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So, my goal of posting more has kinda of been failing. My bad on that. I've been getting busy or not having the time when I am on the computer. Things haven't too bad. Mom and Lover boy have been keeping me busy (and driving me nuts). I love them both but they have annoying the crap out of me on the weekends (bars can be so boring to someone who doesn't drink). The main problems lately have been that Mom's been drinking on everyday she has off. I've stopped fighting though cause it's was stressing me into illness. Also, driving people around all the time can be more tiring then you think.
A plus that happened recently is Lover boy bought a PS4 which means we now have a PS4~! Yay~! There aren't many games out that is interesting to me (and not also for the PS3). Only one that I want (and getting) is Final Fantasy Type-0. I've been looking forward to this game for awhile, so getting a PS4 now works for meXD.
I've have been following a lot of series this season but I really do like the ones I am following. I am so hooked onto the series Cute High Earth Defense Club (a Magical boy anime~). It's so much fun~! Loved season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul and I'm loving season 2^^. Death Parade was looking forward to and it has not disappointment me at all. I'm ecstatic about Durarara!! x2 because I was so torn on watching because I love the dub so much and I wanted to watch season 2 the same way but I didn't if they were going to do that (I also didn't want to wait). They are doing a siml-dub for it~! -dances- same voice actors and all~. Sailor Moon Crystal is good over all and I still like it but the last few episodes have been a little repetitive.

Date: 2015-03-18 07:12 pm (UTC)
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I'm sorry about the drinking and the driving. D: Every time I hear that your mom's going along with that habit, no regard for you or herself, it pisses me off. Not that I expect anything different, but still.

Yay for PS4! Even if there aren't many games out that interest you... new system! And hey, at least there's one you're interested in.

Glad you're liking the latest season of anime!

Date: 2015-03-20 06:46 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] silvrguillotine
You have good reason to be touchy! I know you can keep on trucking, but I wish you didn't have to with this.

Which is nice! You can just be like, "Bam! Pre-order," and relax on that front until the release date (while the people working at the place you buy it from go like, "What? Why 'bam'?").

I'm not bad. Kind of struck with the blahs, probably from being tired, in turn from Dreaming. Accidentally smacked myself in the face while getting dressed today, because coordination, what is that?


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