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So things are going better this month then last month (for the most part). I got oddly ill last week and I still don't get what was wrong with me. I'm most better now so I think was just a little virus or something.
Mom has been decorating the house for Halloween. She happy since she hasn't been able to the last few years. She's also going to have Halloween off this year, so she's excited for that.
Things have been going well with Lover Boy for the most part. I did get into a light tiff with him a week or so back. It did make Mom and I figure out something though; most of the of the guys we know don't count driving around (on errand, people, etc) as a chore or work (ignoring that people do the and similar thing for a living). It's a little annoying but I'll take little things like things over jackass any day.
Finished up Tokyo Ghoul the other day and I WANT SEASON 2 NOW! Why must I wait till winter;_;. They announced and continuation of the series K (not sure if it's another movie or season, kinda want it to be another season). I still need to see the movie for it since it didn't come to theater in my area. I'm currently watching S2 of a few different series I've been watching. I'm hoping the second haft of S2 of SAO is a little better thenthe first part, GGO. I really liked parts of GGO but I found it so slow at times. I am watching the new series World Trigger, which I find fun and amusing so far~.
Been playing around with mods for Don't Starve recently cause it's fun~. It amazes how much time I end up wasting on this gameXD. I did have to do a refresh on my computer last week. I decided to do some of the updates it's been yelling at me about and when I restarted it, the desktop screen kept refreshing itself every 5-10 seconds. This isn't the first time it's done this but what I did before didn't work this time, sadly. Luckily the refreshed work though and nothing is harmed on my computer.

Date: 2014-10-22 11:34 pm (UTC)
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How is driving around for reasons other than fun NOT work? o____o If it's not work, are all bus and taxi drivers actually unemployed? I don't understand that point of view at all. I take it he claimed you didn't help out, or something? I'm glad it was only a little tiff, at least. (I know: tell him to jog everywhere to do errands / carry people around on his shoulders where they need to go. Is it work then?)

Ah, the frustration of longing for the next part of the story. *staaaaaares at BBC Sherlock* *staaaaaares at the book for WtNV that was supposed to be coming out this fall*
Sword Art Online is one that had a decent first season and then a not-so-decent-so-far second season, right?
Also, World Trigger sounds like it should be related to Chrono Trigger.

Yay for mods! It's both fun and frustrating when you get a game that's really addictive, and that you can toy around with. Boo for weird desktop refreshing. I have no idea what could have been causing it. You say it happened before?


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