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~Merry Christmas~

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday~. I've been in KandaAllen heaven cause of Yullen week. 2 weeks of my favorite pairing? Oh yeah! -dances-
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Okay, quick post, mainly cause need to get this out of my system~.

First: OMG, yay on the new trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance~! I'm pretty much drooling over it (and not just on how pretty is looks~). It looks and, from what I've read, sounds like so much fun to play~! I want it.

Second: I'm going to be in Yullen heaven for the next two weeks~. Much love for the Yullen Week(s) this year~.

So I'm pretty much is fandom lala land atmXD.
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It's hard to believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow (isn't till tomorrow still where I live). Things are still going amazingly well this, I keep expecting some random disaster^^'. -knocks on wood- But I'm staying positive (for the most part). I still have to get presents for friends but I tend not to buy for them until after Christmas most of the time anyways. I don't see them till New Years Eve anyways (and why do today what you can put off till tomorrow^^;)~.
I got to see Harry Potter with a friend of mine over the weekend and what I heard about it was true, it's really good (and not just because of the effects~). Not shockingly, I teared up at the end.
I should hopefully be getting a new cell phone soon~. If not before the new year then soon after. I'm definitely changing cell phone providers cause I've just had bad experiences with my current one (not that's they are bad just few picky things with me).
I'm loving this week cause it's Yullen week~! Yay~! My KandaAllen side is in heaven~. I've enjoy all the stories I've read but my favorites so far are [livejournal.com profile] a1y_puff 's Yullen week story, Days Passing By and [livejournal.com profile] pinkxpiano 's Vermilion Kaleidoscope (it made me tear up)~.
Ah, I'm also very happy cause I nabbed a doujinshi I've had my eye on from an ebay seller that was 25 dollars for less then 10 from someone  selling it LJ~. Yay~! I've a Riku focus one and I adore the artist (I have another doujinshi by them, RikuSora, first part is crack and second part is sweet~).
Since I'm most likely not going to post again till after Christmas:

Happy Holidays
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So Thanksgiving was today. Shockingly enough the entire went really well. Even with Terry hereO_O. Usually the holidays start okay but end horrid. I'm actually going into the holiday season with a more positive attitude then normal (which may or may not be a good thing).
I've been pretty tried lately, so I slept on and off today. I'm sure why I've been tired but at least this time off will late me sleep to my hearts content.
We watched Shutter Island tonight and I really liked it~. The ending was like thought it would be but at the same time not (I'd explain it but I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it). I loved the psychology in it~.
I don't have many plans this weekend (expect for hoping to go see Harry Potter with Katsu~). A friend of mine, aka Ditz (she knows I call her this~), asked met to go out shopping on Black Friday. No way. You couldn't pay me to go out into the insanity.
There's talk about Yullen week around Allen's birthday, yay~. I missed it around Kanda's birthday~. I need to stop being a wuss and participate-_-. -siigh- I like the ideas going abour in the forums on ff.net though~.

~DGM 197~

Aug. 7th, 2010 11:46 pm
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@_@ )
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~Yullen FST~ )

My first FST and it's for my favorite pairing~! Please enjoy~! Also, a big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] silvrguillotine and [livejournal.com profile] a1y_puff  for their help~!
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I've been working on this FST for a little while now and I kinda of want opinions on it. Also, I would love song recommendations for it~. Some songs I'm kinda of iffy on (picking ONE Perfect Circle song was haaard...).
~Songs~ )

I want to add an instrumental track or two but I just can't settle on any. There is one I kinda like for it from the Spiral OST called 'Last game' (listen) but I'm still in between on that one.

Edit: I think I this is going to be the playlist~. Should be up sometime this weekend~.
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-sigh- I honestly don't know how to start this post so I'll just get to it. My mom really pissed me off last night. It would have been a fine night if it wasn't for a 'friend' of hers stopping by. Brenda. I FUCKING HATE HER! Every damn times she comes over my mom does stupid things, things she KNOWS pisses me off. And to top it off when she does them she LIES TO ME ABOUT IT. I hate that cause she knows I know she's lying but I have to fight tooth and nail to get the truth out of her and most of the times she wont confess till later-_-'. It makes me feel like they (cause anyone who does it makes me feel the same way) think I'm stupid and can't figure out what they are up to. AFGHJKlKJHGF. -growls-
On a different note, the cats are getting along again. Honestly, we were never sure what the hell was up with Hatsu. Though after Hatsu got over her thing, Darling held a grudge and kept hissing at Hatsu every time she came near her. I'm happy they're over it cause at that time (and now) they started hanging out in my room  about 20/7 -_-'. Darling hangs cause she's clingy. Hatsu hangs whenever Terry's over. She doesn't go upstairs at all she's never really liked Terry for some reason...not that I blame her. He's not likeably at all.
Also, OMG I LOVE THE NEW GREEN DAY CD AND SO MUCH YAY OVER THIS POST. Finally a clear not clipped from the anime version of Jasdevi's and Rhode's songs!
In other news, I've gone back once again to obssessly reading RikuSora I'm going run out of stories if this keep happening every few months. And the secound Yullen Week starts tomorrow~! Weee~!
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If Katsu-chan didn't mention it I would have so forgotten about Jasdevi! But I've been so distracted by Yullen week! I'm am so ecstatically happy about it. -bounces insanely- I'm going it to fan-over drive (Not that I'm complaining. My eyes are going to die a very happy deathXP).
Also, I started playing this game called 'Dawn of Mana' (after the original 'No! Mana! Allen! Crap!') I can't help but squeal over the cuteness of it!  Plus the nature element to it made me so fall for the game^^! -is now pondering on if she should try and find it online to buy it or not~-
Ah! My friend Michic is up from Texas with her boyfriend. Now she grew here but he didn't . I'm highly amused at the moment. They called me earlier and so I got to hear him complain about the cold^^'.  I also got to hear him him beg me to tell him what I got Michic so he could torment her with it but I was "No dude. Stop asking.'  after like the 40th time he ask-_-. Which reminds me. I got my friends Christmas gifts but I'm a little worried about them (one of the ones I'm worried about is yours Katsu-chan^^'). I hope they like them cause I like making my friends happy and I try to keep them in mind when buying them things^^.
...And now I'm sounding like a sappy dork...which I am but that's not the point right now. >>
I just hope that everything goes well.
Side note: This SO would have been up on the 21st if my computer didn't freeze so damn much while I was typing it. -growls then pouts a little- Oh well. I'm going to play with Jasdevi's hair now. Hopefully I'll liveXD!


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