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I really can't believe this~!

The manga came back this year and the anime is coming back next year? DGM is resurrecting~! -dances-
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Not much different went on this week. Didn't have to do as much running this week so i had a little down time~.
I saw Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam today~! Once again, I loved it. I saw Dralion last year. This year their wasn't as much acrobatics but I liked the music more in Quidam. It added more tension to the acts~. I got the CD (of course) for the show^^. Mom and I are hoping we can make this a annual thing if they keep coming back around here^^.
This coming week I'm going with Ditz and some of her family to the Dells~. I show be interesting. We'll be gone for three days. Tuesday-Thursday. I'll post about it when I get back~.
On the downside I've been getting noticeable headaches recently. -sigh-
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So, today I finally met my Mom's new boyfriend, or as I call him, Lover Boy~. I really like so far~. His personality fits so well with my Mom. He loves wolves, Indians, cars, and video games. He has a PS3 (which I wanna play). I also met his beautiful dogs~! 

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Friday I hung out with both K and Ditz but the night ended earlier then normal cause K and Ditz had to get home early. We did go to Fridays and  found a drink I love. It's called Berry Acai Sour and it's amazing~. K was driving me and on the way home we ended up listening to the Digimon soundtrackXD. Which got into the mood to wanna listen to mine now and put me into a bit of a Digimon mood^^.

~DGM 204~

Mar. 4th, 2011 01:40 am
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So Thanksgiving was today. Shockingly enough the entire went really well. Even with Terry hereO_O. Usually the holidays start okay but end horrid. I'm actually going into the holiday season with a more positive attitude then normal (which may or may not be a good thing).
I've been pretty tried lately, so I slept on and off today. I'm sure why I've been tired but at least this time off will late me sleep to my hearts content.
We watched Shutter Island tonight and I really liked it~. The ending was like thought it would be but at the same time not (I'd explain it but I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it). I loved the psychology in it~.
I don't have many plans this weekend (expect for hoping to go see Harry Potter with Katsu~). A friend of mine, aka Ditz (she knows I call her this~), asked met to go out shopping on Black Friday. No way. You couldn't pay me to go out into the insanity.
There's talk about Yullen week around Allen's birthday, yay~. I missed it around Kanda's birthday~. I need to stop being a wuss and participate-_-. -siigh- I like the ideas going abour in the forums on ff.net though~.
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So, I finally got to go out shopping with my Mom like we planned a few weekends ago~. We had a lot of fun, I got her to buy herself quite q bit~. My feel were killing me by the end of the day;_;. I got new boots (partly on Mom's insistence "I'm getting new boots and need new ones any anyways~). The design is nice and the sole in comfy but I'm worried how the middle is going to be cause the design makes it kinda of tight. We spent a good deal of time at the mall~. Mom saw a necklace she though looked nice at this jewelery store that was on sale~. It's a key with a heart at the handle end with a diamond in it. I bought it for her (which is funny cause she was going to buy it for meXD). The lady said my Mom and I looked so alike (which a lot of people say) and then said we looked like sisters. We both mental laughed at that cause...no. After the mall we went to Borders and I debate on getting Fullmetal Alchemist manga, even thought I only have 1 and 4^^'. I got 2 and 3 today and figure I'll slowly catch up on it. I would like the manga for it~. After going to Best Buy (where I bought another Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland~) we decided to call it quits and head to dinner cause I could barely walk without looking retardedXD. We went to Olive Garden and the waiter was a little annoying. It's nice when they check on you but he was doing it every five minutes or so-_-. I crashed for about an hour when I got home~. Weekend had been pretty great so far~.
In other things, I'm looking forward to time off of classes next week cause:
1) I need to start reading my book on my philosopher for philosophy.
2) I'm really starting to hate business class (the way the teacher runs it makes me dread the damn class). A break form it will be nice~.
I am really happy about math though~. I got a 97% on the test I was sure I was going to bomb~. -insert happy dance- Yay~.
Terry's is showing signs of messing up again. He hasn't yet but he's not looking good (like hmm, suspicious). So mom's keeping an eye out on it (as well as having me keep tabs~).
I've been looking at doujinshi again~. BUT not DGM or KH~! Haha~! I want to get some for a different series so I'm looking at Megaman (EnzanNetto) and .hack (HaseoSilabus, BalmungKite, HaseoKite, is varies~). The Megaman I want a t the moment is really cute~of course.
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Classes have started up again. I'm taking MTH, Environmental Geology, Philosophy, and Intro to Business. That's right, not single computer class ;_;. Oh well, I've only had MTH so far. Wondering what that other classes are going to be like~. MTH homework is done online, which is kinda of cool. I'm going to have to get used to going to the main campus again, lol. At least I have a car this time so I don't need to depend on others for rides anymore (I will love you forever for the help back though Katsu~).
Went to a work thing with  my mom on Saturday. It was at a race track and it was fun~. A co-worker of my mine mom has a relasionship with her daughter similar to my mom and mine's. It was amusing to team up with her against our mom's~. I saw a friend of mine's mom there and talked to her for awhile. We kept quoting Jeff Dunham, "They're making another left turn!"XD. Saw an old friend of my mom from when I was younger. Apparently her life has gone into chaos, not too shocked though^^'. All in all we had fun~.
Saw a sale for doujinshi I wanted so I got it (originally 24.99 to 7.50~). Only it's another Yullen one...but it's insanely cuuuute! I had too. Don't judge meeeee.
Still looking for a job -whiine- Going to check at school sometime this week. Lets hope^^.
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-dances- Yay~! Another KH game announcement~! Rumors have been going around about this but now it's offical~.
"Our E3 line-up revealed: FINAL FANTASY XIV, The 3rd Birthday (PSP), KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (PSP), KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (NDS)..." -Square Enix Twitter page
KH: Recoded is going to be the DS  version of KH: Coded that was for mobile phone in Japan~. Even though it's for the DS (which I don't have) I'm still looking forward to it cause I'm going to be getting a DS at some point anyway~. It's no wonder I'm on such a KH kick at the moment~.

Edit: OMG, I passed Adv. Illustrator? How did that happen...I love you Scott<3!
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Omg, this! I'm dying for KH:BBS! The site for BBS is looking awesome. All the news being realesed this week is making me insanely hyper for for it~! -dances- When I have the money and get to Game Stop next time, I'm definitely pre-ordering this game~! As much I keep drooling over KH: 358/2 Days for the DS, I am so glad I decided to get the PSP~! BBS is worth it! I will get a DS at one point though!
Ah, our landlord (who gos to car auctions and has connections like that) told my mom about a car for me (since he knows we are looking for one for me). It's a 2000 Hyundai Elantra (with a sunroof too) and he said I can test drive it for a week before deciding on buying it, which is cool~. Won't be doing that till about the 2nd week of July (still saving for it). I'm really happy about getting a new car (that's not as old as me).
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Yo. So we watched An Inconvenient Truth in class today. It was pretty good. Why are the people in charge under the mind set of "If we ignore it and keep sweeping it under the rug it will go away!". -sigh- Watching things like that irate my so much. I know I'm not perfect (far from it) but still, I'm not stupid. You'd think it would be commonsense that we can't keep polluting the earth and abusing it's resources without any consequences. Nothing is forever especially when you treat it as bad as we do the earth.
I'm still working on the Tech project (and it's still boring). I love conversations we have in Scott classes cause they are so random. It was funny when he went "Ah fuck" in class the other day when trying to do math. One lady in class went "Bad Scott!". He was doing math cause a girl in class asked what she'd get off for not doing this one part for her scanning project in one of his other classes. I commented, "Look what you did. You're making him doing math." His response was "Yeah, I have programs to do that for me. Don't make me do it."
I've been watching the Olympics~! I loved watching the snowboarding and figure skating events~. I enjoy watching the other events as well like skiing (except cross-country, I have time keep my attention on it^^'), Skeleton, and speed skating. Of course I like when the USA wins but I'm cheering for other countries like Japan, Italy, and Canda~. I like watching things like the X-games so loving snowboarding would make sense^^. I've always loved watching figure skating (favorite skater growing up was Kristi YamaguchiXP).
I went out to Borders last weekend~. I was amused when I ran into this guy that was in my one of my classes last semester~. We both went along the same though process 'Manga...Manga...Manga...Person...Person!' (my words, to which he agree with~). We got to talking about YGO:TAS and I was telling him that I followed the creator on LJ. He was like "He's on there?". I was telling him about the last video he posted and that it was with Vic Mignogna. This girl that was looking at manga standing behind me went "OMG! Vic! -squeal-". We both turned and looked at her, amused~. We got on FMA then went to other voices Vic has done. She agreed with me that it sucks that Vic did Dark's voice in the D N Angel anime, "His voice doesn't work for him!". At around this point my other friend went of some other people~. The girl and I started talking ranting about manga versus anime. When she left said "It was fun dorking out with you!" and bow, I was amused and laughed~.
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So, the weekend was great~. I got to go out to dinner with my mom Saturday (sober ftw~).
I got my doujinshi a few days before that. I love the DGM one cause of the art, same as Blue Umbrella. The KH one was odd but I liked parts of it so it was worth it~.
I watched the Super Bowl with my mom, which is always fun^^. We couldn't help commenting on the haft time show with The Who. They could not harmanizeXP. Also, no shocker that they played just the CSI theme's with the exception of like 30 seconds of another song. I wanted Behind Blue Eyes played! The light show that went with it was cool~! I kinda of wanted the Colts to win but oh well~. The Saints needed the win more I guess~. The Colts kinda of sucked the 2nd half anyways.
Mom is getting her taxes done~. Yay~! Not getting as much as last year but still should be enough for what we plan on getting. She wants a new living room set, or at least a new recliner for the living room. I want the new TV she promised me for Christmas~.
I also should be getting my financial aid check from college near the end of this month. Putting some back for a car and taking mom out for dinner. The rest is mine then and despite what tell myself now, part of it will spent on doujinshi...I just know it...I'm that sad-_-'.
I also found out that I got a 4.0 GPA last term~. Yay~! That's never happen to me before. -dances- I also realized I tend to giggle a LOT when I'm really happy over something
XD. Then again, I've been told many times I'm a very giggly person~.
Well guess that's all for the moment since I don't feel like ranting on class since it's the same as before, Tech project~.
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The jackass is GONE~! And there is a high chance he will not be back this time~. Yay~! -dances- I'm so happy~!
Sadly now we really have to figured out what to do with Ginger if Terry doesn't come back to get her (which I'm sure he won't). She's gotten EXTERMELY whiny and keeps waking us up at night. -sigh-
In other news, I decided to go with the title 'Dark Exactions'(anagrams ftw) for my movie poster from the ideas I had in my last post . I kind of like the way the poster turned out (though I haven't seen it printed yet).
I also entered an icon in last week's [livejournal.com profile] dgray_icontest contest. Sadly I didn't place (wasn't expecting too thoughXP) but I had fun making the icon. I might enter this week's too since it's pairing/song theme~.
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Agh, I swear it has to be the computers they have there cause evey time I go home from working on those computers for gor hours, I have a horrible headache (like now-_-). I talked to this other girl in my class and she siad she had the same problem. It doesn't happen when she uses her own for hours but on those computers it's like 'Owwwww'.

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Okay I'm done (I think). It's nice not being indifferent-ish, out-of-it, or mild depressed/annoyed^^.

ETA: My LJ is being un-helpful, so if this entry looks weird blame it not ME! I've tried fixing twice then deleting and redoing it so...-shrugs-


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