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So things are going better this month then last month (for the most part). I got oddly ill last week and I still don't get what was wrong with me. I'm most better now so I think was just a little virus or something.
Mom has been decorating the house for Halloween. She happy since she hasn't been able to the last few years. She's also going to have Halloween off this year, so she's excited for that.
Things have been going well with Lover Boy for the most part. I did get into a light tiff with him a week or so back. It did make Mom and I figure out something though; most of the of the guys we know don't count driving around (on errand, people, etc) as a chore or work (ignoring that people do the and similar thing for a living). It's a little annoying but I'll take little things like things over jackass any day.
Finished up Tokyo Ghoul the other day and I WANT SEASON 2 NOW! Why must I wait till winter;_;. They announced and continuation of the series K (not sure if it's another movie or season, kinda want it to be another season). I still need to see the movie for it since it didn't come to theater in my area. I'm currently watching S2 of a few different series I've been watching. I'm hoping the second haft of S2 of SAO is a little better thenthe first part, GGO. I really liked parts of GGO but I found it so slow at times. I am watching the new series World Trigger, which I find fun and amusing so far~.
Been playing around with mods for Don't Starve recently cause it's fun~. It amazes how much time I end up wasting on this gameXD. I did have to do a refresh on my computer last week. I decided to do some of the updates it's been yelling at me about and when I restarted it, the desktop screen kept refreshing itself every 5-10 seconds. This isn't the first time it's done this but what I did before didn't work this time, sadly. Luckily the refreshed work though and nothing is harmed on my computer.
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This week sucked cause our landlord is an idiot-_-. Seriously, it shouldn't have been that hard to fix a furnace! This is the third time in the last few week (two in the last week) that's he's trying fixing. The first times he's tried and it didn't was because he's a frickin' cheapskate! He even baffled the heater guy he hired to repair it at point because he spent 7 fickin' hours screwing with the furnace! All he was suppose to do was clean a coil! THAT'S IT! It do NOT take 7 hour to do that! The heater guy had to come back the next day because the landlord screwed it up and the fan wouldn't shut off. Honestly, I hate dealing with our landlord as well because, on top of him making sense maybe haft the time, he tends to interrogate me about every aspect of my life. It's none of his damn business! Then he'll go a criticize things to my Mom. For example, before I got my PA job he wouldn't stop nagging about me getting a job. YOU GET YOUR DAMN RENT! SHUT UP! -rage- Mom was just as stressed this week because of this. -sigh-
On a plus side, I started and finished a series this week thanks to my Clamp obsession~. The series Kobato got added to CrunchyRoll~. OMG, it made me tear up a few times but it was so cute and sweet~! The main pairing is so adorable! I just finished watching is and I'm still smiling~. it's put me in a good mood luckily~!
On the flip side I'm on the last volume of Grand Guignol Orchestra but I'm afraid of it because I fear finishing Kaori Yuki's series, as much as I love her. Lol^^;.
On a side note, I am so hoping the rain is done with because my allergies have been loving on me again because of it.
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 Friday me and Ditz hung out though and met new people~. Ditz was working and started talking to them and when she went back to working she pushed them onto me (it didn't bother me). They're anime fans and follow a lot of the same cosplaying groups that I do~! They were a lot of fun to talk too and we ended up going out with them to a 24 hours diner after and met with some more of their friend. Funny enough I at least of their friends alreadyXD.
Saturday (I think), I ran into a guy I haven't seen for awhile and only handful of times. I was suprise he reconizes me. It wasn't until he mentioned one of my other friends I that I mentally went "Oh right! You!" We kinda kept running into each other without meaning to~.
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I barely slept because of running errand for Mom, driving Ditz, and my brain not shutting the hell-_-. I ended up crashing on Sunday and slept most of the day.
Black Friday (though it's kind of becoming Thursday as well, ugh) I might have to go out. I'm hoping it's not bad when I do cause I won't have to go out till 6-7 pm ^^;.
Ditz is starting to think that she's had enough of K, which kind of suck cause she's not going to be able to avoid her since next semester she has another 2 classes with her^^;. I've partly given up helping them at the moment. If I can sit down with both of them and talk it out, great. If not, oh well~.

Also, stealing meme from [livejournal.com profile] silvrguillotine cause I can~!
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Emotionally confusing chapter is confusing )

Irl, Things have been busy getting Ditz settled in cause it looks like she's going to be staying with us for awhile since she it is offically kicked out of her house. We're going to have to figure out a place for some of her stuff when she gets it. Some of it is coming here and some of it is going to be stored at J-dear's house (permission pending). Mom and I don't mind and she knows to give me my space at times. Hopefully things will go well and get better for her.
I mangaged to grab a bookshelf at Borders that I liked~. Yay~. Now  I need to figure out where to put it. Luckily it's not too big, so I'm sure I'll find somewhere with Ditz's help^^.
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Went to a Auto History Museum last weekend with Mom. I loved the section on musicians and the one on gangsters. I never Knew James Dean's Porsche had such a history behind it. I can definitely believe it was curse. Johnny Cash's "One Piece at a Time" car was so cool to see~. Didn't do much for a 4th of July. Just spent time with Mom and cooked out~.
I was hanging out with Ditz Thrusday and Friday. Thursday her boyfriend, J-dear (as I'm going to call him on here), was with us. I kept into people I know that dayXD. At one of the stores we went to I meant up with a women who worked at my high school. Talked with her for awhile, I told her about what's going on with people I know she knew. She left a year after I graduated apparently. Then I ran into two friends of mine I don't see very much anymore. One I haven't seen since New Years and the other I can't remember the last time I saw her^^'. We talked for awhile, I introduce Ditz to them. After we left Ditz told me she didn't really like them, which didn't surprise me. I can them and Ditz clashing a bit, she much too touchy-feely for them. She said they seemed a little suck-up to her (which made me laugh a bit cause they really aren't).
Today I went to a wedding with my Mom that she was invited too~. I was amused when the Pastor messed up reciting the vows^^'. Mom kept trying to whisper jokes and the people she knew sitting by her weren't helping^^;. Over all it was a nice wedding and the Bride looked very pretty~.
Checked out a new anime called NO.6. I really liked the first episode of it. Also, I do find the fact the main character look a bit like Kanda and Allen entertainingXD.
I loved the ending of Gosick~. It wasn't all tragic like I thought it would be, so yay~.
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Haven't posted in awhile. Things haven't been that great this month so far. I'm having problems with my collage and next semester-_-. Our water heater broke as well yesterday. Also been had to lay down some ground rules with K and Ditz (more K then Ditz) cause they've been causing some trouble over at my house.
Mom is still having to bat the jackass away. I've had to keep a better eye on her since things haven't been great, she tends to want to drink (and she spent most it doing that last weekend).
I've been somewhat irritated lately but I did get to hang out with two of my friend the other day and that help cheer me up a bit~.
I'm going to be spending most of next week catching up on my reading~.
Started another MMO, EdenEternal, (this make 4 now) but it's new and I can switch classes anytime~. It's a lot of fun so far~.
The weather has been horrible and can't seem to make up it's mind. I'm annoyed that we didn't really get a Spring this year. It went for cold (50's) to hot (90's). Now it's in the low 60's, dreary,and has been rainy. -sigh-
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Finals this week. Yay. Luckily I'm not sick yet.  I'm done with my math final (now let hope I did well on it~).
Hung out with friends Friday. It was fun up until I got dizzy for some reason and it didn't wanna go away for the rest of the night. Apparently that was no problem cause my friends spent most of the time talking with my Mom. Seriously, she got home from work at 11:20pm. My friends didn't leave till about 3am and the spent that time talking with my Mom (while I just clung onto Ditz and tried not move my head too much). I was amazed and a little scared by that. Then when I went to leave with a K, who was dropping Ditz off at her boyfriends house and didn't wanna drive back from their alone (hence why I went even my head was bothering me). I told my Mom I wasn't taking my keys with me cause I didn't feel like going downstairs and I wasn't going to be gone long. She answer me by teasing a little but she did acknowledged I wasn't taking them. I come back and not only is she gone but SHE LOCKED THE DOOR. It was 4 in the morning and it one of colder nights. I had to break into my own house. The thing that kills me is when I called her and told I had to break in, she said I didn't tell her I wasn't taking my keys. I wanted to scream. So, instead of yelling and getting really pissed off, I went to bed.
I got to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra yesterday~. Which is a lovely little break from studying for finals~. It was amazing and totally worth the pounding headache I had afterwards (my head has not been liking me lately). The pyro in me loved the use of fire (you could also hear some of the other pyros int he audienceXD). I really hope they come again and cause I would definitely go again~. Mom finally got to see the Theater (the major one in our town got redone some years ago and my Mom had yet to see it). She loved the inside and I do agree. It is really pretty~.
Well I got project i should be working on (cause they are due tomorrow)~.
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Last week was really busy, especially Wednesday. I was woken to the phone ringing and it was just person after person after that^^'.
Mother's day was fun~. Mom and I went to brunch together then later went and saw Cirque du Soleil: Dralion. It was amazing~. I fell in love so hard with the music. We ended up buying the CD and DVD for the performance. We were in the second row on the floor, so we had pretty awesome seats.
I would type more but I'm not feeling that great atm. Head's heavy and been getting noticeable headaches on and off all day (and part of last night). All stomach been feeling weird, not really hurting but that emptying feeling you get when you haven't eaten for awhile (which makes no sense cause I've been eating). Hope I'm not getting sick...
Might add more later about the show.
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Nothing much happened at school last weekend but Friday was fun~. K decided it was a girls night-out (since the last few weeks we've had guys hanging with us as well). I was so proud of Ditz cause she, as we asked her to, stayed off her cell. Trust me when I say, that's amazing for her~. I hung out with them in their art class while they finish their project. I didn't take long before I was being used to help people in the class out. I was so happy when I found out that this one girl in the class is a major D.Gray-Man fan~! She's even up to the latest chapter and we ended up geeking out about DGM most of the time we thereXD. Her boyfriend was making a ceramic Timcanpy. It's not even fired yet but it looks so cool~. I need to get Ditz to send me the pic she took of it. I told her to get me pic's of it when it's finished as well. The only thing is that he didn't have a tail. The DGM girl and I decided Tim ate his own tailXP.
Saturday was all good then Michic called at about 10. I admit that she can test my patinces at times but still. She's my friend and she has been for years. I love her and I am protective of my friends. If emo-boy cared about her or his child even a bit, he wouldn't any of the crap he does. He bitches about how Michic took his son away from him but he's done nothing to prove he's whiling to take responsibility and BE A FATHER. I told Michic she never wants to let me talk to him cause he thinks he's emo and depressed now, just let me tear into him>:P. She knows very well my feelings on him.
Ginger been getting into a lot of trouble lately. Mom and I think made she might be acting out of bit. Either she's lonely, missing Terry (after seeing last weekend), or something. On the opposite, I'm little on edge with the cats at times. They have both have been wanting my at the same time, and they tend not to do so well at sharing. They have been doing really good so I'm glad about that (Darling still hisses at times but that's nothing new). Lets just hope it stays that way.
Going to be busy this month with finals, events, parties, and friends, which is really weird I'm this booked^^;.
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Weekend was fun~. Went out with Ditz and K on Friday, like always. When we came out of the mall my battery was dead. Fun fun. Ditz called the Sears auto place at the mall to see if they would still be open when we it got there (since it looked like we where going to have to push it). They said they'd stay open for us. Luckily we got a jump from a guy in a truck (according to use, if you need a jump, find someone in a truckXD). It was kinda of funny though. While K and Ditz were waving the guy down, K stay to the side. Ditz was walking out in front of the truck. Her reasoning was "He was going to stop one way or another." Luckily, we were in a parking lot and the guy was driving fairly slow. While we were waiting for my battery to be fixed we had fun messing around in the store and apparently amusing the staff~.
Saturday I went out with my Mom and bought a new couch. The one we have now is a disaster that jackass brought home while he was still living here. The new one will be delivered Saturday and it's so comfy^^. I also dragged Mom to the new tea place out at the mall which I'm in love with~.
Easter was good. I didn't have to go anywhere, which was lovely cause I've been going out every day for the last 7 days or so for school or friends. I'm good with people but they are tiring dude@_@. The only down part of the day was when jackass came by. I felt bad for Ginger cause she loves him and was sulking after he left. Mom babied her for the rest of the day. I didn't say anything to him aside from my initial "Hey" when he came in. Mom didn't say anything for 5 minutes or so and then said "You made your choice clear," and didn't say much of anything else. He said he'd call in a week or so before he left. Mom said she doubted it and she didn't care. It looks like this might be the end but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high yet.
I can't believe classes are going to be over for this semester soon. I am looking forward to May though. I'm going to be seeing both the Trans Siberian Orchestra and Cirque du Soleil^^.
I finished watching xxxholic. I wanna read the manga now but I'm going to have to collect it to do that and I'm not sure I wanna start collecting another series atm (I'm pretty sure I'll end up starting it anyways though...). I started watching Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. It's a fun anime to watch~. Also been watching series a Cruchyroll, like Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Blue Exorcist, SKET Dance, and Gosick. Also, my reasoning for watching Blue Exorcist has nothing to with D.Gray-Man. It just looked interesting and I liked the style of it~. So far I really like it and I adore SIH~SKET is more just for the fun of it~.
On a whiny note, my left leg has been bothering me for some odd reason. It tends to bother me a lot when I'm sitting in my computer chair (like now). No matter what position I sit in it, it bothers me.
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I went on a field trip in my art class the other day. It's funny and odd how many fields trips I've been on in college, which now totals 4. Even people I've talked to says that's kind of odd, not that I'm complainingXD. It's just I think I've gone on more field trips in college then I ever did high school~. We saw a print shop and a photography studio on this one~. It was interesting and the couple that ran the photography studio were very amusing~.
Went out with friends on Friday once again. I love TGI Friday's Mudslides (way better then the one I had at Red Lobster)~. I haven't tried it yet but K and I bought  a bottle of White Russian along with a bottle of Mudslide~.
Signed up for my fall classes though not sure if one of them is going to stay. It's morning class and it does interest me but I'm talking it in the morning partly cause K says she's is taking it then. So if she's stay with it I'm guess I'm dragging my butt out of class (she's tried bribing me by offering to buy me coffee or tea in the morning of the classXD). That class would by Astronomy. The other classes I'm taking are Music Lit., Non-western Music (both non-technical classes), and Sociology~.
Got together with Michic yesterday (it was her Mom's B-day). Rion is doing better, he was very entertain at the mall~. Michic's Mom said she's doing better, which I agree with. She's been getting out the house more, which helps a lot.
Mom's vacation started yesterday and her b-day is Tuesday, which means she's going to be getting hammered. I don't mind since I'll be in classes most of the day anyways. I'm getting a little annoyed cause I woke up today she's not here and I no clue where she is. -sigh- Whatever, as long as she stays out of trouble. I don't feel worrying right now.
Tokyopop is going out business in NA and though I've been unhappy with them for years, they release Silver Diamond ;_;. That also puts the nail in the coffin for Satisfaction Guaranteed. I am little sad to see them go cause they used to be amazing and have released some of my favorite titles.

Edit: Haha, yay for this bit of news~! I've always adored Rurouni Kenshin so this is pretty lovely news^^.
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So weekend was busy once again but fun~. Hung out with Ditz, K (new friend I mentioned in my last post), and Mr. Borders (friend of mine I meant at Borders, where he works~). We just kinda of hoped around places and scared peopleXD. Bonding with random people in other cars on the road is fun~. Saturday I hung out with Katsu and we saw Beastly~. It was really funny (even it's wasn't suppose to be~). The main character is a ninja-stalker who kidnaps and blackmails people~. We were surprised when found out Neil Patrick Harris was in it and a blind teacher. He saved the movie several times (you have to love the guy gagging while the main characters are exchanging cheesy dislodgeXD). By the time I got home, my voice was so tired from all the talking~.
Sunday mom got her new ceiling fan put in with fairly little problems (nothing ever goes smoothly for us). I looks really good in the living room. It has a shone wall look to the base. Mom seems to have found someone she can call as a handyman, so their really is NO reason for Terry to come back. Luckily we yet to hear shit from him. Yay~!
This post at ANN made me very happy~. I will be totally getting that~. I didn't think it would get an English release so yay for that~.
Side note, I change the commenting on my journal to registered users cause the recent 4 spam comments I got in a row the other day~.
Also, Katsu here is the link to the Dragon Knights doujinshi being sold by the seller I was talking about.
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So Thanksgiving was today. Shockingly enough the entire went really well. Even with Terry hereO_O. Usually the holidays start okay but end horrid. I'm actually going into the holiday season with a more positive attitude then normal (which may or may not be a good thing).
I've been pretty tried lately, so I slept on and off today. I'm sure why I've been tired but at least this time off will late me sleep to my hearts content.
We watched Shutter Island tonight and I really liked it~. The ending was like thought it would be but at the same time not (I'd explain it but I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it). I loved the psychology in it~.
I don't have many plans this weekend (expect for hoping to go see Harry Potter with Katsu~). A friend of mine, aka Ditz (she knows I call her this~), asked met to go out shopping on Black Friday. No way. You couldn't pay me to go out into the insanity.
There's talk about Yullen week around Allen's birthday, yay~. I missed it around Kanda's birthday~. I need to stop being a wuss and participate-_-. -siigh- I like the ideas going abour in the forums on ff.net though~.
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Still keep getting the pressure in my temple but I've talked to a few people about it~. A friend recommended some headache medicine for me~. Another person i was talking said she experienced the same thing and said her doctor told her it was sinus. She recommended the sinus medicine she took, since they worked for her. So, hopefully something will help, I just need to get hold of one of the things~.
I've been poking into various DGM communities, forums, and topics, like I always do, on the current chapter and this chapter's reactions are amusing me~. Mainly cause they vary so greatly~. I can usually get a feel for the general reaction on a chapter but this time they are all over the place~.
I'm so not looking forward to next week cause I have three tests, two of them in Math...argh. Both my unit 3 test and our final. The other is in Bus so yeah, booo. I'm getting a little edgy cause of the the two math tests, which is bad cause I almost never get edgy over tests. I'm pretty easy going over them. -sigh- Hopefully I just do well on them^^'. I must paaaasss!
I'm also wondering how I got a social life, at college at least. Seriously, when i wasn't in class, I was being kidnapped by friends, friends relatives (a brother and a mother, lol), and random people~. It trough me off a little, "How do this many people like me enough to kidnap me?".
Also, yay~! Ordering more doujinshi this weekend cause I saved up enough for the 2 RikuSora and KandaAllen ones I've been wanting~. Yes, my resolve on not buying them is weak, especially when someone keeps encouraging me to buy them. you know who you are!
So, it's October, which means Halloween time~. My mom looooves Halloween so she goes all out on decorating~. She has more Halloween decorations then Christmas decorationsXD. I keep getting told to go old ganster style for Halloween this year (pin-stripe suits and all that~). Thinking I might go with that kind of theme but so far only have the hat~. Plus I have to add my old spin to it cause well, it's me~.
I got to play more of BBS today (with classes and other stuff haven't been able to play as much). OMG, little Kairi is adorable~! I wanted to hug her~.
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Yay~! I got the new Disturbed CD this weekend~! I even got the special addition, CD+DVD~. The cover is awesome. I love the CD~. Sometimes I forget how much i adore Disturbed's music.
~More BBS gushing~ )
Went out with this girl from my math class Friday (kind of a date, kind of not). Hung out at area around Borders. Stopped in the Halloween store that just opened by there. She tried on a Red riding Hood costume. It looked really cute on her. We would've done more but she had a party she had to go to that she didn't know she had to got to till that day, lol. I kept looking around at the decorations and thinking of things mom and I will need this year. We plan on getting a fog machine for the graveyard and we want to get the things we need for a bloody crime scene~. Ah, I love this season~.
I decided to save up in my PayPal to buy this RikuSora and KandaAllen doujinshi I saw (cause Katsu is eviiil and encourages me to buy them, even when I tell myself no, which obviously isn't working).I might get this other RikuSora doujinshi from the same site if I can save up enough money for all three~.
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Ignore me, I'm whining )

Also, yay! I've been stamped as Allen Walker at [livejournal.com profile] rateme_exorcist . Not surprised but still, yay~!

Edit 2: ;_; I want this so bad. Trying to save up money for it before it expires or gets bought. Why is KH doujinshi so expensive?
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Yo. So we watched An Inconvenient Truth in class today. It was pretty good. Why are the people in charge under the mind set of "If we ignore it and keep sweeping it under the rug it will go away!". -sigh- Watching things like that irate my so much. I know I'm not perfect (far from it) but still, I'm not stupid. You'd think it would be commonsense that we can't keep polluting the earth and abusing it's resources without any consequences. Nothing is forever especially when you treat it as bad as we do the earth.
I'm still working on the Tech project (and it's still boring). I love conversations we have in Scott classes cause they are so random. It was funny when he went "Ah fuck" in class the other day when trying to do math. One lady in class went "Bad Scott!". He was doing math cause a girl in class asked what she'd get off for not doing this one part for her scanning project in one of his other classes. I commented, "Look what you did. You're making him doing math." His response was "Yeah, I have programs to do that for me. Don't make me do it."
I've been watching the Olympics~! I loved watching the snowboarding and figure skating events~. I enjoy watching the other events as well like skiing (except cross-country, I have time keep my attention on it^^'), Skeleton, and speed skating. Of course I like when the USA wins but I'm cheering for other countries like Japan, Italy, and Canda~. I like watching things like the X-games so loving snowboarding would make sense^^. I've always loved watching figure skating (favorite skater growing up was Kristi YamaguchiXP).
I went out to Borders last weekend~. I was amused when I ran into this guy that was in my one of my classes last semester~. We both went along the same though process 'Manga...Manga...Manga...Person...Person!' (my words, to which he agree with~). We got to talking about YGO:TAS and I was telling him that I followed the creator on LJ. He was like "He's on there?". I was telling him about the last video he posted and that it was with Vic Mignogna. This girl that was looking at manga standing behind me went "OMG! Vic! -squeal-". We both turned and looked at her, amused~. We got on FMA then went to other voices Vic has done. She agreed with me that it sucks that Vic did Dark's voice in the D N Angel anime, "His voice doesn't work for him!". At around this point my other friend went of some other people~. The girl and I started talking ranting about manga versus anime. When she left said "It was fun dorking out with you!" and bow, I was amused and laughed~.
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Okay so I should probably put this account to use^^! So I'm going to post a story I wrote in my creative writing class cause it's kind of odd and I feel like it. The name of it (at least for now) is Feeding of Life...mainly cause I couldn't think of anything else...



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