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So for over a month or so I've been tapering off of the medication I was was taking for my arm's nerve pain. Since the doctor said I could stop taking it. The medication is Gabapentin and when I first frist started taking it I came across info on it online. People were complaining about bad withdrawal symptoms. I asked her about it and she said not to worry because I was taking for nerve pain and not mental reasons. Honestly, I know that doesn't make sense but I let it go. She was wrong cause I just stopped taking it all together I'm miserable. I'm jittery/anxious most of the time, sweating, can't sleep more then a few hours (when i can fall asleep), hard time focusing, and I think you get the idea. It's not a crippling a the pain had become but it's driving me crazy and hitting me a little more mentally. I go to keep telling myself I can do this but ugh. I just started with these symptoms and I'm afraid of how long they will last. I went from taking 300 mg 3 times a day to 2 times then once a day. I'm thinking of maybe trying every other day and going from there. It depends on how much this I can take.
Another thing I'm scared of is that nerve pain coming back. I don't want to start taking  this again and going through this all over again. -sigh- I hate this.
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So, my goal of posting more has kinda of been failing. My bad on that. I've been getting busy or not having the time when I am on the computer. Things haven't too bad. Mom and Lover boy have been keeping me busy (and driving me nuts). I love them both but they have annoying the crap out of me on the weekends (bars can be so boring to someone who doesn't drink). The main problems lately have been that Mom's been drinking on everyday she has off. I've stopped fighting though cause it's was stressing me into illness. Also, driving people around all the time can be more tiring then you think.
A plus that happened recently is Lover boy bought a PS4 which means we now have a PS4~! Yay~! There aren't many games out that is interesting to me (and not also for the PS3). Only one that I want (and getting) is Final Fantasy Type-0. I've been looking forward to this game for awhile, so getting a PS4 now works for meXD.
I've have been following a lot of series this season but I really do like the ones I am following. I am so hooked onto the series Cute High Earth Defense Club (a Magical boy anime~). It's so much fun~! Loved season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul and I'm loving season 2^^. Death Parade was looking forward to and it has not disappointment me at all. I'm ecstatic about Durarara!! x2 because I was so torn on watching because I love the dub so much and I wanted to watch season 2 the same way but I didn't if they were going to do that (I also didn't want to wait). They are doing a siml-dub for it~! -dances- same voice actors and all~. Sailor Moon Crystal is good over all and I still like it but the last few episodes have been a little repetitive.
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UGH! I was bordering on sick for part of last week and then it hit me full force on Saturday. I hate when that happens cause my body will just suddenly lose all energy and I get clammy and break into a cold sweat. I know it partly happens because I don't get time to really rest (for many reasons that I've put in my journal before) so my just kinda shuts down to make me rest. After bit of running later that day I got to sleep and rest the the day. I have such a love/hate relationship with anything that makes you sleepy. I love then when I'm sick cause I can have a hard actually sleeping when I sick (either too much mucus or cough is too bad).  But I hate then cause they effect a lot stronger then they do other people and the effects seem to last longer.  I'm feeling a bit better today (and by that i mean, I have energy~). I really  don't know what I hate more being sick or the after effects of being sick.
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I'm tired. Life can go away now-_-.
I tend not to put the major things that happen in my real life on here cause it's not really in my nature (I mainly whine about stupid stuff on here, like anime I can't watch or games I can't playXD). I will say that I did reach a breaking point recently. Things have eased up a little since (I know I'll never get what I really want). Still busy and tired.
I haven't been keeping up with most of the anime I want to (I catch it here and there). Mainly trying to at least keep up with 2, Uta no Prince-sama 2000% (aka UtaPri) and Devil Survivor 2: The animation. I want to watch Attack on Titian but I can't play catch-up atm. I still find UtaPri pretty and fun. I love the music in the show (hot bishes and great music, it's not really hard to see why I like it so muchXD). I'm still kinda of judging DS2. I like it so far but I'm wary of serious like this. They can easily turn into a great disappointment in a flash. So far I've been looking forward it it (the down side is it make me wanna play the damn games-_-#).
Darling and Hatsu were so cute the other night~. Hatsu was laying in one of my baskets and darling jumped in and started cleaning Hatsu and being all sweet~. Hatsu seemed a little confused at first but then just let Darling do what she wanted~. In other kitty news, Rin fell out on of our window this morning (the screen must of been lose and he lean on it and fell out). He didn't get hurt but he stand  below the window (since it was my Mom's room window) and meowed and cried till he got attention. He was shaking and wide-eyed when was fetched. poor thing hates that outside and now he's in our basement's storage room (I think cause outside can't get him thereXD).
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This week sucked cause our landlord is an idiot-_-. Seriously, it shouldn't have been that hard to fix a furnace! This is the third time in the last few week (two in the last week) that's he's trying fixing. The first times he's tried and it didn't was because he's a frickin' cheapskate! He even baffled the heater guy he hired to repair it at point because he spent 7 fickin' hours screwing with the furnace! All he was suppose to do was clean a coil! THAT'S IT! It do NOT take 7 hour to do that! The heater guy had to come back the next day because the landlord screwed it up and the fan wouldn't shut off. Honestly, I hate dealing with our landlord as well because, on top of him making sense maybe haft the time, he tends to interrogate me about every aspect of my life. It's none of his damn business! Then he'll go a criticize things to my Mom. For example, before I got my PA job he wouldn't stop nagging about me getting a job. YOU GET YOUR DAMN RENT! SHUT UP! -rage- Mom was just as stressed this week because of this. -sigh-
On a plus side, I started and finished a series this week thanks to my Clamp obsession~. The series Kobato got added to CrunchyRoll~. OMG, it made me tear up a few times but it was so cute and sweet~! The main pairing is so adorable! I just finished watching is and I'm still smiling~. it's put me in a good mood luckily~!
On the flip side I'm on the last volume of Grand Guignol Orchestra but I'm afraid of it because I fear finishing Kaori Yuki's series, as much as I love her. Lol^^;.
On a side note, I am so hoping the rain is done with because my allergies have been loving on me again because of it.
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Been sick the last few days (still a little under the weather). I've been having insanely bad luck as of late. After an accident last week (that I'm not going into here happen), I broke down but got over it with the help of Mom and K. a lot of little things keep going wrong. I got a chill mat for my Laptop (cause it's been getting really hot as of late) but the one I got didn't work out so I had to return it for a new one. Just before getting sick my allergies went nuts and that led right into the sickness. UGH. Mental and physical stress galore as of late.
Still have yet to get pictures from Ditz (not her fault just horrible timing issues with us -sigh-).
New kitty Rin is a pain in the butt but he's so funny. He keeps following Hatsu around at times and it drives her nutsXD. He thinks everything is play toy (knocked Mom's curtains down last nigh, she was not happy about thatXD).  He can be an insanely cuddly kitty though~.
I need to read the lastest DGM chapter (same with PH^^;) but I've been either busy or sick. Might read it tonight if I get a chance~.

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UGH! I fucking hate allergies. I knew they sucked before, I was happy without them! So WHY? For over the last week I've been misrable with them. ;_; Last weekend they seriously kicked my ass. -pout- I think I found something  that works better for me though.
I'm loving KH:3D<3! I'm close to finishing it (would have finished it by now but been a busy, shock). This game is RikuSora lovelinessXD.
Ditz got her new car finally but she's been busy with work and now school so we won't be able to see each much.
Not much to put since mainly the last week I've been either busy, feeling unwell or both^^;.
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Ugh...this weekend SUCKED.
I spent most of Friday comforting Ditz cause her supervise at work is kinda of bitch. I don't feel like going into why right now.
Saturday, I woke up sick so I was bed ridden all day. This up and down weather is killing me-_-.
I woke up feeling just slightly better Sunday but then allergies kicked in;_:.
I didn't eat most of the weekend and I feel better today but I'm really tired and my throat feels scratchy and dry.
Also, I seriously feel like a damn taxi service cause I've been driving people everywhere and I'm starting to get tired of it. Sometimes I wish could be a mean and horrible person because being nice SUCKS sometimes. They are these two people that I give rides too but even though they say thank you and tell me how grateful they are I'm starting to feel a little used. I'm getting a little sick of people in general right now. I've been dealing people and their problems and listening to them bitch a lot recently. I think I'm going to try my hardest to hibernate this week (which I doubt this will succeed-_-).
-sigh- I need read the latest chapter of DGM but I'll do that later...too tired to care right now.
Edit 4/10: Never-mind on the feeling better. I've thrown up twice today (and I rarely throw up), coughing violently again, and haven't slept. -headdesk- Not again. My body just feels so messed up right now. On top of that I'm an emotional mess at the same time for varies reason (Mom's not really much of a factor here this time though). I'm hating very hard on people right now-_-'.
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First real DW entry~!
So Christmas itself wasn't too bad. Mom made-home ravioli (I loved the cheese and ravioli ones^^). Mom only had a little but wine over Christmas. I was kinda of expect a disaster of a Christmas this year^^'.
The day before Christmas Eve I got my iPod touch pick-pocketed from me at the mall. I kinda broke down in the middle of the mall cause a lot of things have been happening and it was a breaking point. I got it last year for Christmas. Ditz was a great help in calming me down though^^.
Now the things I got for Christmas~. I got the Final Fantasy: Advent Children Collectors Set and the new Disturbed CD: The Lost Children for Mom. The jackass gave me the best gift he's ever given me, $50XP. He sucks at gifts for me so yay~. From Ditz I got the new manga by Clamp Gate 7 and peppermint truffles for Mom and I. She said she had some else for my but didn't have it on her at the time. Kathy gave my and $25 gift card for the mall.
I'm happy about how Christmas went but I'm still bitter and upset though. -sighs- Oh well.
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~Pretty much just spazzing out~ )

Didn't post my holiday weekend cause, aside from getting to see a friend I don't get see often, it kinda of sucked-_-;. For various reasons.
I'm catching with various reading and my goal this week is make good on a promise I made to [info]silvrguillotine and catch up to Pandora Hearts (and I will). I am determined!
Small little rant on YouTube and their recent change to their layout...again. I'm pretty good with changes but I liked it the way it was before. -pouts- I don't like this new version of the home page.
Friday I went to a winter festival with Ditz, her Mom and brothers, and J-dear. I petted a llama and had horrible hot chocolate, so it over all fun. 
I'm not sure how but me sleep schedule got thrown off track and for some reason I've been seriously tired;_;.
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Ugh...it took the Landlord 6 days to fix the furnace and for 3 of those we are not what the hell he and the guy he hired to the job did. We were also wondering why he though he need to help fix it when HIRED someone. Between them and the insane work being done to our street still my sleep got seriously messed up. I'm a night owl (or vampire as many  people I know call me). I I tend to sleep most of the morning away and that when they working. -whining-
I went out with K Friday and it was great until I started crashing. When I got my entire body was aching for some reason and I kept getting lightheaded BUT I couldn't sleep. Mom gave two PM's Saturday morning to help me sleep. I don't like medicine but I was desperate. Unfortunately, right when they were kicking in, the landlord came over. I couldn't move but he was keeping me awake. That kept happening most of the day. I'd start falling asleep or would be sleeping for about an hour or so then something or someone would wake me up. On top of that the jackass was over this weekend, which means him and Mom (mainly him) started arguing that night. -sigh- Needless to say, I wasn't doing much Sunday since I spent most of Saturday in bed and yet I felt like I got little to no sleep. I finally got catch up on my sleep a little but yesterday but mainly today. I still keep feeling lightheaded though, which worries me cause it's just spells. I'm almost constantly feeling lightheaded. I've been trying different things to help it. It's not as bad at the moment but still like "Stop it. Please." On top of everything my arm been bothering me and hurting like crazy. Dammit.-_-
Ditz been out more then in the last week or so. Which doesn't bother me as long as I have a idea where she is, which is usually her Mom's or J-dear's. Her and K are clashing horribly. They see each other too much (they have 2 classes together). K is too strong personality wise for Ditz. I try to keep the peace but their little I can do when they are in class^^:. I told Ditz not to take any classes with K next semester.
I'll be going to see Jeff Dunham tomorrow with my Mom~. It should be fun as long my head doesn't bother me too much~.
I can't the Blue Exorcist anime is over. I hoping it would be longer. Now I'm going to have to collect the manga...which trying to avoid^^'. I didn't mind the end though. It could easily be continued but It doesn't look like it's going to be, sadly.
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The jackass is still here and Mom's close to strangling him^^'. She didn't think he'd stay for this long and would be this hard to get rid of.  I did though. -sigh- I told her she should just kick him out but she has the same habit as me (Which she gets on me about all the time. Not fair-_-.). She can be a bit a of pushover with some things but she said he's leaving tomorrow not matter what. I want him to leave cause, as much as I love my room, being trapped in my room is not fun. Whenever I'm home I'm pretty much in my room since he's always in the living room and I'd rather not deal with him. I'd go somewhere but my car is out of commission until Saturday.
Might be dragged to a fair tomorrow but not sure. Depends what happens with K and Ditz. Since Ditz might not be getting together with us tomorrow and K varies every week.
But, yay for hopping into active fandomsXD. Blue Exorcist and NO.6 especially NO.6 are officially two new fandoms I'm getting into~. I was complaining to a friends of mine not long ago about how the ones I'm currently in are pretty much dying;_;.

Edit 8/13: Okay so I went to the fair yesterday and it was fun~. K and I went and met up with Ditz and J-dear. She had to leave early and meet up again with us later at one point though~. I will say one thing, Ditz is endless entertainmentXD. You know those silly ball toss games to win a fish? Their was two of them and at one, the worker gave a us a really good deal (they really wanted people to play) and Ditz won. At the other one, the old man working at it snapped at Ditz for mentioning that they did that. So when Ditz went back and won again, she went back to the old man and made sure he knew, which made him even madder. I ended up dragging her away before ticked off even more (which I do I a lot).
At another point J-dear was talking to booth for a Christian Church cause they gave him free water and he was going to all the booth's with free stuff (we kept losing track of him). It was all fine until Ditz asked them on their stance on gay marriage. I mental bashed my head against a wall. I had to walk away when they started talking about marriage having nothing to do with love, which was about a minute into Ditz's agreement with them. I'm nice a person but I was not thinking nice things, so walking away was best. K ended up having to go back and drag Ditz away after J-dear's failed attempts to get her away. So after that, Ditz went around asking people to marry her^^'. By the end of the night I was so tired, since I only got 3 hours of sleep that night, and my feet were dead. But I did have fun~.
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I've been sad and a little depressed about Borders going out of business all week. I have a lot of memories there. It's not only a sentimental place for me but I really don't like B&N. There selection isn't very good, they don't have free membership choice, not big on Starbucks, and their layout is odd a mixes me up sometimes. I went their yesterday with K and it was saddening and insane. I find both good and bad timing that this is around my Birthday good cause I have more money to spend their bad cause now I'll remember Bordering closing every time my b-day rolls around for awhile.
Spent a lot of this week copped up cause of the insane heat, with I don't do well in. Yesterday was both good and bad though near the end was more on the bad side. Along with a lot of minor inconveniences that kept happening throughout the day, the water park my friends I planned to go to was closed and it was 93 out. they closed cause of a thunderstorm that happened early in the morning, which odd they stayed closed cause they opened after things like that before. We ended up going over to a friend's of Ditz's house who had a nice pool. Then after she went with her boyfriend to an interview and K and I went to Borders we met up at my house. The end of the night wasn't so great but I don't feel like typing it here. I was just glad when I got to go to bed and 4:00 am (since I only got 3 hours the night before). I'm tired and feeling a little sick today (like I knew I would).
K and Ditz are trying to keep me positive, I'm really apprehensive of my b-day coming. I keep sensing disaster-_-.
Plus side, I got the new 3 Door Down CD~. I really like it~.
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So, last week I got a little stress cause a few thing shit me at once on top of everything else that's been going this month. I'm not going to get into a lot of it, just glad it's kinda over (dealing with aftermath and all that junk still). I'm just going to be glad for this month to end-_-'. I did have to drop all my classes for fall though, which sucks but I should be able to finish my degree in the fall. I hope. Time to start job hunting.
Went out with K and met her sister~. In-spite of some of the things K's told me, her sister is really nice~. It was fun talking to her. She's a big RPer and likes creating her own characters~! Jackass was over most of the weekend which makes me nervous but there's nothing I do but hope and continue to push into my Mom's head that she really doesn't want him back. But since he's been coming around more Gingers getting use to him again and gets pouty or whiny when he leaves, which can be a little annoying (since she's a Beagle and all).
I've been sneezing like crazy lately! I didn't have allergies before. Closest was an eye allergy which I didn't know what that cause was.
Been watching anime and catching up with my reading (finally). Though at one point I got distracted by Netflix and the fact they have Power Rangers for instant watch. I couldn't the call of reliving my child by watching some of the old seasons (only good seasons are 1-6!). I swear my inner child has too much strength and influence sometimesXD. Gosick is ending this week and OMG I wanna see what happens after last week but I don't want it to end!
I fear this Friday, it's going to be hot and my friends are dragging me outdoors. I don't like extreme weather be it hot or cold;_;. -is being whiny-
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Finals this week. Yay. Luckily I'm not sick yet.  I'm done with my math final (now let hope I did well on it~).
Hung out with friends Friday. It was fun up until I got dizzy for some reason and it didn't wanna go away for the rest of the night. Apparently that was no problem cause my friends spent most of the time talking with my Mom. Seriously, she got home from work at 11:20pm. My friends didn't leave till about 3am and the spent that time talking with my Mom (while I just clung onto Ditz and tried not move my head too much). I was amazed and a little scared by that. Then when I went to leave with a K, who was dropping Ditz off at her boyfriends house and didn't wanna drive back from their alone (hence why I went even my head was bothering me). I told my Mom I wasn't taking my keys with me cause I didn't feel like going downstairs and I wasn't going to be gone long. She answer me by teasing a little but she did acknowledged I wasn't taking them. I come back and not only is she gone but SHE LOCKED THE DOOR. It was 4 in the morning and it one of colder nights. I had to break into my own house. The thing that kills me is when I called her and told I had to break in, she said I didn't tell her I wasn't taking my keys. I wanted to scream. So, instead of yelling and getting really pissed off, I went to bed.
I got to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra yesterday~. Which is a lovely little break from studying for finals~. It was amazing and totally worth the pounding headache I had afterwards (my head has not been liking me lately). The pyro in me loved the use of fire (you could also hear some of the other pyros int he audienceXD). I really hope they come again and cause I would definitely go again~. Mom finally got to see the Theater (the major one in our town got redone some years ago and my Mom had yet to see it). She loved the inside and I do agree. It is really pretty~.
Well I got project i should be working on (cause they are due tomorrow)~.
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Once again I'm complaining about weird girl. She did something last week that crossed the line a bit. She took my iPod. She snatched it from my hand during class and refused to give it back till the end of class. I got it back from her before then through subtle glaring, whining, and reaching for it. Subtle cause I didn't want to disturbed the class. Her reasoning was, "If I have to be bored and suffer through this class then so do you." What I'm doing during class does NOT concern you. The teacher obviously doesn't care that I'm on it during class. I make no noise and I'm not disturbing or talking to her. It's not like we have assigned seats or thing and I get to class before her most of the time. She sits next to me. If me being on iPod during class bothers her that much, she can sit somewhere else, not steal my shit! Anyways, I still mange to take notes, know what we are talking about during class, and get I better grades then her in it. The last one is shallow but I'm irritated with her now. She tried to do again today but I was on my guard during the class.
Because of a lovely deal on Crunchyroll, I ended up buying the X anime a few weeks ago. I know how it ends but I'm still interested in the series and I did really want it at one point, another series just won out~. I finished Air Gear and on Beck now. The Air Gear series in general is still "Meh" to to me but I'm obsessed with Agito and Akito. He;s currently my theme for everything^^'. They made watching the series more then worth it for me. I seem to have a big weakness for characters with multiple personalities now that  look back at some of my series over the years^^'.
As you know, I'm pathetic. I have once proved that. After telling myself to stop buying doujnshi for them, I bought more KandaAllen doujinshi the other day. Stupid sales post and having artists I know, have, and adore... Oh well, time to starting saving in paypal again~.
Also, I'm looking forward to Spring Break next week~. No particular reason, just am~. Kat, getting together at some point next week would be nice~.
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ARGH. I had plans with my Mom today. Same plans we had last weekend that got cancel because of her drinking. It happened again this weekend. At least last weekend she got somethings done and only got buzzed. She just got drunk this time and was pretty buzzed by the time I woke up. I'm pretty upset this time. This is the second time these plans have been canceled-_-#. -sighs- I though i was the child here...
In other news, Michic says she'll be coming back up here in December and so far she says she's going to be saying up here. She can't take his family anymore and emo-boy has yet to get a job (shocking-_-). I'm looking forward to seeing Rion and her~.
In Philosophy Thursday I swear half the class wanted to start crying and the other half wanted to get up and starting beating this one guy in class. We talking evil and "Is God evil?" and the such. Well, one girl told the class about having this rare (for her age, 22) cancer since it was relating to the current conversation. She said when she was told she had cancer, that's when she stopped believing in God. other guy in the, who also had cancer, agreed with her. This other guy, a very religious guy, was arguing with the girl, saying it's a test and all. The thing the pissed people in the class was when he compared getting beaten up to having a life altering, deadly sickness. After class, quite a few people from class gather outside to talk. One girl was saying how she wanted to start crying after all the things she heard in class that day, while another was going on about she wanted to kick the religious guy's ass. It was interesting.
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Still keep getting the pressure in my temple but I've talked to a few people about it~. A friend recommended some headache medicine for me~. Another person i was talking said she experienced the same thing and said her doctor told her it was sinus. She recommended the sinus medicine she took, since they worked for her. So, hopefully something will help, I just need to get hold of one of the things~.
I've been poking into various DGM communities, forums, and topics, like I always do, on the current chapter and this chapter's reactions are amusing me~. Mainly cause they vary so greatly~. I can usually get a feel for the general reaction on a chapter but this time they are all over the place~.
I'm so not looking forward to next week cause I have three tests, two of them in Math...argh. Both my unit 3 test and our final. The other is in Bus so yeah, booo. I'm getting a little edgy cause of the the two math tests, which is bad cause I almost never get edgy over tests. I'm pretty easy going over them. -sigh- Hopefully I just do well on them^^'. I must paaaasss!
I'm also wondering how I got a social life, at college at least. Seriously, when i wasn't in class, I was being kidnapped by friends, friends relatives (a brother and a mother, lol), and random people~. It trough me off a little, "How do this many people like me enough to kidnap me?".
Also, yay~! Ordering more doujinshi this weekend cause I saved up enough for the 2 RikuSora and KandaAllen ones I've been wanting~. Yes, my resolve on not buying them is weak, especially when someone keeps encouraging me to buy them. you know who you are!
So, it's October, which means Halloween time~. My mom looooves Halloween so she goes all out on decorating~. She has more Halloween decorations then Christmas decorationsXD. I keep getting told to go old ganster style for Halloween this year (pin-stripe suits and all that~). Thinking I might go with that kind of theme but so far only have the hat~. Plus I have to add my old spin to it cause well, it's me~.
I got to play more of BBS today (with classes and other stuff haven't been able to play as much). OMG, little Kairi is adorable~! I wanted to hug her~.
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-waves- Hello~! I'm loving my philosophy class~! The teacher is insanely awesome~. He'll talk about anything and will ask you anything. So conversations get odd but amusing~. I'm  very much enjoying it~! Can't say the same about my business class. It's mainly cause the teacher can't keep control over the conversation so it jumps all over the place. Haft the time I'm not sure what we are talking about. It's not that I'm dumb when it comes to this but I'm confused on what subject we are talking about cause of the jumping-_-. She needs to learn how to reel in the students and keep things on subject. It's mainly just a few students, but it's annoying me cause it's causing to wanna space out.
I'm oddly enough, enjoying my math class. The teacher is great and she keeps me interested, which is amazing, cause I hate math~. Going to some see some sites for Geology tomorrow~. Should be fun~.

~I'm obssesive, I know~ )

Why? Seriously? )

Disney is evil. They do it to drive people innsane! )
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My b-day is coming up but I've notice I'm pretty much like, "Eh, so?".  I am looking forward to seeing a friend of mine though~.
I've been doing quite a bit of reading this week, more then I have in awhile at least. Started on two series I've been nagged at for awhile to startXP. Much love for Pandora Hearts~! I can see why you were nagging about it Katsu~! I also started Kuroshitsuji~. Which was kinda funny cause Michc and emo-boy mainly emo-boy kept calling me this week (don't contact me for over a month straight but now you won't leave alone-_-). Emo-boy asked me about Kuroshitsuji. "Is is yaoi?". I blinked and went "Umm...It's like Godchild in that it isn't quite but can be easily."
I've become more determined to finish/catch up with my current series. I wanna cry a little though cause I'll never be able to finish Kamui and E's (since they were released by broccoli books and BB died). E's, I'll be okay with since I saw all the anime, and even if that's not how the manga goes exactly, I still have an ending for the series. Kamui on the other hand, left off on a horrible point;_;. And I'll never find scanlations for it cause it's not that well known. I'm still hoping (but that hope is dying/almost dead) that Tokyo Pop finishes Satisfaction Guaranteed at some point. Though I have seen some scanlation for it but they are early chapters...-sigh- I'm working on finishing Whistle! since that's finished releasing here (have 20 out of 24 so I'm close~). Since no store (that I can find) carries it in-store anymore and only online, that's how I have to buy it (same goes for Tactics. I only need the lasted volume of Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning, no surprise since that series comes in second to D.Gray-Man in favorite manga series. Ah, Yen Press is going to be releasing Uraboku~! I'm loving Yen Press cause they release a lot of my series atm (Spiral, Uraboku, Pandore Hearts, Kuroshitsuji~)~. They also release another series I've read a few volumes of before but I don't own. I kind of wanna read it again and I wouldn't mind collecting it but I'm not sure. It's has 12 out 13 volumes released already though. The series is Angel Diary and I'm playing with the idea at this point~.
Anime has been invading my dreams lately, which isn't too shocking but it's a little weird it's doing pairings I've never thought about before.
I've also been reading my World Poetry: An Anthology of Verse From Antiquity to Our Time as well as Lord Of The Dead. I love the poetry book~! I haven't gotten too far in vampire one yet so don't have much of a opinion on it yet.
Also, I was stamped as having equipment type innocence at [livejournal.com profile] rateme_exorcist . Which makes happy cause it has Kanda on the stamp so I have Allen and Kanda for my stamps (which in my mind goes "Yullen!"). I'm also very aware of how sad that is^^'.


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