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I hate my immune system;_;. Does is party with what ever virus that enters my system instead of fighting it off? I got sick again earlier this week. Not as bad as normal so I'm only counting it as a haft sick but still. -rages then pouts- Boo.
Mommy has been driving me a little nuts. She been drinking quite a bit again. -sigh- Menopause is party of reason for this but that isn't really...great excuse. But I'm little afraid to argue with her on this Menopause may be a bad reason to drink all weekend but it still scares me-_-. -is a little bit of a wuss-
Loving the new anime I've been watching called Say, I Love You because the hopeless romantic in me squeals in joy while watching itXD. I'm liking BTOOOM a lot more then originally though I would~. So yay on that~!
The woman I work for, her sister had a baby earlier this week~. A boy, 21 inches long, and 10 lb 7oz. Big baby but the mother has diabetes and it seems from what I've been told that can be part of the reason for this. I'm not a huge baby person, I coo and squeal over little kids (age 3-9) but not baby. It's more like I have to response of wanting to poke them and go "Yeah, it's a baby." ^^;. I don't know why-_-.
Ah~! I ran into a old friend of mine yesterday while meeting up with Ditz at her work. I'll be calling her Hello Kitty on here~. It seems she moved back into town about a year ago. I was really happy to see her~. She's always a lot of fun^^. I got her cell number so maybe I'll see more of her~.
Rin and Hatsu keep picking at each other, especially in the morning...when I'm trying to sleep. I've been calling Thing One and Thing Two in the mornings. Little devils (but I love them). Most of the time Darling just ignores them or glances up of they get too loud (looks mildly annoy at being disturb). Rin has the nick of Little Fucker because he causes all kinds of trouble. He's a mischievous thing and he'll run off when when go to get on him but he comes right back to you a few seconds later. -shakes head- He's not very bright but he's cute and funny.

(Also, Katsu I'll be sending that list some time tonight or tomorrow~.)

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This week wasn't too bad. Took my final this week. I think I did pretty good on it^^! She said it wasn't too much of our grade so I'm not that worried~.
I talked to both K and Ditz this week. I told them that I'm not getting involved in their arguments and fights anymore. I said I'd listen to them but I'm not going to interfere (K understood this point a little more then Ditz).
Guess who's coming back and bring her two year old and emo-boy with her? I'm happy I'll get to see her again but I'm still bitter from not hearing from her at all for three months. I'm also fearing the drama she'll bring with her;_;. My people are draining my poor gas enough as it is...
I wasn't as busy this week as I have been, so I got some time to myself.
I'm graduating this next Friday~. Yay~! -flips off everyone who told her she wouldn't even make it out of High School- Take that! -dances-

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My b-day was pretty fun cause I got to hang out with a friend of mine. We talked most of the time (we do this everytime tooXP). She got me 'Howls Moving Castle' (cause she told me to tell her what I wanted her to buy meXD). I've been wanting to buy it but either I'm their to get something else or don't have enough~. I'm happy (and I ended re-watching it when I got home too~).
Today was a lovely day. Spent the day with my Mom (who didn't drink at all, yay~) I got a new printer/scanner, which I wasn't excepting to get~. It's an HP and it seems to work well. So far, I adore it~!
While I was out with my Mom at the mall I ran into a old friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while. She had an 13 month old boy. That totally threw me cause last I saw her she wasn't pregnant (that I knew of^^'). First Michic now her, it's weird knowing friends of mine with/soon to have kids.


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