm looking at Megaman (EnzanNetto) and .hack (HaseoSilabus, BalmungKite, HaseoKite, is varies~). The Megaman I want a t the moment is really cute~of course.


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