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Yo~! Been awhile^^! So, things have happened.
My room got a little renovated. We torn up the carpet and painted the floor. I got a new bed (it's Memory foam and I LOVE it). We had to get rid of the carpet cause it would come up when I vacuumed it (and so I couldn't vacuum it). I like it alot and so does Walker and Rin. They hang in my room a lot now. Darling stays upstairs (I don't blame her, she's around 14-15 years old now). Hatsu hangs around her, which it sweet. The boys love it cause now they don't get chased away from my room.
Mom's been kinda of a pain on the weekends but not going to go into details (but yeah, I still don't like it when she has days off, which is a horrible thing to sa..err...type). Lover boy still doesn't have a job and it's driving Mom and I crazy. I've been looking for one. I had an interview today for one, I'm not sure how I did^^;. I think I did good on everything but faulted when she asked me about fashion (cause I wasn't expecting it, though in hindsight I should have...).
I backed into a car the was parked behind our driveway across the street. I hate when people park there to be honest, our street isn't that wide and we have a tree at the end of our driveway Luckily i didn't do too much damage but still. I admit fault but now our insurance is going to up. -sigh-
I started writing again. I forgot how much it helps me and how much I love it. Thing is, I don't know the character I'm writing! He just pop up out of nowhere. I think I need to to go over the characters I have and rework them a little bit, same with the worlds I have. Plus, a lot of of my stuff from high school and college are still in notebooks and  I want to type up the info for them.
I've been watching stuff. I didn't watch a lot of summer season shows, I did watch Rokka and Junjo Romantica S3 through. I loved Rokka and I want more! They can't leave it like that! Junjo is more of the same from that series, though I do love Ijuuin~. I also watched the movie K: Missing Kings and personally, I loved it~ (and I was right, you need to watch it before watching season 2). This season I'm watching season 2 of Haikyu!, K: Return of the Kings, Seraph of the End, and Noragami. Much love for all of them~! I'm also watching Starmyu and Atttack on Junior High. AoJH is really funny. I wasn't excepting to like it this much. Starmyu is pretty and I love the music. It's similar to Uta no Prince-sama but less sparkly and little more serious notes.
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It's been an insane few weeks. I've spent 18-19 hours total in the ER is two different hospital. Not for me but for my friend K and my Mom. For K it was about 14-15 hours for two different trips because of her back. Mom is was about 3-4 hours for a boil on her leg. This is not including the various hospital trips to see doctors the and happen and will happen. K can't driving because of her back and her family sucks . Hence why I'm driving her. mom still can't drive period. They are both still in recovery state but it's nothing too bad. I haven't had a lot of time to myself these past few weeks. But I'm glad they are okay (for the most part). I've never been to the ER so many times in one year. Three times for me, once for Mom, two for K, once for one of Lover Boy's relatives. The first time at the ER for K, they forgot about here (hence why we ended being their for 9 hours). -sighs- It's been an adventure. Mom was a fight to get her to stay (cause she just loves hospital). She snapped at me a few times, and even tried kicking me out of the room-_-', but since it's her I wasn't surprised (a little annoyed, I'll admit, but it's worth it for her health).
Sadly, I haven't gotten a chance to start on any the summer animes I wanna watch yet. I watch to see Gangsta, Junjo Romantica S3, Aoharu x Machinegun, Makuranodanshi (which I wanna watch mainly for giggles~), Rampo Kitan: Game of Laploace, and maybe poking at Prison School, Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers-, and Gate. I still need to finish up some of my Spring season.
Only fall anime I've finished so far is Seraph of the End, whose season 2 comes out this fall. I liked it and I kinda know the way it migh go but I wish it would go the way I know it won't cause that would be more unexpected and interesting (a least to me). But that involves the main character betraying his side and I don't see that happening. I still really like it and plan to watch S2 (along with S2 of Haikyu!, Noragami, and K that also comes out this fall),
As for this Summer anime I wanna make one note. I wanna watch Makuranodanshi because of the summary:
If you are lonely sleeping alone at night, then this show is for you! A first-person anime, each episode features a different boyfriend who sleeps beside the viewer each week. With 12 different personalities and ranging from a stall vendor to a librarian boy, there is surely a boyfriend for every viewer!
Like I said, it's for giggles okay and maybe the pretty boys a little bit.
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So, my goal of posting more has kinda of been failing. My bad on that. I've been getting busy or not having the time when I am on the computer. Things haven't too bad. Mom and Lover boy have been keeping me busy (and driving me nuts). I love them both but they have annoying the crap out of me on the weekends (bars can be so boring to someone who doesn't drink). The main problems lately have been that Mom's been drinking on everyday she has off. I've stopped fighting though cause it's was stressing me into illness. Also, driving people around all the time can be more tiring then you think.
A plus that happened recently is Lover boy bought a PS4 which means we now have a PS4~! Yay~! There aren't many games out that is interesting to me (and not also for the PS3). Only one that I want (and getting) is Final Fantasy Type-0. I've been looking forward to this game for awhile, so getting a PS4 now works for meXD.
I've have been following a lot of series this season but I really do like the ones I am following. I am so hooked onto the series Cute High Earth Defense Club (a Magical boy anime~). It's so much fun~! Loved season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul and I'm loving season 2^^. Death Parade was looking forward to and it has not disappointment me at all. I'm ecstatic about Durarara!! x2 because I was so torn on watching because I love the dub so much and I wanted to watch season 2 the same way but I didn't if they were going to do that (I also didn't want to wait). They are doing a siml-dub for it~! -dances- same voice actors and all~. Sailor Moon Crystal is good over all and I still like it but the last few episodes have been a little repetitive.
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Okay, so things have been going surprisingly well for us as of late. -knocks on wood- 
Mom's started seeing a new guy, Mr.T as he'll be known on here as from no on (and no that's no his real name). We've known for over haft my life. He's the brother and of friend of my Mom. They get along really well and I like him. SO we are hoping the best~.
Mom's been in a relatively good mood but she's be better if the damn weather would get better. She does get cranky when's rainy and blah like it has been.
Yeah I have two novel's to read by the end of this week cause I'm an idoitXD. I requested the next volume of Kieli from the library, only I requested volume 5 when I needed 4^^;. I didn't realize this mistake till I got it. So I decided to request 4 and just read the both both of them before 5 is due. I know I can do it but I sometimes wonder if I enjoy doing this to myself, lol.
The only bad thing that's happened as of late that's worth mentioning is this branch, that's been in darner of falling for over a year now, finally fell...on my Mom's car. Luckily we aren't driving right now and she has insurance on it with no deductible. She's not happy about it but it's more like it's her car and makes her sad to see the damage. Plus side it the damage wasn't too bad and we don't have to pay anything to get it fixed.
Hatsu and Darling have been super lovey-dovey with each other as of late~. It make me smile. Darling is becoming a worse stalker  then Hatsu, She wants loving all the time, it doesn't bother unless I'm trying to do something  (she does keep getting me killed in games though).
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Okay, so I haven't been posting, I know. I've been a busy with Mom and funerals and the holidays (which I'm trying to avoid cause I just don't care this year). Life's been so-so, kinda of a week by week thing. Mom has been trying but things going on haven't been helping. A old and dear friend of hers died suddenly last week too and we went to the funeral Saturday. I'm not the best person to go to funerals with cause I really can't talk (or I have to limit my talking). This because I tend to make jokes or out of place observations. For example, at this one I noted that funeral seem to better for reunions then reunions are. I'm not trying to be cold, or mean, or insensitive, it's just how I deal with that kind of thing (I'd rather light the mood I guess?). But I'm respectful and keep most of my comments to myself.
I still can't wait for this year to be over with (and then I'll be done with the holidays too, yay). Hoping next year goes better.
I started reading a novel series called Kieli. There are 9 volumes total and I'm currently borrowing the first one from the library. I'm making top priority when reading atm cause it's on an inter-lbrary loan from so I don't know if I can renew it or not. I wanna try to finish before it's due just in case I can't. I read the manga that's based off of it and I really like that. Sadly it was only two volumes long, so it made wanna read the novel~.
I'm going to try and post on here more often then I have been I've just been busy or distracted or not caring.
Also, I would like to note: IT'S FUCKING COLD!  I can do snow and rain and chilly weather but I hate bitter cold weather like this. Even more so when i have to running in it. For other people. Ugh.
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Okay, so it's been a little while. This weekend was the first in a while that went well the entire weekend for quite some time~.
Mom is doing better, so yay on that. We are working to get cars fixed (cause both are having issue). We are starting with mine, since I'm doing all the driving and I whine about driving Mom's (when she's the car with me is even worse cause she nags me so hard. and she knows it).
Taking things day by day and I have been hibernating whenever I get the chance. I saying I need to stop doing that and break out of it but then I can't bring myself to care^^;. I did go out for a bit with Ditz Friday and Mom I have plans for later in the month. Winter's coming and I never like going out much then anyways~.
I am afraid I might be getting sick...-knocks on wood- I hope not but the weather has been perfect for it for me. I love Fall but the one downside of it is I tend to get sick during it a lot (that and allergies trying to kill me).
Fall season of anime is starting and there is waaaay too much I wanna watch;_;. I never keep up with them all (I'll try at first though, cause I can't resist~). Looking very much forward to season 2 of Magi and Kuroko's Basketball~. The only anime I manged to completely follow over the summer season was Free! and I really liked it. I would love to see more of it (fans are hopeful for this as am I).
I've been torn between playing Kingdom Heart 1.5, Ni no Kuni, and Final Fantasy XIII as of late when I have time to play~. I can't seem to stay on just one, it really just depends on what kind of game I wanna play at the time.
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Things have been hectic and busy for me lately. The lady I work for (who from now on will be call Kairi) had surgery and so my schedule for her change quite a bit for about a week. I was so busy between her, the running already had to do, and things going on at home.
Things had been tense between Mom and jackass for awhile (both side being at fault) and the came to a head on Sunday. When i had them starting to fight, I called Ditz and went off to meet up with her. She was working but I just hung around and got some reading done (her work didn't care I was there). Since I left not long after the fighting started, I didn't get stressed for the most part. i was feeling a little blah but that was it. That was good at least. Mom and jackass got things worked out yesterday. So well see how things go.
Ditz's B-day is this weekend and mine is a week after hers so this weekend Ditz, J-dear, J-Besty, and me are going out of town. It's her 21st so she has a few things she really wants to do. It should be an interesting weekend to say the least~.
My computer has been finicky as of late. -sigh- It is years old now and it's a pretty awesome computer. It still works fairly well but I can tell the performance in getting a little worse as time goes on. I used to be abke to stream just fine on it now, not so much (so I stopped streaming on since I got my PS3). It loads slower and the number pad on the keyboard varies on when it wants to work. But I still love my computer~.
I start watching the new anime Free! and what can I say but hot biishies swimming~. How can I not love itXD. There are few others I might get into this season but since there doesn't seem to be a bunch that are catching my eye this season. I want to catch/finish up and watch some others I fell behind on~.
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So, I've still been pretty busy running around all over the place but I'm hoping things with Mom get better. She said she's going to try, I'm still wary but I'm going to try not stress too much (somehow that though makes laugh a little cause i don't believe myself).
Mom and i did go to the races (NHRA Spring Nationals). It was a lot of fun. We got their early and stayed pretty late. It ran longer then we expected because of two accidents. No one was hurt, the drivers just lost control. This one guy start talking to Mom and I (more Mom then me) and he was one of those people that just keep talking to you even though you show real interest in talking to them. He sat by us for awhile but then once got up and stood at the fence for awhile he left. We did end up talking to these two guys that were behind because we snagged their seats when they got up (their were plenty of seats available since it was getting a little late a people got tried of waiting). They were pretty funny~. One guy kept making jokes of the people walking around. I was happy one of the cars I had been rooting on made it to the final two but he ended up losing but I was still happy mine beat out Mom's (which I teased her on, lol). I had a lot of fun but because I didn't know is was going to be so sunny yesterday (cause the weather said all week it was suppose to be cloudy-_-#) I got burned on my face pretty bad. Now I'm no stranger to sunburns but still THEY HURT! Extra so when they are on your face. My arms got a little burned as well but they don't really bother me too much. On top of that, I'm crampy too, double ouch.
On the flip side of things, I'm glad the weather has gotten nicer (now stay this way dammit!)
On the kitty front, Darling is being extra whiny for attention. Especially when I'm in bed (going to sleep, waking up, showing any little signs of life while in bed, etc). I fear her and Rin's claws right now too (and Darling does use them to get my attention if I ignore her and Rin likes playing^^;). But they have been pretty good today, so lets hope they keep it up~. Hatsu rarely uses her claws so I'm not scared of her~. She my good little girl^^!
I'll update about the animes I'm watching within the next week or so (I need to play a little catch up in the next few days~).
Also, I decided to change my default icon. I like this one better~.

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Ah, so I haven't update in awhile. Been busy with a lot of things. Running around, friends, home life, stress. This weekdn kinda of sucked (but Sunday wasn't so bad). Friday night and All of Saturday was insane stressful. Luckily Ditz was with me the whole time so I didn't flip out or anything. She was a lot of help.
Mom has been driving me nuts along with certain other people. -sigh- I'm giving into a semi-bad habit of mine to pick myself up. Buying doujinshi. Lol. I'm buying four Reborn ones (Three 6927 and one 1827) and one Code Geass one (LuluSuza). The prices of them are really good and one of the 6927 ones is one I've been wanting and the person I'm buying them is selling it for cheaper them where I original saw it for sale~. So yay~.
I final got Corpse Party downloaded to my PSP (you don't want to what a pain that was, since my PSP doesn't like me internet security). I've been playing that on and off and I'm really liking it~. I like getting both the right and wrong endings (shockingXD). I've also been loving my PS3 (the gaming is wonderful but OMG I love the streaming oh so muchXD). Currently borrowing Dragon Age Origins and Ratchet and Clank Future J-dear.
Partly because my PS3 makes it easier to keep up with my anime on CR, I'm currently watching Uta no Prince-sama 2000%, Devil Survivor 2, Arata the Legend, Majestic Prince, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, and Valvrave the Liberator.  Unsure on weather or not to start Attack on Titan. I'm also watching The Devil is a Part-timer and Karneval on Hulu. Considering I'm watching 8 animes already I'm not sure I should add another^^;. I awlays end of up dropping anime anime or two when I get thismany on my list since I get busy but the PS3 makes it easier to watch and keep with them I noticed (considering my computer can be a bit of a pain when streaming).So far I like all of the ones I'm watching the only one I'm a little 'Eh' on is Majestic Prince but considering I'm watching three different mech animes this season I'm thinking if any get dropped it might be this one.
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Cause of few things that have come up on top of Mom's surgery, in this last week, I've been doing all the driving (and will continue to do so for awhile it looks like). I don't mind helping out but this last week has been stressful enough^^;. Mom is doing a lot better. She is getting pretty stir crazy though~. She can't go back to work till April 3, at the earliest though.
I've been helping Ditz out with somethings and we did get a chance to talk about things. I've straightened out a lot of issues I was having with her (not big things, just little things piling up). It's easier to talk to about things like this then K at times.
Luckily I'm able to keep the job I've been doing for the last year or so cause the promising one didn't pan out. it was a giant mess and I couldn't tell if i had to the job or not (I kept getting mixed answer and signals) and with everything that's happened recently i haven't had the time to deal with them.
Yay, I did get to buy my PS3, sadly I don't have it yet though. the best deal i found was only available online, which makes me sad cause I'm tired of waiting (I've been really whinny about to anyone who will listen to meXD. I do have a few games for it already though. Final Fantasy XIII, Star Ocean: The Last Hope (Yay~!), and Naruto Shippuden Storm 2 (I may not follow the series but i have odd love for the games~). Two games I really want are out of my price range, Ni No Kuni and Naruto Ship Storm 3. -makes grabby hands- I did put in a preorder for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix~. -dances-
Rin has been driving Hatsu nuts (and in turn me). He just loves messing with her and she doesn't agree with this-_-'. I don't mind during the day but when I'm trying to sleep and I'm here them (i.e. Hatsu) going on before the crack of dawn I wanna scream. On top of my sleeping being mess-up and very little at times I tend to throws things (and by 'things' I mean my stuffed animalsXD).
Sadly, cause of how busy I am, I'm so behind on CR;_;. I will spend a catch-up day once I get my PS3 though. I'm looking forward to the Spring season though cause two anime I adore are continuing; Kuroko's Basketball and Knight in the Area~.  Also, Karneval will be starting soon (I so hope CR gets it~). I have my eye on a few others as well (says the person behind on what's she's currently watchingXD) but I wanna see who (CR, Funi, etc) gets what .
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So Mom had her surgery on Thursday. It went well but she did have to stay over night at the hospital. Her gallbladder was pretty inflamed and she had so oozing and bleeding the wanted to let drain. She may drive me nuts at times but I didn't like leaving her in the hospital. One, I know she really doesn't like them and two, she's my only family. I spent most of Thursday in the hospital. When I did I was pretty emotional and upset. Luckily K and Ditz had me meet up with them and they cheered me up~. Not working is driving Mom a little nuts and she's pretty bored. With Mom's surgery added to everything else I have to do, I've been insanely busy. Mom's very limited on what she can right now so I've been doing most of the running around.
After at least, what, four or more years of living here, the bathroom downstairs is going to be finished~. I'm looking forward to it too^^. It's supposed to look pretty nice (now if only I could fixed up my room~).
Mom's going to let me me keep my taxes, so yay~! I'm going to be able to get a PS3 when they come in~! -dances- I'm so happy^^. I've been dying for one for a long time. Once I get it, I will be dead to the world for a few days, I know thisXD.
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So, Mom had to go to the emergency room on Saturday for extreme pain. We found out she has stones and slug in her gallbladder. We went and saw the surgeon today and she is going to need surgery. It looks like it's going to be next week sometime (she's hoping for the sooner the better). The scheduler still needs to call and confirm a time. Mom and I are both nervous cause she's never had surgery before. No matter how nuts she drives me, she's still my Mom and I still love her with all my heart. People keep telling not to worry to much and I'm okay atm. it's when she goes in for it that I'm going to be a little bit of a wreak. Plus side is it;s an in and out surgery, so she's not going to have to stay in the hospital. She's going to be off work for a few weeks though cause of this. We both agree she's going to be stir crazy by the end of all this. She's on a low fat/fat free diet for a the next week or two (and she keeps whining about itXD). I'm hoping for the best for my Mom.
We got a big snow storm the other day. I know we got over a foot. Fun, fun. I really want winter to be over soon.I have the hardest time getting myself to go out in this kind of weather^^;.
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Okay, so I haven't update in awhile^^'. Thanksgiving Day went fine. I helped Mom cook^^. The weekend after sucked though. Mom ticked me off again. -sigh- We talked after though and Mom admitted she messed up. So there's a plus. I did end up buying doujinshi though^^;. NO.6 doujinshi this time~. I'm little afraid this habit isn't going to die...
Been hanging out with Ditz, K has been busy though. K did get a new doggy though^^. She already had a cat named Smokey (though one of his nicknames is Satan). The new doggy is named Puddles~. Small little thing.
I'm hoping this Christmas goes better then last year-_-'. Last year sucked so bad. I am having a little bit of a hard time getting into the spirit this year though. I'm not all like "Boo...holidays!" but more just like "Eh....holidays.". Hopefully this will change.
Hatsu has gone back to acting like her old self~! For awhile when Rin came she was constantly hiding away to the point that even I rarely saw her. I did start worry after awhile so seeing her back to normal makes me happy~!
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I hate my immune system;_;. Does is party with what ever virus that enters my system instead of fighting it off? I got sick again earlier this week. Not as bad as normal so I'm only counting it as a haft sick but still. -rages then pouts- Boo.
Mommy has been driving me a little nuts. She been drinking quite a bit again. -sigh- Menopause is party of reason for this but that isn't really...great excuse. But I'm little afraid to argue with her on this Menopause may be a bad reason to drink all weekend but it still scares me-_-. -is a little bit of a wuss-
Loving the new anime I've been watching called Say, I Love You because the hopeless romantic in me squeals in joy while watching itXD. I'm liking BTOOOM a lot more then originally though I would~. So yay on that~!
The woman I work for, her sister had a baby earlier this week~. A boy, 21 inches long, and 10 lb 7oz. Big baby but the mother has diabetes and it seems from what I've been told that can be part of the reason for this. I'm not a huge baby person, I coo and squeal over little kids (age 3-9) but not baby. It's more like I have to response of wanting to poke them and go "Yeah, it's a baby." ^^;. I don't know why-_-.
Ah~! I ran into a old friend of mine yesterday while meeting up with Ditz at her work. I'll be calling her Hello Kitty on here~. It seems she moved back into town about a year ago. I was really happy to see her~. She's always a lot of fun^^. I got her cell number so maybe I'll see more of her~.
Rin and Hatsu keep picking at each other, especially in the morning...when I'm trying to sleep. I've been calling Thing One and Thing Two in the mornings. Little devils (but I love them). Most of the time Darling just ignores them or glances up of they get too loud (looks mildly annoy at being disturb). Rin has the nick of Little Fucker because he causes all kinds of trouble. He's a mischievous thing and he'll run off when when go to get on him but he comes right back to you a few seconds later. -shakes head- He's not very bright but he's cute and funny.

(Also, Katsu I'll be sending that list some time tonight or tomorrow~.)

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So, Mom is doing a little better. She has an appointment next week to get her back checked out~.
I went out with Ditz and J-dear on Tuesday to a comedy night thing. J-dear and I both had very low expectations of this but it was better then I thought it would be. Their were to stand-up acts, and female and male. The female was kinda of meh but had a few funny moments. The guy wasn't too bad (not that I remember his name...Mike somethingXD). I know he's been on MTV, HBO, and Comedy Central. She wants me to go with her again next week cause one of the workers there gave free entrance passes (the show is normally $5). I think Ditz may invite this other guy we know (her more then me) for next week as well (I'll be calling Rocker-boy from now of). If J-dear is coming as well then that should be interesting...(big mess of Ditz's love life).
Wednesday I went to my former collage with K and met up with Ditz, Rocker-boy, and her Mom to see them put the play for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was fun~. Waaaay cleaner then the movie, which is too be expected since this is a school. It was also funny cause Ditz and Rocker-boy have never seen TRHPS beforeXD. But I did find out that they are going to doing Avenue Q in February~! I want to goooo (and will be dragging them with meXD)~!
Rin is still bugging Hatsu. He also has this odd habit of sitting right by the sink while I'm doing dishes. He seems to have no fear or dislike of water it seems*-*. He's gotten so big and we've barely had 3 months. Mom and I are wondering how big he's going to get~.
The new fall anime season has started and Knight in the Area and Kuroko's Basketball has ended. So, I started a few new series. One I checked out but think I might be dropping is Ixion Saga DT. The humor of this series isn't really to my taste. BTOOM and Blast of Tempest are pretty interesting so far but I'm still feeling them out. I'm really into K and Magi so far though~. Not too much to say about them since they are only about 2-3 episode into each of the series so far. Also looking into a series called Psycho-Pass because the same designer that did Katekyo Hitman Reborn does this series~. I haven't watched any of it yet though.
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So, I succeeded in hibernating last week^^. Yay~. I'm doing much this week. Ditz and K did come over Friday but we just hung out at my house and drank a little. K bought alcohol cause since I was depressed and stressed, she decided I needed to loosen up a little~.
The 19th (so technically yesterday) was Mommy's Birthday. he worked so this weekend she'll be celebrating her B-day. I'll be spending the morning and afternoon tomorrow with her cause she's taking the day off of work. The evening and Saturday is her's (she's working Sunday).
The Spring line-up has started and I start at one new anime. Three are continuing. The new one is called Kuroko's Basketball (dammit, another sports anime but I like it for some reason).  The three I'm continuing is You and Me (I've been looking forward to this series continuing), Poyopoyo (it's anime about a cat, how could I not continue it), and Knight in the Area (cause I'm a sucker for soccer series but I still like Whistle! better~). There are a few other I'm poking at but not sure about them at the moment. They are Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (supernatural, with maybe a little bit of mystery) and Kids on the Slope (music anime revolving around Jazz). If I don't start watching either in the next week or so I know I won't be following~.
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Ugh...it took the Landlord 6 days to fix the furnace and for 3 of those we are not what the hell he and the guy he hired to the job did. We were also wondering why he though he need to help fix it when HIRED someone. Between them and the insane work being done to our street still my sleep got seriously messed up. I'm a night owl (or vampire as many  people I know call me). I I tend to sleep most of the morning away and that when they working. -whining-
I went out with K Friday and it was great until I started crashing. When I got my entire body was aching for some reason and I kept getting lightheaded BUT I couldn't sleep. Mom gave two PM's Saturday morning to help me sleep. I don't like medicine but I was desperate. Unfortunately, right when they were kicking in, the landlord came over. I couldn't move but he was keeping me awake. That kept happening most of the day. I'd start falling asleep or would be sleeping for about an hour or so then something or someone would wake me up. On top of that the jackass was over this weekend, which means him and Mom (mainly him) started arguing that night. -sigh- Needless to say, I wasn't doing much Sunday since I spent most of Saturday in bed and yet I felt like I got little to no sleep. I finally got catch up on my sleep a little but yesterday but mainly today. I still keep feeling lightheaded though, which worries me cause it's just spells. I'm almost constantly feeling lightheaded. I've been trying different things to help it. It's not as bad at the moment but still like "Stop it. Please." On top of everything my arm been bothering me and hurting like crazy. Dammit.-_-
Ditz been out more then in the last week or so. Which doesn't bother me as long as I have a idea where she is, which is usually her Mom's or J-dear's. Her and K are clashing horribly. They see each other too much (they have 2 classes together). K is too strong personality wise for Ditz. I try to keep the peace but their little I can do when they are in class^^:. I told Ditz not to take any classes with K next semester.
I'll be going to see Jeff Dunham tomorrow with my Mom~. It should be fun as long my head doesn't bother me too much~.
I can't the Blue Exorcist anime is over. I hoping it would be longer. Now I'm going to have to collect the manga...which trying to avoid^^'. I didn't mind the end though. It could easily be continued but It doesn't look like it's going to be, sadly.
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Well this week started off not so great since I was sick the first part of it. My emotion were going nuts as well^^'. Wensday we had a pretty bad storm which knocked out our power. At least it was back the next morning (unlike one storm we had in July and we didn't have it for 6 days). Lightning struck right by Mom's work and split a tree in haft. She ended up coming home early. Aside from the power we didn't many problems, which I was excepting.
My B-day was Thursday~. I went out with Ditz and we hung out. Went to Borders, since she hadn't been there since the liquidation started and I promised to buy her a birthday present next time we went (ironically it was on my birthday~). Friday I ended up upset at Ditz and K over a few different things but I talked it out with them~. Today I spent with my Mom, she got me Tea for the store I love at the mall, a Precious Moments Bell from Hallmark (it's so cute><), a game card for my 3DS, a really nice pen, and pretty bookmark with fake jewels on it~. We went out to eat at Olive Garden. Why is people seem to want to feed you all the time on your b-day? I'm a little sick of sweets after the last few days^^;.
I got Okamiden for the DS! Yay! I haven't started it yet cause I've been busy but I've been wanting~. -dances- I played Days most of last week while I was sick, so I got farther in that~.
I'm seriously in love with the new anime NO.6! I can't get enough of it. The characters, animation style and plot are lovely~. Also, yay about this news~. I love Gosick and I was hoping it would get licensed~.
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Didn't go away this last week until Friday. Friday didn't start well though since Mom and I got into a fight (over her drinking...). She went to work and called K and Ditz , who came over calmed me down (I was really upset). Mom called at 5 from work and we made-up. I will say one thing, we tend not to stay fighting too long, we maybe be still annoyed afterwards but we tend to go back to normal.
Ditz and K gave me and early b-day gift~. It's single cup loose tea make things from the tea store at the mall (I love that store~). I also got a little loose tea to use with it but I need moreXD.
Mom and I went over to see a friend of her's from work today. It was fun. I found Mom amusing though~. She kept playing with the little girl there, who just thought it was great~. She took a great liking to my Mom. Mom even let the little girl paint her nails (and somehow part of her leg got paint too). I got to a six foot Red Tail Boa and it was so pretty~! The cat they had was such a sweetie^^. He was like a bigger, male version of my Darling, they looked so alike~! his name was Buddy. The people let their cat outside (as do the people across from them), so when we came out to leave, I had two cats laying on my car. I ended having to pick up Buddy to get him offXD. Luckily my sunroof wasn't open or her would've hopped in~.
Also, been following what's going on with Borders for a awhile. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst;_;. I love Borders too. I've been going there for so long so losing them would suck so much.
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Alright so the last week has busy and a little insane. First my Mom bought a new car~. She really loves it.  It's another Buick LesabreXD. But it's white which is weird for her. She's never had a white car~.
Second I've been going back a forth with Michic trying to figure out where to go from here. I'm still a little mad at her but I just can't drop our friendship (no matter how frustrating). I am putting things into her hands now though. She wants to keep things up she can try and get a hold of me once and awhile.
K and Ditz (mainly Ditz) helped cheer me up last week after the thing with Michic. We also talked about going to two conventions next year if we can save up for them. K is really persistent on one but Ditz and I know the other is cheaper. So it's still going back and forth on that~.
Still fighting with school on things (they just can't make things easy can they?). Hopefully I'll get things settled soon...
We found my Mom old car yesterday. The column is stripped, the key slot is jammed,  they stole the battery, and where still looking it over to see what else they did. Mom's now looking into what to with it. Either junk it or try to sell it for about 200 since the engine is still really good in it.
Mom's talking to Jackass again but she still says that he's not coming back and that things are over. She says they're not going to be more then friends. I'm not sure what to think there-_-'.
Ugh, it's been hot and the kitties wanna cling to me^^'. I love you but you're covered in fur.  I wouldn't mind but our blower for our Heat and AC needs to be cleaned. Badly. I've been sneezing like crazy too lately.


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