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I still fail at thisXP. So glad holidays are over, though I still have two more friends to see to give them their gifts, K (who I'm seeing tomorrow) and Michic (who I should be eeing the day after). Holidays sucked this year but oh well. We're past them, so I'm good.
Been watching stuff but since it's been so long since I've posted about things I'm just put some of my favorite anime from 2015. Aoharu x Machinegun was fun and I really liked the characters. I'd love too see more. Rokka no Yuusha was one of my top favorites, even if the ending was a little odd but really it sets up for a season 2 and out of the anime, I want one for that one the most! Tokyo Ghoul is just love all around for me~! The action and Kaneki<3. Sepah of the End's S1 wasn't too bad but S2 really sold it. Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront) was so cool, lovely action, intriguing characters~.  Noragami S2 and Death Parade is tied for my favorite~. Everything from the characters to the story to the look was lovely. Plus, those openings<3. Looking forward to 2016's anime (so many I'm looking forward too (DGM, AOT S2, Super Lovers, Servamp are just a few~).
Now gaming has been pretty much narrow cause I've gone from playing Tales of XIllia to ToX2~. I'm hoked on these game and man do I wanna play Tales of Zestiria~! I am looking forward to Pokemon red, Blue, and Yellow coming to the Nintendo store~.
Also, typing with a cat laying on your arms is hard-_-.. -looks at Rin-

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Yo~! Been awhile^^! So, things have happened.
My room got a little renovated. We torn up the carpet and painted the floor. I got a new bed (it's Memory foam and I LOVE it). We had to get rid of the carpet cause it would come up when I vacuumed it (and so I couldn't vacuum it). I like it alot and so does Walker and Rin. They hang in my room a lot now. Darling stays upstairs (I don't blame her, she's around 14-15 years old now). Hatsu hangs around her, which it sweet. The boys love it cause now they don't get chased away from my room.
Mom's been kinda of a pain on the weekends but not going to go into details (but yeah, I still don't like it when she has days off, which is a horrible thing to sa..err...type). Lover boy still doesn't have a job and it's driving Mom and I crazy. I've been looking for one. I had an interview today for one, I'm not sure how I did^^;. I think I did good on everything but faulted when she asked me about fashion (cause I wasn't expecting it, though in hindsight I should have...).
I backed into a car the was parked behind our driveway across the street. I hate when people park there to be honest, our street isn't that wide and we have a tree at the end of our driveway Luckily i didn't do too much damage but still. I admit fault but now our insurance is going to up. -sigh-
I started writing again. I forgot how much it helps me and how much I love it. Thing is, I don't know the character I'm writing! He just pop up out of nowhere. I think I need to to go over the characters I have and rework them a little bit, same with the worlds I have. Plus, a lot of of my stuff from high school and college are still in notebooks and  I want to type up the info for them.
I've been watching stuff. I didn't watch a lot of summer season shows, I did watch Rokka and Junjo Romantica S3 through. I loved Rokka and I want more! They can't leave it like that! Junjo is more of the same from that series, though I do love Ijuuin~. I also watched the movie K: Missing Kings and personally, I loved it~ (and I was right, you need to watch it before watching season 2). This season I'm watching season 2 of Haikyu!, K: Return of the Kings, Seraph of the End, and Noragami. Much love for all of them~! I'm also watching Starmyu and Atttack on Junior High. AoJH is really funny. I wasn't excepting to like it this much. Starmyu is pretty and I love the music. It's similar to Uta no Prince-sama but less sparkly and little more serious notes.
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It's been an insane few weeks. I've spent 18-19 hours total in the ER is two different hospital. Not for me but for my friend K and my Mom. For K it was about 14-15 hours for two different trips because of her back. Mom is was about 3-4 hours for a boil on her leg. This is not including the various hospital trips to see doctors the and happen and will happen. K can't driving because of her back and her family sucks . Hence why I'm driving her. mom still can't drive period. They are both still in recovery state but it's nothing too bad. I haven't had a lot of time to myself these past few weeks. But I'm glad they are okay (for the most part). I've never been to the ER so many times in one year. Three times for me, once for Mom, two for K, once for one of Lover Boy's relatives. The first time at the ER for K, they forgot about here (hence why we ended being their for 9 hours). -sighs- It's been an adventure. Mom was a fight to get her to stay (cause she just loves hospital). She snapped at me a few times, and even tried kicking me out of the room-_-', but since it's her I wasn't surprised (a little annoyed, I'll admit, but it's worth it for her health).
Sadly, I haven't gotten a chance to start on any the summer animes I wanna watch yet. I watch to see Gangsta, Junjo Romantica S3, Aoharu x Machinegun, Makuranodanshi (which I wanna watch mainly for giggles~), Rampo Kitan: Game of Laploace, and maybe poking at Prison School, Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-, and Gate. I still need to finish up some of my Spring season.
Only fall anime I've finished so far is Seraph of the End, whose season 2 comes out this fall. I liked it and I kinda know the way it migh go but I wish it would go the way I know it won't cause that would be more unexpected and interesting (a least to me). But that involves the main character betraying his side and I don't see that happening. I still really like it and plan to watch S2 (along with S2 of Haikyu!, Noragami, and K that also comes out this fall),
As for this Summer anime I wanna make one note. I wanna watch Makuranodanshi because of the summary:
If you are lonely sleeping alone at night, then this show is for you! A first-person anime, each episode features a different boyfriend who sleeps beside the viewer each week. With 12 different personalities and ranging from a stall vendor to a librarian boy, there is surely a boyfriend for every viewer!
Like I said, it's for giggles okay and maybe the pretty boys a little bit.
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So, it's been awhile~. I didn't die, my arm got messed up so computer was a no-go for awhile. I'm not going to go into everything's that gone on. We got a new car just recently cause the other one was getting really rough and looked like the transmission was going to go out any day. The new car is another Pontiac, a Grand Prix. Funny thing we didn't want a little silver car so guess what we ended up with? Lol, yeah.
The new Kingdom Hearts trailer for KH3~! OMG, yay~! Now please announce a release date! I'm begging you! Also, the FF7 remake announcement~! Oh wow. Sony really did kill it at E3 this year~! They are going to be bring over KH Chi [x], an online game, to phones and tablets. I've been playing the demo for FF15  and I love it so much~! I'm waay more hyped for it now~.
I've started, and plan to start, quite a few new manga series, One of which is Kamisama Kiss, which I get to play catch up on. I also started a few short series (3-5 volumes). Anime wise I'm following a few different series this season. UtaPri S3, Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon? (which I did not except to like as much as I do), and  Owari no Seraph are the ones I'm caught up with. Their are a few others I'm behind on though.
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So, my goal of posting more has kinda of been failing. My bad on that. I've been getting busy or not having the time when I am on the computer. Things haven't too bad. Mom and Lover boy have been keeping me busy (and driving me nuts). I love them both but they have annoying the crap out of me on the weekends (bars can be so boring to someone who doesn't drink). The main problems lately have been that Mom's been drinking on everyday she has off. I've stopped fighting though cause it's was stressing me into illness. Also, driving people around all the time can be more tiring then you think.
A plus that happened recently is Lover boy bought a PS4 which means we now have a PS4~! Yay~! There aren't many games out that is interesting to me (and not also for the PS3). Only one that I want (and getting) is Final Fantasy Type-0. I've been looking forward to this game for awhile, so getting a PS4 now works for meXD.
I've have been following a lot of series this season but I really do like the ones I am following. I am so hooked onto the series Cute High Earth Defense Club (a Magical boy anime~). It's so much fun~! Loved season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul and I'm loving season 2^^. Death Parade was looking forward to and it has not disappointment me at all. I'm ecstatic about Durarara!! x2 because I was so torn on watching because I love the dub so much and I wanted to watch season 2 the same way but I didn't if they were going to do that (I also didn't want to wait). They are doing a siml-dub for it~! -dances- same voice actors and all~. Sailor Moon Crystal is good over all and I still like it but the last few episodes have been a little repetitive.
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So, still trying to post more often~. Recently I've been debating on whether on not to keep Hulu or go with Funimation for streaming. Plus side of Funi is NO ADS and has both sub and dub of a lot of series (which is good for when my eyes or head is bothering me and reading subs hurts). Down side of Funi is since the PS3 app was just released not long ago (like month or so I think?) there are some error in it, a little lagging and it doesn't have a queue or history yet (so having to hunt down shows and what eppie I'm on can a little bit of a annoyance, more so with longer series like Fairy Tail). Plus side of Hulu, stable PS3 app, has a queue and remember were at, anime selection from more then just Funi. Down side ADS (when paying for it-_-), less dub selection, and ADS (I have an issue with this is you couldn't tell). I'm doing a trail for Funi atm (Hulu is on hold). I can't really do both (plus doing both would all in all but redundant cause most of the shows I wanna watch on Hulu is released by Funi). So well see how it goes.
I bought Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines a few weeks ago when it was sale. I spent a go deal of the day yesterday fixing the issues I was having with getting it to play right on my computer. It's an older game and wasn't made with Steam in mind (since it was before Steam I believe). So I had to get patches for it and mess with the game start up stetting and Steam setting and all that jazz. But I got it to work right, so yay~! I played a bit of it and now I think I wanna redo the character I'm playing as so I'm most likely going to restart  but not sure.
Things haven't been too bad. I've been getting more reading done since I been driving around because it's been a lot of drive here now waiting, drive here now wait. I'm behind on my manga anyways, so this works~.
I'm going to be getting a new phone at the end of this week. Mainly because the plan I'm using now it's working for me anymore since I've been having to use it a lot more. I'm hoping to be able to keep my number but we'll see what happens.
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Okay, so my posting on here has been a little lacking. My bad about that. December was insanely busy and I'm so glad holiday are over. Got into it with K. It involved Ditz and K's issues with each other. I'm going to now avoid being around both of them at the same time at all costs.  It's not worth the stress. I'll still hang with them but just one on one you could say.
I wasn't too impressed with the con around here this year. The panels were really lacking. I did get Christopher Bevins to sign my Spiral Artbook~.
I was sick this past week. Not shocking since everyone around have been getting sick. It was only a matter of time. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, It didn't knock me into bed.  Now I'm just dealing with my normal cough.
Mom and Lover boy have doing very well. Which makes me happy cause Mom being happy makes things a lot easier. 
I haven't started any of the animes I wanna watch this Winter season. I will start them soon though. I wanna watch Durarara S2, Tokyo Ghoul S2, Kuroko no  Basket S3, Kamisama S2 (notice a trend?), World Break; Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, and Death Parade.
I'm currently playing a trail of FF A Realm Reborn. I've been wanting to play it for awhile. I really like it so far. I'm debating on whether or not to get it.
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So, I have really been on top of my posting recently. My bad. I will post a full report on what's been going on and how Holidays went after the new year. Here's just a brief summary. I went to a near by con recently. It was so-so. Must ikely would have been been if it wasn't for friend issues coming up. -sigh- Christmas over went fairly well and for me, that pretty awesome since holiday's tend to crash and burn. I also had money this year~! Things overall haven't been too bad.
Over all it hasn't been too bad of a year I'd say.  Got rid of jackass so that makes everything rainbows in my book for this yearXD. 
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So things are going better this month then last month (for the most part). I got oddly ill last week and I still don't get what was wrong with me. I'm most better now so I think was just a little virus or something.
Mom has been decorating the house for Halloween. She happy since she hasn't been able to the last few years. She's also going to have Halloween off this year, so she's excited for that.
Things have been going well with Lover Boy for the most part. I did get into a light tiff with him a week or so back. It did make Mom and I figure out something though; most of the of the guys we know don't count driving around (on errand, people, etc) as a chore or work (ignoring that people do the and similar thing for a living). It's a little annoying but I'll take little things like things over jackass any day.
Finished up Tokyo Ghoul the other day and I WANT SEASON 2 NOW! Why must I wait till winter;_;. They announced and continuation of the series K (not sure if it's another movie or season, kinda want it to be another season). I still need to see the movie for it since it didn't come to theater in my area. I'm currently watching S2 of a few different series I've been watching. I'm hoping the second haft of S2 of SAO is a little better thenthe first part, GGO. I really liked parts of GGO but I found it so slow at times. I am watching the new series World Trigger, which I find fun and amusing so far~.
Been playing around with mods for Don't Starve recently cause it's fun~. It amazes how much time I end up wasting on this gameXD. I did have to do a refresh on my computer last week. I decided to do some of the updates it's been yelling at me about and when I restarted it, the desktop screen kept refreshing itself every 5-10 seconds. This isn't the first time it's done this but what I did before didn't work this time, sadly. Luckily the refreshed work though and nothing is harmed on my computer.
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So, our power went out on Monday due to the bad storm we were having. We got it back yesterday. Little behind on things.
We did go t the NHRA Drag Races (and by we I mean Mom, Lover-boy, and I). I ended up leaving part way through cause, as much as I like drag-racing, I couldn't take the heat and everything. Plus I was tired. So I wussed out and went and checked into our room. Mom and Lover-boy had a great time, which was the point. Plus I got some me time~. We did have a problem with the hotel, the room was not what we booked (we are still dealing with that).
I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 and I looooooooooooved it~!  I won't put any detail here cause I don't wanna spoil anyone but if you have seen it yet, SEE IT! I've also watch the entire 2 seasons that are out of the Dreamworks Dragon's series~. You should also see  that, cause it is so much fun~.
Been dealing with driving around and being busy, blah blah blah. The same as always but I'm looking forward to the summer anime season (as a little scared at the same time). I have a LOT I want to watch (and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up with it, but I'll give it my best shot~. So far I have 7-8 anime I wanna watch at the moment (Though one series I doesn't look like I'll be able to cause it's not stream in my country).

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Okay, so things have been going surprisingly well for us as of late. -knocks on wood- 
Mom's started seeing a new guy, Mr.T as he'll be known on here as from no on (and no that's no his real name). We've known for over haft my life. He's the brother and of friend of my Mom. They get along really well and I like him. SO we are hoping the best~.
Mom's been in a relatively good mood but she's be better if the damn weather would get better. She does get cranky when's rainy and blah like it has been.
Yeah I have two novel's to read by the end of this week cause I'm an idoitXD. I requested the next volume of Kieli from the library, only I requested volume 5 when I needed 4^^;. I didn't realize this mistake till I got it. So I decided to request 4 and just read the both both of them before 5 is due. I know I can do it but I sometimes wonder if I enjoy doing this to myself, lol.
The only bad thing that's happened as of late that's worth mentioning is this branch, that's been in darner of falling for over a year now, finally fell...on my Mom's car. Luckily we aren't driving right now and she has insurance on it with no deductible. She's not happy about it but it's more like it's her car and makes her sad to see the damage. Plus side it the damage wasn't too bad and we don't have to pay anything to get it fixed.
Hatsu and Darling have been super lovey-dovey with each other as of late~. It make me smile. Darling is becoming a worse stalker  then Hatsu, She wants loving all the time, it doesn't bother unless I'm trying to do something  (she does keep getting me killed in games though).
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So, I had my hair highlighted as a gift from and friend of mine, Ditz. After asking my people I decided to get platinum blonde streaks. I really like how it turned out and everyone who's seen it so far says it looks really good on me. I does make me feel and little more girl cause I keep playing with my hair, lol~.
Michic, who I've been talking to randomly online and playing Jade with, was going to be coming back. This was because it looked like her Dad was going to be dying but it seems he's improved and now she's not going to be coming. This annoyings not because I want to see (I really don't care anymore sadly) but because she should come up here anyways and spend the time her Dad does have up here with him. I know him fairly well and he's in bad shape. They never know when he's going to go downhill and with this recent scare you'd think she want to see him. But I'm not surprised she's not coming. Oh well, there nothing I can really do.
The weather has been getting nicer, finally. I am so insanely sick of the cold, as are my animals. Ginger needs to get outside more and Rins is driving me nuts with his whining to go out onto the porch~. Plus, Mom can work outside in the yard now which gives her something to do.
I've started a few new anime this Spring season, the only anime continuing is Yowapeda.  As of this moment, I've started Captain Earth; a mecha anime, Haikyu! ; a volleyball anime, and Kamigami no Asobi; a reverse harem anime. That's the only ones at the moment but there may be more added, I'm not sure. Not sure what to think of them yet cause I've only seen one episode. CE will take a few episode for me get a good feel of it. I did compare the main character's mecha to the Megazords from Power Rangers, if says anythingXD. Haikyu! is...sporty? What can I says, it's a sports anime. -giggles- I think I'm going to enjoy KnA for the wrong reasonsXD. A human girl is suppose to teach certain Gods more about Humans cause Zeus kidnapped and  told her too.At the moment, she's not very agreeing. This anime has Greek, Norse, and Japanese Gods so far.
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Last week was a bad week. Got some really bad news but we are dealing with it. Things are looking better for us now and were come to  accept what happened. I'm not going to go into detail on what happened but it's going to set us back a year or so. -sigh- Oh well. We can just do what we can.
On the plus side, my car (which previously thought dead) is getting fixed and wasn't as bad as we thought it was. Also, Ditz found a car, so i'm done giving her rides.
I read the third volume of KIELI, most of it in one night. The end wasn't sad but it does indicate the beginning of the next volume will be a little sad. Did find out the origins of the people of this planet. The begining feel of this volume was homey (which does makes the end a little disheartening). I'm seriously hooked on  this series, it why I wanted to read it through the library first. If I do end up wanting to buy it, then i can take my time. When I get hooked on reading something, I don't have the patience to wait^^',
Bunch of new anime anccenments have made me so happy. Not suprised but looking forward ot season 2 of Free!. Also, happy about season 2 of Psycho-Pass. Happy but also very wary about the announcement of Kuroshitsuji new anime, Book of Circus and OVA Book of Murder. I want to see the Joker animated but the previous anime was so bad that is makes me a little scared for this. -begs- Please stay to the manga. The movie sequel to K will be premiering this year as well.
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So, I really failing at updating this as of late I've notice. My bad^^'.
The weather has been getting nicer, so yay for that~. I'm so tired of the cold., I know we aren't completely done (cause they are looking at snow later this week) but at least the bitter cold seems to be over with (I hope).
I lost my job last week. Not my fault, my job just kinda of went bye bye. With all the driving I'm going to be doing and my inconsistent schedule, I really can't look for another one atm. Too busy taking care of other things^^;.
I'm gettign used to my new computer (mainly getting used to Win 8). I do like it and it's nice that I can stream on my computer again. It plays video's really well.
Went to charity event for K this weekend. Her group was hosting it for veterans. I was better then I thought it would be, I will say that. I'm also helping Ditz look for a new car, cause she's been without one for a little cause of accident she got into in December. She's getting a few different people to help her out,
I'm still not happy about Neon Alley going over to Hulu cause I'm not a fan of Hulu. Sadly, it look like I have not choice with Hulu, a lot of a anime I watch is on Hulu (and I can't find anywhere else that's legal). Oh well, nothing I can really do about it.
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-raises white flag- I give up. I surrender Ms. Mother Nature~!  I really like snow but driving in it sucks. The last few days haven't been too bad but Monday we had a big storm  here. Plus side, I didn't have to drive in this one.
I'm trying to get use to Win 8 but it's not making it easy. I really like my new laptop but I get so annoyed with Win 8.
I went out of town with K last Friday. She had an important test she had to take but the test site for it was in another town (about 3 hours from here). She didn't want to go alone, so I went with her. She wanted someone to help keep her nerves down. The test was Saturday morning but she wanted us to get there the day before since the est took place so early. The est itself was 5 hours and 40 minutes long. I just waited in this nice little waiting area that had a really nice and big bird cage. I ended up reading all volume two of Kieli and a volume of manga. With time to spare to play on her iPad. I'm loving the Kieli more and more. I found out more about Kieli's parents.
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I got a new laptop. Katsu and her Mom help me out a lot on picking one out. I like it for the most the part. It can play video~! My old one just gave up on video, even youtube could be a fight.
I'm stilling setting things up on it, but I can't finish doing that till I get my files from my old one. I will be getting those next weekend. Right now just trying to remember bookmarks, downloading programs I need, and figuring out fucking Windows 8 (hence the  for the most part earlier).
The plus side is the default start up screen is desktop mode, so yay on that. I don't know if it's a HP thing or not but it works for me~. Down side is finding everything. I have to hunt down settings I normal can find easily. Plus I keep bring up this side bar thing when I swipe on my trackpad from the edge of the right side. It's annoying. It's going to take time to get used to Win 8. I didn't want to get it but I couldn't pay to get it downgraded.
The more I get use to using Win 8, get my files, and set up it up the way I want it, I'll be happier. Right now my iTunes looks so sad...
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Well it look like my lapto it done for. I should be able to get the stuff off my hardrive but I'm going to have to get a new one. Which means I'll be buying a new laptop with money I don't have (credit cards come in handy). I need a new one, right now I'm using my old desktop and it's really slow (it's a 2001 I think). I'm a little sad since I really love my laptop and I wanted the next computer I buy to be one I really wanted. Plus, this came at a really bad time for us cause of everything else going on atm. -sigh- Oh well. I'll be a semi-hitaus internet wise cause I want to limit how much I use this computer cause it has no protaction on it right now,

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Okay, so I haven't been posting, I know. I've been a busy with Mom and funerals and the holidays (which I'm trying to avoid cause I just don't care this year). Life's been so-so, kinda of a week by week thing. Mom has been trying but things going on haven't been helping. A old and dear friend of hers died suddenly last week too and we went to the funeral Saturday. I'm not the best person to go to funerals with cause I really can't talk (or I have to limit my talking). This because I tend to make jokes or out of place observations. For example, at this one I noted that funeral seem to better for reunions then reunions are. I'm not trying to be cold, or mean, or insensitive, it's just how I deal with that kind of thing (I'd rather light the mood I guess?). But I'm respectful and keep most of my comments to myself.
I still can't wait for this year to be over with (and then I'll be done with the holidays too, yay). Hoping next year goes better.
I started reading a novel series called Kieli. There are 9 volumes total and I'm currently borrowing the first one from the library. I'm making top priority when reading atm cause it's on an inter-lbrary loan from so I don't know if I can renew it or not. I wanna try to finish before it's due just in case I can't. I read the manga that's based off of it and I really like that. Sadly it was only two volumes long, so it made wanna read the novel~.
I'm going to try and post on here more often then I have been I've just been busy or distracted or not caring.
Also, I would like to note: IT'S FUCKING COLD!  I can do snow and rain and chilly weather but I hate bitter cold weather like this. Even more so when i have to running in it. For other people. Ugh.
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Okay, so I should be sleeping cause I have to get up insanely earlier but I'm not tired atm. So I figured I'd post on here^^. Things have been going okay, surprisingly. -knocks on wood- The only exception to that was when my computer's display decided not to work for me. The computer started just fine just showed nothing. I got J-dear to look at it and it's working fine now. Hopefully it's happy now cause Id id panic a little. I just didn't want to have to buy a new computer, not this year. I just want this year to frickin' ennnnnnnd.
The fall season of anime is starting and once again I have way more I wanna watch then I'm sure I have time for (but I'll try anyways^^). I will at the very least keep up with Magi S2 and Kuroko's Basket S2. I did watch the first episode of Kill la Kill. It was interesting. It's by the same people who did Gurren Lagann and you can tell. It's like Gurren Lagann, only more intense.
I am happy about Neon Alley finally adding the Catch Up too the their PS3 app. The Catch Up is like On Demand, which works better for me cause I can never catch thing when actually air.
I have been listening to podcasts while getting things done as of late. The one I've been listening to the most is PodTaku. It's an anime podcast starting four anime reviewers. It's interesting and fun to listen to unlike a few other podcasts I've checked out. I always fine listening (or reading) others opinions fascinating.
I was suprised, I mange to catch a show on TV that I wanted to watch. If I watch anything on TV (which varies greatly) it's on On Demand. Recently the only thing I've been watching is the new season of Face Off (and I'm behind so bad on that right now). The show was called Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (three guess as to why I wanted to watch it). I've never seen the show Once Upon A Time (it started the same time Grimm did and I was limited on free time) so I really don't know if this one ties in with it at all or not (I show look that up but I'll do that later). I was able to follow the first episode just fine so I'm not too worried about it. I did enjoy it and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it (if at least on On Demand).
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Okay, so it's been a little while. This weekend was the first in a while that went well the entire weekend for quite some time~.
Mom is doing better, so yay on that. We are working to get cars fixed (cause both are having issue). We are starting with mine, since I'm doing all the driving and I whine about driving Mom's (when she's the car with me is even worse cause she nags me so hard. and she knows it).
Taking things day by day and I have been hibernating whenever I get the chance. I saying I need to stop doing that and break out of it but then I can't bring myself to care^^;. I did go out for a bit with Ditz Friday and Mom I have plans for later in the month. Winter's coming and I never like going out much then anyways~.
I am afraid I might be getting sick...-knocks on wood- I hope not but the weather has been perfect for it for me. I love Fall but the one downside of it is I tend to get sick during it a lot (that and allergies trying to kill me).
Fall season of anime is starting and there is waaaay too much I wanna watch;_;. I never keep up with them all (I'll try at first though, cause I can't resist~). Looking very much forward to season 2 of Magi and Kuroko's Basketball~. The only anime I manged to completely follow over the summer season was Free! and I really liked it. I would love to see more of it (fans are hopeful for this as am I).
I've been torn between playing Kingdom Heart 1.5, Ni no Kuni, and Final Fantasy XIII as of late when I have time to play~. I can't seem to stay on just one, it really just depends on what kind of game I wanna play at the time.


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