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So, Mom is doing a little better. She has an appointment next week to get her back checked out~.
I went out with Ditz and J-dear on Tuesday to a comedy night thing. J-dear and I both had very low expectations of this but it was better then I thought it would be. Their were to stand-up acts, and female and male. The female was kinda of meh but had a few funny moments. The guy wasn't too bad (not that I remember his name...Mike somethingXD). I know he's been on MTV, HBO, and Comedy Central. She wants me to go with her again next week cause one of the workers there gave free entrance passes (the show is normally $5). I think Ditz may invite this other guy we know (her more then me) for next week as well (I'll be calling Rocker-boy from now of). If J-dear is coming as well then that should be interesting...(big mess of Ditz's love life).
Wednesday I went to my former collage with K and met up with Ditz, Rocker-boy, and her Mom to see them put the play for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was fun~. Waaaay cleaner then the movie, which is too be expected since this is a school. It was also funny cause Ditz and Rocker-boy have never seen TRHPS beforeXD. But I did find out that they are going to doing Avenue Q in February~! I want to goooo (and will be dragging them with meXD)~!
Rin is still bugging Hatsu. He also has this odd habit of sitting right by the sink while I'm doing dishes. He seems to have no fear or dislike of water it seems*-*. He's gotten so big and we've barely had 3 months. Mom and I are wondering how big he's going to get~.
The new fall anime season has started and Knight in the Area and Kuroko's Basketball has ended. So, I started a few new series. One I checked out but think I might be dropping is Ixion Saga DT. The humor of this series isn't really to my taste. BTOOM and Blast of Tempest are pretty interesting so far but I'm still feeling them out. I'm really into K and Magi so far though~. Not too much to say about them since they are only about 2-3 episode into each of the series so far. Also looking into a series called Psycho-Pass because the same designer that did Katekyo Hitman Reborn does this series~. I haven't watched any of it yet though.
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Hello, hello~! I have been pretty busy this last week~. I went to my graduation ceremony~. There was only two people in ceremony graduating with my degree. This one girl I talked to throughout most of it and me. We kept joking around and comenting on the signers at the ceremony were more entertaining then the people actually talkingXD. The one on the right was great cause kept making faces and weird gestures at times (her and the other singer rarely matched oddly enough~).
I got more money then I thought I would. I also got homemade cookies~! Yay COOKIES! They are also one of my favorite cookies, Mexican Wedding Cake~.
I put KH3D: The Collectors Edition on hold (fully paid for) and bought S1 of Code Geass so far~.
I Mom bought my Kindle Fire on Thursday. I didn't get to open it until Sunday but I LOVE IT~! -pets Kindle- So pretty. I finally play catch up with Katekyo Hitman Reborn! easier (instead of only being able to read it on my computer~). Also, I think I'm close to forgiving Amazon~.
Downside, my car got a flat tire when I was on my way to hang out with Michic. Which isn't too bad since didn't haft to pay to get it towed home (I love my insurance~).
So, all in all, I've been in a great mood~.
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This week wasn't too bad. Took my final this week. I think I did pretty good on it^^! She said it wasn't too much of our grade so I'm not that worried~.
I talked to both K and Ditz this week. I told them that I'm not getting involved in their arguments and fights anymore. I said I'd listen to them but I'm not going to interfere (K understood this point a little more then Ditz).
Guess who's coming back and bring her two year old and emo-boy with her? I'm happy I'll get to see her again but I'm still bitter from not hearing from her at all for three months. I'm also fearing the drama she'll bring with her;_;. My people are draining my poor gas enough as it is...
I wasn't as busy this week as I have been, so I got some time to myself.
I'm graduating this next Friday~. Yay~! -flips off everyone who told her she wouldn't even make it out of High School- Take that! -dances-

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Agh...I've been sick all weekend. It started off as a mild sore throat on Thursday then just got worse from there.This also means my lovely cough is back;_;. Still feeling ill but I can't sleep right now and I was bored.
On the plus side, jackass came and got his stuff Sunday~.  I didn't have my contacts in at the time he came over but Mom said he looked horrible. I've never before have taken so much joy from someone else's suffering~.
Looks like the teacher here aren't going to be striking, which means I'll still be graduating this semester (as long as I pass my class^^).
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So start my estimating class last week. The homework for this is going to be ungodly-_-'. She warn of such. She did talk to me about going over my classes to make sure I'm getting my degree this semester, since she's the one in charge of it. So hopefully it will go well (but I have a bad feeling about it for some reason).
Hung out with Ditz on friend while she worked~. Her work is getting slow cause her job is sign people up for this free thing but now that's after the holiday either people already did or don't want too. K was supose to meet with us after Ditz got off but, like she's been doing a lot over the last two months, she bailed out. We expected it anyways~.
I've been so damn tired this week and I don't know why. -sigh- My sleep schedule is getting really thrown off by it too.
So it's offically that my favorite anime of this season is the two and haft minute show Poyopoyo. Not that's really too shocking since it's about a really fat cat who is awesomeXD. I do like Knight in the Area and Another a lot though KitA looks like its might be going in an odd direction but it's seems interesting and hopefully they make it work. Brave10 and Inu X Boku SS are entertaining but nothing special to me atm. Brave10 seems like just another (maybe a little typical) samurai show but it's still fun to watch. Inu X Boku SS I'm still a little wary on for some reason but overall I like it so far~. The demons in it help^^. It looks like I'm going to be dropping Ano Natsu de Matteru. It's just doesn't seem to be able to keep me interested. 
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Alright so the last week has busy and a little insane. First my Mom bought a new car~. She really loves it.  It's another Buick LesabreXD. But it's white which is weird for her. She's never had a white car~.
Second I've been going back a forth with Michic trying to figure out where to go from here. I'm still a little mad at her but I just can't drop our friendship (no matter how frustrating). I am putting things into her hands now though. She wants to keep things up she can try and get a hold of me once and awhile.
K and Ditz (mainly Ditz) helped cheer me up last week after the thing with Michic. We also talked about going to two conventions next year if we can save up for them. K is really persistent on one but Ditz and I know the other is cheaper. So it's still going back and forth on that~.
Still fighting with school on things (they just can't make things easy can they?). Hopefully I'll get things settled soon...
We found my Mom old car yesterday. The column is stripped, the key slot is jammed,  they stole the battery, and where still looking it over to see what else they did. Mom's now looking into what to with it. Either junk it or try to sell it for about 200 since the engine is still really good in it.
Mom's talking to Jackass again but she still says that he's not coming back and that things are over. She says they're not going to be more then friends. I'm not sure what to think there-_-'.
Ugh, it's been hot and the kitties wanna cling to me^^'. I love you but you're covered in fur.  I wouldn't mind but our blower for our Heat and AC needs to be cleaned. Badly. I've been sneezing like crazy too lately.
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Agh. I've been light headed and a little dizzy all day. It's getting annoying. I'm pretty sure I know why it's happening but I can't do anything about so I've  been whining at people most of the day. Hopefully it'll stop in a few days (if it doesn't then I'll worry).
Finals are over and I did just fine~. Yay~!
Had a pretty storm here a few days ago and i had to literally drag Ginger downstairs cause she hates the stairs to the basement and refuses to go down them. She's too heavy for me to pick-up too so dragging her twas the only way. Nothing got damaged at our house luckily~. It interesting having all the animals in my room at the same time. Mainly cause the cats don't do well on sharing my room with otherXD. but they left Ginger alone^^.
Looks like I'm to be getting out of the house quite a bit this summer whether I want to or not. K and Ditz aren't going to let me hibernate this year~.
I know their was more I wanted to type but I can't seem to focus very well to day. I've been spacing out a lot today (probably cause of the light-headedness).
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Finals this week. Yay. Luckily I'm not sick yet.  I'm done with my math final (now let hope I did well on it~).
Hung out with friends Friday. It was fun up until I got dizzy for some reason and it didn't wanna go away for the rest of the night. Apparently that was no problem cause my friends spent most of the time talking with my Mom. Seriously, she got home from work at 11:20pm. My friends didn't leave till about 3am and the spent that time talking with my Mom (while I just clung onto Ditz and tried not move my head too much). I was amazed and a little scared by that. Then when I went to leave with a K, who was dropping Ditz off at her boyfriends house and didn't wanna drive back from their alone (hence why I went even my head was bothering me). I told my Mom I wasn't taking my keys with me cause I didn't feel like going downstairs and I wasn't going to be gone long. She answer me by teasing a little but she did acknowledged I wasn't taking them. I come back and not only is she gone but SHE LOCKED THE DOOR. It was 4 in the morning and it one of colder nights. I had to break into my own house. The thing that kills me is when I called her and told I had to break in, she said I didn't tell her I wasn't taking my keys. I wanted to scream. So, instead of yelling and getting really pissed off, I went to bed.
I got to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra yesterday~. Which is a lovely little break from studying for finals~. It was amazing and totally worth the pounding headache I had afterwards (my head has not been liking me lately). The pyro in me loved the use of fire (you could also hear some of the other pyros int he audienceXD). I really hope they come again and cause I would definitely go again~. Mom finally got to see the Theater (the major one in our town got redone some years ago and my Mom had yet to see it). She loved the inside and I do agree. It is really pretty~.
Well I got project i should be working on (cause they are due tomorrow)~.
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Once again I'm complaining about weird girl. She did something last week that crossed the line a bit. She took my iPod. She snatched it from my hand during class and refused to give it back till the end of class. I got it back from her before then through subtle glaring, whining, and reaching for it. Subtle cause I didn't want to disturbed the class. Her reasoning was, "If I have to be bored and suffer through this class then so do you." What I'm doing during class does NOT concern you. The teacher obviously doesn't care that I'm on it during class. I make no noise and I'm not disturbing or talking to her. It's not like we have assigned seats or thing and I get to class before her most of the time. She sits next to me. If me being on iPod during class bothers her that much, she can sit somewhere else, not steal my shit! Anyways, I still mange to take notes, know what we are talking about during class, and get I better grades then her in it. The last one is shallow but I'm irritated with her now. She tried to do again today but I was on my guard during the class.
Because of a lovely deal on Crunchyroll, I ended up buying the X anime a few weeks ago. I know how it ends but I'm still interested in the series and I did really want it at one point, another series just won out~. I finished Air Gear and on Beck now. The Air Gear series in general is still "Meh" to to me but I'm obsessed with Agito and Akito. He;s currently my theme for everything^^'. They made watching the series more then worth it for me. I seem to have a big weakness for characters with multiple personalities now that  look back at some of my series over the years^^'.
As you know, I'm pathetic. I have once proved that. After telling myself to stop buying doujnshi for them, I bought more KandaAllen doujinshi the other day. Stupid sales post and having artists I know, have, and adore... Oh well, time to starting saving in paypal again~.
Also, I'm looking forward to Spring Break next week~. No particular reason, just am~. Kat, getting together at some point next week would be nice~.
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Things have kinda of stupid with the jackass. He went partying all weekend last weekend. It irritated off mom but she's learn not to except much with him (I don't see why she doesn't just let him go-_-). Mom's been on him all week about that. Today he told me to tell Mom that's he's leaving and gave me the key. Wuss can't tell her himself apparently. I don't care anymore. He stays. He goes. As long as he doesn't cause me trouble, I'm indifferent anymore. -shrugs- The only thing that really annoys me is that I don't like seeing my mom still getting hurt cause of him. It's partly her fault too, I know that but still. -sigh-
I'm starting another class next week. This was one of the two classes I took primary to be a full-time student~. I they go together. I take one then the other after it. Both are fairly short. In my other classes, nothing new. I'm ticking off weird girl though in mathXD. I don't mean to but I get bored (Serious, I know how get the area of a damn triangle!). I keep pulling out my iPod and starting reading manga on it^^;. She sees me doing it and it ticks her off cause she's having a hard time understand it. She can't get on me about it cause I'm doing a lot better in the class then her^^'. I know part of the reason she doesn't get it is cause the teacher's way of teaching confuses her. I feel kinda of bad and I want to help her but I suck at helping people with math, even when I understand it^^;.
Close to done with Air Gear~. Starting Beck next, partly on a whim and my impression from watching the first episode on On Demand. Started watching Gosick on Crunchyroll, same place I'm watching Letter Bee~. Mystery type anime, so of course it catch my attention~. It's a fun watch so far~.
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Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day~. So, Happy belated Valentines DayXD!

I went out to dinner with my mom Sunday, since we do like doing something like that together around V-day. I got a giant stuffed frog, since it's tradition for her to give me a stuffed animal on V-day (also on Easter~). He's so soft and cuddly. I like using him to lend on while watching TV/movie/anime whatever~. I also got a small little teddy bear from weird girl~. She seemed surprised when proclaimed my love of stuffies and that I sleep with one~. I feel no shame in admitting that to people. They are cute, cuddly and I will never out grow them! I also got some dove chocolate truffles in the shape of little hearts. I like V-day cause one hopeless romantic and two, the cynical people and their anti-V-Day rants. Thier ranting amuses and fascinates me~. The cynical side of me loves itXD.
So...bored...in...math. I know what the about triangles and parallelograms are. I learned that A LONG TIME AGO. I spent all of math on my iPod touch. My last teacher wasn't lying when she said this class was going to easier. Oh, well, and easy math is a good thing though~.
My Right Stuf order came in earlier this week~. The Tsubasa art book was so pretty~. I love Clamp's art style. I didn't except to fall in love with Tsubasa like this to be honest. I just started it out of curiosity~. Both of my doujinshi have come in and the Tsubasa one is adorable~. It has little Fai twinsXD. The Haseo/Azure Kite(?) art is better then I though it was going to be~. I have little idea of the plot but it's pretty~. I might figure more of it out after looking at it a million times (that's what usually what happens with doujinshis like thatXD).
The weather has been so nice out~. Which make me happy but scared cause just know we are going to get one more blast of freezing cold before the nice weather stays;_;.
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...I resent my math class now. The teacher is really nice but her teaching style sucks. I took a test the other day and I swear I spent five minutes on one question trying to figure out what she me to do. Quite a few of the questions where phrased...odd. As long as I pass, I'll be happy. If Eric wasn't in my Art class I would be so bored  realized. He wasn't there Tuesday and I spent most of the time on iPod Touch reading manga. I spend a lot of time helping him in and after class. I already how to do what we are doing^^;. Oh well~. Psychology is interesting at least and the definitely shows her passion for it. We are currently talking about the brain still. She admitted she can get carried away ralking about things in this sectionXD.
Right stuff shipped my order, YAY~. Got the KuroganeFai doujinshi today and it's cute~. It has little twin versions of FaiXD. He get attached to them and then they go bye-bye and he's sad  in which Kuro comforts him then (very short summary)~.
I'm will be buying a new cell phone this weekend. I keep forgetting to do that and it's sad when my mom is demanding I buy a electronic and I keep forgetting to do it. I'll mass texting people in my contacts my new cell number at some point this weekend~.
This week has been so cold and it sucks having a room in the basement when it's cold like this. I barely get heat to my room in the first place, match that with the fact that our heater sucks when it's bitter like this. Brr. Luckily it's suppose to warm up a bit next next. Hopefully melt some of the giant piles of snow.
Started a new series, Alice in the Country of Hearts. Alice in Wonderland things are a serious addiction for meXD.
Also, I want to go the this;_;. I'ce talk to someone who has and they'ce told me it's pretty awesome. Damn. I'm not a major FF fan but I do like FF and I love the music for it.
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So, we had an insane snow storm here and I didn't go to class at all this week. Tuesday only my Psychology class canceled. The others were still on unless campus closed. I didn't go cause like hell I was going to drive out to the college in that-_-'. They ended up closing it at 5:00. The next two days the campus was closed. It looks like most of the city is shoved or plowed out by now though~.
My order form Right Stuf hasn't been shipped yet cause the PH BS2 is backordered;_;.
I wasn't able to get the SilabusHaseo doujinshi I wanted cause they apparently didn't have it in stock. They did refund me and let me chose any of the other .hack doujinshi they had though for free, so that's a plus. I'm still sad I don't get the SilabusHaseo one though. I choose a HaseoKite one~.
The animals are starting to get a little stir crazy, mostly Darling and Ginger though. Ginger doesn't like the sheer amount of snow in the backyard cause she can't (doesn't want to) walk in it. Darling wants to go out on the porch but it's too cold for her to stay out there longer then a minute or two. This stills doesn't stop the both of them from whining at us though^^'.
It's been extremely cold here the last few days and our heater doesn't work for shit when it's cold like that. Plus my room is in the basement...brrrr.
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Alright so it's been two since classes have started up back up and i have a better idea on how the classes are going to go. Psychology isn't bad and the teacher is nice. When are learning about the brain atm and I get paper on it. In math, the teacher is nice but when she explains things she gives extra information that is really unneeded. Also, I learned that one the things we spent like, haft the time learning about in my previous math class, we will not be be working with at all in this one. I wanted to scream-_-. Since we are going to be learning about how to use programs I already to use in Art, this class will be pretty easy~. I don't think I'm going to be bored cause I looks like I'll be helping out DBZ guy and the girl behind me a lot~. I don't mind, it happens a lot with me^^.
I got the Tangled soundtrack with a credits I had on Rhapsody~. I was between that and the Tron soundtrack~. I also bought the Pandora Hearts BS and the Tsubasa artbook Tuesday~! Yay~! very much looking forward to getting those. Also, saved up enough on paypal for the SilabusHaseo doujinshi I've been wanting, so I bought that too~.  I have so extra monay on paypal so I'm bidding on the KuroganeFai one I was looking at as well~.
So. a interview with Nomura revels more on KH 3D~.
"You'll be switching off between Sora and Riku as you play. However, Nomura revealed to Famitsu that the switching will be forced upon the player as they play. When walking through town and even in battle, you'll suddenly be switched to the other character."
That should be funXD. I a little amused by it~. Looking forward to this game.
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OMG, two posts is two(ish) days~. That's rare for meXD. Classes started today~. Psychology isn't going to be as fun as Philosophy was since there's going to a lot less discussion in it. I'll still like the class, I'm sure. Remember weird girl I talked about last semester? She in this math class tooO_O. I don't know how happened but it did. Oh well, she's nice enough just confusing at times. Teacher for my math this semester seems nice, so hopefully this class will go smoothly. My Commercial Arts is going to be fun, partly cause cause their is a guy in the class I haven't talk since my first or second year in High school~! He was in my art class (with the evil, bastard teacher) and painted this awesome DBZ picture (and I'm not even a fan of DBZ). He's really nice and fun to talk too~. The teacher gave of a good first impression. So far I'm looking forward to my classes^^. We had to listen to a guy named Paul Thorn after looking at potential posters for a concert of his. We looked at them today and after listening to him we are going to look at them again and decided with it best suited. I listened to him and I'm wild about him. He's not bad but he style doesn't scream out to me, might be the little bit of County I keep picking up on^^'. We talked a bit about Facebook as well and it was interesting, when he ask how many people in class use it, not many in the class do~.
Info on KH:3D was released. The official title is Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]. The title is a little bit corny but it doesn't bother me~. This is the official site. Haft of me is going 'WHY?' at the pink in it but at the same time it works but still...pink...
So, luckily I had a great time at Disturbed because mom got a chance this to be good and responsible. She failed. Epically. On plus side, I'll be getting the rest of the money I'm going to need to buy the second Pandora Hearts Premium Edition BS coming out the 25 and the Tsubasa, RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE: Album De REProDUCTioNS I'm getting along with it.
I've been looking at doujinshi, only this time at Gurran Lagann and Tsubasa ones~. The Tsubasa one I'm looking at looks really cute and sweet~! It's a Fai and Kurogane one. I'm going to be keeping my eye on it but my next goal with doujinshi is the HaseoSilabus one I found~. MUST. HAVE.
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The concert was frickin' awesome~! The bands that played was (in order) In The Moment, Sevendust, Korn, and Disturbed. I did not like ITM, the music was fine, I just didn't lead vocal. Sevendust was so cool~. Both ITM and Sevendust liked telling the people on the floor run is circlesXD. It was amusing~. I liked Korn more then i though I would, I also didn't realize just how many of their songs I knew^^. DISTURBED WAS AMAZING~! They had fog rolling onto the stage when came out~, The video back image, videos, and lights were so cool! My through is a little raw from screaming so much and I partly deaf for about an hour after but SO worth it~! Ditz had a great time and was more hyper then normal the entire time. I'm so glad, I really didn't want to miss this! I'm still a little hyper from the concert but KYA! I can't help it~!
In other news, class start this week for me. I'm not sure how much I'm looking forward it. I didn't get one of the classes I need and two are short but pointless (I just need them to be full-time). The pointless ones aside, the main classes I'm taking are Psychology, General Math, and Commercial Art, all on Tuesday and Thursday (pointless classes are on Monday and Wensday). I need to check out what books I'm going to need still^^'.
Except for the episode that came out yesterday, ep.40, I'm caught up with the anime for Tegami Bachi~. I'm in love with this series~. I also watch all of Gurran Lagann this week on too~. I found it to be fun anime to watching. I loved Viral~. I'm not sure what's going to be next, either xxxholic or Gunslinger~.
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I am done with my finals~! Yay~! -dances- I think I did pretty well on most of them~. The paper I wrote, in like an hour, for philosophy, the one that was suppose to be four pages with at least 2 pages of critical review on the book we were suppose to read on our Philosopher, I got an 100%. I wanna how...I didn't read book, my paper was only 3 pages and only a paragraph of critical review. I was happy and confused.
I ended up spending most  my day today doing finals or hanging with Ditz~. We went to see the movie 'The Warriors Way' which I really liked but I think I found it more amusing then I should have just because of Ditz. We had the theater to ourselves and she had making comments sound effects~. She now wants to drag me to see more movies in the future, that should be interesting~.
So Michic isn't sure she's going to be coming back here for for Christmas or not and if she is she's not staying (shock). Part of it is her problems at home (primary with her mom's health and money). I never thought she'd be staying up here though, I am a little sad I might not be able to she her or the baby though at all this holiday.
I have a feeling I'm not to be able to hibernate as much as I planned this winter. Damn. Oh well, I'm told I need to get out more anyways~.
I need to finish Christmas shopping still, hopeful I will this weekend (at least for my mom).
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ARGH, cold. I am not pleased weather, go away till after finals! I'm starting to feel that, I'm not sick but it can turn an minute feelings, like chills and finicky stomach. I can't miss class the rest this week either cause I test in Math and Geology-_-. Then I have finals for all my classes next week. Please, pleeease wait till next weekend to sick body, I'm begging you!
So, I skipped math today, since it was just review, to finish my book report , which I'm pretty sure was crap but I got it in and that's points so yay. So, Mr. G strikes again~. He put his foot in his mouth in both Business and Philosophy~. In Bus we were talking about financial forecasts and teacher told us woman are not as comfortable making these forecasts as men are, to which Mr. G says "It's because they can smell men's confidence." Their was was a few seconds of silence then laughter~. In Philosophy first he tried bribing me not mention the Bus class commentXD, we were talking about John Stuart Mill's Higher and Lower Pleasures, which was finny as hell cause of Mr. G's comments throughout the class. I couldn't keep track of everything he said. We've had to correct him on his own point many times, "This is what we think mean...". We also had to correct him on the fact that, yes, you can get pleasure from pain, it's called masochism. He brought the concept of absolute zero proceeded to discount the concept of absolute pain, which no one brought up, so that confused everyone. By the end of class the teacher was turning red from laughing, at one point the teacher said, "Mr.G having you in class has been painful pleasure." So very true~. I'll miss this class so muchXD.
I came across the song "Hero (Red Pill Mix)" by Superchick and I'm addicted to it. It teared up a little listening to it cause reminded me of some people I knew and past experiences.
Also, pointless info buuut...I realized I love Chai Tea~. I think I might have a had it once maany years ago before my whole "tea and water are my world~" thing. I had some today on a whim and I love it~.
Oh, I get to go shopping for my mom this weekend with terry. We're going to the mall. Lets hope both of us survive this cause this doesn't seem like it;s going to be fun^^;.
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Last week fo classes next week then finals, so I'm going to be busy. I'm so ready for Math and Business to be over with-_-. Going to miss going to my Philosophy class though~. Kind of 'meh' on Geology, like the class but the length and the time it's at (at the end of a long day) kills me.
Philosophy class yesterday was interesting, the only part I mental went "Noooo." at was the part of death. I'm fine with talking about death in general (horror lover here~) but talking and thinking about my own personal death makes sad, uneasy, and childishly go "Lalala, can't here you~!". It's stupid and I know it but I don't like idea of growing old and facing my own mortality. I know many people have a problem with and it's not unusually but I didn't think I'd have such a childish reaction to it. I mean we talked about the same thing in the earlier on in the course but I'd get okay with the more I/we talker about it. Nope, that didn't happen.  -sigh- I guess this will just a lot of time to for me to get comfortable with.
Went and got serve's games with a gift card last weekend~. Game stop was having buy 2 used get one free so I did~. I got Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Hero 3 (PSP), Final Fantasy Tactics(PSP), and Digimon World 4 (PS2). As much as I don't follow Naruto (both manga and anime) I'm surprisingly addicted to the games^^'. FFT was kinda of a whim and I have yet to get Digimon game~.
I had money on my PayPal so guess what i bough...again. Doujinshi (shocker). BUT I didn't DGM or KH~! I got two, one Megaman, a very cutesy Enzan x Netto, and one .hack//G.U., an all character.
I've been whining at people recently abut wanting suggestion on new bands to listen to but haven't really gotten anything that really catches me. I've been getting more Sick Puppies and Poets of the Fall music~. I ended up going back to a band I haven't listened to for awhile, L'Arc-en-Ciel. I had them on my iTunes on my Desktop (which is dead atm). With the exception of DGM OST's, Ra, and Disturbed, I just started over with the iTunes on this computer. I forgot how much I liked them~.
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So, I finally got to go out shopping with my Mom like we planned a few weekends ago~. We had a lot of fun, I got her to buy herself quite q bit~. My feel were killing me by the end of the day;_;. I got new boots (partly on Mom's insistence "I'm getting new boots and need new ones any anyways~). The design is nice and the sole in comfy but I'm worried how the middle is going to be cause the design makes it kinda of tight. We spent a good deal of time at the mall~. Mom saw a necklace she though looked nice at this jewelery store that was on sale~. It's a key with a heart at the handle end with a diamond in it. I bought it for her (which is funny cause she was going to buy it for meXD). The lady said my Mom and I looked so alike (which a lot of people say) and then said we looked like sisters. We both mental laughed at that cause...no. After the mall we went to Borders and I debate on getting Fullmetal Alchemist manga, even thought I only have 1 and 4^^'. I got 2 and 3 today and figure I'll slowly catch up on it. I would like the manga for it~. After going to Best Buy (where I bought another Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland~) we decided to call it quits and head to dinner cause I could barely walk without looking retardedXD. We went to Olive Garden and the waiter was a little annoying. It's nice when they check on you but he was doing it every five minutes or so-_-. I crashed for about an hour when I got home~. Weekend had been pretty great so far~.
In other things, I'm looking forward to time off of classes next week cause:
1) I need to start reading my book on my philosopher for philosophy.
2) I'm really starting to hate business class (the way the teacher runs it makes me dread the damn class). A break form it will be nice~.
I am really happy about math though~. I got a 97% on the test I was sure I was going to bomb~. -insert happy dance- Yay~.
Terry's is showing signs of messing up again. He hasn't yet but he's not looking good (like hmm, suspicious). So mom's keeping an eye out on it (as well as having me keep tabs~).
I've been looking at doujinshi again~. BUT not DGM or KH~! Haha~! I want to get some for a different series so I'm looking at Megaman (EnzanNetto) and .hack (HaseoSilabus, BalmungKite, HaseoKite, is varies~). The Megaman I want a t the moment is really cute~of course.


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