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I got a new laptop. Katsu and her Mom help me out a lot on picking one out. I like it for the most the part. It can play video~! My old one just gave up on video, even youtube could be a fight.
I'm stilling setting things up on it, but I can't finish doing that till I get my files from my old one. I will be getting those next weekend. Right now just trying to remember bookmarks, downloading programs I need, and figuring out fucking Windows 8 (hence the  for the most part earlier).
The plus side is the default start up screen is desktop mode, so yay on that. I don't know if it's a HP thing or not but it works for me~. Down side is finding everything. I have to hunt down settings I normal can find easily. Plus I keep bring up this side bar thing when I swipe on my trackpad from the edge of the right side. It's annoying. It's going to take time to get used to Win 8. I didn't want to get it but I couldn't pay to get it downgraded.
The more I get use to using Win 8, get my files, and set up it up the way I want it, I'll be happier. Right now my iTunes looks so sad...
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Okay, so my b-day this year kinda of sucked cause I was sick. I did mange to go to dinner but I payed for that the next 2 days by being sick as a dog. I did a get a cute little Tsuna plushi from Ditz as a b-day gift~. Oh well, my b-day wasn't the focus this year anyways. I was Ditz's and hers went the way she wanted, which makes me happy.
I've been busy, of course. Things are going on with our landlord and we not sure on a few things. Mom needs to talk to him once she gets certain info. Hopefully it's not what we think, cause then we may have to too move in the next few months and we really don't want too.
I re-arranged my room a little over the weekend. I finally mange to get my Black Cat wall scroll up that got last year at AI. I also have a new bookshelf,l to replace the one that broke and month or so back. It was free as well, so double yay~!
I've been fixed on Ni no Kuni in my spare time. I can't get enough of playing this game~. I love it^^. I also mange to get the game Journey and play that a little. It's just how I thought. A nice calm and beautiful game. It's perfect for me to play to calm myself or if I don't want anything to loud or hyper, or anything like that.
The secound season of Magi was announced for the fall season~. I like the anime, I know fans of the mange weren't too thrilled with it but I adored it but then again, I don't read the manga for it. It's too long and I don't wanna play catch-up with another series when I'm not even catch up on the ones I'm currently reading.
I'm fearing the fall season of anime cause I know of four  anime I'm going to want to watch, Magi S2, Kuroko S2, Valverave S2, and Samurai Flamenco. I always wanna watch waaay more then I have time for^^;;.
I've been also trying to slowly back-up up everything on my computer onto to external hard drive, just encase my computer gets worse (it's not that bad atm but the randomly turning off moniter things is annoying). I try to back up my computer semi-regularly but somethings slip my mind or I don't have the time to copy at that moment.
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Things have been hectic and busy for me lately. The lady I work for (who from now on will be call Kairi) had surgery and so my schedule for her change quite a bit for about a week. I was so busy between her, the running already had to do, and things going on at home.
Things had been tense between Mom and jackass for awhile (both side being at fault) and the came to a head on Sunday. When i had them starting to fight, I called Ditz and went off to meet up with her. She was working but I just hung around and got some reading done (her work didn't care I was there). Since I left not long after the fighting started, I didn't get stressed for the most part. i was feeling a little blah but that was it. That was good at least. Mom and jackass got things worked out yesterday. So well see how things go.
Ditz's B-day is this weekend and mine is a week after hers so this weekend Ditz, J-dear, J-Besty, and me are going out of town. It's her 21st so she has a few things she really wants to do. It should be an interesting weekend to say the least~.
My computer has been finicky as of late. -sigh- It is years old now and it's a pretty awesome computer. It still works fairly well but I can tell the performance in getting a little worse as time goes on. I used to be abke to stream just fine on it now, not so much (so I stopped streaming on since I got my PS3). It loads slower and the number pad on the keyboard varies on when it wants to work. But I still love my computer~.
I start watching the new anime Free! and what can I say but hot biishies swimming~. How can I not love itXD. There are few others I might get into this season but since there doesn't seem to be a bunch that are catching my eye this season. I want to catch/finish up and watch some others I fell behind on~.
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I think I bomb my Business class test^^'. I'm not too worry, as long as I pass the class. I have no motivation for that class, the teacher makes sure of that-_-. She's nice and all but I don't like the way she's teaching it (and I'm not the only one, many people I've talk to in the class agree with me). She makes it hard to study for the tests. -sigh-
Philosophy has been interesting since we are talking about the existence of God. Thursday was on the Ontological Argument (which I'm not fond of). Mr. G, who the teacher like to mess with, wasn't there so this other guy (who I talk to a lot outside of class, now to be know as Hat Guy~)  was the focus~. It was amusing~. He's Agnostic and favors the everything is from nature idea so then if their is a higher power then he/she is in everything. We both sit in the front and when we were talking after class we both agreed, the one thing that sucks about being up front is not being able to see peoples reactions. We have some very religious people in the class so that would have interesting^^.
I've been getting major deja vu back to when I know as 'The Manga Library". I have various people I'm lending out to again. What amuses me is that I keeping getting the comment "How do you keep it all straight?". Experience~. After having to keep track of who has what of my manga and anime from the 11-15 people all borrowing my things back then, you get good at it~. 
It's getting colder and Mom is starting to show signs that she might be getting sick. If she gets sick I'm screwed. I don't wanna get sick yet! Wait till after this semester! -flails-
My computer has been acting a little odd. Main thing is that, even I have update with the latest version of flash player my live messenger keeps telling me I need to update every time I sign in-_-'. I've been trying to figure out to get that to stop but no luck as of yet. -sigh- Oh well, I'll keep trying~.
I've been been trying to find a new band or artist to listen to but nothing's really struck me yet~.
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After almost a year of avoiding my room like the plague, Darling now spends 90% of her time in it. Which puts me on edge cause during the day she hisses and attacks Hatsu to leave (nothing serious just kind of like "Scram! My area!"). I'm still worried cause those two put me on edge when they are in my room, they don't seem fond of sharing it. The rest of the house is usually fine but my room is different apparently^^'. They seem to do fine at night, then again they both are sleeping, Hatsu at the bottom edge of my bed and Darling on/around my legs-_-'. I'm mean I've missed sleeping with her but I really don't want them to fight (again). Things are going fine atm so I'll make sure to keep an eye on them~.
Mom went a concert the Wednesday night~. 38 Special, REO Speedwagon, and Styx. She got me a Styx shirt (and it looks so cool~) and her a 38 Special. She seemed to have a good time, which is good~.
Got taxes and finical aid check earlier this week~! I put some back for a car and took mom out to dinner to Red Lobster with my check. I hate sea food but I took her out for sea food, I could only choose from like two entrees (A steak dish and Cajun chicken paste dish. Their was another chicken dish but it had a cherry glaze-_-') and one appetizer. The Cajun dish was really good and I loved the biscuits. I was really happy that the main thing I smelled was lemon cause I have a low tolerance for the smell of sea food as well.
I'm toying with the idea of buying Adobe CS3 (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign)  from this one girl for $50 but I'm not sure how much my PC will like it. It already doesn't like the Photoshop 7 I have on here. The ONLY program a have any trouble with too. I would rather have a Mac with those programs cause I'm so much more used to using them on a Mac now. -sigh- What to do~. I'll keep thinking about it though, she's in no hurry it seems~.
Also, I decided to get the doujishi I can't before, mainly cause my mom said she'd pay for them since she got her taxes~. I got 3 kingdom hearts doujinshi so that means I'll have 4~ Yay~! I should be content for awhile~.
It's taking me forever to do the tech project><. Luckily he said since it's such a big project he'll accept it till the end of the semester~. I'm still worried I'm not going to get it done completely, I've never had so much a of problem doing/focusing on a project before. Classes are entertaining~. I have weridest conversations in them though, like today in Bio Lab this guy in my class decided he should have a town with 2000 buses going 80km/hr.
Him: "It's good for the environment!"
Me: "Wouldn't a lot more people die in crashes?"
Him: "Then those people wouldn't be driving, so it's still good for the environment. Oh! And the busses can't stop, so everyone will need to jump off."
Me: "So your solution is killing everyone?"
Somehow, that always ends being the conclusion~.
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Ugh...I went to the class I'm taking this summer today (...-looks at time- Yesterday...whatever...). The teacher just had to go over the basic of basic of computer usage! Input devices, Output devices, storage devices, HOW TO TURN ON A COMPUTER! I was bored (kind of tired cause I kept yawning...^^') and I was in front of a computer...with internet access...and did I mention I was BORED! It was taking soooo much in me not to go online and surf. I kind of failed at not doing that though cause at the end of class I was like 'Screw it, she's yaking and not paying attention and I need to not fall asleep. Plus hey look! A project she wants me to do needs my to put down a list of three of my favorite sites! I'll do that by going to the sites to make SURE I like them!'. Hehe^^.  So I just wanted to rant about that!

Oh! I have been driving a lot lately and I feel alot better driving! Yay!
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Damn it! My damn computer did it AGAIN! My bookmarked sites on my web browser got wiped AGAIN! Second time! Nothing else happens to my computer. Nothing weird. Nothing. Just my favorites go bye~bye! -fumes- It's pissing me off...so I'm just going to have to make a backup favorites list...tch. Troublesome. 


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