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-dances- Sooo happy about this announcement~! Yay~! They need to release the manga and/or novels here as well (would love to see the novels come here^^)!
Hung out with a friend the other day and saw the last Harry Potter movie. Most of my friends know my main motive for seeing the movies (especially in theaters) is the effects. I'm an effects junky and I love the ones they use for these movies, the fire especially~! I really liked the barrier scene though too (both the making and destroying of it~). As for the movie itself, I was mainly amused by listening to her complain during and after the movieXD (I love you~).
On a down side, jackass is going to be staying for a short amount of time (not sure if it's a few days or a week). -pouts- He just got out of the hospital and can't go up and downstairs, which he needs to do to get to the place he lives.
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So, last week I got a little stress cause a few thing shit me at once on top of everything else that's been going this month. I'm not going to get into a lot of it, just glad it's kinda over (dealing with aftermath and all that junk still). I'm just going to be glad for this month to end-_-'. I did have to drop all my classes for fall though, which sucks but I should be able to finish my degree in the fall. I hope. Time to start job hunting.
Went out with K and met her sister~. In-spite of some of the things K's told me, her sister is really nice~. It was fun talking to her. She's a big RPer and likes creating her own characters~! Jackass was over most of the weekend which makes me nervous but there's nothing I do but hope and continue to push into my Mom's head that she really doesn't want him back. But since he's been coming around more Gingers getting use to him again and gets pouty or whiny when he leaves, which can be a little annoying (since she's a Beagle and all).
I've been sneezing like crazy lately! I didn't have allergies before. Closest was an eye allergy which I didn't know what that cause was.
Been watching anime and catching up with my reading (finally). Though at one point I got distracted by Netflix and the fact they have Power Rangers for instant watch. I couldn't the call of reliving my child by watching some of the old seasons (only good seasons are 1-6!). I swear my inner child has too much strength and influence sometimesXD. Gosick is ending this week and OMG I wanna see what happens after last week but I don't want it to end!
I fear this Friday, it's going to be hot and my friends are dragging me outdoors. I don't like extreme weather be it hot or cold;_;. -is being whiny-
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Weekend was fun~. Went out with Ditz and K on Friday, like always. When we came out of the mall my battery was dead. Fun fun. Ditz called the Sears auto place at the mall to see if they would still be open when we it got there (since it looked like we where going to have to push it). They said they'd stay open for us. Luckily we got a jump from a guy in a truck (according to use, if you need a jump, find someone in a truckXD). It was kinda of funny though. While K and Ditz were waving the guy down, K stay to the side. Ditz was walking out in front of the truck. Her reasoning was "He was going to stop one way or another." Luckily, we were in a parking lot and the guy was driving fairly slow. While we were waiting for my battery to be fixed we had fun messing around in the store and apparently amusing the staff~.
Saturday I went out with my Mom and bought a new couch. The one we have now is a disaster that jackass brought home while he was still living here. The new one will be delivered Saturday and it's so comfy^^. I also dragged Mom to the new tea place out at the mall which I'm in love with~.
Easter was good. I didn't have to go anywhere, which was lovely cause I've been going out every day for the last 7 days or so for school or friends. I'm good with people but they are tiring dude@_@. The only down part of the day was when jackass came by. I felt bad for Ginger cause she loves him and was sulking after he left. Mom babied her for the rest of the day. I didn't say anything to him aside from my initial "Hey" when he came in. Mom didn't say anything for 5 minutes or so and then said "You made your choice clear," and didn't say much of anything else. He said he'd call in a week or so before he left. Mom said she doubted it and she didn't care. It looks like this might be the end but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high yet.
I can't believe classes are going to be over for this semester soon. I am looking forward to May though. I'm going to be seeing both the Trans Siberian Orchestra and Cirque du Soleil^^.
I finished watching xxxholic. I wanna read the manga now but I'm going to have to collect it to do that and I'm not sure I wanna start collecting another series atm (I'm pretty sure I'll end up starting it anyways though...). I started watching Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. It's a fun anime to watch~. Also been watching series a Cruchyroll, like Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Blue Exorcist, SKET Dance, and Gosick. Also, my reasoning for watching Blue Exorcist has nothing to with D.Gray-Man. It just looked interesting and I liked the style of it~. So far I really like it and I adore SIH~SKET is more just for the fun of it~.
On a whiny note, my left leg has been bothering me for some odd reason. It tends to bother me a lot when I'm sitting in my computer chair (like now). No matter what position I sit in it, it bothers me.
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Things have kinda of stupid with the jackass. He went partying all weekend last weekend. It irritated off mom but she's learn not to except much with him (I don't see why she doesn't just let him go-_-). Mom's been on him all week about that. Today he told me to tell Mom that's he's leaving and gave me the key. Wuss can't tell her himself apparently. I don't care anymore. He stays. He goes. As long as he doesn't cause me trouble, I'm indifferent anymore. -shrugs- The only thing that really annoys me is that I don't like seeing my mom still getting hurt cause of him. It's partly her fault too, I know that but still. -sigh-
I'm starting another class next week. This was one of the two classes I took primary to be a full-time student~. I they go together. I take one then the other after it. Both are fairly short. In my other classes, nothing new. I'm ticking off weird girl though in mathXD. I don't mean to but I get bored (Serious, I know how get the area of a damn triangle!). I keep pulling out my iPod and starting reading manga on it^^;. She sees me doing it and it ticks her off cause she's having a hard time understand it. She can't get on me about it cause I'm doing a lot better in the class then her^^'. I know part of the reason she doesn't get it is cause the teacher's way of teaching confuses her. I feel kinda of bad and I want to help her but I suck at helping people with math, even when I understand it^^;.
Close to done with Air Gear~. Starting Beck next, partly on a whim and my impression from watching the first episode on On Demand. Started watching Gosick on Crunchyroll, same place I'm watching Letter Bee~. Mystery type anime, so of course it catch my attention~. It's a fun watch so far~.
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So, jackass is still here (Apparently staying for the weekend..asdjqefwio). A little annoy that mom's drinking again when yesterday she said she wasn't going to for awhile (she also said she's going to try to quit, but she says that like 10 time a years so...whatever). Since jackass is here Hatsu been in my room almost all the time. She doesn't like him so she retreats to my room when he's here. I don't mind cause that means i get to pet and cuddle her~. Just felt like ranting/whining a bit^^'.
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Also, damnit...SO WANT TO GO SEE.


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