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I still fail at thisXP. So glad holidays are over, though I still have two more friends to see to give them their gifts, K (who I'm seeing tomorrow) and Michic (who I should be eeing the day after). Holidays sucked this year but oh well. We're past them, so I'm good.
Been watching stuff but since it's been so long since I've posted about things I'm just put some of my favorite anime from 2015. Aoharu x Machinegun was fun and I really liked the characters. I'd love too see more. Rokka no Yuusha was one of my top favorites, even if the ending was a little odd but really it sets up for a season 2 and out of the anime, I want one for that one the most! Tokyo Ghoul is just love all around for me~! The action and Kaneki<3. Sepah of the End's S1 wasn't too bad but S2 really sold it. Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) was so cool, lovely action, intriguing characters~.  Noragami S2 and Death Parade is tied for my favorite~. Everything from the characters to the story to the look was lovely. Plus, those openings<3. Looking forward to 2016's anime (so many I'm looking forward too (DGM, AOT S2, Super Lovers, Servamp are just a few~).
Now gaming has been pretty much narrow cause I've gone from playing Tales of XIllia to ToX2~. I'm hoked on these game and man do I wanna play Tales of Zestiria~! I am looking forward to Pokemon red, Blue, and Yellow coming to the Nintendo store~.
Also, typing with a cat laying on your arms is hard-_-.. -looks at Rin-

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Okay, so my posting on here has been a little lacking. My bad about that. December was insanely busy and I'm so glad holiday are over. Got into it with K. It involved Ditz and K's issues with each other. I'm going to now avoid being around both of them at the same time at all costs.  It's not worth the stress. I'll still hang with them but just one on one you could say.
I wasn't too impressed with the con around here this year. The panels were really lacking. I did get Christopher Bevins to sign my Spiral Artbook~.
I was sick this past week. Not shocking since everyone around have been getting sick. It was only a matter of time. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, It didn't knock me into bed.  Now I'm just dealing with my normal cough.
Mom and Lover boy have doing very well. Which makes me happy cause Mom being happy makes things a lot easier. 
I haven't started any of the animes I wanna watch this Winter season. I will start them soon though. I wanna watch Durarara S2, Tokyo Ghoul S2, Kuroko no  Basket S3, Kamisama S2 (notice a trend?), World Break; Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, and Death Parade.
I'm currently playing a trail of FF A Realm Reborn. I've been wanting to play it for awhile. I really like it so far. I'm debating on whether or not to get it.
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So, I have really been on top of my posting recently. My bad. I will post a full report on what's been going on and how Holidays went after the new year. Here's just a brief summary. I went to a near by con recently. It was so-so. Must ikely would have been been if it wasn't for friend issues coming up. -sigh- Christmas over went fairly well and for me, that pretty awesome since holiday's tend to crash and burn. I also had money this year~! Things overall haven't been too bad.
Over all it hasn't been too bad of a year I'd say.  Got rid of jackass so that makes everything rainbows in my book for this yearXD. 
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~Happy Halloween~
Have a scary good time this Halloween~!
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So things are going better this month then last month (for the most part). I got oddly ill last week and I still don't get what was wrong with me. I'm most better now so I think was just a little virus or something.
Mom has been decorating the house for Halloween. She happy since she hasn't been able to the last few years. She's also going to have Halloween off this year, so she's excited for that.
Things have been going well with Lover Boy for the most part. I did get into a light tiff with him a week or so back. It did make Mom and I figure out something though; most of the of the guys we know don't count driving around (on errand, people, etc) as a chore or work (ignoring that people do the and similar thing for a living). It's a little annoying but I'll take little things like things over jackass any day.
Finished up Tokyo Ghoul the other day and I WANT SEASON 2 NOW! Why must I wait till winter;_;. They announced and continuation of the series K (not sure if it's another movie or season, kinda want it to be another season). I still need to see the movie for it since it didn't come to theater in my area. I'm currently watching S2 of a few different series I've been watching. I'm hoping the second haft of S2 of SAO is a little better thenthe first part, GGO. I really liked parts of GGO but I found it so slow at times. I am watching the new series World Trigger, which I find fun and amusing so far~.
Been playing around with mods for Don't Starve recently cause it's fun~. It amazes how much time I end up wasting on this gameXD. I did have to do a refresh on my computer last week. I decided to do some of the updates it's been yelling at me about and when I restarted it, the desktop screen kept refreshing itself every 5-10 seconds. This isn't the first time it's done this but what I did before didn't work this time, sadly. Luckily the refreshed work though and nothing is harmed on my computer.
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~Merry Christmas~

I hope everyone has a joyous holiday~. I've been in KandaAllen heaven cause of Yullen week. 2 weeks of my favorite pairing? Oh yeah! -dances-
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Lalala, I've been kinda of failing at posting here the last few weeks, ne? Oh wellXD. Holidays plus being a little lazy about it is what I'm blaming~.
I got together with some old friends of mine last Friday~. One I've mentioned before, Hello Kitty, and another with the nickname of Beki. It was nice hanging out with again^^. We went and did karaoke (and by we and I mean themXD). I did do one song with Beki (to get them off my back~). I did kinda feel like I got throw back in time a bit at the same time~.
I'll be going Christmas shopping this weekend for people. I love buying for people just as much as I do getting stuff^^. I like making people happy. I'm also a big sucker for donating this time of year~. I don't donate to everything mainly animals, children (St. Jude's and the like), and reading (cause people need to read mooore dammit).
Not a ton to put on my life aside from Mom pissing me off from time to time. -sigh- But I'm getting better with the holiday thing~. Still not "Yay! Holidays!" but I'm less "Meh. Holidays." now. Helps the inside of the house is now decorated as well.
I'm officially in love with with Say, I love You. It's so lovely and I'm addicted to it^^. I'm looking forward to the anime coming out next year for the manga Karneval that I started a few weeks back~. The art is beautiful and I'm finding it very interesting so far^^!
Side whine: I miss being able to use all kinds of icons on LJ and I want more on here. -pouts- I refuse to pay LJ for pissing me off and fucking up their format that much and I don't use DW enough to justify paying for an account but still. This is just me being whinyXD. Also, YOUTUBE STOP FUCKING CHANGING YOUR GODDAMN FORMAT! You're pissing me off now. -flails- I very much dislike their new change to the home screen. I do not care what the people I superscribe to liked or commented on. I had off for a reason. Stop forcing it on me. Now I have to poke around at the setting and see if I can change it/turn it off. -is huffy-
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Okay, so I haven't update in awhile^^'. Thanksgiving Day went fine. I helped Mom cook^^. The weekend after sucked though. Mom ticked me off again. -sigh- We talked after though and Mom admitted she messed up. So there's a plus. I did end up buying doujinshi though^^;. NO.6 doujinshi this time~. I'm little afraid this habit isn't going to die...
Been hanging out with Ditz, K has been busy though. K did get a new doggy though^^. She already had a cat named Smokey (though one of his nicknames is Satan). The new doggy is named Puddles~. Small little thing.
I'm hoping this Christmas goes better then last year-_-'. Last year sucked so bad. I am having a little bit of a hard time getting into the spirit this year though. I'm not all like "Boo...holidays!" but more just like "Eh....holidays.". Hopefully this will change.
Hatsu has gone back to acting like her old self~! For awhile when Rin came she was constantly hiding away to the point that even I rarely saw her. I did start worry after awhile so seeing her back to normal makes me happy~!
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Halloween went fine~. I gave out candy (while also, munching on it). Got more trick-or treaters than I though we'd get~. Before that started Ditz came over with Rocker-boy, t-or-t my house, and then stole my TV remote-_-. She decided to torment Rocker-boy and I with some weird music videos (I have On-Demand). After she left and the t-or-t was over I watched the final of Face Off~! Yay, the person I wanted to win won~! I'm hooked on this show (I have you and your family to thank for this Katsu!). I can't wait for the new season to start in January~! -dances-
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~Happy New Year~! Hopefully this year will be better^^'.

First post of the new year~!
New Years Eve was fun~. Spent it with Katsu and her family this year once again~. Stayed there most of New Years Days as well. I'm insanely happy about the holidays being over with^^! I'm going to try and start 2012 with a positive attitude and try and just let 2011 go.
If all goes right, I should get my degree this year and find a job hopefully soon. -crosses fingers- I do have a side goal of trying to meet and friend new people this year, but who knows how that will go~. I'm trying to look forward to some of the positive things that are going to be happening this year, even if they are small or material, like KH:3D, finishing a series, or even trying to work on my writing again~.

Wish me luck this year and I send good wishes out to everyone else~!
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First real DW entry~!
So Christmas itself wasn't too bad. Mom made-home ravioli (I loved the cheese and ravioli ones^^). Mom only had a little but wine over Christmas. I was kinda of expect a disaster of a Christmas this year^^'.
The day before Christmas Eve I got my iPod touch pick-pocketed from me at the mall. I kinda broke down in the middle of the mall cause a lot of things have been happening and it was a breaking point. I got it last year for Christmas. Ditz was a great help in calming me down though^^.
Now the things I got for Christmas~. I got the Final Fantasy: Advent Children Collectors Set and the new Disturbed CD: The Lost Children for Mom. The jackass gave me the best gift he's ever given me, $50XP. He sucks at gifts for me so yay~. From Ditz I got the new manga by Clamp Gate 7 and peppermint truffles for Mom and I. She said she had some else for my but didn't have it on her at the time. Kathy gave my and $25 gift card for the mall.
I'm happy about how Christmas went but I'm still bitter and upset though. -sighs- Oh well.
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I've been feeling so "bla" as of late. I'm sure I'll snap of it soon-ish but still, it's it's making me a little snap-ish. At least mental so, I try not voice a lot of my thoughts when I feel like this^^;.
I have been annoyed by Ginger lately but her being so insanely clingy does not help. I know it's not her fault or anything and I still love her. She's just been so whiny and needy as of late and we aren't sure why. Oh well. She clings to Mom more then me anyways.
Ditz has been staying over at her Mom's more then here lately. She's trying get everything adjusted so she can stay there. Which is a good thing for her~.
I have little to no Christmas or Holiday spirit this year. I think part of it is Halloween kinda sucked cause of the road work and things didn't work at all the way we wanted. Then Thanksgiving kinda killed any spirit that might have risen. I also think a little bit of it is because of the stores, TV, and various people kind of shove it down my throat before Halloween. I hate that-_-. -shrugs- Oh well. It's not like I'm going "Rawr, holidays end now!", it's more like the holidays can come or go to me. I don't plan bah humbuging or anything like that~. If the need arises, I can fake itXP.
Also, the weather needs to make up it's damn mind. If you're going to be cold, stay cold! I hate up and down shit-_-#.
Minor note: I wanna see the new Sherlock Holmes movie that's coming out tomorrow and I will get my hands on the D.Gray-Man artbook, Noche, that came out this week. -flails-
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Ugh...I keep sneezing my head off and my nose wont stop running. Mild plus side, my arm hasn't been as bad the last few days. I just haven't been moving it as much. Hopefully whatever is wrong will heal up.
The worker people said they might be done with our road in a week or two (hopefully). At the moment we can't use our drive way cause it's blocked it's off. It's kinda of annoying and we are wondering what they are going to have us do when they have to do the road?
It looks like I might have plans for Halloween. Wow. Mainly cause Ditz said I'm going out with her to a party thing (said...not askedXD). Not too sure of the details but I'm going to drag more of them from her this weekend~. First year in a awhile I wont be giving out candy.
Saw the new show that premiered tonight, Grimm. From the first episode and the preview of the season it looks interesting~. Plus I love The Brother Grimm tales~. I'm going to try and follow it^^. I have been catching up on one of my favorite shows Criminal Minds (I missed the last season). I also poked my head into the fandom, mainly out of curiosity~. I might keep poking my head into too~.
I have about 65 episodes of Reborn! left too watch~. Yay~. I'm adoring this series (and mildly obsessing on finishing watching it...after which I'll be reading the manga most likely^^). I love the pairings 1827(HibariTsuna) and 6927(MukuroTsuna). ShockingXP. And been (carefully) poking my head into fandom because I can't seem to resist~.
I've been watching the new series that start on CR, Un-Go. It is kinda odd so far but it's another mystery series~! From the same makers of NO.6 (Bones), so yay~.
Still can't hang out with K and it doesn't look like I can for the next few weeks, at least. She knows what's wrong with her, though I don't remember the name of it at the moment. She can't move a lot of her facial features. I've been talking to her on the phone though. She said she was doing a bit better last time I talked to her a few days ago. Her and Ditz keep asking me to edit their papers. Which I can do, despite my typing on here (I don't edit my journal most of the time^^;). It's weird having them come to me. I think editor, I think Katsu and the red pen of doom, not me. I do make sure to point out that, yes, I love writing but I'm am no editor. Apparently, I am better then them thoughXD.
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Went to a Auto History Museum last weekend with Mom. I loved the section on musicians and the one on gangsters. I never Knew James Dean's Porsche had such a history behind it. I can definitely believe it was curse. Johnny Cash's "One Piece at a Time" car was so cool to see~. Didn't do much for a 4th of July. Just spent time with Mom and cooked out~.
I was hanging out with Ditz Thrusday and Friday. Thursday her boyfriend, J-dear (as I'm going to call him on here), was with us. I kept into people I know that dayXD. At one of the stores we went to I meant up with a women who worked at my high school. Talked with her for awhile, I told her about what's going on with people I know she knew. She left a year after I graduated apparently. Then I ran into two friends of mine I don't see very much anymore. One I haven't seen since New Years and the other I can't remember the last time I saw her^^'. We talked for awhile, I introduce Ditz to them. After we left Ditz told me she didn't really like them, which didn't surprise me. I can them and Ditz clashing a bit, she much too touchy-feely for them. She said they seemed a little suck-up to her (which made me laugh a bit cause they really aren't).
Today I went to a wedding with my Mom that she was invited too~. I was amused when the Pastor messed up reciting the vows^^'. Mom kept trying to whisper jokes and the people she knew sitting by her weren't helping^^;. Over all it was a nice wedding and the Bride looked very pretty~.
Checked out a new anime called NO.6. I really liked the first episode of it. Also, I do find the fact the main character look a bit like Kanda and Allen entertainingXD.
I loved the ending of Gosick~. It wasn't all tragic like I thought it would be, so yay~.
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Weekend was fun~. Went out with Ditz and K on Friday, like always. When we came out of the mall my battery was dead. Fun fun. Ditz called the Sears auto place at the mall to see if they would still be open when we it got there (since it looked like we where going to have to push it). They said they'd stay open for us. Luckily we got a jump from a guy in a truck (according to use, if you need a jump, find someone in a truckXD). It was kinda of funny though. While K and Ditz were waving the guy down, K stay to the side. Ditz was walking out in front of the truck. Her reasoning was "He was going to stop one way or another." Luckily, we were in a parking lot and the guy was driving fairly slow. While we were waiting for my battery to be fixed we had fun messing around in the store and apparently amusing the staff~.
Saturday I went out with my Mom and bought a new couch. The one we have now is a disaster that jackass brought home while he was still living here. The new one will be delivered Saturday and it's so comfy^^. I also dragged Mom to the new tea place out at the mall which I'm in love with~.
Easter was good. I didn't have to go anywhere, which was lovely cause I've been going out every day for the last 7 days or so for school or friends. I'm good with people but they are tiring dude@_@. The only down part of the day was when jackass came by. I felt bad for Ginger cause she loves him and was sulking after he left. Mom babied her for the rest of the day. I didn't say anything to him aside from my initial "Hey" when he came in. Mom didn't say anything for 5 minutes or so and then said "You made your choice clear," and didn't say much of anything else. He said he'd call in a week or so before he left. Mom said she doubted it and she didn't care. It looks like this might be the end but I'm not going to get my hopes up too high yet.
I can't believe classes are going to be over for this semester soon. I am looking forward to May though. I'm going to be seeing both the Trans Siberian Orchestra and Cirque du Soleil^^.
I finished watching xxxholic. I wanna read the manga now but I'm going to have to collect it to do that and I'm not sure I wanna start collecting another series atm (I'm pretty sure I'll end up starting it anyways though...). I started watching Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. It's a fun anime to watch~. Also been watching series a Cruchyroll, like Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, Blue Exorcist, SKET Dance, and Gosick. Also, my reasoning for watching Blue Exorcist has nothing to with D.Gray-Man. It just looked interesting and I liked the style of it~. So far I really like it and I adore SIH~SKET is more just for the fun of it~.
On a whiny note, my left leg has been bothering me for some odd reason. It tends to bother me a lot when I'm sitting in my computer chair (like now). No matter what position I sit in it, it bothers me.
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Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day~. So, Happy belated Valentines DayXD!

I went out to dinner with my mom Sunday, since we do like doing something like that together around V-day. I got a giant stuffed frog, since it's tradition for her to give me a stuffed animal on V-day (also on Easter~). He's so soft and cuddly. I like using him to lend on while watching TV/movie/anime whatever~. I also got a small little teddy bear from weird girl~. She seemed surprised when proclaimed my love of stuffies and that I sleep with one~. I feel no shame in admitting that to people. They are cute, cuddly and I will never out grow them! I also got some dove chocolate truffles in the shape of little hearts. I like V-day cause one hopeless romantic and two, the cynical people and their anti-V-Day rants. Thier ranting amuses and fascinates me~. The cynical side of me loves itXD.
So...bored...in...math. I know what the about triangles and parallelograms are. I learned that A LONG TIME AGO. I spent all of math on my iPod touch. My last teacher wasn't lying when she said this class was going to easier. Oh, well, and easy math is a good thing though~.
My Right Stuf order came in earlier this week~. The Tsubasa art book was so pretty~. I love Clamp's art style. I didn't except to fall in love with Tsubasa like this to be honest. I just started it out of curiosity~. Both of my doujinshi have come in and the Tsubasa one is adorable~. It has little Fai twinsXD. The Haseo/Azure Kite(?) art is better then I though it was going to be~. I have little idea of the plot but it's pretty~. I might figure more of it out after looking at it a million times (that's what usually what happens with doujinshis like thatXD).
The weather has been so nice out~. Which make me happy but scared cause just know we are going to get one more blast of freezing cold before the nice weather stays;_;.
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~Happy New Year!~

I went over to a friends house for the small party they throw for New Years. It was fun~. I got to see a friend a haven't since last New years^^'. I makes me a little sad that we don't talk much anymore (we pretty close at one point). It was nice to go over their since the day had been an weird, annoying, and bad one. On top of that I was tense and having a hard time waking up most of the day, which was very taxing with everything else.
I tired Cinnamon Schnapps and I was surprised at how much I liked it (it's really is like drink red hots~). I barely tasted the alcohol~.
I started a new anime, Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee. It's adorably sad~. I really like it so far^^. The style of the art is what drew me in. I've looked at the manga a few times at Borders but never bought it, but I'm thinking about it now. I wanna see more of the anime first before doing so~.
Over all I'm glad the holiday season is over. I love the holidays but they can wear you down^^'. I do hope everyone's holiday went well and I wish everyone the best of luck this year~!


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Hey~. I hope everyone had a good Christmas~. Mine went really well this year. Yay~! I got pretty much all I asked for^^. Mom didn't drink Christmas (or today) like she promised and terry was semi-tolerable. He even got me a gift that didn't suck (like the camera that didn't work that he bought from a bar-_-'). He got me a Dragon Claw Dagger, and it looks really cool~. I also got gift cards for Best Buy, Borders, and iTunes (I love gift cards, they aren't impersonal to me, they just say "I know you like this place and I want to get something you really want so here you go^^!"). Also, Nightmare Before Christmas earmuffs and car seat cover, 20th anniversary DVDs of Oliver and Company and The Aristocats, The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Love's Baby Soft set and Rain Forest set (Loves is the only perfume I really like and will wear), a cardigan like sweater, a turtle neck sweater, and new warm pajamas (cause I've been complaining^^') which include Tinker Bell sweatsXP. But my favorite gift has been my new iPod Touch~! I'm love with it and have been almost glued to it since I've gotten it^^. I need to get use to typing on it though I'm having fun looking for apps for it (atm looking at free ones, might buy some later~).
I've been catching up on anime and manga~. Almost dine with Tsubasa and now I wanna read the manga for it~. And unless I decided on something else the next anime I'm getting from Netflix is a partly just for curiosity and something a little mindless, Air Gear. I need to work on my instant queue as well on their~.
I talked to Michic and it looks like she might be coming up here and visit after the new year to help out with her Mom. No details or dates yet though so I'm a little iffy.
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It's hard to believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow (isn't till tomorrow still where I live). Things are still going amazingly well this, I keep expecting some random disaster^^'. -knocks on wood- But I'm staying positive (for the most part). I still have to get presents for friends but I tend not to buy for them until after Christmas most of the time anyways. I don't see them till New Years Eve anyways (and why do today what you can put off till tomorrow^^;)~.
I got to see Harry Potter with a friend of mine over the weekend and what I heard about it was true, it's really good (and not just because of the effects~). Not shockingly, I teared up at the end.
I should hopefully be getting a new cell phone soon~. If not before the new year then soon after. I'm definitely changing cell phone providers cause I've just had bad experiences with my current one (not that's they are bad just few picky things with me).
I'm loving this week cause it's Yullen week~! Yay~! My KandaAllen side is in heaven~. I've enjoy all the stories I've read but my favorites so far are [livejournal.com profile] a1y_puff 's Yullen week story, Days Passing By and [livejournal.com profile] pinkxpiano 's Vermilion Kaleidoscope (it made me tear up)~.
Ah, I'm also very happy cause I nabbed a doujinshi I've had my eye on from an ebay seller that was 25 dollars for less then 10 from someone  selling it LJ~. Yay~! I've a Riku focus one and I adore the artist (I have another doujinshi by them, RikuSora, first part is crack and second part is sweet~).
Since I'm most likely not going to post again till after Christmas:

Happy Holidays
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I am done with my finals~! Yay~! -dances- I think I did pretty well on most of them~. The paper I wrote, in like an hour, for philosophy, the one that was suppose to be four pages with at least 2 pages of critical review on the book we were suppose to read on our Philosopher, I got an 100%. I wanna how...I didn't read book, my paper was only 3 pages and only a paragraph of critical review. I was happy and confused.
I ended up spending most  my day today doing finals or hanging with Ditz~. We went to see the movie 'The Warriors Way' which I really liked but I think I found it more amusing then I should have just because of Ditz. We had the theater to ourselves and she had making comments sound effects~. She now wants to drag me to see more movies in the future, that should be interesting~.
So Michic isn't sure she's going to be coming back here for for Christmas or not and if she is she's not staying (shock). Part of it is her problems at home (primary with her mom's health and money). I never thought she'd be staying up here though, I am a little sad I might not be able to she her or the baby though at all this holiday.
I have a feeling I'm not to be able to hibernate as much as I planned this winter. Damn. Oh well, I'm told I need to get out more anyways~.
I need to finish Christmas shopping still, hopeful I will this weekend (at least for my mom).


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